Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holy S***

I guess the news will surprise you sometimes, I mean, a Wii game that actually looks good!

In all seriousness, the upcoming game from the creator of PaRappa the Rapper looks amazing, and one screenshot is all I know of the game.


Square-Enix, what's wrong with you?


First, Around $90 for a game? No. I hope it sells under 20,000 just to spite you.
Second, What happened to the Ps3 port of this game, wasn't it originally meant to come out at the same time? Uh, hello?

Common Square-Enix....

This makes me happy.

Don't you love when the news reads like it was ripped from your dreams or something?


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PaRappa the Rapper review (PSP Version)

Name: PaRappa the Rapper
System/s: PSP/PS1
Developer: NanaOn-Sha
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 7/17/07 (PSP) | 10/31/97 (PS1)

Ah rhythm games, where would you be without PaRappa? Perhaps not the first, but the the first to popularize rhythm games. Games like Guitar Hero, Gitaroo-Man, Beats, and Rock Band all owe some credit to PaRappa.

The game originally came out in 1997, and I heard about it many times, but I never actually played, or saw it played until it came out for PSP. A good friend of mine bought it, and really wanted me to see it, and after numerous mistakes (forgetting the game, ect.) he was finally able to show me it. Right away I fell in love with the style, graphics, and humor. I was shown a few levels, and played it a little myself. Along with Katamari, Gitaroo-Man and Loco Roco, it was another quirky Japanese game that I liked. For a while after I didn't play it again, until I was walking around a game store with money to spend, and no real idea on what I wanted, when I ran across the sequel (PaRappa the Rapper 2). Later I purchased the spin-off, (Um Jammer Lammy), and tried to get a hold of the original, however I only finally got the original game pretty recently and was finally able to play through it.

This review will be talking about both the game, and the fact that I played the PSP port, and the quality of that.

The game follows a rapping dog trying to deal with problems in his life, such as trying to go out with the girl he likes, and trying to grow up. The story is light in terms of plot detail, but that's not the point, the odds are you will be smiling at the absurdity of everything going on, and not caring to a huge degree about things that don't make sense, kind of like a kids cartoon or something.

The levels all have you follow a "Teacher's" rap, by pressing buttons to rap the what was just rapped to you, you can also throw in your own little beats by pressing buttons in time with ones you are told to press, and get extra points. For the most part it's a winning formula, but the difficulty is extremely hard, having you restart numerous times on the first level. Some people with experience on rhythm games might not find it super hard, but in general the hit boxes for the notes are very small, and it seems like sometimes when you hit if perfectly, you still lose points.

The game takes hours to beat usually, but not because of it's length, as it is only 6 levels long. The difficulty however makes each level take a lot of practice to beat, and as a longtime player of games, I feel this is a cheep move to make the game last longer. The levels however are each stellar, with the only one disappointing me being the last, and only slightly then.

The story ends kind of abruptly which is a disappointing as well, but I can handle that, as the story isn't a huge factor on the game.

Sadly there isn't a huge amount of replay value in this game, being limited to clearing each level , and unlocking a mini game. The PSP port of the game adds in downloadable remixes to the songs, and Ad Hoc multiplayer. The remixes aren't very good, and don't change the gameplay at all, just the background music, and none of them are really worth of note. Multiplayer is a nice addition, provided you know other people with copies of the game, however it's still a bit of a novelty, and wont be something you'll play more then a handlful of times.

One thing I wished they would have done for the PSP port, is fix the terrible lip syncing the original game has... Too bad they didn't.

Overall, the original game was quite a classic for it's time, and you can tell it's one of the first rhythm games, as there's not much too it. But you can't complain because you can't compare it to anything else.

Things I liked:

Wonderful style:
No one can dispute how awesome the style is in this game, after you see Prince Fleaswallows, you don't go back.

Wonderfully quirky Japanese, this is dripping in it, if you like Katamari, LocoRoco, or Gitaroo-Man, you will probably like this.

Good Songs:
The songs in this game are just good. I listen to them outside of playing the game, and sing them to myself sometimes, like I said: Just good.

Awesome characters:
The characters might not have a huge amount of depth, but the character design and voice actors simply make them awesome.

Laugh out Loud silly:
This is one of only a few games that has had me laughing aloud, and not because of a glitch or something you're not suppose to do. This game just is funny, and good at being so.

When this game came out, there were pretty much no rhythm games on the market, and after this, Gitaroo-Man, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Rock Revolution, ect. This game helped popularize a genre, sort of like how Metal Gear Solid popularized the Stealth Genre.

Solid Concept:
Gameplay wise the concept is sold, and has become the framework of which almost all rhythm games follow, with variations. If the core game hadn't been so fun, rhythm games might have been very different these days.

Classic Quality:
This game is a classic, through and through, say what you do or don't like it's still a classic, just like Super Mario Brothers.

Things I didn't Like:

The difficulty in this game is harsh, and most players wont be able to get past even the first level without a lot of losing. This game could have done well with some difficulty options.

Very little replay Value:
Once you beat the game, there's not much more to do. You can unlock a mini game, but most people will just move on. There is fun to be had with playing it again time to time, but you wont be playing it for hours after you beat it.

Abrupt ending:
Yes, the story isn't very heavy, but I would have liked some kind of ending, even if it was something silly. Oh well.

This game is short. Sure it's hard but that doesn't make up for it. If you were good at the game, you could beat it in like half an hour, and that's really short.

Terrible lip syncing:
What lip syncing? The characters don't look like they are singing at all what they are suppose to be singing, sometimes the mouths don't even open. This was corrected in sequels, but it's a little strange.

Overall Scores:

Presentation - 10: Everything is where it should be, and everything has it's charm, which is exactly what a game need to have a good presentation.

Graphics - 8: The graphics are.. Stylized, it's hard to say if they are good or bad because it's personal preference.

Sound - 10: I know ten is a high number, but the voices fit the style of the game, and all the songs are well done, and catchy, I don't see anything to complain about.

Gameplay - 8.7: The gameplay concept is sold, but it is brought down by the difficulty level, and having to hit notes the exact millisecond as they come by.

Lasting appeal - 7: The game doesn't do well on replay value, but it's a whole lot of fun while it lasts. It is something, however, you will want to comeback and replay everyone once in a while.

Overall Fun - 9.5: I love this game, it's a classic, something I will go back and play many times. I am looking to have both the PSP and PS1 versions at some point so I can play it on a TV, and on the go. Sure it's not perfect, but I enjoyed it, and so might you.

PaRappa the Rapper was rereleased for the PSP in 2007, ten years after the original release on PS1. The original game spawned 2 sequels, the spin off Um Jammer Lammy, and the full on sequel PaRappa the Rapper 2.

****ing Microsoft....

It looks like my Xbox 360 is dying.....

Wonderful, I wish the warranty was longer.. It's out now.

Congrats on your service M$, I stand my my initial thoughts on the Xbox 360:

• Terrible Hardware
• Not enough variety in the good games on the system.
• Controller isn't as good as original controller due to crappy middle buttons, and batteryback being in the way.
• Ugly system overall
• Consumer un-friendly.
• Online system costing pisses me off.
• Microsoft points blow.

There are some things I like about the 360, but I don't think getting mine fixed if it RRoDs, is high on my list of things to do.

I'm calling it now.

Resident Evil 5 (A game in a series I've never played, and have no interest in), will score in the 8 - 9.5, but mostly lower nines and mid eights.

And no, I haven't played the demo, or read almost anything about it.

Friday, January 23, 2009


This makes me happy.

If you don't understand, you need to be slapped.

*Prays for PS3 release*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

News quips

I know I am not doing the daily news, but I wanted to share a few articles.

Assassin's Creed 2 announced: Well, I suppose this is a good thing, but after the mess that was the first game I will be a lot more wary about future installments.

Metal Gear Online getting bombing gametype free: Ok, Konami, you are doing a fine job with the online service, lots of free content a few expansion packs. Thing is, you need to drop the current online system, and convert it to PSN, trust me, more people would play.

Noby Noby Boy delayed till February 19th, price announced
: Thank you, I am very pleased at the price, I will definitely buy it. By the way, the price is $5, which is great for the game. Perfect price point.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resistance Retribution preview

Name: Resistance: Retribution
Systems/s: PSP
Developer: Sony Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: March 17th, 2009

Ah Resistance, the first game (Resistance: Fall of Man) was a launch game for the PS3 system, and was the highest rated, and biggest seller of the launch line up. It has since gone on to sell 3.29 million copies, and was considered the first 'must buy' of the PS3's library.

I bought a PS3 after playing Resistance: Fall of Man, I was planning to anyways, but after I finally played it, I realized I needed a PS3. I really liked the game a beat it many times, solo, and cooperatively. I later played it online, collected most of the secrets, and played it spilt screen. In short, I liked the game quite a bit. I got into Resistance 2 beta, and was initially very happy with it, but after a while, I realized I didn't really like it too much, so I was surprised when the full game was a lot better (Which I have yet to beat, or play all that much).

A while back there was a rumor of a PSP Resistance title, and I really wanted it to be true, however the rumor was all but shot down, then a few years later, woe and behold, Resistance: Retribution. From the first time I saw this game, I knew it would be a purchase (Day 1 if I had more money). After seeing some screenshots, the auto-aim, and third person made me a little wary, but it was still #2 of my most anticipated games.

Now I finally got my hands on a demo of the game, here's what I think. First off, it's really pretty, you can't deny it. It is the best graphiced portable game I've ever seen; and I've seen God of War: Chains of Olympus, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Sometimes it really reminded me graphically of the PS3 game, Resistance: Fall of Man, and that's amazing for a handheld title.

The gameplay is different from the other Resistance titles, where the others are FPS games, this is a third person shooter. In the two other Resistance games you play as an American solder named Nathan Hale, and in this game you play as a British solder named James Grayson.

Overall the gameplay is like a mixture of Syphon Filter (Another title by the company behind this) and Resistance: Fall of Man. Considering the PSP Syphon Filter games are generally regarded as some of the best games on PSP, this is not exactly a bad thing, however I think what they chose to keep from the Syphon Filter games and what they got rid of is a little strange. You can't manually wall press or crouch anymore, it's all controlled by the new cover system, which automatically kicks in when there are enemies near by, and you are close to cover. The cover system however does work quite well, which surprised me, because it didn't sound like a good idea when I first heard of it.

Confession: I hate lock on shooting. In any game where lock on is used, I try to turn it off right away. I thought Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron was ruined by the lock on. When I first heard this game contained lock-on I was pretty worried, but upon hitting the options screen in the demo, I found that it could be turned off, and I played through the demo with it turned off. However, after beating the demo, I tried it again, but with lock-on turned on, and I have to say, this is the best, or one of the best lock-on system I've seen in any game, which is saying something.

The controls were pretty good, and they get a buy from me for including analog aiming (I wont play PSP games that require button aiming). However I wished I could change two buttons, when I found that you can't change the button configuration, which was kind of strange because the Syphon Filter games had this. Overall, there's not much to complain about here.

Having played the demo without lock-on, I found it extremely hard, with me dying multiple times at each check point, which I thought was good, because it was a nice challenge, but upon my second play-through with lock-on, the game seemed very easy, to the point of me being very rarely really hurt. I think the difficulty system is fine however, which is probably strange considering what you just read, but I justify it by the fact that the first Resistance game was quite hard, with me dying a load of times trying to beat it. As for the easiness, I can suggest this to gamers who don't generally play shooters on PSP because the brilliant lock-on system is great for gamers new to PSP shooters.

The voice acting was alright, out of the four people that talked in the demo, I think three of them sounded great, and one sounded passable. The main character seemed likable, and I can't wait to learn more about him. The music was generally good, with some seeming a bit too techno-y for this game, and others sounding spot on, and really nice on the ears.

Overall, I was a bit worried, but very excited for this game, and it has lived up to my expectations so far.

The demo can be obtained by pre-ordering the game.

Monday, January 19, 2009

PixelJunk Monsters review

Name: PixelJunk Monsters
System/s: PS3, PSP (Port incoming).
Developer: Q Games.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 1/24/08 (Original Game), 5/8/08 (Expansion Pack).

PixelJunk Racers, the first game in this series of games (PixelJunk) was terrible, turning me off to the series, thinking it was all going to be terrible. PixelJunk Monsters got a demo, and I downloaded it because I download most demos. I tried it once, thought it was too hard, and didn't touch it again. My friend bought a copy of the game, and got me a copy. Again I didn't touch it for quite a while, but I finally got into it with my big brother, and soon after realizing how good it was sunk probably 100+ hours into it in around a week and a half.

I've never loved tower defense games, regulating them to casual, and web-games mostly. So seeing pictures, I was completely indifferent, not caring at all. However, after playing the game, I don't think I will ever play another Tower Defense game again. NOT however because this game made me turn my taste for tower defense games sour, but because this game is so good, I will never need to play another tower defense game.

The game as tower defense games go, is pretty simple, and slow paced; also, as opposed to most tower defense games, you appear as a character, rather then just being in control. While most tower defense games throw a lot of goons at you until you die, and then rate you, this game has you try to survive a certain amount of waves. The game also has a very unique art style which is very clean and nice, a bit cutesy for some, but it looks amazing.

The game has a fair amount of levels, which isn't too little, or too much. After completing all the levels, there is still stuff left to do in the game; 'Rainbowing' a level (100%ing it), trying to get higher up on the online scoreboards, try to get some of the trophies, or play it two player.

The full game can be played 2 player hotseat co-op (No online co-op sadly), and it is done extremely well. Overall, I think I played this multiplayer more then any other game this console generation, which is saying something.

All the enemies you fight are well balanced, and are varreid enough that you need to learn each one's strengths and weaknesses, and how to set up to defeat each wave of them. Overall, the balance in this game is astounding, everything just works together how it should.

This game is missing some things I wish it had, like online Co-Op, money trading between players in Co-Op, and online rankings for harder difficulties. But in general it's hard to complain.

Things I Liked:

Beautiful Style:
The art-style in this game is unique and easy on the eyes, everything looks great, and looks even better on an HD TV.

Wonderful Multiplayer:
The Co-Op in this game is brilliantly done, in fact, the game may play even better cooperatively then solo. Playing it co-op really adds to the experience.

Uncanny Balance:
Everything does what it should, and everything is balanced, you need to learn how everything works to see how you need optimize your tower configurations. I was impressed at the balance.

Lots of replay value:
If you don't want to sink too many hours into it, that's fine, you'll still enjoy it, however, after trying it, you'll most likely want to play it for a long time afterwards.

Great deal:
For only $10 ($5 for the expansion pack), this game boasts a lot of gameplay, and a lot of playing time, I think it may be one of the best deals on the Playstation Network©.

Quality product:
Remember playing those old games when you were little, even if they had very little or no story, you'd have dreams about them, and think what it would be like to make your own levels? Well, this game feels like it has the same quality of the games that made you feel that way back then.

Easy to get into:
It's not a casual game per-say, but many people can enjoy it, even if the people don't usually play games. At the same time hardcore gamers will love it as well.

Things I Didn't like:

No Online Co-Op:
This one should be obvious, this game probably lag very little, and would not be effect much by lag, it even has online scoreboards, I wonder why it doesn't have Co-Op online?

Co-Op money system:
As amazing as Co-Op was, there was one problem I found, and that was that you can't share money between players, making it annoying sometimes, you have to just trust the other player will leave you money.

Trophy challenges:
It's nice that they patched in trophies, but I wish more of them could be achieved 2 player, most of them require you to do a separate 1 player only mode, which is kind of strange.

Final Scores:

Presentation - 10: Everything looks, works, and sound like it should, nothing is out of place.

Graphics - 9.8: The only gripe I have with the graphics is that on SDTVs, it can be hard to make out some bosses health, or coins.

Sound - 10: A nice variety in songs, good sound effects and custom soundtracks, makes this work great.

Gameplay - 10: I think this did for tower defense games, what Halo did for FPS for me, it made me like the genre, and even care to look at it, rather then just pass it over. It's simple, but perfected.

Lasting Appeal - 9.5: There is a whole ton of content here, 3 difficulties, 20 levels (+15 more with expansion), 3 unlockables, and the ability to rainbow each level. Sure it doesn't have any type of online, but it does pretty much the best it could without it.

Overall Fun - 10: I know people probably wont take me seriously for giving a game a 10 in the 'Overall Fun' section, but that's just what it's for, how much fun I had with the game, and I had enough fun with it that I think it justifies a 10.

Their next game PixelJunk: Eden is also quite good. PixelJunk Monsters is a downloadable game on the Playstation Network©.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ratchet and Clank review

Name: Ratchet and Clank
System/s: PS2
Developer: Insomniac
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 11/04/02

Okay, so I've put off playing this series of games for years and finally got to it because I received the PS3 Ratchet & Clank game for christmas (Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction) and I didn't know the story. So using the gift certificate I got for christmas, and having a deal being run at Gamestop, I was able to get the whole series.

Confession: I love Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper. I also know that Sly, Jak and Ratchet are the golden trio of platformers from the PS2 era. I have owned all the Jak and Sly games for quite some time and love them, so I had pretty high expectations for this series.

Down to the details: This game really reminds of Jak and Daxter, which in some ways is good and in others is not. Though this game reminds a lot of J&D, Jak and Daxter it is not. While the graphics and gameplay are similar, the art style, and game design does not.

In general, the art design is fine, I suppose, not entirely to my liking, but it's not as good (in my mind) as Jak and Daxter. The areas in this game are pretty generic most of the time, you'll see bland factories, bland outdoor areas, bland cities. The environments are by the books, with it's own artistic style thrown on.

Another things I would like to mention is the difficulty; Jak and Daxter had a lot of checkpoints, that were well places, so that you knew that no mater where you died, you wouldn't go back *too* far. Some might complain that it makes it to easy, but the game was still difficult, it just had good check points. Now, Ratchet and Clank, *didn't* learn from Jak and Daxter in this respect, or from any game that doesn't piss you off about check points. The check points in this game are far and few, forcing you to replay sections of levels sometimes up to dozens of times, because they wont have a check point for about 10-15 minutes of gameplay.

On the topic of difficulty there's definitely something screwy here. most of the enemies in the game have long range attacks, and can hit you out of range of any of your weapons, most of which are only useful at the range of a 'game-shotgun' which makes it kind of pointless. Like 4 out of the 15 weapons I acquired in the game had medium, or long range, and 2 of them were rocket launchers. When the enemies will spot you a mile away and when there's a million shooting at you at once, it's a pain when you have no long range weapons. Also, the aiming system is garbage, forcing you to fire in first person all the time, and when you are in first person, you cannot move.

One more complaint I had was that the story was *extremely* light for this game, and was very cliché at that, I pretty much saw the whole thing coming. Plus Ratchet was not a very likable main character.

Now, it wasn't all fail. I did like the character designs for the main characters, and although not super useful some of the weapons were quite fun. Also the game generally surprised me with some elements, which I found to be very original, and innovative. It also made me smile and laugh, which most games do not. It also set up some groundwork for sequels in the universe, which is good, because I was hoping it would. Lastly, unlike most games that come out now, it lasted quite a while, like 18 hours or something, with unlockables, and things left to buy at the end.

What I Liked:

Main Character Character Design: I liked the look of Ratchet, and Clank, they both have their own little things that make them unique, and the way Ratchet's ears move is awesome.

Fun Weaponry: The weapons, however useless, were fun to use, and interesting. Something not many games can claim.

Length: This game is quite long, I tried to run through it as quick as possible, and it still took me 14-16 hours.

Truly Unique Gameplay: It's undeniable that parts of this game are just unique, and original. Innovative, and interesting. Another things most games can't claim.

What I didn't like:

Useless Weaponry:
As fun as some of the weaponry is, most of it I never touched past the first use, because most of it is close range, and when you are close range, you can just use your wrench. Also most of the time, enemy weaponry has farther range then yours.

Terrible Checkpoints: Not having reasonable checkpoints is not a legitimate way to lengthen your game. Some worlds would take me much longer then they should have due to areas having to be replayed 20 or more times, because I miss a jump, and have to fight the same eneies which gave me trouble the first time, 20 times more.

Difficulty is Broken: I enjoy hard games, but only hard in a way that challenges you, not the kind that tries your patience. When all the enemies have longer range then you, and have numbers that feel like they might break a dozen, you end up dying a lot. And not because it's hard in a good way, but because it is just broken. I ended up being cheap and shooting around corners and tricking the AI to make things a bit more possible, this is never a good thing.

Floaty Controls: Unlike the precise controls in Jak and Daxter, the controls in this game are very floaty, which led me to walk off cliffs accidentally more then a few times, in a game that already has enough problems with difficluty, this didn't help.

Light-on-Story: Again unlike Jak and Daxter and Sly, the story on this game is really light, and is barely above Mario in terms of originality.

Bland Environments: I suppose it's to be expected for such a long game, but the environments left something to be desired. However, it doesn't get of the hook; the game has bland environments and that's that.

Final Scores:

Presentation - 7.6: The bland worlds, light story, and meh art style take down a otherwise fine game

Graphics - 7.8: The game *looks* fine, the bland environments and art style bring it down for me.

Sound - 8.5: The music is fine, it does exactly what it's suppose to, and all the guns and everything sound fine, nothing to write home about though.

Gameplay - 7.0: The difficulty, and bad shooting controls bring the game down a lot, but otherwise it could be pretty good.

Lasting Appeal - 9.0: There's a lot to buy once you've beaten the game, but I would think quite a bit of it is just grind. There's also make-shift achievements and secrets to unlock. This game does this quite fine.

Overall Fun - 8.0: Despite how it would seem, I had fun with this. It's simple, and rewarding, and has a few things that will surprise you gameplay wise.

I have started the second game, and found that a lot of problems I had with the first game are already fixed. :)

Review format

I've been thinking of reviewing games through my blog, but whenever I review something I am not satisfied, so I will try to fuse a few types of game review.

My favorite review sites are IGN and Kotaku, though, I think neither of them are perfect, so I will try to make my reviews a mix between those plus a bit of my own flair.

Hey, guys...?

Okay, so I know I haven't been able to keep up with the news, so I will try a few different things for the blog, like more original articles, and such.

However I will probably post the biggest news from time to time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

News Catch up

And it begins... (I guess I'll be here for a while)

[Home] Home raking in the money for Sony:
Good news for them, I guess.

[GH/RB] Bruce Springsteen coming to Guitar Hero: World Tour free: Uh, k.

[Activision] Next Tony Hawk 'More interactive, Realistic':
It's Activision, I no longer care.

[Glitch] Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 on PS3 contains glitch:
Oh dear.

[GTA] "DS GTA bigger then PSP GTAs": Eeeeeew.

[List] Top 20 overlooked games of 2008:

[PR] Read Rising creator thinks the 360 is doing well in Japan: Uh, k.

[Patch] Castle Crashers finally patched: Woot.

[Video] 13 Year old is amazing at Guitar Hero 100%s last GH3 song on expert: Jeez.

[Screenshots] Every Unit in Halo Wars shown off:

[Company] Eve Online developers may be moving due to economy:

[Statistics] What % of Japan have Blu-Ray players?: Yeah, well, Not too surprising.

[Stars] What Ender's Game Author has to say about Enders Game 'game':

[iPhone] iPhone gets crayon game:

[Art] Left 4 Dead boxart censored in Japan as well:

[WIN] LocoRoco hits US in February: SWEET!!!

[Mod] The 360 briefcase: Hax.

[PS3] PS3 Exclusive crossover JPRG coming stateside:

[3D] Customized 3D Monitors coming to CES: Uh, awesome?

[Review] Hero of Sparta Kotaku review:

[MMO] Age of Conan features Goat killing holiday: How strange.

[Article] Does Prince of Persia rip off Shadow of the Colossus?: Mhm.... Interesting...

[Article] Iran joins ESRB: Okay?

[Lawsuit] Konami suing DJ Portable Max developers: *Sigh*

[Nintendo] Nintendo launching video service this year:

[Kojima] Hedio Kojima directing 2 new games: Sweet. They'll be on my watch list.

[LBP] Media Molecule talks future LBP patches, moderation systems, ect:

[List] Top 10, and bottom 10 games of '08: Hahahaha!

[Canceled] Mistwalker 360 game killed off: Eh....

[LBP] Not every company complains about Copyright infringement: Hah, that's awesome.

[Video] 1 Year Old child knows her video game characters:

[Video] Three White Knight Chronicles trailers: Pretty.

[Resignation] Silicon Knights exec leaves company: Uh, k.

[MMO] Former WoW devs preparing announcement: Uh, cool?

[Wii] Wii Lens cleaner now available: Yeah....

[Demo] Ninja Blade demom coming: Uh, k...

[iPhone] iPhone gets Final Fant- Wait, a Tower Defense game?: *Sigh*

[Preview] Mad Catz Street Fighter IV controller: Uh, k.

[EA] EA applauds their family oriented games: *Shudders*

[Screenshot] Game Mechanic shows off their game: Pretty.

[Article] The Pros and Cons of using Wii-Mote controlled robots: No comment.

[Article] Prince of Persia culturally irresponsible:
Interesting read.

[Fail] G-Unit spills on Blood on the Sand: Fail....

[Article] Male gamers driven by need to conquer: Heh.

[Closure] Free Radical Cuts 140 jobs, sells the rest: That's... good?

[Sales] Major Tecmo Shareholder Unsure about Koei Merger:
Same here.

[Sales] Dissidia sales show almost 500,000 sales in first week: This bodes well.

[Analysts] Analysts: The Year of the PS3 unofficially delayed till 2009: If 2008 wasn't good enough... Wait, what!?

[Video] Demon's Soul trailer:
Uh, k.

[Interview] Interview with Mother 3 translator: Interesting.

[Art] Bungie teases with Halo 3: ODST concept art:
I see.

[Screenshots] Old Republic screens:

[Top Ten] Top ten stories that blew Japan's mind: How very interesting.

[Wii] Japan's virtual console beats everyone else's: No surprising.

[Interview] Video Interview with Naomi Hunter, and Samus:
Oh hax.

[Home] Home, where you can't say "Hello":
I see?

[Sale] Free Radical for sale: Poor FRD...

[Crime] Man gets Wii, and arrested: Wow, just, I can't even begin... Just... Wow...

[Rumor] White Knight Chronicles Sells 130,000 debut day:

[Home] Killzone 2 costume for Home: TOTAL BADASS!

[360] Xbox 360 gets big setup in Japan: Uh?

[OddWorld] Lorne Larnning vaguely talks Hollywood film:
Interesting, Bring me some OddWorld.

[LBP] Media Molecule has LBP running in FPV:
Oh wow, that's incredible.

[Sales] MGS4 sold out at some store today: Woot!

[Valve] Valve talks Left 4 Dead's future: K.

[Review] Dissidia Kotaku review: Interesting. I still want it.

[MMO] Company patents MMO, starts suing:
This is so ****ed up.

[Movies] Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li preview: Uh...

[PSP] PSP getting another PS2 port: Interesting.

[Demo] Cortex Command demo: I heard this was a good game.

[News] SF Chronicle best games of 2008: Not a bad list.

[Article] Will the $60 Standard be lowered due to recession: I hope so.

[Glitch] Glitches of War 2: Oh hax.

[Wii] Wii game is pretty ****ing pretty: Wow.

[Capcom] Capcom has a whole slew of games coming to PSP/PSN next year: Nice to hear.

[Canceled] What Star Wars Battlefront III might have looked like: *sigh*

[Japan] Japan: Japan.

[Failure] Soulja Boy debuts song with NXE avatar: Fail.

[SEGA] longtime SEGA exec leaves SEGA: Oh.

[PR] 'Sony is doomed' Ray pointed at PSP: *Sigh* just *Sigh*

[Sales] Call of Duty series lifetime sales: 35 million: Eh...

[ESRB] ESRB denies working with Iran:

[WoW] Play WoW for free for the rest of your life: Talk about wasting your life....

[Deal] The expensive gaming laptop: Wow.

[iPhone] How the Crayon game works on iPhone: Uh, k.

[Japan] Gackt now a Music producer for games: What?!

[Music] Hollywood composers finding money in Video games: Awesome! More good music.

[List] 4 Games that will make you destroy your controllers: Yeahhh.....

[WoW] IBM: WoW is good now:
Uh, no.

[Home] Home could be in beta forever: Hmm.

[LBP] 9 Look so much like a Sackboy: Yep.

[Video] Watch the Japan only Ninja Blade demo: Uh.

[Delayed] StarCraft II's zerg, protoss campaigns on the backburner:

[Review] Mushroom Men kotaku review: Eh.

[Mod] PS3 with a 360 inside: Uh, k.

[Demo] Killzone 2 demo being offered through gamestop preorders: Whaaaat?!

[Comparison] PS3 Resident Evil vs 360: Uh, k.

[DLC] 360 Exclusive Tomb Raider DLC contains swimsuit: Uh, yeah.....

[NSFW] LittleBigPlanet level that is totally NSFW: Ah...

[Sales] Japan's best selling games of 2008: Monster Hunter.

[LBP] MGS LBP content a little glitchy: Aw...

[Article] Someone else is asking if games are art: Yes, we're done here.

[Nintendo] Nintendo cares so much about the hardcore, they are not releasing a Zelda game for the first time in 10 years: My Point.

[Square] Square will use Unreal Engine on case-by-case basis:
No, thanks.

[GH/RB] Getting Slayer into Guitar Hero: Metallica was hard: Eh...

[PS3] PS3s used to crack web security:

[Halo] Complete list of Halo Wars achievements: Uh, k.

[Free] Tomb Raider: Underworld soundtrack is free: Eh...

[Port] Way of The Samurai 3 going to 360 after all: Shame.

[Fail] Blizzard customer support is not a teen suicide hotline: Fail.

[Comparison] Playstation Home vs Second Life:
Uh, okay.

[PS3] Uncharted 2 takes place in war torn Tibet, more details: Sounds awesome.

[SEGA] SEGA registers another Dreamcast game trademark: Odd.

[Fail] Dumb mom puts Credit card in Wii: Fail.

[Sales] Nintendo's ranking in the end of the year Tokyo Stock Exchange: I see.

[DLC] The Joker - Steve Miller Band coming to Rock Band:
Awesome, I guess.

[Home] Microsoft uses Home: Heh, Ironic.

[Lawsuit] Law firms now setting up video game teams:
Yeah, about time.

[Demo] Skate 2 demo coming to 360: Ewwwwwww.

[Demo] LOTR: Conquest demo out on 360:
Only a week and a half late!

[Sad] Second Life cheating husband surprised by movie deal:

[Sad] Lara Croft model gets tons of marriage proposals due to pictures:

[Cute] The top 20 iPhone games of the year: Heheh

[Moore] Peter Moore: "WTF Eurogamer?": Eh....

[Stats] Used game sales of 2008 dip below 07 used sales:
Uh, k.

[PSN] 2-3 New PixelJunk games coming this year: YES!!!!!!!!

[Wii] Dead Rising Wii still sucks, just not as much: Eh.

[PS3] White Knight Chronicles is selling well in Japan:

[Worst] EA - Take-Two deal hailed as one of the worst deals of '08: Yeah....

[Microsoft] Microsoft not brining big guns to CES:
So I see....

[Rumor] Next Lego game is a Rock Band-style game?: This sounds like a bad idea. Harry Potter was a better idea.

[Win] Metal Gear Solid 4 cast does improv- group therapy: I will watch this later. Looks awesome.

[Screenshots] WET screens, look.... Wet:

[PR] IBM endorses video games: PR.

[Jack Thompson] Jack Thompson says Take-Two's troubles are from god: I agree with this comment "Fortunately, Jack, who IS a Christian, has gotten what HE deserves: disbarred, disgraced, and derided."

[Patch] PixelJunk Eden patch coming soon:
Sweet, I can't wait.

[Report] PS2 = Most played console f 2008: Lets see what the 2009 console will be...

[IRL] Video game look-a-likes: That's an 'alright' list...

[Home] ISA costumes also available on pre-order for Killzone 2: Sweet!

[Irony] Book explains how sony inadvertently helped the 360: That's sad.

[Glitch] PAIN Expansion pack glitch is bad: I may buy the expansion pack after it gets fixed.

[Music] Killzone 2's Musical score is 90 minutes long:
Awesome, I can't wait.

[Demo] Resistance: Retribution demo to pre-orderers on WANT!!!!

Holy **** that took a long time!

I'mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaccccccck

Holy **** life has been busy, however things are starting to return to normal, so I will try to catch up, and keep you guys updated once again.