Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday News opinions

Did I miss last night? Shoot, I was busy reading, the news? Here you go.

Gamespot's Facebreaker review: This game *could* have been something, alas....

BioShock PS3 videos: Looks Bio-Shocky.

Spore: Origins (iPhone) review: Sounds like the moble version didn't get shafted, surprisingly.

Google could be publishing your games sometime:
Sounds good to me, I think they'd make a great publisher.

BioShock on PS3 to have a mandatory HD Install: Ah, Ah, Ah, I thought this was going to stop, bad 2K, bad!

EA's delay of Harry Potter probably has no large effect on the company: I didn't think as much, the games are not *super* popular.

Due to idiots complaining, Fallout 3 has been undrugged:

Great RUMORS pop up from gamespot Expo: PS2 Bound Final Mix+ disk 2? PSP 3000 to come with 4GB stick, coming October 14th, Indiana Jones game to debut using Force Unleashed engine.

iPod, the best device to play portable games on: I wouldn't say so, but this is a step in the right direction Apple. :)

1up's The Last Guy review: It's better then the score it was given.

Crysis Warhead preview:
Yay for lower requirements!

LEGO Batman impressions:
It would be funny if they made a non lego game that played in the same way, but was more serious, just.... like, imagine it.... Okay, fine, it was funnier in my head.

Microsoft to close Halo Wars studio: Back up for a second, what?!? Microsoft already is low on first party studios, and this is just them losing another, plus, it's not like they've been churning out bad games...

New LittleBigTrailer: Yay, the Sackboy in the wild!

Game company I've never heard of developing for PS3/PSP: Woot, I guess..

New BioShock trailer, 'Cool S***': It's pretty cool, but I don't see much S***.

UK gets Kratos Sackboy via OPM UK:
A good a way as any I suppose.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO says Hardware, cost, and pricing coming together:
That's good, now focus on having the price come together with the other consoles.

Spore developers: "We are really interested in LittleBigPlanet": That's the spirit! Why can't the other game companies just get along?

Battlefield Bad Company to get trophies!: I'm glad to see so many games getting this feature. :)

SOCOM public beta to be patched: Goodie, hurry up.

KOEI to unveil new PSP games:
*Gitaroo-Man 2, Gitaroo-Man 2, Gitaroo-Man 2*

8GB Memory Stick for $46: It's good and all, but seriously, I wish we could have like 80GB sticks...

First LittleBigPlanet billboard on Ebay: It's happening, just as the gods predicted. :P

Mark Hamill to play the Joker in Batman game: That actually sounds like a really good fit.

STUPID: Site says that Spore is an attack on Christianity:
Haw Haw, how sad.

SingStar Country coming to PS2: Oh boy. I could not be less excited.

More LittleBigBillboards: Yay more Sackboy!

Rock Band developers are awesome, congratulate you for getting the game early: Once again, Harmonix shows that is a saint among video game developers.

British chain-music store CEO says Games are going to be bigger then music: Completely not surprising.

Microsoft allows gamers to register to vote from home on their Xbox 360, and encourages them to vote:
This is a great idea, good one Microsoft!

Banjo Kazooie is trying to be creative with vehicle focus: Not to be mean, or to downtrodden the fact they they chose to try and be creative, but they did it in a terrible way.

Tecmo answers Square-Enix's merger questions: Sounds reasonable, though I still think merging with KOEI is stupid.

PC Zone to debut Dues Ex 3?:
Cool, I wish I had played the originals...

Metal Gear Online patch 1.12 released: Time to pull out MGO again. :)

360 games copied to your HDD wont really load faster: What's the point then?

Midway concerned about 360 lagging behind other consoles: Not surprising, though I don't think they have anything to worry about.

Customer service sucks, this time it's Microsoft: I think we've now heard how much everyone's customer service sucks.

5 Reasons you should own a PS3:
MGS4, MGS4, MGS4, MGS4, and MGS4.

Killzone 2 leaked beta, was not obtained early: Pfft, dumb peoplez.

Does Sqaure-Enix like the Wii?:
Well, it started out no....

Former Spore dev: 'Spore DRM is a screw up': No joke, but it's not limited to Spore.

What when wrong with the Halo movie: Movie companies didn't realize how well the games sold?

Force Unleashed crushed under the weight of hype: What if I was not hyped, and only found it to be alright?

MotorStorm Pacific Rift PAL boxart released:
Looks great, though, the Monster truck looks like it's.... nevermind.

Sucker Punch: "PSP is pretty exciting": SLY PSP! SLY PSP! SLY PSP!

inFAMOUS developer: PS3 can do everything you want: Yeah well, what'd you expect him to say?

Kids banned from violent video games... for microwaving a cat: This world has some seriously screwed up person.

Is Insomniac the new Rare?: No, I think they are better.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed not as bad as reviews say:
Whatever, I'll stick by my own opinion.

Are game reviews pointless: Professional reviews? Maybe. User Reviews? No.

Is EA's DRM the reason PC gaming is dying?:
Perhaps, but that's not the only reason.

Gaming's bigest flip-flops:
Interesting list.

inFAMOUS to feature multiplayer as well?: Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

List of games that wont survive christmas: Isn't Red Faction: Guerilla coming out in '09?

Top 7 new gaming franchises that are already stale: Yup, sounds about right.

Nintendo Flattered by Mii-like avatar system on 360: Yeah, well Xbox took the textbook copy of the Wii's avatar system.

RUMOR: Tons of info on Peter Jackson Halo project:
Eh, sounds alright.

LittleBigPlanet soundtrack track listing leaked: Sounds good... Just.. what was the flute song, (Not the Go Team! one) used in the trailers?

Lotsa news, huh?

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