Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

Okay, well I'm back for today, I don't know about tomorrow.. We shall see, wont we?

Is Ryan Payton directing the Peter Jackson Halo project?: So they spend all this time and money to get Peter Jackson, a movie director to work on a Halo project, then get a Japanese translator to direct it? Whaaat?

Guitar Hero World Tour preview: I'm still not buying it.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway dated for September 23rd: Wasn't this announced before the PS3 came out? It's still not out?

Blizzard has spent $200 million in upkeep for WoW since 2004: Considering they make $135 million a month, I don't think they have to worry about upkeep.

Activision says that only a third of Guitar Hero products have come out until 2010: So, at least 9 Guitar Hero products from Activision by 2010... Come someone say milking a brand name?

Capcom 'Unless something big comes up, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will release in 2008: Finally. I have been waiting.

Second James Bond game added to Activision's line up: Isn't the first one still in production?

Summary of Activision news, with a great picture: So true... *laughs*

LittleBigPlanet pushed forward, no 21st in US, and 24 in UK: SACKBOY COMITH!

God of War III's script to be very long: That's a lot of dialog for a hack and slash game...

SEGA teases world with new RPG that will be announced next week: Why is it always next week?

Another Xbox Live Arcade gaming coming to PSN with upgrades: This is cool, though I'll probably not play it, I am hoping to someday see Rez HD, Prince of Perisa Classic, and Briad on PSN.

Activision CEO expects 8 years out of the PS3:
Now, that's why I spent so much money on it. Longevity.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows out October 21st: You know, for all those people have that extra money laying around in October...

LittleBigShop?: I don't know, but I want to go in one.

Resistance: Retribution developer interview and walkthrough: I need this game. End of story.

Incredible technical Making of, for Metal Gear Solid 4: That picture alone looks awesome.

Next on the list of today's "Milking a franchise". Microsoft 'at least four more Halo 'things' in the works': I thought we already FINISHED THIS FIGHT!?

For those who are into it, download the Castle Crashers soundtrack for free: I didn't really notice it, but some might love it.

Blue Dragon, DS follow up has most generic press release for American release date: Wow, they should have added "contains gameplay" as well.

iPhone gets first flight sim: This actually sounds like a really good idea.

Survey says 97% of US kids actively game: I am calling BS. This sounds waaaay off.

Proof: Guitar Hero World Tour looks fugly on Wii: Look at those screens. EW!!!

More proof that Gamestop are Xbox 360 fanboys: I wonder if this is a coincidence, or if there was some money under the table...

Neversoft talks Guitar Hero World Tour: I still am not buying their game.

Kotaku The Force Unleashed review: I will probably buy this in a few years, when it's like $20

Mega Man 9 would-be-box-art: I gotta hand it to Capcom, they know how treat their classics.

*Spoiler* Interview with "The apprentice" from The Force Unleashed: I will read it when I beat the game.

BioShock creator's role in the BioShock Movie: Okay, let's just hope things work out.

Each and every employee generates $1.6 million in profit:
Yes, I get it, they print money.

Anime vs 3D: Anime wins.

Steve Ballmer wanted to buy Nintendo: He didn't and look what happened...

Mario's voice thinks that there wont be a Mario movie, but would love one: Mario... That *did* have a movie, and if you don't remember it, there's a reason.

PS3 launch message was a if only, a bit 'Over zealous':
Good thing that we've moved from there.

Interview with The Force Unleashed frontman:
Yup, another interview.

New Home trailer shows Parlour games, and themed rooms: I just want to try it *cries*

Activision takes a lesson from EA... but the wrong way:
Remember how EA was to have special weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company, that could only be gotten by buying them? Then people complained, and they took them out. And now Activision is doing the same thing. Activision, you have now gone below EA on my list of Bad companies.

The Vehicles of LEGO Batman: Y SO SRS?

New Punisher video game teased: I hope it's as brutal as the first Punisher game, that was amazing.

Top ten all-time best Nintendo Levels: Didn't read, but it better contain some levels from Super Mario World, and Link to the Past.

DRM = The worst thing to happen to the digital era: No, pirating probably is.

Nintendo to announce DS2?: It should have 4 screens and a fold out bed.

11 Action heros that deserve their own game: *Sees Chuck Norris* *Posts without even reading*

Old Snake's new infiltration mission: Platystation Home: This should be official...

PS3 Firmware 2.43 out now adds nothing: Oh, well. I guess I don't need to plug all my Systems back in to download it.

How the PS3 can beat out the competition this christmas:
Reassurance Article #2123545543645645

Customer Service Sucks: This time it's Microsoft: Stupid customer service...

"Why I cannot admire Peter Moore" an article: I dunno, I sorta agree. Though, it also sounds a bit whiny.

Spore DRM put to the test: Rent, A, PC, Game?

Is Microsoft closing studios in favor of price cuts?: Wow, that actually makes sense, but it's seriously a flawed business plan.. good short term, but horrible long term.

SingStar's DRM is worse then Spore: This sounds... broken...

RUMOR: Microsoft unhappy with Price drop leak in UK:
It seems like in this industry almost everything gets leaked..

RUMOR: Nintendo to announce new products at fall conference: BETTER. BE. HARDCORE. GAMES.

Blend Games: The top 5 games that ned hype: Sounds about right.

How the PS3 can fight the cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii: Bundle #3 is bad, but the other two would be great.

Will there be an Xbox 720?: This is a really good article, not just for future Microsoft consoles, but consoles in general. In the end, I think there will be an New Xbox, but I hope it wont come so soon.

Why the PS4 wont have a Blu-Ray Drive: This article is a truckload of Fail. First, if it were to have any Backwards compatibility, it would need one. The article talks about how HD Downloads will overtake Blu-Ray, then talks about how how the mainstream user isn't very tech-savy wont but a Blu-Ray player. No, people will go with disks because they are less complex then digital downloads. They also mention how people will not want rebuy movies they have on DVD, which is what people said about VHS-DVD.

Killzone 2 Preview: I want this, and soon....er then February.

Burnout Paradise now a platinum title in Europe:
Awesome, more people will play this fun game. (I'm one to talk, I still don't own it)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed released for iPhone/iPod Touch: Looks good... for a cell phone game..

Far Cry 2 Achievements revealed: For those who care.

IGN UK WipEout HD review: Better then I thought.

Square DS games poor chart performance: HINT: Get those PSP games out, A.S.A.P.

Konami unveils fall 2008 Line-Up: Without MGS, they seem kind of meh....

Forecast for 2009 Microsoft: Not very compelling...

Next Diablo 3 class will make fans angry: That doesn't sound like the best business decision..?

Self-Taught person makes DS game... in five years.... solo:
Wow, skillz much?

Microsoft abandoning Vista?: I wouldn't be surprised, Vista was a failure.

BioShock on PS3 is BioShock: Sounds okay.

Max Payne at full graphics:
How pretty, I wish I could play the computer version of MP2... *fumes*

Microsoft confirms GTA IV downloadable content out by christmas: *crickets*

Peter Moore: Sony didn't deliver on Emotion Engine and Killone 2: Isn't Killzone 2 not out yet?

It is time to publish games as Steam exclusives: Yeah, I can't disagree.

Is the iPhone becoming a legitimate platform?:
Sounds like it.

Is backwards compatibility still a factor: YES. I bought a PS3 because of it, and I am appalled that recently Sony has decided to phase it out. Microsoft isn't without blame either, with their Xbox 360 not even playing all of my 12 xbox games. Nintendo only lets you natively play the previous generation games, making you have to buy the rest.

Need for Speed Undercover car list: Cars Smarshes. I want good gameplay.

Google phone coming?: Let's hope not, because I feel it is a waste. Google should go for a different market.

Why the Xbox 360 WON'T outsell the Wii: Reassurance Article #2123545543645646

Japan's Most wanted game: Final Fantasy XIII: Hopefully that will mean PS3 sales.

Analysts predict weather you will buy GTA IV Downloadable Content: Me, No. End of story.

The Article says the Force Unleashed demo isn't like the full game: It may not be, but the full game doesn't sound much better.

Developer: "Screw Graphics": He has a point, but he goes too dar, there is room for both kinds of games.

Life with Playstation video: When is this coming out again?

Life with Playstation available now... sorta:
Odd, I wonder if it has to do with 2.43....?

White Knight Story coming December 2008.. in Japan:
Well, the JRPGs are coming...

Well, that sucked, it gave an error, and half the news disapeared... I guess that's what I get for taking like 12 hours to finish the news....

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