Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News opinions, catchup part 2

So, I'm finally back again. I'm again only picking the more interesting news stories until I catch up.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Gamespot review: Well, it's finally out, and I no longer care. When it was first announced it looked amazing, and I have since been spoiled by better looking games.

Mega Man 9 review: I can't say if I like this or Street Fighter II HD Remix better for classic remakes.

AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack:
I know why they are doing this, but this made me lose respect for them...

Sony to debut 14 games at TGS:
That's what I like to hear.

Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA contains preview for Duke Nukem Forever: I wonder if DNF will really come out?

Games with Achievements/trophies in them sell better:
No S***...

Katamari creator's next big thing to be shown on TGS:
Yay! I want a demo though, I want to just try it.

LittlebigPlanet Developers were working on a Portal-Like game: As cool as that is, Portal turned out fine, and LittleBigPlanet looks amazing. (And plays amazing)

PC Watch: PS4 could come as soon as 2011, with similar hardware:
It better not...

PS3 BioShock goes gold: YESS!!!!!!!

Valkyira Chronicles DLC allows for vice versa Single Player: This is what I like to see.

European Killzone 2 beta starting: I guess I shouldn't hope to get into a third beta from sony :P

RUMOR: PSP Firmware 5.0 to include PS Store, new RSS, and screen capture: As nice as this is, how come we're not getting in game XMB on PSP, along with custom soundtracks, and trophies?

Another Dissidia video: The closest thing you will get to a "Final Fantasy Smash Brothers"

Sony Online entertainment thinks about PSP for MMOs:
I Actually think this *IS* a good idea.

Some douche is directing the God of War movie: Sad, I don't care about the games, but way to make video game movies more of a joke....

Peter M-(I can't pronounce, nor remember how to spell his last name) compares 360/PS3:
Probably the least bias I've seen from a Microsoft first party employee.

RUMOR: Nintendo bringing an old franchise to Wii:
Uh, how many Nintendo franchises haven't been milked dry? And how many need to be milked dry? And in the end, shouldn't fans of the old game be worried to see a classic game be turned into a casual game?

Kotaku Silent Hill: Homecoming review:
Turns out to be not as bad as advertised... That's a first...

Another Guitar game coming to DS: ENOUGH. There, I said it.

New campaign mission, and playable characters coming to The Force Unleashed: Well they got DLC down, too bad the game isn't better...

This trailer had me hooked until gameplay was shown:
Jeez the art direction is amazing, I almost was thinking about getting a DS.... Until they showed gameplay, bleah....

Cliff B-Something, (Gears of War dude) talks on PS3: I see his point, but I don't think the 360 controller is all that much better, if at all.

Far Cry 2 looks pretty: Yes, it looks pretty, and it has a good looking level editor, so why don't I seem interested?

Gears of War 2 is more then just a game!: Ego much? Pleh, makes me want to get the game less.

Nintendo's new hardware: Pedometer: This pretty much sums up what I hate about Nintendo.

DISAPPOINTMENT: So, they take the time to make a Rock Band guitar out of a real one..: And it looks like complete crap.

Gears of War 2 not coming to PC, reasons? Because no one will buy it: No, not because it sucks, but because Piracy will strike again. Hurray for elitist pirate PC gamers.

7 Minutes of the Killzone 2 beta: *Drools* I want it.... And I know I am being greedy...

How GTA IV could save Games for Windows:
I don't think it will.

RUMOR: New DS model, will include music playback, and camera: Uh... aren't they a little late?

Team Fortress 2 demade to 8Bit: I laughed.

Who is winning the battle for the hardcore:
In my opinion it's Sony, because they have more variety in their game selection.

Why DRM isn't as bad as it's made out to be:
I dunno, I think it's kind of because if yo compare it to 10 years ago, or to consoles, it seems ridiculous.

8 Worst video game jobs in real life:
I laughed.

Former ESA head: Gaming journalists created Jack Tompson: There's actually something to be said about this.

First Studio ghibli game screens: As predicted, they are pretty.... Too bad it's a DS game.

Even Hideo Kojima doesn't like the MGO online system:
That's good to know... Now, can it be fixed?

Fable II online Co-Op not at launch:
Fail. I'm sorry, but just fail..

Ghostbusters game might do more then satisfy some 3D ghost action:
It would be interesting to see a Ghostbusters 3 someday...

FAIL: Activision trademarks Dance Hero, loses more of my respect: Activision has taken EA's place, EA is now sorta Decent, as Activision falls lower and lower.

PSN cards hitting many more stores, ones that actually sell games no less: Good good, now when will we see them at gamestop?

Halo musical composer says that eve Halo was effected by used game sales: Yup, that's how it works. If you're smart, you make a game that people don't want to sell.

GREAT Max Payne Movie trailer:
I still think they should have just casted Max Payne's voice actor as him.... Oh, well.

Force Unleashed could come to theaters: It would probably do better that way.

CD gaming is finally pretty much dead:
Now, when will Blu-Ray gaming on PC kick in... It probably wont, however, I want to have them for burning a billion files I have on my computer... (Curse my addiction of watching trailers :P )

Strong signs point to Wii harddrive in 2011: Isn't that a bit of a ways away?

DC Universe Online developers struggling, but wanting PS3-PC crossplatform play:
If they pull it off, I will be happy.

Allan Wake will be shown for the first time in quite some time soon: I just hope this game turns out okay.

Diablo 3 to use new checkpoint system: Bleah, more needless changes... Oh well, it's still Diablo.

So, for now, that's it, look forward to tomorrow, hopefully. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Catchup edition news opinions

So, yes, I've been gone a week. That's like, a lot of news. So, instead of gathering every news article, I will get the most interesting ones. Don't worry, things will be back to normal after the weekend is over.

Jack Tompson finally disbarred:
Finally, someone dealt with this nut.

Bungie.net countdown reveals trailer of new Halo 3 project?:
I will watch it later, sounds interesting though.

Burnout: Paradise now released on playstation network: Yes, you can buy and download the entire game online....

Square-Enix confirms re: Chain of Memories PS2 US release: Consider myself sold.

Konami patents new Metal Gear Solid subtitle: Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition confirmed?

First Details on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars:

Mega Man 9 released on PS3: 360 version coming in a week.

PAIN Abusement Park IGN review: Common PAIN team, online multiplayer, and saved replays.

Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 4 afterthoughts:
Interesting read.

1up Lego Batman review: *Drools* I want remote play.

Tetris meets LittleBigPlanet:
Oh the possibilities!

Newell says Valve needs invest in PS3 development: Aha, so he finally woke up and smelt the coffee.

The Punisher: No Mercy coming exclusively to PSN: Okay, this sounds really *really* cool.

Shadow of the LittleBigColossus: This is the kind of thing that is just *far* too awesome.

Trophies to be mandatory soon?: This better be true.

Final Fantasy XIII: 80% done in some parts: Uh, k.

LA Noire one of the most expensive games ever, may come to 360 also:
No one saw this coming.....

Worldwide release date for LittleBigPlanet announced:

Proof of lowered PSP software development: Good thing 2009 looks a lot better.

The Punisher: No Mercy questions answered: Sounds fun.

Max Payne director wants to make the movie for game fans: Good, lets hope the movie is good.

Fuel producer: Our game is bigger then Burnout: Paradise: Uh, okay, but Bigger ≠ Better.

Jack Tompson's Disbarment launches gamer parties:
Now, if someone will just bar Uwe Boll from making movies..

Bungie new Halo 3 project is a campaign expansion?:
Just give me the Halo 2 E3 level... Please...

Halo MMO concepts: Mistress Chief? Ew.

Where the Wild Things Are game adaption?: Wait, when was a movie announced?

Lego Batman frankenreview: I want to try it.

Studio Ghibli helping with a game?: I would be horribly excited, except that it's on DS.

Details on SEGA's mystery RPG: DS, meh.

Valve would love to do MMOs, and DS games: Uh, okay...

Peter Molyneux bashes PS3: I do wonder what his answer to that question would be.

EA interested in Left4Dead PS3: Just confirm it already.

Valve: Team Fortress 2 updates not coming to PS3: I thought so...

Choose between 2 meh boxarts for Street Fighter IV: Eh....

Resistance 2 being MMO sensibilities to the world of Co-Op: Eh, I kinda just wish it was like the first game.

Analyst: GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to iPhone: I doubt it, I kinda think Nintendo paid them...

Ghostbusters game's future thrown up into the air: Oh come on, this is going to sell, surely someone will agree to publish it...?

Ensemble Studios shocked by closure:
Microsoft.... *pfft*

Ps3 version of Final Fantasy XIII wont be dumbed down due to 360 version:
I am not convinced.

UK retailers listing Left4Dead PS3: Oh just confirm it...

PS3 firmware 2.5 coming, along with Home 1.0?: *Please!*

First GTA: Chinatown Wars screens: Ew. This looks worse then expected.

Portal clone made for... Commodore 64:
Will wonders never cease....

Is new Microsoft first party studio a Halo dev for a new Halo game?:

Kotaku Rock band 2 Review: Sweet, I need to try it.

Okay, so I am leaving for the weekend, so this should hold you over until it's over.

I'm back!

Well, that took longer then expected, but I'm back.

Funny thing is, that I will probably be away for the weekend.

*Blah, what a day, 4 fillings, with no numbing, or painkillers.*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday news opinions

I'm back, for another day! I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow or what, but I guess we'll see.

Yakzu 2 review: Now that one japanese game that has been out years in Japan came over, can we see some others?

LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy comes to PAIN:
This is just too awesome. You heard me.

Blue Dragon DS coming to America, no one cares: Meh.

Life with Playstation available now: Nice, it's pretty nifty.

Mirror's Edge lands in November, demo incoming:
Sweet, PC version pushed back, but console versions will hit this year.

New Prince of Persia game release date revealed: This game looks so pretty... Too bad I will end up hating it.

Line Rider 2 DS review: Why pay for something you can get for free?

IGN iPhone The Force Unleashed review: Better then I thought.

IGN to get new look today: Interesting, I've been around to see most of those.

Top 10 things IGN wants in a Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG: Sounds good to me.

Hendrix getting his own Guitar Hero game?:

Gamespot's Crysis Warhead review: Even gamespot liked it...

Cuts from Diablo III interviews: I still think it should look more sinister.

Playstation Store© update: Contains Fracture, Merceanries 2, and Life with Playstation, quite a good update if I do say so myself.

LittleBigPlanet trophies revealed: Pretty cool. :)

Fable creator says that PS3 is waiting for a defining game, suggests LittleBigPlanet:
Wow, you just earned some points from me, I expected you, like all the other Microsoft developers, to trash every other system.

1 Hour long arcade game infomercial, that's supposedly awesome: Er, okay, I don't feel like watching it, but hey!

Left 4 Dead on DS?: I am fairly sure this was just a mistake, bleah...

Colbert as a Rock Band rocker: Sweet, now I just gotta borrow the game again to play it.

Miyamoto to receive award for defining gaming today:
Bleah, more like, defining casual and shovelware games....

Spore DRM versus Steam DRM: Interesting read. Definitely Steam has the upper hand.

Hayao Miyazaki doesn't play games:
He should try and play Valkira Chronicles, that looks like something he would make.

Tom Clancy games coming to the Wii at some point...: Until then, be content with shovelware from Ubisoft.

id Software try to explain why nothing was cut from RAGE due to 360: So, nothing was cut, they just had to not make what they original had in mind, you know, sort of like cutting...?

Rock Band: AC/DC is an expansion pack:
Ah good, I'm glad some people have some sense...

Activision boss: Guitar Hero is dominating the competition:
In what? Games released? Quantity doesn't mean quality. And my dear sir, quality is something you will never have.

"Shocking announcement" Coming frmo White Knight Story developers, September 26th:
No idea, feel free to guess.

Gamestop: "PC sales are decreasing":
Pfft, I never would have thought, not with all the piracy or anything...

Not all BioShock PS3 content free?: This is a kick in the pants, though overall, I will still buy it for PS3, just because the PS3 is a more reliable system overall, I'll only buy 360 exclusives games for 360.

The 32 best Xbox 360 games:
That header makes me wince.

Diablo III Havok physics details:
I guess you learn something every day, I didn't know this.

Activision does something right: Guitar Hero guitars as preorder bonus:
'Much as I hate to admit it, this is a really good preorder bonus, still, I'm not buying the game though. :P

SOCOM beta patch finally available:
I'm guessing if you are playing the beta, this seemed like forever.

The impact of White Knight Story: Well, it will be one of the first JRPGs on PS3, so it's bound to to pretty well.

Rockstar: "We haven't announced a date for GTA IV expansion": Was Microsoft talking out of their *** then?

Peter Moore: "My words were twisted to sound like I didn't care about the RRoD": Everyone's words are twisted by the press, though, in this instance, Microsoft didn't seem to want to do anything about it for a while.

IGN: "What we want in God Of War III": *Yawn*

Pete Moore: "When Nintendo announced the Wii-Mote, I said 'What they hell is that'.": I STILL say what the hell is that. It's ugly as hell.

20,000 Invites to LittleBigPlanet beta going out in US: Oh, pretty please, can I get in this beta?

Why Google should buy Valve: Number one reason, so they can get into the industry.

Is the Nintendo lawsuit over motion sensing technology real, or just patent trolling?:
I would say patent trolling, but you never know...

Myst creator warns against starting a MMO: Well, it seems not many companies can get it right, *coughBLIZZARDcough*

PS3 Firmware 2.43 does more then advertised: Well, it still doesn't effect me.

Sony: Two coming releases to break the sound barrier: Uh, okay?

Sony Shares take a hit: Wait till after the holidays.

iPhone a revolution for game design says Arkane Studios: Well, it seems more original then the DS's control scheme...

Why DRM is going nowhere: The number one reason in my opinion, is the fact that, it makes pirating look a lot better, when it cripples your options with the game.

Sony still has some secret projects: Well duh, what company doesn't?

Top Xbox 360 games for downloadable content: Beautiful Katamari better not be on there...

New Resistance 2 trailer: I dunno if I want to spoil anything...

Early What's Weekly Updates this week:
Contains no info on new DLC, I care not. (Removal of Big Team Battle = Fail)

And that's all folks!

This week's Yahtzee!

Spore is on the table, and he does the best review for it ever.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

One more day, and the same thing follows; I don't know if I will be able to post tomorrow, or whatnot, I may, I may not, we'll see.

Diablo 3 info:
No locked chests? hmm..

Guitar Hero World Tour to contain MIDI importer: Nice, still, I am not buying this.

EA is releasing Madden '09 in... Japan?:
Who's going to buy this?

Valve not being bought by Google: I must have missed the news that they might be...

EA addresses one Spore DRM concern, leaves the rest:
Eh, one down, many more to go...

Facebook style tagging system in LittleBigPlanet:
Uh, okay, I just want the game.

Sony/David Jaffe sued over God of War story: Probably coincidence, maybe not.

Sam and Max make their way to Wii October 7th: Woot, now, when will they find their way to PSN?

250,000+ People have bought Castle Crashers:
Good job indie devs!

id Software on... Storytelling: The creators of Quake and DOOM on story telling? Okay..

"Spending your energy on something you love is a great way to live":
Ah yes, I agree completely.

Gamespot's Rock Band 2 review:
Remember add 1.0 to their score to get the real score.

Home preview: *Cries* Why did I have to not make it into the beta..?

Gearbox: Reason for delay of Brothers in Arms was PS3 unfamiliarity: Makes sense, though, Sony should have helped them.

White Knight Story coming Christmas Day in Japan: Not the best business decision, but an interesting decision nonetheless.

WOOPS: Life with Playstation was downloadable... for a minute:
Darn, I wish I had downloaded it...

LittleBigPlanet beta happening after all: Why don't they just give it a demo, seriously, at this point, it seems like not much could be changed before it came out anyways.

RUMOR: Super Stardust Portable coming november: Awesome, though I am more looking forward to the PSP version of Everyday Shooter.

Why the 360 shipped without a Hard drive, while the PS3 did: Kinda funny, developers hate the architecture of the PS3, but love the space, and HDD... It's like Sony wanted to make up for the complex architecture. Microsoft made simpler architecture, but very little space, and no standard HDD.

First look at Uwe Bolls new.. Video game?!?!: UWE BOLL!!!!?!?!?!

Idiot teens that should be getting professional help charged with murder of Xbox: Fail, watch the press blame video games now...

Harmonix team appearing on Colbert report tonight: WOOT!!!

Timesplitters 4 might appear on Wii: More platforms = Less quality.

Guitar Praise unboxed: Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Home drops music and video sharing:
Is anyone surprised?

Activision might be interested in Rockstar's talent:
I don't really care, except that I want Activision to start doing badly.

Portal Prelude, why you love the modding community: This is pretty sweet. Too bad I don't own a PC.

Kotaku franken review: The Force Unleashed: 'Twas an interesting read.

Modern games reboxed for the '70s: This is awesome.

A mac game worthy of note?!: I'll have to download this later!

Peter Moore: Rare's skills "Not applicable today":
I kind of hanve to agree, they haven't made anything worthy of note these days...

Nintendo haven't decided what they are showing at their own conference yet: Whaat?

360 Beats out the Wii in Japan for a week: Crazy, I wonder why the sky isn't red yet.

DJ Hero actually coming out: Okay, for those that "3 times the Guitar Hero content" wasn't enough.... I wonder how many other "Hero" franchises they will make and milk?

News about paid advantage in Call of Duty isn't quite as bad, still bad however: Bad Activision. Stop it with all the money.

Another rumor of Beyond Good and Evil being rereleased for $9.99: Damn, they'd better...

Activision to introduce a subscription for downloadable content for hardcore players: Eh, As long as you get to keep the content if you cancel a subscription...

Sonic 2 HD tech demo released: Can you spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E?

Crysis Warhead has an install limit: More DRM BS...

The Force Unleashed PS3/360 comparison: Screw these comparisons, the differences are so small now, that it's just flamebait.

Five people who could replace the Master Chief: lawl.

LEAK: Crysis Warhead leaked: Just another day in the video game industry...

Not everyone is smart enough to play LittleBigPlanet (video): Not everyone could play the Incredible Machine either...

MotorStorm Pacific Rift vehicles revealed: I <3 href="http://n4g.com/industrynews/News-200700.aspx">Spore DRM trained legions of pirates: Not surprising, you can't piss people off, and expect nothing to happen.

Do Americans make better games?: My answer: No. I think it's pretty balanced around the world, different types of games are better made in different parts of the world.

Fable creator didn't like Too Human:
Not many people did...

Resistance 2 Splicer footage:
(Didn't watch) That's the gun that rips people apart, right?

Japan moves 86,708 copies of Infinite Undiscovery in one week:
Didn't that game suck? Should be worried about standards?

Bionic Commando: Rearmed developers called 'Arseholes' by competitors: If you're angry at someone else making a better game and charging less, you have insecurity issues. Seriously, if you think no one will buy your game because of that, then your game isn't as good, simple as that.

FACTS about Life with Playstation: I'd just like to take a look, how long will I have to wait?

Look back at the beginning of the Playstation era: I sadly didn't get a PS1 until like 2000, and Didn't get a PS2 until 2003.

RUMOR: Lots of Microsoft announcements next week:
I told you, it's always "next week".

Crysis coming to consoles? Crytech looking for PS3 talent: One would hope, I don't have a PC to try it.

Developer: "Color different between PS3-360 is like Good LCD-Plasma": Okay...

Why Sony decided against Microsoft's no Hard drive policy: Sounds like PR stuff anyways.

New Dissidia scans: Just give us a US release date...

Bionic Commando producer: "BioShock was easy as hell": I kind of agree that games these days have gotten far to easy.

Capcom developer: 'Kojima needs to put clams on himself': This is hard to think about, because if he cut down the length of the cutscenes, the story wouldn't feel anywhere near as intricate, but it would attract more gamers....

New version of FragFX appearing at TGS:
For those PS3 gamers who prefer the mouse.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe silent on White Knight Story release date: Let's just hope it's not too far off...

Mirror's Edge jumping to 2009?:
It looks like the Parkour themed game, Mirror's Edge may be getting delayed, if a few sites are telling the truth.

Wii hacked to run pirated games: Why? It's not like Wii games are that expensive or anything...

Dead Space achievements revealed: For those who care.

Yet another Resistance 2 vs Gears of War 2 article: As if we haven't been over this before...

Edge's How consoles die: Interesting read, RIP Dreamcast.

Burnout bikes only hours away:
Woot, I wish I owned the game.

PS3 Alone in the Dark hands on: Great news for potential buyers.

There, another day, another list of news. Who knows when the next news list will be, be it tomorrow, be it today, we'll see.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

Okay, well I'm back for today, I don't know about tomorrow.. We shall see, wont we?

Is Ryan Payton directing the Peter Jackson Halo project?: So they spend all this time and money to get Peter Jackson, a movie director to work on a Halo project, then get a Japanese translator to direct it? Whaaat?

Guitar Hero World Tour preview: I'm still not buying it.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway dated for September 23rd: Wasn't this announced before the PS3 came out? It's still not out?

Blizzard has spent $200 million in upkeep for WoW since 2004: Considering they make $135 million a month, I don't think they have to worry about upkeep.

Activision says that only a third of Guitar Hero products have come out until 2010: So, at least 9 Guitar Hero products from Activision by 2010... Come someone say milking a brand name?

Capcom 'Unless something big comes up, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will release in 2008: Finally. I have been waiting.

Second James Bond game added to Activision's line up: Isn't the first one still in production?

Summary of Activision news, with a great picture: So true... *laughs*

LittleBigPlanet pushed forward, no 21st in US, and 24 in UK: SACKBOY COMITH!

God of War III's script to be very long: That's a lot of dialog for a hack and slash game...

SEGA teases world with new RPG that will be announced next week: Why is it always next week?

Another Xbox Live Arcade gaming coming to PSN with upgrades: This is cool, though I'll probably not play it, I am hoping to someday see Rez HD, Prince of Perisa Classic, and Briad on PSN.

Activision CEO expects 8 years out of the PS3:
Now, that's why I spent so much money on it. Longevity.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows out October 21st: You know, for all those people have that extra money laying around in October...

LittleBigShop?: I don't know, but I want to go in one.

Resistance: Retribution developer interview and walkthrough: I need this game. End of story.

Incredible technical Making of, for Metal Gear Solid 4: That picture alone looks awesome.

Next on the list of today's "Milking a franchise". Microsoft 'at least four more Halo 'things' in the works': I thought we already FINISHED THIS FIGHT!?

For those who are into it, download the Castle Crashers soundtrack for free: I didn't really notice it, but some might love it.

Blue Dragon, DS follow up has most generic press release for American release date: Wow, they should have added "contains gameplay" as well.

iPhone gets first flight sim: This actually sounds like a really good idea.

Survey says 97% of US kids actively game: I am calling BS. This sounds waaaay off.

Proof: Guitar Hero World Tour looks fugly on Wii: Look at those screens. EW!!!

More proof that Gamestop are Xbox 360 fanboys: I wonder if this is a coincidence, or if there was some money under the table...

Neversoft talks Guitar Hero World Tour: I still am not buying their game.

Kotaku The Force Unleashed review: I will probably buy this in a few years, when it's like $20

Mega Man 9 would-be-box-art: I gotta hand it to Capcom, they know how treat their classics.

*Spoiler* Interview with "The apprentice" from The Force Unleashed: I will read it when I beat the game.

BioShock creator's role in the BioShock Movie: Okay, let's just hope things work out.

Each and every employee generates $1.6 million in profit:
Yes, I get it, they print money.

Anime vs 3D: Anime wins.

Steve Ballmer wanted to buy Nintendo: He didn't and look what happened...

Mario's voice thinks that there wont be a Mario movie, but would love one: Mario... That *did* have a movie, and if you don't remember it, there's a reason.

PS3 launch message was a if only, a bit 'Over zealous':
Good thing that we've moved from there.

Interview with The Force Unleashed frontman:
Yup, another interview.

New Home trailer shows Parlour games, and themed rooms: I just want to try it *cries*

Activision takes a lesson from EA... but the wrong way:
Remember how EA was to have special weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company, that could only be gotten by buying them? Then people complained, and they took them out. And now Activision is doing the same thing. Activision, you have now gone below EA on my list of Bad companies.

The Vehicles of LEGO Batman: Y SO SRS?

New Punisher video game teased: I hope it's as brutal as the first Punisher game, that was amazing.

Top ten all-time best Nintendo Levels: Didn't read, but it better contain some levels from Super Mario World, and Link to the Past.

DRM = The worst thing to happen to the digital era: No, pirating probably is.

Nintendo to announce DS2?: It should have 4 screens and a fold out bed.

11 Action heros that deserve their own game: *Sees Chuck Norris* *Posts without even reading*

Old Snake's new infiltration mission: Platystation Home: This should be official...

PS3 Firmware 2.43 out now adds nothing: Oh, well. I guess I don't need to plug all my Systems back in to download it.

How the PS3 can beat out the competition this christmas:
Reassurance Article #2123545543645645

Customer Service Sucks: This time it's Microsoft: Stupid customer service...

"Why I cannot admire Peter Moore" an article: I dunno, I sorta agree. Though, it also sounds a bit whiny.

Spore DRM put to the test: Rent, A, PC, Game?

Is Microsoft closing studios in favor of price cuts?: Wow, that actually makes sense, but it's seriously a flawed business plan.. good short term, but horrible long term.

SingStar's DRM is worse then Spore: This sounds... broken...

RUMOR: Microsoft unhappy with Price drop leak in UK:
It seems like in this industry almost everything gets leaked..

RUMOR: Nintendo to announce new products at fall conference: BETTER. BE. HARDCORE. GAMES.

Blend Games: The top 5 games that ned hype: Sounds about right.

How the PS3 can fight the cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii: Bundle #3 is bad, but the other two would be great.

Will there be an Xbox 720?: This is a really good article, not just for future Microsoft consoles, but consoles in general. In the end, I think there will be an New Xbox, but I hope it wont come so soon.

Why the PS4 wont have a Blu-Ray Drive: This article is a truckload of Fail. First, if it were to have any Backwards compatibility, it would need one. The article talks about how HD Downloads will overtake Blu-Ray, then talks about how how the mainstream user isn't very tech-savy wont but a Blu-Ray player. No, people will go with disks because they are less complex then digital downloads. They also mention how people will not want rebuy movies they have on DVD, which is what people said about VHS-DVD.

Killzone 2 Preview: I want this, and soon....er then February.

Burnout Paradise now a platinum title in Europe:
Awesome, more people will play this fun game. (I'm one to talk, I still don't own it)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed released for iPhone/iPod Touch: Looks good... for a cell phone game..

Far Cry 2 Achievements revealed: For those who care.

IGN UK WipEout HD review: Better then I thought.

Square DS games poor chart performance: HINT: Get those PSP games out, A.S.A.P.

Konami unveils fall 2008 Line-Up: Without MGS, they seem kind of meh....

Forecast for 2009 Microsoft: Not very compelling...

Next Diablo 3 class will make fans angry: That doesn't sound like the best business decision..?

Self-Taught person makes DS game... in five years.... solo:
Wow, skillz much?

Microsoft abandoning Vista?: I wouldn't be surprised, Vista was a failure.

BioShock on PS3 is BioShock: Sounds okay.

Max Payne at full graphics:
How pretty, I wish I could play the computer version of MP2... *fumes*

Microsoft confirms GTA IV downloadable content out by christmas: *crickets*

Peter Moore: Sony didn't deliver on Emotion Engine and Killone 2: Isn't Killzone 2 not out yet?

It is time to publish games as Steam exclusives: Yeah, I can't disagree.

Is the iPhone becoming a legitimate platform?:
Sounds like it.

Is backwards compatibility still a factor: YES. I bought a PS3 because of it, and I am appalled that recently Sony has decided to phase it out. Microsoft isn't without blame either, with their Xbox 360 not even playing all of my 12 xbox games. Nintendo only lets you natively play the previous generation games, making you have to buy the rest.

Need for Speed Undercover car list: Cars Smarshes. I want good gameplay.

Google phone coming?: Let's hope not, because I feel it is a waste. Google should go for a different market.

Why the Xbox 360 WON'T outsell the Wii: Reassurance Article #2123545543645646

Japan's Most wanted game: Final Fantasy XIII: Hopefully that will mean PS3 sales.

Analysts predict weather you will buy GTA IV Downloadable Content: Me, No. End of story.

The Article says the Force Unleashed demo isn't like the full game: It may not be, but the full game doesn't sound much better.

Developer: "Screw Graphics": He has a point, but he goes too dar, there is room for both kinds of games.

Life with Playstation video: When is this coming out again?

Life with Playstation available now... sorta:
Odd, I wonder if it has to do with 2.43....?

White Knight Story coming December 2008.. in Japan:
Well, the JRPGs are coming...

Well, that sucked, it gave an error, and half the news disapeared... I guess that's what I get for taking like 12 hours to finish the news....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday news opinions

This might be the last for a few days depending on what happens while the room in which my computer is in is being worked on, I guess we'll see.

Having a talk with Deckard Cain: It's good they are using the same voice actor, even if I always thought he kind of sucked, he's a staple of the Diablo series.

Peter Moore mourns that system called the Dreamcast: Well, I guess it was just SEGA's time. Let's just hope they decide to get back into the console business someday.

Wii update brings us, (as in 'not me') Strong Bad episode 2:
It's kind of funny, the game I want most for the Wii is a multiplatform game, which is also on PC, and I also don't have a PC.

How to unlock all the Rock Band 2 songs the easy way:
Hurray for cheats!

DC Writer, Geoff Johns to provide backstory for DC Universe Online: Well, as long as it turns out alright.

WipEout HD dated for September 25th: Sooner then I would have thought, good job Sony.

Eidos racks up huge losses: Well, when Tomb Raider is the only game you have to look forward to...

GTA creators could spark bidding war over their talents: Sad.... bleah at their "Talent"

Blizard date's Litch King: For all those that care. Read: Not me.

Hands-On Mirror's Edge: Sounds interesting, I would like to get my hands on it.

Burnout Paradise bikes in action: These guys are the king of downloadable content. Hurray for Criterion!

Home video walkthrough: A video that shows all the features of Home? I think I will just wait on it.

Sonic Unleashed trailer lacks very much 2D. Be worried: Ah, Ah, Ah, bad SEGA, I would have thought you realized that people are getting excited for Sonic Unleashed not because of the werehog segments, but due to the 2D segments.

Eye of Judgment set 3 coming soon: I still need to buy this game, it looks great.

PSN cards now available at blockbuster: Good one, now when will they be available at gamestop?

Metroid Prime developers eye PS3, 360 for future games: How come I haven't heard of this before?

How to make Sackboy costume: In other words, how to be pure awesome for halloween.

RUMOR: New Bungie and Rare games to be announced next week?: I dunno sounds fishy to me.

Saint's Row has zombie mini game: Sounds like the Zombie mode in the failed 'Gangs of London'

Would you buy an Apple gaming console?: Yes.

UK finds that knives are easily accessible for purchase by kids... and so are violent video games: I still don't understand why people make a big deal about kids getting violent video games, then don't care when the same kid goes and purchases Sin City, the Saw, or ay R rated movie, no one cares...

First Need for Speed Undercover gameplay: So, EA finally let the Need for Speed team do their things and take their time, let's hope they come up with a game more like the 90s games. (You know, everything pre-underground)

Why people didn't like The Clone Wars: I can agree with this, though I think it's also due to the fact that... it sucked.

The Getaway helps Taxi drivers find their way around: Uh, okay, the driving isn't very realistic though.

Epic hard boss in Final Fantasy XI slain in 1 minute:
Okay, right then.

Confirmed: Infinity Ward to make Call of Duty 6 in 2009: Eh, doesn't effect me.

EA and Microsoft treat their Gay employees well: It's good to see a little sense in the world sometimes.

Top 10 reasons why PSU is stoked for Resistance 2:
1. Everything. 2. Everything. 3. Everything. Should I keep going?

Playstation Home game launching videos: I just want it already...

Spore is being played for millions of minutes a day: Not surprising, so is Halo and many other games.

Sony unaware of slow download speeds: Well, I have a PS3 and 360 hooked up to the same network and the 360 downloads slower, so I dunno..

I thought we were over this: Muslim Massacre back online: Can this just be over with?

Seven new Resistance 2 screenshots: November can't come soon enough.

Better then Blu-Ray disk coming from Sim2: Good luck on getting all the studios on board after that long battle with HD-DVD.

Gamer forced to change "The Gooch" gamertag: I don't mind crude gamertags being forced to change, but something like this? Whaaat?

Blend games: Resistance 2 vs Gears of War 2: personally, I think Gears 2 will have more production values, but Resistance 2 will beat it in content.

Video gaming has been growing by 10% each year, this time is was %9, and people panic: Eh, whatever.

No Trophies = No buy: I dunno if that's quite the way to look at it... More, that people will see it has trophies, and they will want to buy it more, I wouldn't NOT buy Metal Gear Solid 4 because it doesn't have trophies.

LittleBigPlanet, what could go wrong?: A lot of things, but it doesn't mean they WILL.

Killzone 2 Producer: The PS3 is a lot more future proof then you think: Should I be excited for Killzone 3? :)

Eurogamer WipEout HD review: Sounds good, now about a demo?

10 Things you didn't know about LittleBigPlanet: I prefer to be surprised.

Really interesting results on Piracy survey, go take a look: Completely worth looking at, go do it now.

More info on NEXT generation consoles: I dunno, at this point it's all rumors anyways.

LEAK: Halo Wars campaign character images: *Shrugs* I just want to try the game.

Crash of the gaming industry, will it happen again?: Maybe on the PC, but I don't think it will happen in the same way it did before on the consoles.

Blu-Ray for Xbox 360, Fact or Fiction: I think, even if it comes to 360, it will only be for movies, and will not benefit the games.

Microsoft want things their way, and not anyone else's, even if anyone else are the developers: Aren't the developers suppose to stay happy? That's what makes the wheels continue to turn...

Fallout 3, prepared to be blown away: I'm already prepared.

Attention Gamestop, those fanboys you hired are costing you:
Take notice.

EA responds to Spore DRM criticism: No apology? Fail.

LEAK: Halo Wars brute chieftain image: Fail, why are the flood, Brutes, and tons of Spartans in a prequel to Halo? That completely screws up the timeline...

And now, the Force Unleashed reviews:

Gamespot's PS3 The Force Unleashed review

Wired's PS3/360 The Force Unleashed review
Gamespots's Wii The Force Unleashed review
IGN's PS2 The Force Unleashed review
Pocket Gamer's DS The Force Unleashed review
IGN's PSP The Force Unleashed review
Eurogamer's PS3/360 The Force Unleashed review
Gametrailer's PS3/360 The Force Unleashed review
Gamertell's DS The Force Unleashed review
1up's PS3/360 The Force Unleashed review
IGN's PS3/360 The Force Unleashed review

That ended up about what I thought after playing the demo.

So, I dunno when you'll next hear from me, could be tomorrow, could be a few days from now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday news opinions

The sunday evening news...

Spore's piracy numbers soar, (Hurray for DRM): Okay EA, you better be listening, no more consumer screwing DRM....

Duke Nukem 3D to release on Xbox Live Arcade September 24th: Wow, a Duke gaming actually COMING OUT! You know, I've never played any of those...

More remakes coming from Pac Man C.E. team:

Ted Nugent featured in Guitar Hero World Tour:
Someone else I don't care about.

EA stops trying for Take 2: Now watch Take 2 start to sell off rights to series after they run low on money.

Ferrari Challenge gets trophies:
This means they will sell a bunch more copies, I wonder how many developers realize this?

Guitar Hero World Tour hands-on:
Rock Band 2 sounds a lot better.

Mushroom Men: Spore Wars, trying to be a hardcore Wii game: With a name like that, it never will be.

Wii first person shooter, Conduit uses friend codes:
The screenshot makes the game look good until you hear the words "Friend Codes"

The Dark Knight as told be Team Fortress 2 kill alerts: I laughed.

An article on game banning: It's a really interesting, great read.

RUMOR: Diablo III's release to proceed StarCraft II:
Well, this is a surprise...

Are Rock Band 2 instruments really quieter?: Not for the crack-heads it seems.

Why the Xbox 360 will outsell the Nintendo Wii: I could make a report on why the sun will turn out to be made of poodles, but it doesn't make it true.

1up Rock Band 2 review: That's better.

More Wii shortage, should you buy a Xbox 360, or PS3?: Personal opinion: Buy a PS3.

Can the Xbox 360 beat the PS3 and Wii in the console world: Who knows, we wont know for a while.

PC Piracy Survey being undertaken: We know, PC users Pirate a lot.

Capcom: Don't worry about our "No exclusives" comment: I'm not, I just hope it's true.

Nope, Diablo III comes out after StarCraft II: Oh, well. It was a fun thought.

10+ Tips to get the most out of the PS3: *Over* Ten for once?

Will the Wii have games this year?: Eh, looking at that list, not really...

Next few months: Possibly the best months for gaming ever?:
Perhaps so...

BioShock and Eternal Sonata worth getting on the PS3?: In my opinion, yes.

Game Informer takes about PS3 Alone in the Dark's makeover: It's funny on reflection, all the 360 fanboys talking about PS3 sucks because the Xbox 360 got it first.

10 Things Parents(?) need to know about The Force Unleashed: Parents? What? Only like half have anything to do with parents.

LEAKED: The Force Unleashed has been leaked: Not surprising. Like 80%+ of games get leaked these days.

What EA should have learned for the Spore launch: I agree with the summary.

Achieve Crysis graphics beyond highest settings: You know, if you need it better.

Top 10 most painful weapons in games: This is a terrible list. Bleah.

Blu-Ray will be dead by 2012, this article is arrogant: Sure, and VHS will never die, either.

MotorStorm vs MotorStorm Pacific Rift: 4 Player Split Screen. That's all, thank you.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo from a very old build:
Then why show it? What's the point?

Is "Spore" the mother of all games?: Wut? I don't understand.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday news opinions

The news, ladies and gentlemen,

IGN: Rock Band 2 review: Score-wise, it's a little less then I thought it would be, content-wise, it sounds exactly how I thought it would.

Megadeath album coming to Rock Band: No Hanger 18? No buy.

EA pisses off fans with overkill DRM: This shows how much DRM helps... *cough*

IGN: Jeopardy review: I knew it was going to be bad, but this sounds pretty bad.

Sony CEO interested in getting Wii owners to buy a PS3:
Isn't this sorta like what Sony said about handhelds being a gateway drug to consoles?

Eternal Sonata hits US October 21st:
This was one of the 360 games that I always really wanted.

Eidos releases Batman: Arkham Asylum screens: It's official, this game will look awesome.

Fallout 3 Survival edition = Sold out: Does that mean there will be no survivors?

PS3 'Boomerang' controller mod: A different modding world to thank, but a modding world nonetheless.

Spore downloaded 35,000 times in 2 days. Yay DRM:
So, harsh DRM that sorely punishes the buyers, but doesn't stop pirates... what's wrong with this picture?

According to this person, the reason we continue to play games: 'Loot': Uh, right, I'll go and play some game I've 100%'d over again now.

Resident Evil activity book for kids!:
I Laughed.

iPhone games get pricecut: Wow, I may not agree with the iPhone being the best portable gaming platoform, I can't argue with those prices. $2? wow.

Casual gaming vs Hardcore gaming: What games though? Tetris vs Metal Gear Solid?

New Sonic unleashed trailer:
I dunno, I still haven't made up my mind on this game, it looks like it could be okay, or crap.

Crysis, and Crysis Warhead available on Steam this weekend:
Damn, Steam is really kicking ass in terms of selection, and when they come out.

Man steals money, kills parents then buys an Xbox. An Original Xbox: Fail, people like this need professional help.

GTAIV not meeting sales expectations?: 8.5 Million isn't meeting sales expectations? Whaat? ****ing GTA doesn't deserve sales like that.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demos invites also going out by way of E-Mail: First the home beta, now this... *Cries*

Muslim Massacre creator apologizes and pulls game: This is sad, I think he should be able to keep what he made up, even if I completely despise the game.

Exclusives are a dying breed:
First problem: Street Fighter IV was never going to be exclusive. Second, sure normal exclusives might be dead, but if there's money, influence, and companies being owned, there's going to be exclusives.

After all that, the 360 only barely outsold the PS3 in August:
Sure, 10,000 is a lot of units, but not next to nearly 200,000.

EA's going to have to work hard to clean up from Spore's DRM: Yeah, no ****.

Should the internet game, 'Muslim Massacre' be banned?: I would say no, because of freedom of speech. However I despise the game.

Crysis mod gives you the Portal gun: Schweet! I want to try that.

RACE Pro, the most realistic racing game ever?: That's not really a compliment, seriously, driving is pretty boring if you're not doing interesting things. That's why Burnout, Need for Speed and Twisted Metal are fun.

Will Insomniac have the Resistance 2 beta work out: Having played Resistance 2.... Probably.

Playstation Home Japan leak means videos: Yup, go take a look.

MotorStrom Pacific Rift preview: I want the demo... *cries*

X-Play is brining you the Tokyo Gaming Show: So, they will be bringing you TGS along with ths sewage they normally show?

New Playstation Home Screens and video: Alas Home, when will I get to play you?

Sony, and only Sony decides when the Next Generation starts: Blind-Fanboy-Bias.

New Animal Crossing game gets a horrible subtitle: Ew. Not the worst, but bad.

Is Pirating Spore the right thing to do?: I don't know. It's illegal, and as soon as you make an excuse for one thing, you can for another, and not every company deserves it. Though, EA should be slapped for the DRM.

Uwe Boll speaks on LittleBigPlanet movie: *$#*ing Uwe Boll....


Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday news opinions

Sorry yesterday's news took so long for me to get out, this one will hopefully be better.

Dragon Quest IV DS review:
Dragon Quest... Dragon Quest... Isn't that another game I don't give a crap about?

Metal Gear Solid 4 afterthoughts from Ryan Payton: Nice read overall, spoilerific for those who haven't played the game though.

WipEout HD to cost $20 in the US: Well played, Sony. This is what I like to see.

Guitar Hero: World Tour setlist revealed: 23 Songs I'd like to even try, and only like 5 I see that I can see myself playing more then once. HINT: MORE VARIETY!

Burnout Paradise gets bikes next week: Burnout Paradise has probably the best downloadable content thusfar this console generation.

Ryan Payton hates that he is not involved with future Metal Gear titles: Uh, well, that's what happens when you QUIT. Sorry to be so harsh.

IGN: Crysis Warhead review: this turned out a lot better then I thought it would, I would have sworn it would get a 8.0.

August: PS3 sells 185,000: Not bad Sony, but you can do better!

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO 'Really really disappointed bt lack of third party support':
Not surprising, I can't wait to see what he does to fix it.

MotorStorm PSP is listing error: That's too bad, though I would still buy it if they made one.

Activision Blizzard buys 'FreeStyleGames': Okay...?

Amazon deletes all Negative Spore reviews, blames glitch: That's low Amazon, my respect for you went down quite a bit.

DJ Hero finally nearing release: Since when has DJ hero been being made? Vas?

Xbox 360 avatars are fugly: I don't know wether they look better or worse then the Guitar Hero 3 models, and that's NOT a compliment.

Mad Catz, not complete crap anymore: Well, they have a chance to prove themselves, though I still trust Logitec more.

Eternal Sonata coming to PS3 in October:
Yet another game coming out in October, is that a good idea?

Kotaku Review of Spore: I actually kinda want to try it after that review.

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV arcade sicks:
Not bad, Not cheep.

If it aint broke, don't fix it, if it's broke, fix the **** out of it: I wish more companies would do this.

Quantum of Solace developers: We love the Call of Duty 4 engine!: Well, what are they gonna say, it sucks?

Siren creator doesn't like to be scared: Clearly something is strange here.

Canada to get gaming expo?: Sounds good, More Gaming expos = More gaming news.

Mega Man 9 gets release date: They are going quite retro with this... Which is pretty cool.

Combine costume is awesomeness:
Someone is truly skilled.

Capcom wants to global developer, not Japanese developer: I dunno, I think they should stick to what they do best, Japanese games.

Blizzard wanted to be called "Blizzard Activision": Does anyone else agree that "Activision Blizzard is a terrible name?

Is Shadow of the Colossus had been done 25 years ago:
It would have been a different game.

Who sells the most games in Japan and Europe: Sony and their first part made their way onto the top ten in both.

Either the 360 has sold out in Japan, or everyone realized how unreliable it is: The Xbox 360 only sold 1,044 this week in Japan. Yeah...

PS3 Alone in the Dark fixes may not come to Xbox 360: I guess the PS3 version is the one to have..

PIRACY: Spore has been downloaded a lot. (Good job DRM...): I guess the DRM really did work... Not..

Eurogamer's Crysis Warhead review: Once again, better then I thought it would be.

Force Unleashed developers respond to PC fan outcry: Isn't this game coming out on PS2/PSP?

Have Xbox 360 pricecuts undermined the Elite?: Wait, it costs $150 for a 120GB HDD? Whaaat!?

Top 10 PC exclusive games: I dunno, this seems to be missing major PC games....

Will the 360 have enough games this fall?: Looks like it, most are not for me though.

Plasyation 4, all you need to know: No mention of backwards compatibility? Fail.

Top 10 shotguns in games: No mention of Metal Gear Solid 3, Killzone, or Max Payne? Fail.

Heavy Rain target is 8-12 hours: Sounds good, lets hope it hits the higher end of that spectrum.

StarCraft still patched after 10 years: Why can't we have more dedicated companies like this?

Windows 7 beta to begin THIS year?: I guess they realized Vista was crap, and decided to move on.

SOCOM beta patch coming soon: What? It's not out yet? Oh, well....

Microsoft fires person who tells world that Microsoft knew about the RRoD prior to launch: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft.... You don't kill the messenger, you make sure that there's no news that would make you WANT to kill the messenger.

There, that didn't take as long.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Man, my house is being worked on, and it's annoying to have to move lots of stuff around, oh, well. It's for the best. The news? Here.

Sony teams up with New York school of design for a LittleBigEvent in NYC: Interesting, but I wish it were closer to me.

Steven Colbert makes his way into Rock Band: This is just so f***ing awesome.

Interview with Game Republic founder: A nice interesting read.

LittleBigPlanet developer: LittleBigPlanet would be a "Different game" on 360:
A great read for insight on why I prefer exclusive games.

Play dress up at Game Crazy's Force Unleashed launch event:
Uh, no thanks.

Game Republic's canceled 360 game: Microsoft doesn't heart Japan anymore.

Uwe Boll: "There is no money in movies": *YOUR* movies perhaps.

Jeopardy hits PSN: Uh, yay?

More Gamestop Execs talk about Digital Distribution: They seem to be justifying their business, not actually saying what they think.

David Perry talks about Digital Distribution: Uh, who is David Perry?

Devil Kings set for PSP: Uh, okay... Should I care?

MotorStorm Pacific Rift races to release October 28th:
Now, about that demo....

Microsoft: Age of Empires has 'Future Potential': Not when you get rid of the company that made it... Sure, someone else can make more, but it's not the same.

Will Apple succeed in mobile gaming?:
Perhaps, it's too early to tell, their computer side of gaming has failed.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1 Reviewed: Now, where's my PS3 version?

Diablo III details: I can't wait to start hacking and slashing again.

Playstation Store© Update: Too bad I don't have a guitar, I'd love to try the Areosmith demo.

10 More songs confirmed for Guitar Hero World Tour:
The only one there that I care about, is "Hey Man Nice Shot"

The Agency team still considering cross platform play (PS3-PC): DO IT! We need more cross platform games!

PAIN patch adds a lot of stuff to buy, a little free:
Take a hint from Warhawk, release stuff for free more.

WipEout HD is cheeper then expected: I expected this to be $30-$40, the current price translates to around $21. Still, I will wait for a demo, as I've never gotten into those games.

Quest for Booty not getting Blu-Ray release in UK after all. However, the rest of Europe gets it: What's the logic here?

PS3 Guitar Compatibility patch finally released: No one thought this would see the light of day, but here it is, you can now use the Guitar Hero 3 guitar as a bass in Rock Band, and vice versa. Also, PS3 owners can now convert all(almost) of the Rock Band 1 songs to Rock Band 2.

Field Commander now a digital Download: Same price as the UMD, I'll take the UMD thanks, still good choice.

Capcom no longer making exclusives: What about Dead Rising 1? When are we going to see it on PS3?

Madden '09 sold 2.3 Million...: *Cries*

Portal Ported to Atari 2600: Wow, what other platoforms will it hit?

Not A Surprise: Online people are racist: Play Halo online once, and you will notice this.

Blue Dragon DS comes out in Japan, Japan doesn't care:
Wasn't the original a crappy game anyways?

Anti-Spore website turns out to be huge Rickroll:
*Gasps* I fell for it.

Rare: Avatar idea predates Miis: I'm sure... Though it was probably along the lines of "The 360 needs avatar people" And then when the Miis came out, they just took that idea, and tweaked it a bit.

Video of Dragon Force world record holder (Guitar Hero 3): I feel so inept compared him.

Halo Studio working on next generation console Halo game: Sad, but no surprise....

George Lucas involved with The Force Unleashed story: Not something to brag about, that's for sure...

Why Tales of Vesperia is on 360:
Okay, so where's the PS3 version?

A lot of people downloaded the Force Unleashed demo: Shows there's interest, I wish they had done better though.

Miyamoto's speach for programming award: I find this a pretty generic speach...

More Guitar Hero action figures you didn't ask for: I wonder how many people saw Guitar Hero action figures and thought "That's a great idea!" Single digits, maybe?

Harmonix to release Rock Band: AC/DC: Nonononononononono, If you're going to do anything, make it a downloadable content pack, seriously, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was a bad idea, and so is this.

Star Ocean 4, and The Last Remnant are playable at TGS:
*Sigh* Enough with the RPGs 360, Almost all of the ones that have come out for consoles recently have sucked, and like 90% of them have come out on 360. Let some come out on PS3, and people will shut up about how 360 only gets bad RPGs, because soon the PS3 will have bad RPGs also. However, when FFXIII/FFvsXIII come out, it will be a different story.

MadWorld at home on Wii: Yup, and birds are at home on mars...

Xbox division "has seen consumer slow down": Translation: I can't truthfully talk about it.

Ensemble studios, following in Bungie's footsteps?: Microsoft must treat their first party really bad, because studios keep leaving them...

No More Heros, thought up on the john: This proves that we shine our best under pressure.

Kane and Lynch development team was hit really hard be Gamespot review:
Well, the thing here: Make the game better, and don't run into such reviews.

Red Faction: Guerilla gets most generic special edition ever: Woot, I care not.

Gizmondo 2 announced, no one gives a S***:
Seriously, didn't they learn their lesson the first time?

LittleBigPlanet Beta will possibly be announced on the official site: Forget a beta, give us a demo.

Sony's response to August sales: It's not like they are just going to say "Yeah the 360 beat us this week"

Resistance 2 is almost done NOW: Can you say polish?

Yakuza 2 review: I know very little of the game other then it originally came out 2 years ago in Japan, and they *just* decided to bring it stateside.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 port confirmed for US: Sweet! It only took a year or two... They should port it to PSP.

SCEA CEO: "We're looking forward to this holiday": Well what company isn't?

IGN: The way Halo 4 SHOULD be: (It shouldn't)

Alan Wake is still being worked on:
Uh, Yeah, I'd hope so...

Could Activision enter the console war?: Could ≠ Should.

Full list of MGS4 Downloadable Content: Sweet! I'll keep an eye on this.

Way of the Samurai Portable video: I never played this series, but I heard it was really good.

What does the PS3 have for winter?: Ahh yes, that is a nice line up, Also there are a ton of multiplatform games that are good.

More then 400 people are working Resident Evil 5: That's more people then it would take to start your own country...

Why the Xbox 360 should win the console war: Wow, failmuch? This screams fanboy and bias.

Is Halo Wars going to suck now?: Probably not.

Free MMO coming to PS3 in September: Free MMO? Isn't that like.. an oxymoron?

Call of Duty 4: Double EXP, half priced maps for the weekend: Good for all those people that play it.

Gears of War 2 breaks fourth wall: Well, it's another one of those games where the people wear armor that could fit an elephant.

How come the games are getting shorter, but prices are going up?: Are we getting ripped off? Sorta.

Has Microsoft killed the PR of Halo Wars: Pretty much.

Microsoft Admits there was problems with Vista, check. They fixed it, Not so check: Vista is still a piece of crap, sure they could pick the dirt out, but it's still crap.

Home closed beta videos: Yay Home, let me play you.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo out to Qore subscribers, public cries: The demo has split screen! Woot!

Diablo 3 fan color vs actual color: I still like what Diablo 1/2 looks like.


New MK vs DC characters revealed through achievements: I don't care, but to some this is probably pretty cool.

PS3 RPGs to look out for before 2009: Just give me Valkira Chronicles and Eternal Sonata.

Turnaround: Quest for Booty to be released on Blu-Ray after all?: Make up your mind!

10 Tricks about the 360 Microsoft didn't tell you: I like that there are a ton of secrets you can find with each console these days.

Sony WipEout HD - Late September:
Again, just give me a demo.

RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts Coded also coming to PSP: Yes Square-Enix, show the PSP more love! :)

Console exclusivity sometimes cheeper, easier: Not surprising, but you don't make as much.

Halo 4 and Gearbox, isn't it obvious?: No... I thought Gearbox was working on something multiplatform.

Another Killzone 2 preview: Yay KZ2, I want to play ye.

RIP Spore: Lies here, after DRM killed it: I dunno I think it's a bit overboard, but the DRM didn't help, that's for sure.

Developer: Stop making old game ports on the Wii that don't work: I've been saying this for a while.

Microsoft: We still own Age of Empires: *pfft* Like that's suppose to make things all better?

Rare fans should worry, or not?: It seems like they have made nothing but crap under Microsoft, so I wouldn't worry even if they did leave MS.

Urban Crysis modded map: Ah yes, the modding community.

The Real reason for the Xbox 360 price drop, according to some person: Uh, yeah okay.

Kotaku misses the point with 'Muslim Massacre' game: I kind of have to agree with him on this.

Third Parties take notice, Core Wii games wanted: Perhaps the Wii will actually get good games.. maybe...

Shane Kim: "We still believe in PC gaming": Yeah, okay...

Games need to work on how they represent gender: I gotta agree.

That took what, all day to finish? :P