Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday-Tuesday News Opinions

Sorry, yesterday I was doing stuff most of the day.

[Screenshots] Chronicles of Dark Athena screens:
I really need to try this.

[Article] Look back at Prince of Persia: I heard this game was crap.

[Article] Comparing Home areas around the world:
That's pretty awesome.

[Screenshots] New Fat Princess screenshots: *Awesome*

[Screenshots] New Batman: Arkham Asylum screens:
This is so ****ing pretty.

[Delay] Due to recession, Gizmondo rerelease delayed: What, why are they doing this?!

[Deal] Halo: Combat Evolved on sale for half off, for a week:
Uh, k.

[DLC] Roy Orbison coming to Rock Band: Uh, I have never heard of him.

[Rumor] Disney supposedly working on 'epic Mickey' game: What? What?

[Fight] Sony Vs Microsoft in Street Fighter IV:

[Article] Prince of Persia producer: "Stronger appetite for the familiar than it wants to admit":
I agree... However I heard this game wasn't the best either.

[DLC] Briad coming to Windows, Mac, and perhaps PS3:
DO IT!!!!

[WoW] WoW tops 11.5 million subscribers: Sweet.

[Preview] F.E.A.R. 2 preview:
Uh, k.

[Article] 1Up games of 2009: Diablo III. Win.

[Analysts] Analysts: Zelda in 2009, GTAV in 2010: Eh, Alright..

[PSN] American PSN releases for December 23rd:

[Home] Home virtual items selling like hotcakes: Eh, alright.

[Sony] PS3 costs 53% less to make now then at launch: Good job

[PSN] PS1 classic now on PSN, It's Suikoden by the way:
Uh, k.

[Video] Dissidia's ridiculously epic intro movie: I will wait for the game to come out to see it.

[Silly] Left 4 Dead turned into a 4KB Java game: Crazy.

[Screenshots] Bungies shows more screenshots of Mythic Map Pack: Uh, k.

[Review] WoW Mouse Kotaku review: Eh, Ew.

[Mod] RC Remote Hack uses Balance Board, Wii Mote, and iPhone as controllers:
Oh Hax.

[Video] First shaky cam minutes of Killzone 2:
Nothnx. (Spoilers + crappy quality = Meh)

[Free] Tabula Rasa goes free early: Uh, k.

[Deals] Good Old Games have holiday bundles: Uh, sweet.

[Silly] MLB 09 lets you record your own crowd chants: This is not going to end well.

[Crime] Another person stabbed over a console:

[MMO] Study shows MMO-women-players are much more bi-sexual then the populous: Strange...

[Screenshots] First Wallace and Gromet screens show awesome graphics and style: *Want a PS3 version*

[Japan] Gears of War 2 localized for Japan: Uh, k.

[Awesome] Burnout Paradise's DeLorean hovers and burns: Sweeet!

[Silly] The scariest game glitches: Oh, wow...

[Wii] Resale prices finally match retail prices: Ooooookie dokie.

[Joke] Duck Hunt Dog goes too far:
I didn't watch the video, but hehe.

[Art] What Ratchet COULD have looked like in future: I'm glad he did not.

[Scary] Man gets death threats on XBL, and goes to chance GamerTag, XBL not sympathetic: Jeez....

[Capcom] Capcom has no plans to bring back Breath of Fire:
That's a shame.

[Sad] Fake Cliffy_B twitter account shut down: That's sad, I'd never even heard of this before.

[Video] Halo 3 vs Unreal 3:
Oh wow, I laughed.

[Review] iPhone SimCity review:
Sounds awesome.

[Art] Happy Holidays from Aperture Science:

[iPhone] Final Fantasy game hits iPhone: Uh, cool.

[Article] 8 People making a PS3/360 game: Oh crazy.

[PR] Mircosoft tries to get in on Nintendo's Soccer Mom action: *Sigh*

[Wii] The Sun says the Wii puts 10 in the hospital a week:
Oh, wow.

[Article] Top Press Releases of the Year: Ooookay.

[GameStop] The GameStop of the future:

[Art] Someone at Valve screwed up:
Oh Wow.

[Patch] They patched the iPhone Katmari: This makes me really happy.

And there we have it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday News Opinions

Ah the weekend, and 2 presents left to buy....

[Interview] Interview with Megaman creator, talks on new Megamans:

[Closure] Free Radical Design team says it's not out yet:
Good luck guys!

[GTA] Take-Two spent $11 million during EA takeover bid: On what?

[Leak] Shawn White says developers working on sequel, developers say not: "woops"

[Article] Games of 2009 continues at 1up: Only 9 more days of this :P

[Preview] House of the Dead Wii preview:
Sounds like a core Wii game, that's one in a million.

[Article] PSP vs iPhone, which wins?: Gaming = PSP, Everything Else = iPhone.

[Preview] inFAMOUS IGN preview: *Want*

[Review] Lumines Supernova IGN review: Good, I guess, not my style.

[Closure] EA closing Black Box studio, who's resumé includes NFS/skate:

[Article] Gamespot graphics comparison: PC wins, obviously.

[Confirmed] JRPG Crossover game coming to US:

[Rumor] Bejeweled 2 coming to PSN?: Uh, k.

[Date] Demon's Soul coming to US in February 2009: Uh, cool.

[Study] Study says playing video games is "a great idea" for seniors: Heh. :)

[Lawsuit] Nintendo sued over DS setting home on fire: Yeah....

[Silly] List of words you can't say in Disney products: Hahaha!

[Rumor] Factor 5 goes under: That's too bad I guess.

[Screenshots] New Halo 3 map pack screenshot: Cool, I guess...

[Follow-Up] Realtime Worlds: Hold Up on those Crackdown 2 rumors: *heh*

[Joke] Wii injuries around in time for christmas: Hahahahaha

[Glitch] Sony fixing rather nasty PS3 trophy gltich: A.S.A.P. Sony.

[Studio] Free Radical founder starts new studio: Cool, I guess.

[Win] Psycho-Pedia is Wikipedia for Psychonauts: This is awesome.

[Movies] Good news, Castlevania movie dying, Spy Hunter movie dead: Yay!

[Sony] No pricecuts until summer: Yeah, I expected as much.

[Sega] Sega putting more old games on PSN/XBLA:
Where's SoR1, and Sonic2?

[Joke] Midway Wheelman christmas card: Lowl.

[Deals] SSF2THR press kits going for a lot online:

[Videos] New Afro Samurai videos:

[Joke] Fake Uwe Boll movie trailer:

[Boxart] Street Fighter IV Limited Edition box art:
Uh, k.

[Insult] David Reeves: "You don't grow the market by putting out shoddy machines": *Tsk* *Tsk* Don't insult others Sony, i thought you were better then that.....

Until next time.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday News Opinions

I will do this earlier today!

[Preview] MGS LBP levelset preview: How do you spell 'totally amazing'? :P

[WoW] Now available WoW: WotLK 10 day trials:
uh, k.

[Patch] LBP Update brings better search feature and store in game: Awesome.

[Buyout] Free Radical Design claims "Significant interest" shown in purchase: Maybe we shouldn't worry?

[Info] LittleBigPlanet MGS info: Sounds like a whole load of godly.

[iPhone] 1Up looks at iPhone games: Uh, k.

[Preview] Dissidia 1up preview: *want*

[Top 10] Top ten JRPG composers:
Who didn't see this coming?

[Review] iPhone now has a killer app: This sounds wonderful. Completely wonderful.

[Video] New Afro Samurai videos: Pretty game.

[EA] EA Layoffs hit 1,000 Black Box 'consolidated': Hmm...

[News of the day] PixelJunk Monsters coming to PSP: ****YES!!!!!

[PSN] Another meh PSN game: Eh...

[PSN] Lumines Supernova coming Next PSN update: Uh, cool, I guess.

[PSN] Under Siege coming exclusively to PS3: Uh, k.

[Sales] PAIN is most downloaded game on PSN for 2008:
PixelJunk Monsters and Everyday Shooter should be on top.

[DLC] Metal Gear Integral podcasts coming in January: Cool.

[Delay] SSF2THR not coming to Europe until 2009: Darn delays.

[Damo] WipEout HD demo coming before Christmas: Cool, thanks Sony.

[Rumor] Disgaea 2 port coming to PSP?:
Hmm, interesting.

[PSP] New PSP game coming out next year: Uh, sweet.

[Sales] Dissidia sells 350,000 first day: Sweet, PSP is where S-E has found a home.

[Sales] DSi Still doing well: Uh, k.

[PR] Microsoft is doing it wrong: What the hell MS...

[Steam] EA and Steam team up:

[Layoffs] Aspyr confirms layoffs, sources say up to one third of workforce:

[Download] Ubisoft announces new PSN/XBLA game:

[Review] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Kotaku review:
Uh, k.

[Preview] Godfather II multiplayer preview: Sounds alright.

[Art] TimeSplitters 4 concept art leaked:
I See.

[Announcement] Street Fighter IV last character revealed: Uh, k.

[Activision] Previously mentioned DJ isn't Activision's DJ Hero:
Uh, k.

And there yee go.

Thursday News Opinions

Sorry it's so late today.

[Screenshots] Final Fantasy: Dissidia 1up screenshots:

[GTA] Pre-Order GTA: Chinatown Wars, get free in-game money:
Heh, less beating up pedestrians?

[Announcement] Beneath a Steel Sky, and more now available on GoG: They are doing it right.

[DLC] PSP Super Stardust gets DLC: Uh, cool.

[Article] 1Up's games of 2009: Lotsa games.

[DKF] New Duke Nukem Forever screenshot:
That actually graphically looks quite good.

[Closure] Free Radical Design closing?: This would be sad.

[Preview] F.E.A.R. 2 Multiplayer preview:
Uh, k.

[Date] BioShock 2 dated for 2009: That's pretty sweet.

[Patch] PAIN update allows for replay editing, and YouTube functionality: Awesome.

[Screenshots] 2 New inFAMOUS screens: *Pretty*

[Beta] City of Heros mac now in open beta: Uh, interesting.

[Soon] inFAMOUS coverage coming soon: Sweet, can't wait.

[Report] PS3 to support 3D Stereoscopic gaming in 2009: *looks at video*

[DLC] LittleBigPlanet MGS level pack has new trophies:

[Sales] Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix sells 250,000 copies: Sweet, it deserves it.

[PSN] OutRun Online Arcade coming to PSN early 2009: Uh, k.

[Home] Home servers back online: Sweet, I need the update.

[Home] Home Voice chat temporarily disabled in 1.04 update:

[Update] List of adHoc party titles increased:

[LBP] MGS LittleBigPlanet content is in time for christmas: Yay!

[Article] Core gamers to save the day during economic crisis: Hmm.

[YouTube] Publishers are making money off of YouTube: Interesting, I guess everyone wins?

[Star Wars] Battlefront III in the hands of Rouge Squadron developers: [Zune

[Rumor] Job listing mentions Xbox Zune: I agree it's probably a app for the Zune, but can you think of how bad an Xbox Zune would be?

[GameStop] GameStop launches a Buy DS Now get it later program: Uh, k.

[Rumor] Motherboard maker going under?: Man all sorts of people are being hit.

[Rumor] Crackdown developers form new studio to work on Crackdown 2?:
Lots of 'eh's and 'mehs's.

[Crime] Inside traders made lots of money off of GTA Hot Coffee scandal: *sigh*

[Voice Actor] Perviously shot voice actor returns home: Glad to hear he's okay.

[Art] Fallout holiday: Silly.

[Movies] 28 Video game movies in production: Driver movie ftw.

[Event] Mad Catz brining Rock Band accessories and Street fighter acrade sticks to CES09: Uh, k.

[Yahtzee] Pilot episode of Yahtzee's new show: I watched a few minutes and laughed. :)

[Flash] Even more Bush-Shoe throwing flash games: Heh.

[iPhone] Lego Batman: Gotham City Games coming to iPhone: Uh, k.

[Dumb] Times Square Toys "R" Us store has Nintendo store inside, only a block away from a REAL Nintenod store: Fail....

[IRL] Have EA make your Spore creatures into statues, unless they are porn: That's actaully pretty cool.

[Event] Game Developer choice award nominations 2009 are a go: Uh, k.

[DLC] Rock Band to have holiday DLC: Sounds Meh.

[Review] Rock Band M.I.C. review:
This is pretty cool, make a PS3 version!

[Boxart] Resident Evil 5 boxart:
Eh, meh.

[Rumor] Aspyr hit with layoffs?: Noo! They don't deserve it!

[Stars] Writers from the Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurerama working on Machinima: I wonder if it will be any good...

[Date] Final Fantasy: Dissidia comes stateside this Summer: I was hoping for sooner, aw, well...

[Sales] Music game sales help normal music sales:
Is this really so shocking?

[Glitch] Melee people through a wall in Gears of War 2:
Fix this.

[PR] Sony have 'no plans' for PSP2:
This is just PR BS, who knows if they are or aren't.

[PR] Microsoft is looking up for '09: More PR garbage.

[Statistic] Online shoppers are in the minority: Hmmm.....

[LBP] MGS LittleBigPlanet level out December 23rd!: !

There you go, *zzzzz*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This week's Yahtzee

This ought to be good...


That was.... Pretty much perfect.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Finally got some shopping done, and got out of the house.

[Lawsuit] Company drops lawsuit over Scrable clone:
Well, this is one lawsuit that's not completely ridiculous.

[Review] Famitsu White Knight Chronicles review: This is worrisome.

[Analyst] Analyst says Music games are still going strong:
Uh, by all accounts I've seen, they are not.

[Voice Actors] Batman: Arkham Asylum to have good voice tallent, including some fan favorites: Mark Hamill is a really good voice actor. I think this will be good.

[Stars] Pirates of the Caribbean director directing Second Life movie:
Ehhhhhhhhhh. *Stench of crap face*

[GTA] Take-Two sign Rockstar for longterm: Best move you could have done Take-Two.

[Free] Crysis: Warhead multiplayer free for 10 days: How nice. :)

[Awesome] Phil Harrison wants to prove Activision wrong:
Do it, they need to be laughed at.

[Politics] New tax may include DLC: BadBadBadBadBadBad.

[Article] What does a real Parkour follower think of Mirror's Edge: That's a pretty cool read.

[Interview] Interview with Katamari, and Noby Noby Boy creator:
This Guy = God.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009:

[Preview] Resident Evil 5 preview IGN:
Uh, k.

[Review] Rock Band 2 Wii IGN review: Not bad Harmonix.

[Article] Best ___ of 2008 from IGN: Okie dokie.

[Article] IGN's History of Zelda: Link to the Past = Best Zelda game.

[Article] UMass launches DIY PS3 supercomputing site: Uh, k.

[Date] Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 hits PSN tomorrow: Sweet!

[iPhone] Lode Runner comes to iPhone: Yeah, I think I need to get an iPhone.

[Deal] Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars gets more features+Price drop: After playing the demo, I still can't recomend this game.

[Home] Asian Home update brings tons of game rooms: But, I want some game rooms....

[Screenshots] New Screenshots of a game that sounds really interesting: Wow, uh, interesting.

[Video] Direct Feed Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep trailer: Sweet.

[Sales] Take-Two not loved by market:
Make some more Max Payne, Oni, and Myth ****it.

[DRM] Spore can now be reinstalled: Fail, that took way too long.

[Patch] Far Cry 2 PC patch allows for REAL widescreen: *Cough*

[EA] EA lies about Dead Space being banned:
Baaad PR EA, bad PR...

[Date] Patapon 2 to be released 'early 2009': Cool, by then, perhaps I will have played the first.

[Charts] Top 10 sellers vs top 10 talked about: Latter list is cooler.

[Wii] Take-Two: 'Wii Viable platform for M games': I would think even with the install base they would sell better on PS3/360.

[iPhone] Metal Gear Solid Touch may be a rail shooter: Well, if anyone can do it right, Kojima can.

[Article] Kotaku: 'Square-Enix doesn't care about what you think': I have to agree.

[Delay] Fable II's DLC delayed...: *Sigh* Fable II has been doing terribly with DLC it seems.

[Demo] US Resident Evil 5 demo coming "Early 2009": Issat PS3, or 360?

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet user makes 'game of life' in LBP:
That is simply stunning.

[Art] Grilled Cheese Colossus: That is awesome :)

[Events] Sony Online Entertainment decking the halls for their MMOs: That's the awesome thing about MMOs.

[Article] 2008 the year of the horse:

[Announcement] New Riddick game coming as well: Good, I guess.

[News] Adam Sessler promoted: Eh, I never liked him.

[Review] Kotaku Valkria Chroniciles review: *Want*

[Crime] Halo 3 shooter to plead insanity: *sigh* it goes to show that Halo fanboys are the worst.

[PR] Microsoft claims that less then 1% of 360 buyers are affected by disk scratching: Didn't they say something similar about the RRoD?

[Lawsuit] Nintendo and Nkko settle wireless nunchuck lawsuit: *Sigh*

[Video] Madworld trailer: The style is cool, but the concept seems eh.

[Sales] 360 has outsold PS3 in western europe: Uh, k.

[Sales] Australia hands out money, games get bought: I suppose that's what they wanted, no?

And there you have it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Well, we should be getting the money back for PaRappa, and ordering another copy soon.

[Article] How to fix DLC: Hmm, I agree mostly.

[RB] Dhani Harrison teases Beatles game:
It will be good.

[Rumor] Japan Rumor watch: Uh, I don't think I'll be making any conclusions based off of this.

[Rumor] Developers already working on PSP2 games?: Hmm, I wonder if things are farther along then we'd think...

[Rumor] EA games coming to Steam: No more of that DRM nonsense.

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet MGS DLC will be awesome: I can't wait!

[MGS] Kojima says wait a few more weeks for MGS big reveal: Ohh!

[iPhone] Proof of MGS for iPhone?:
Wow, this will be awesome.

[Review] WoW: WotLK 1up review: Eh....

[Preview] Noby Noby Boy day 2 preview from 1up:

[Article] Top 5 games that ended early:
Oh yeah, Assassin's Creed....

[Rumor] Steven Jobs to resign? Last Macworld scheduled for 2009:
This is terrible...

[Article] IGN's God of War III wishlist: Uh, k.

[Article] IGN's favorite Comic book-movie villains: Really, who didn't see this coming?

[Article] IGN's top 35 movies they want to see on Blu-Ray:

[Report] Factor 5 and Turbine having massive jobcuts: No LAIR 2 confirmed.

[GH] Metallica talks Guitar Hero: Metallica: Ew.

[Report] Midway also trimming workforce:
Poor Midway....

[Report] Microsoft knew about disk scratching in 360s, proceeded anyway: Ohh.... Microsoft, you bastard.

[Patch] Home patch fixes login areas:
Uh, cool.

[Article] Killzone 2 FAQ:
Q: Will it look pretty. A: Idiot, don't ask me stupid questions.

[DLC] LittleBigPlanet get festive DLC: Uh, cool.

[Rumor] Square-Enix to debut next MMO during E3 2009?: Uh, I guess that's cool..

[Sales] Sony's Stock falls due to economy:

[PR] Sony: 'No personnel or development cutbacks due to recession':
Good news!

[Jaffe] Jaffe admits 'meh' GOW3 debut, promises full game looks much better: Uh, cool.

[Patch] SingStar get backwards compatibly: I don't care about SingStar, but that's pretty cool.

[Rumor] Home hacked?:
This is all we need, more stuff delaying the good content....

[iPhone] Konami brining Silent Hill, DDR, and Frogger to iPhone: iPhone is doing well for itself.

[EA] EA: 'Wii game footage is not up to broadcast quality':
Uh... I don't even want to touch this.

[Demo] Mirror's Edge demo time trials unlocked: Servers were down when I tried, but I will try again later.

[Confirmed] Konami confirmed iPhone MGS: This actually looks really cool.

[Art] Final Fantasy VII in a box: That. Is. Awesome.

[Movie] Clock Tower game movie posters: Why does this get made into a movie, while we are still waiting on so much better stuff?

[GH] Axl Rose complains about Activision: Get in line, we all hate them.

[JRPG] Star Ocean IV has really odd battle system name:
Uh, odd.

[LBP] This is so awesome: Metal Gear Solid SackBoys and level set coming: This is so much win.

[GTA] GTA: Chinatown Wars boxart: Uh, k.

[Nintendo] Club Nintendo now live, and buggy: Like the launch of anything....

[Video] Noby Noby Boy trailer: Yay!

[Article] Edge's top 30 games of 2008: Number one should be MGS4.

[DS] Nintendo announces first DSi title's release dates: Uh, k.

[DS] Now, via homebrew, anyone can use their DS to propose:
Uh, wow.

[Free] Aeria gives it's MMO players free fake money:
Heh, silly.

[Patch] GTA IV PC patched:

[OddWorld] OddWorld comes to GoG:
I love you OddWorld....

[WoW] Job recruiters now informed to avoid WoW players: Oh, wow, that's... wow...

[Review] I Love Katamari iPhone Kotaku review: I still want to try it.

[Crime] 'Worst mom in Britain' gets PS3 in cell: Wow, what?

[Crime] 'Mortal Kombat' killer pleads guilty:
That's more like it, get some common sense.

[Delay] Harmonix apologizes for Wii/PS2 Rock Band 2 delay: It's nice they did.

[Art] Papercraft Link hat is amazing: Holy crap, that's amazing!

[Insult] Square-Enix developer: 360 is easier to develop for: Considering the state the game you made was in on the 360... I can't really take your word for it..

[Free] Mercenaries 2 DLC is out, includes Obama/Palin and is free:

[Video] Watch a Wii mote destroy a LCD TV: *sigh*

[Art] The evolution of video game controllers: This is pretty cool.

[Ad] Giant PSP ad back up: Yay!

[Sales] Good games never sell well....: *sigh*

[Screens] Uncharted 2 screens leaked:
Gyah, that's one of the prettiest games I've ever seen...

[Media] More 'news' sources that don't know about games bash PS3: This is just stupid, I would say the same thing no matter what system they were bashing.

[PC] The Last Remnant coming to PC in spring, PS3 Port? TBA: Eh, and Meh.

[Patch] PS3 Fallout 3 patch adds trophies, and gets rid of bugs: Uh, nice. :)

And there you go, it's now 4:06AM I hope you are happy :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday News Opinions

It's still cooooold.

[Home] Sony asks for your patience with Home: Like anyone online service had a smooth launch...

[GTA] GTA Chinatown Wars dated for March: My Care-O-Meter is hitting the high zeros.

[Buyout] Time Warner buys 10 million shares of Eidos: Hmm, interesting.

[Stars] Michael Phelps partners with 505 games for multiple projects: Uh, k.

[Kojima] Kojima plans to be very involved with Metal Gear movie:
We can only keep our fingers crossed, and hope it will be good.

[360] Microsoft: 'Xbox Live will remain stable this christmas': Uhh.. yeah?

[Multiplat] 360 Exclusive Star Ocean box lacks 'Only on Xbox' tag:
I think it will go on the same trail as Eternal Sonata.

[Event] Spike Video Game awards wrap up:
I will have to watch these later.

[Preview] Noby Noby Boy all week long: *This* will be sweet.

[Movies] X-Men Origins: Wolverine first trailer: I think Huge Jackman wasn't the best choice in the first place.

[Wii] Nintendo announces 1st quarter 2009 release dates:
So much shovelware, so, so, so much shovelware.

[EA] Dante's Inferno coming out thanks to EA: That's strange..

[Home] Sony Europe: 'Home is a system seller': Of course it is. And I hate that term, any game is a system seller. If someone thought "Oh that game is cool, I am going to buy a system to play it" then it is a system seller.

[Sad] Valkria Chronicles is considered one of the best RPGs of this generation and has LOW sales: This doesn't bode well. :(

[Art] Uncharted 2 concept art: Uh, cool.

[Patched] Fallout 3 PS3 patched, includes trophies:
This is awesome news :)

[PSN] Space Invaders Extreme heading to PSN: Good stuff, that game was a lot of fun.

[PSN] Noby Noby Boy priced and dated:
I hope it is $5 in America.

[Event] Spike VGA trailers, God Of War III, Uncharted 2 Brutal Legend, Watchman game, and more: Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend are awesome.

[PSP] Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and 3rd Birthday direct feed trailers:
Agito looks like a spiced up Crisis Core, so it's bound to be good, but 3rd Birthday looks a bit to ****ed up for me.

[Fail] Dragonball: The Movie: The Game coming to PSP: News article contains video showing Street Fighter The Movie: Game for comparison, fail...

[Flash] Shoe being thrown at Bush already a Flash game: Hahahahahahahaha!

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet holiday card is adorable: Awwwwwwwwwww!

[Review] iPhone case review: Sounds... Interesting.

[Rumor] Over 10 years in the making the next Guns 'N Roses album may appear on Rock Band 2: Uh, cool?

[Event] Spend 2 days with Uwe Boll:
I can't imagine anyone going.... Except as a joke.

[Crime] Kids shoots parents because they took away Halo 3:
Wow, this is a horrible story.

[Preview] Kotaku Killzone 2 single player preview: I want a demo darnit.

[Video] Dante's Inferno trailer: Hellish.

[Sony] God of War III has 4 times the texture resolution: This is going to sell.

[Capcom] Capcom listens to fan feedback, completely redoes game: That's awesome of you Capcom, now give us a PS3 port of Dead Rising...

[Event] Spike Video Game Awards winners:
Eh... meh..

[DS] DSi not to launch in US before March: Uh, alright...

[Home] Youtube video shows why people fail:
Oh, hahahahah I laughed!

[Stars] MC Hammer to visit Activision:
Uh, Okay?

And there you have it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday News Opinions

*Sigh* That's it, I am sending the hounds out after PaRappa.

[PR] Epic VP: Second is the new first: How's that for PR Bull****?

[Review] Sonic Unleashed IGN PS3 review:
Eh, oh, well.

[Analyst] Analyst: 'EA needs to take core products and put them on Wii: Noooo!!!

[Insult] CNN calls PS3 a sinking ship: Hahafail.

[Features] Details on Final Fantasy XIII/Versus XIII: They are cool and all, but I want them to come out so we can move onto FFVII Remake/Kinggom Hearts 3/ ect....

[Canceled] Need for Speed may be cut from EA's lineup:
I agree with this article, this is stupid, right before they were going to do things the right way...

[Deal] Team Fortress 2 $10 on Steam this weekend: Nice, I guess...

[Forward] Wii and Ps2 versions of Rock Band 2 coming earlier then expected:
Cool, but it's not for me.

[DLC] Free and Premium Fable II DLC coming December 22nd: Uh, k

[Article] Making Afro Samurai from a Anime to a game: Pretty....

[Review] iPhone seems to be getting some killer games:
I guess Apple did hit it right. Now where are our computer games?

[Review] A Vampyre Story review: Yeah, well I'd like to try it...

[Sales] Guitar Hero: World Tour sales down quite a bit from Guitar Hero 3:
Take that Activision.

[Sales] Lich King dominates PC games sales charts: Anyone didn't see that coming?

[Preview] Wheelman preview: This is going to suck I can feel it.

[Patch] PixelJunk Eden getting patch to make it easier: Sweet!

[Steam] Steam update includes overlay browser:
That's cool..

[Politics] PA. Task force discourages video game legislation: Common sense wins in the end.

[Article] Final Fantasy outdated before it releases: Hmm, I don't really agree.

[KATAMARI] Katamari now on iPhone, time to celebrate: NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA KATAMARI DAMACY!

[IRL] Another old gamer, this time from Britain: That's awesome :)

[Patch] GTA IV PC patch makes more problems:

[Lawsuit] MGS theme left out of MGS4 due to legal issues:
First, it's still in the game, second, it wasn't used at all in the first game, it was used for the menu trailer in MGS2, and used for like 10 seconds in MGS3, so it's not like it was heavily used or anything.

[Art] Super Mario Brothers room is awesome:
That's pretty cool.

[Kojima] Hedio Kojima hanging with Infinity Ward: :)

[Steam] Steam DirectX stats: Uh, k.

[Article] Does PC gaming make you more productive?: The answer: It depends.

[Rumor] Is Disney going after EA?:
I wonder if that would be a good or a bad thing..

[Music] Still Alive performed in Music video (Mirror's Edge Theme): I'm surprised she hasn't hit the US charts, she's better then a lot of the **** that gets on it in the US...

And there you have it

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday News Opinions

Again, PaRapa's 'not' appearance angers me....

[News of the Day] EA picks up Brütal Legend: That's good news to wake up to!

[PR] Ubisoft: Ratings don't mean everything:
Translation: We are going to screw you over with crap games.

[MMO] You can now buy fake money for real money in Everquest legitimately: Ew.

[Closure] Activision Japan closing: Oh wellz.

[Insult] As normal, Microsoft insults the competition, without looking at themselves: **** you Microsoft.

[Video] First gameplay video of Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Looks like KOTOR.

[Sony] Sony and Leve-5 to hold secret White Knight Story party: Only a 100 gamers invited?

[Sony] Sony: No plans for PSP2:
PR Bull****.

[GH] Guitar Hero: Metallica details emerge: Dear Activision, I hate you.

[Interview] Jim Lee on DC Universe Online: Good ol' Jim Lee.

[Preview] IGN Heavy Rain preview:
Sounds crazy.

[Preview] Lord of the Rings: Conquest preview: Sounds sweet.

[Article] Look back at 2008 for the Wii: Nintendo prints money and doesn't give a **** about you who bought their console.

[Article] IGN: Beatles game wishlist:
Sounds about right.

[Review] iPhone getting more good games:

[EA] EA having troubles:
Poor EA, they don't deserve it.... Now, Activision on the other hand.

[Leaked] Leaked trailers of Final fantasy XIII and Versus XIII: That looks sweet.

[Movie] The Dark knight fastest selling Blu-Ray: Not surprising.

[Delay] Lumines & Savage Moon delayed: Aw...

[Home] Sony: We're working on it: Goodstuff.

[Delay?] Rock Band for PS2/Wii may not make it in time for christmas: There's missed sales for you.

[DRM] Prince of Persia Pc version to have no DRM: Sweeet, gj Ubisoft.

[LBP] Someone made Tic-Tac-Toe in LittleBigPlanet: Holy ****.

[Preview] Fat Princess preview:
Sounds pretty awesome.

[Stars] Ebert still being a *****é about video games: *sigh* Shut up and review movies, if you don't like games, then shove it.

[Preview] Flower preview: Must Buy.

[Stars] 50 Cent challenges gamers to his new game: Wow. uh... Wow.

[Article] Game developers top 52 game developers of 2008: KOJIMA M I RITE!?

[Mod] Person creates Hemp Wii-Mote:
Oh, wow.

[GH] Guitar Hero: Metallica to contain other bands: Don't worry the other bands suck too.

[Rumor] GTA Movie script best unused Movie script of 2008: Ew.

And there you have it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Another day with no PaRappa, Sunday, if it's not here, there will be an E-Mail sent...

[DD] Molyneux thinks Fable 2 would be a good digital download: Fill up those HDDs boys, then buy some more from us.

[Wii] Nintendo: Wii's "might not be on that shelf much longer":
Uh, k.

[Wii] Wii getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting game: Where is Battletoads?

[Home] EA founder questioning Home's goals: Can't the goal just be fun?

[IRL] FCC boss blames WoW gaming addiction a top cause for collage drop outs: Well, I think it's a reason, perhaps not a 'top' reason.

[Wii] Nintendo to help with Dragon quest promotion in US: Uh, k.

[Capcom] Capcom shoots down multiplatform Monster Hunter 3 development: Uh, I doubt it, Since they went completely multiplatform, I am guessing it will later show up on the Wii.

[Preview] Flower PS3 Preview: I want this.

[Preview] Heavy Rain preview: Holy **** that's pretty.

[Review] iPhone game is for hardcore gamers, and is great: Okay, I want to try this.

[Review] Prince of Persia DS IGN review: Eh.

[Home] PlayStation Home™ out now:
Yep :)

[Article] Looking back on 2008 for the PS3: It was a good year.

[Movies] Batman vs Iron Man, who wins more awards?: 2 **** good movies.

[Analysts] Analysts predict games sales up in November: Wouldn't surprise me.

[EA] EA's stocks take a beating: As someone else said, this sucks, after EA finally realized how terrible they were, and fix it, they get in financial trouble... :(

[DS] Shakespear on DS: Who spends all day reading on a DS?

[Article] Games as art?: I think games can be art, but not all are.

[Videos] New Killzone 2 videos:
Nine of them.

[Preview] Uncharted 2 preview in Game Informer reveals info:
Sounds sweet!

[Patch] echocrome gets patch, gives Trophies, and 1000 new levels: Not baaaaad.

[Developers] Linger In Shadows developers share development tools:
That's awesome of them :)

[Screens] First gameplay screens of Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Looks sweet.

[Patch] SOCOM does it right with patch: Now THAT'S a patch.

[Screens] Final Fantasy Agito XIII concept art, world map and screens:
Square-Enix found it's calling, PSP games.

[Mods] Fallout 3 mod creator kit for PC is live: Neato, I wish the PS3 version allowed for mods.

[Reviews] Here are EA's highest rated games of 2008:
Mirror's Edge, how I want to play thee.

[Fired] C|Net firing some people, starting at GameSpot: Uh, well, maybe if you got your act in gear you wouldn't have to worry about this...

[Kotaku] Persona 4 frankenreview: Uh, k..

[Review] Rock Band portable drums Kotaku review:
Sounds about right.

[Stats] Heavy Rain development stats: Wow, that's pretty nuts.

[DLC] EndWar gets 4 new DLC missions: Uh, k.

[Chrono] Chrono Trigger finally coming to Europe:
Sorry it took so long..

[Art] Bored dad makes kicka** lunchbags for kids: Wish I could do something like that.

[360] Inside the Jasper 360: Uh, k.

[Music] LittleBigMusic, the inspired by music: Does it have the ORIGINAL music though?

[DS] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is region free: Uh, k.

[WoW] World of Warcraft Sex change, $15:

[NSFW] DS Scrabble beats kid on "****ers" on triple word score: And there's something wrong with this?

[Buyout] Ubisoft wanted City of Heros dev:
Tough luck I say.

[Fanboy] Biggest 360 fanboy ever....:
There is sad and then there is sad, and there is this...

[Screens] White Knight Chronicles... *drools*: That picture made me 70% more excited for this game.

[GH/RB] Why play Guitar Hero, when you can have Guitar, Drums, and Keyboard all on one controller?: Wow, just wow....

[360] Microsoft prepared for economic recession: With their billions of Dollars.

[PSP] Yet another Harvest Moon for PSP: Ew...

And there you go... Now, where'd PaRappa go?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Week's Yahtzee

I didn't slack this time, here you go:


Hmm, that was alright. Pick something you can rip into more next time.

Wednesday News Opinions

Again, another day passes, I am sick, and PaRappa still hasn't arrived yet..

[MMO] Star Wars: The Old Republic using already existing MMO engine:
Uh, I guess that's good?

[Patch] It looks like Harmonix is going out of their way to make the RB mic work with Lips: I love Harmonix.

[Announcement] Dragon Quest IX coming to DS March 28th, a total rip off:
The game just costs $12 more then other DS games, just so they can make more money....

[Joke] Dissidia potions hit stores, and are nasty: Haha, that's silly.

[Home] First screens of Home Red Bull content: That looks fine. I was worried they'd go overbaord.

[Patch] Left 4 Dead cheaters being stopped via patch: Yeah, eat **** cheaters.

[RB/GH] Viacom claims Rock Band is more attractive to music industry: Good, and it should stay that way.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009: Interesting.

[Announcement] Dragon Quest X coming to Wii: *Ahem* Sellout *Ahem* good thing I never liked those games.

[Interview] Interview with one of the SSF2THR creators:
Good read, and insight into the game.

[Review] Grand Theft Auto IV PC review: Did 1up finally realize that game is crap?

[Home] Home release date confirmed:
Tomorrow? Crazy!

[Confirmation] Mirror's Edge sequel still likely: Very good news.

[DLC] Fallout 3 DLC detailed: Not on PS3 = Not care.

[Studio] Game Mechanics open shop: Hmm, interesting.

[Analysts] Analysts: Recession to inhibit game innovation: Well, THAT'S not good...

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet getting PAIN and x-mas themed costumes: Sweet!

[Sony] Sony hopes Heaveny Rain will appeal to the casual audiences as well: If it's **** good it will.

[Video] Video shows Watchman director in Home: Interesting.

[Japan] White Knight Chronicles prequel manga is out in Japan:
Uh, k.

[Home] Upcoming Home content shown at London media day:
That sounds truly awesome.

[Today's Best News] Dissidia's story mode is 40 hours long: This game is now even higher on my 'to buy' list.

[Sony] Sony to fully support DJ Max Fever in US:
If they did this with more games, more people would work with them.

[PSN] Crash Commando coming to PSN:
Uh, ok..

[DLC] Resistance 1 map packs going free: Hell yeah Insomniac!

[Home] Home launches tomorrow, here are some details:

[360] New Xbox Experience *Shudders* brought more downloads and internet use:
Uh, yeah.

[DS] More books coming out for DS: *Sigh* I never understood why people don't just read normal books...

[Wii] Nintendo making Wii-Ports of 2 more GC games: MAKE SOME NEW **** NINTENDO!!!!

[360] The next Xbox Originals are lame: Where is Stranger, Beyond Good and Evil, Battlefront, and KOTR?

[Review] Brothers in Arms iPhone review: Well, I want to try it.

[IRL] NYU offering degree in games: Didn't I hear this doesn't mean anything a while ago?

[Wii] Google's most searched product list contains lots of Wiis: Uh, ew.

[Free] Free holiday theme for New Xbox Experience: Microsoft giving away something free? That's a new one..

[Fail] Sci-Fi's fail list of 2008 overrated games: Not really a great list, I think.

[Anniversary] HAVOK turns 10:
Uh, cool...

[RUMOR] Zune Phone or Xbox Zune Announcement coming at CES?: Ew, I hope not.

[Article] How Skate plans on not becoming Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: Step one, add Skitching.

[Movie] Dragonball movie trailer: Why do things like this happen?

[Nintendo] Nintendo: A character in Animal Crossing is disturbing:
Uh, wow... wow.

[Leak] New photos and gameplay of Prototype leaked: Uh, k, This < inFAMOUS.

[Rumor] UGO to buy 1UP?:
Maybe they will get better?

[Mods] Wii Homebrew Channel updated to 1.0: Those hackers, tsk tsk.

[MMO] Star Wars: The Old Republic to be transaction based:
Holy crap, that makes me want to play it.

[Stars] Steven Spielberg loves Rock Band, doesn't like cutscenes:
That's... Strange?

[PC] Mirror's Edge with and without new graphics: PC version looks better, but wiat until they announce DRM, and ship with tons of bugs.

[Tease] Fable creator to tease 2 new projects tonight: Wow, the hype machine begins that will ensure that all of his games will be considered disappointments.

[Tests] People using Wii-Mote to test motor skills learning:
Wow, uh k.

[EA] EA: "We've got work to do on the Wii": OH NO! MORE SHOVELWARE!

[Digital Distribution] Rockstar puts entire catalogue on Metaboli:
Uh k.

[Sony] Sony Interested in downloadable PS2 games:
I prefer to have the actual disks, but I would buy things like Marvel vs Capcom 2, because that costs so much.

[Sales] Microsoft thinks they doubled PS3 sales November: PR bull****.

[Video] Strong Bad Episode 5 trailer:
Yay SB!

And there you go.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Right, the news.

[GH/RB] Konami working with Activision on Guitar Hero arcade game:
Eh, it's a good idea, but it probably wont end up all that great.

[Sony] Sony cutting 8,000 jobs due to economy: Darn economy.

[Limited Edition] Street Fighter IV US Limited Edition detailed:
Sounds a bit familiar.

[Buyout] Atari buys Champions Online developer: Uh, k.

[Features] Skate developers hope to keep series fresh:
Eh, meh.

[Ads] Publishers offer up concepts for in game ads:
I agree with the first comment, I don't care as long as it makes the games cheeper.

[PR] Sony 'has no plans' for Netflix on PS3: Wait a year, and they will have plans, I'll bet you.

[Article] 1up's games of 2009, part 6: Ah, yup.

[Joke] The top 5 silly game brand names: Heh.

[Article] IGN: How to put the PS3 back on top:
This article is pretty good, but the title is terrible.

[Movies] Worst comic book heros in films:
Yeah, ew, all of these are horrible.

[Activision] Activision talks Wolverine: I am kind of expecting this to suck.

[EA] EA feeling the heat:
The economy is effecting everyone.

[Review] Gamespot's GTA IV PC review: Eh, meh,

[Sales] MotorStorm: Pacific Rift sells 1 million units:
Sweet! GJ Evolution.

[Sony] Sony says we are leading in user created content:
I have to agree, Unreal 3 was proof of that.

[DLC] Super Stardust Portable DLC coming: It's cool that PSP is getting DLC now.

[PSN] The Dark Knight up on Video store on PSN: Sony, you're doing it right.

[DLC] Witcher console version to have DLC and be better all around: Uh, cool?

[Patch] Midnight Club patch makes game easier:
That's.. interesting?

[LBP] Sackboy pattern in UK's leading knitting magazine: Everyone loves Sackboy!

[Kotaku] Prince of Persia frankenreview: It's pretty, I'll give it that.

[Review] Persona 4 review: Another one of those games I've never played...

[Home] Sony: Home is coming very soon:
Sweet, Gimme game rooms, and I will be happy.

[Buyout] Capcom snags Midway's marketing VP:
Are people jumping the Midway ship? Probably.

[Preview] SimCity iPhone preview:
Hey, I would try it.

[Announcement] Simon the Sorcerer joins Good old Games:
That's pretty awesome, I swear, bring out Mac versions...

[Tech] Don't you wish you could game on a 103" Plasma TV?: Yep. Me too.

[Art] Robot Chicken does PaRappa:
They are making me and my waiting for my copy of PaRappa PS1 in the mail...

[Art] Katamari Bento box: That is awesome. Totally awesome.

[PC] Mirror's Edge system requirements for PC:
I see.

[Art] Duck Hunt done in a box: Heh, heheh.

[Screens] New in-game Killzone 2 screens:
*Drools..... again*

And there you have it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend-Monday News Opinions

Oh, THIS is bound to take a while...

[MMO] Square-Enix was interested in a PS3 Final Fantasy XI: I see, Oh, well..

[Home] PlayStation Home may be coming December 17th: The only problem I see, is just having so many people walking around it's hard to even get anywhere.

[Rumor] Factor 5 in trouble?:
I guess this means no LAIR2.

[Joke] Atlus jokes about game announcements leaks through ESRB: Hahahaha

[Ew] Rock Band to offer country songs this week: Noooooooooooo!!!!!

[Patch] GTA IV PC patch coming: That's right, suck up and deal with it.

[Demo] Burnout Paradise PC demo contains full city, and events: And just how big of a download is the demo?

[Atari] Phil Harrison: "More PSP games coming": You know, even though he doesn't work for Sony anymore, he's still awesome.

[Date] Halo Wars release date: March 3, 2009: Halo Wars < href="http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3171651">
[Review] Mushroom Men - The Spore Wards 1up review: Better luck next time.

[Article] IGN: best LittleBigPlanet user created levels: Sweet, I will have to come back and look at this when I get the game.

[Movie] Watchman trailers Muse or Smashing Pumpkins: I would watch the trailers but my computer is slowwwwww.

[Review] Everyday Shooter PSP IGN review: FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.

[Review] iPhone Brothers in Arms review: Oh, well.

[Sales] Wii sells 800,000 units over thanksgiving week:

[Preview] Afro-Samurai preview:

[DLC] Street Fighter LBP DLC shown: That'z cute!

[Analyst] Analysts predict lower Sony sales:
Analysts... huh?

[Magazine] GTA IV. LBP and Home among Time's picks of the year: Cool. I notice there are no Wii games there.

[Screenshots] New Killzone 2 screens: *Drool*

[Sales] Top 5 best selling games in Japan for PS3: MGS4 ftw.

[News of the Week] Dissidia has custom editable replays feature: This is just awesome.

[Article] MotorStorm: Pacific Rift picture taking 101:
That's an awesome picture.

[Article] Inside the Killzone 2 press event: Those a pretty Screenshots.

[Comic] A look at the Mirror's Edge comic: Looks... like a comic.

[Sales] Gears of War 2 - 3 Million sold:

[Lawsuit] Microsoft sued over 360 scratching disks: Dear Microsoft: Fix your console.

[GH/RB] Guitar Hero is peaking:
I am over Guitar Hero, the people I know are over Guitar Hero, I still like Rock Band however.

[Features] Skate 2 takes a leaf out of Tony Hawk's books:

[Preview] Need for Speed Undercover iPhone version Preview:
That does look *really* nice for a iPhone game.

[Mods] Bloom Blox level creator makes for some interesting retro levels: Donkey Kong!

[Free] Intel gives PC Far Cry 2 gamers 2 extra DLC missions for free: Uh, cool.

[E3] NCsoft leaves ESA: Uh, k.

[Review] Lips Kotaku review: Eh....

[Fail] Soulja Boy getting his own game: Lkghdfjgkhdgkjdfhgkjdfgldsgkslfksd.

[Article] 2008: The year of the casual gamer?: First and last I hope.

[Press Release] This is the best press release ever:

[Features] Madworld has multiplayer:
Uh, that's interesting.

[Hint] Microsoft Exec wants Crackdown 2: I heard the first game was terrible.

[E3] Microsoft taking E3 seriously this year:
I predict: Sony and Microsoft will have killer displays, while Nintendo teases Wii Music 2 or something.

[Date] Tenchu 4 PSP dated: Uh, k.

[Wii] Wal-Mart promising tens of thousands of Wiis: Uh, k.

[Statistics] There are more elderly gamers then you think: Oh, what?

[Creations] Someone made Pong out of a shoebox: Oh hax.

[Awesome] Interviewer gets birthday messages from Snake, Otacon, Niko Bellic, and Duke Nukem: This is all kinds of awesome.

[Free] Free video game to spread AIDS prevention message in Kenya: That's interesting.

[Piracy] Game companies talk about piracy:

[Ad] Lexus ad is ****:

[Article] Trends of Multiplayer games: This is a pretty good read.

[Joke] How to design characters the Square-Enix way: Heh, not all Square characters are that way..

[Study] Guitar Hero inspiring british kids to play real guitar:
Isn't that true of Rock Band as well?

[Follow Up] GameStop NOT buying British gaming:
Ah, good.

[Article] How to save video gamer journalism:
Heh, hehehe.

[Piracy] Spore most torrented game of 2008:
'Yay DRM'

[Stars] Ludacris likes his games: Heh, I would listen to it, but my computer is being annoying.

[MMO] Why Age of Connan tanked: That's interesting, but sounds detailed.

[IRL] Photo Comparison Fallout 3 vs Reality: Interesting. I remember seeing a lot of grey and brown.

[Lego] Lego statues of 8bit characters: That's pretty nifty.

[Article] Looking for free indie games?: It's hard to give something that is free though...

[Announcement] NetDragon announces Disney Fantasy Online: Is this to try and steal Kingdom Hearts players?

[Piracy] Bigtime pirate is an idiot, lets 2 year old son wander into intersection: Fail.

[Interview] Interview with Patapon creator: Seems like a cool guy.

[Joke] Tourette's guy as the tank: BOB SAGET!

[Ad] 80s NES ad will give you nightmares: W T F?

[Art] 3D Nintendo art is pretty cool:
It's interesting I suppose.

[ESRB] What does ESRB think of the Animal Crossing accidental slur?: Yeah, I agree.

[Crime] Boys hang kitten with game controller, Sheriff blames GTA: You know, because that happens so much in GTA....

[Video] Video of LittleBigPlanet-y Lumines: Sackboy!