Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

*Yawn* I have a headache today, woot..

BioShock PS3 vs. 360 HD Video:
Have fun watching it, 'cause I know my computer wont run it.

Fracture and Left 4 Dead to have demos: I keep forgetting that I can download 360 demos...

Madden made $133.5 million last month: Is it okay if I go over here and cry?

Ten things IGN wants to see in Batman 3: I just want it to be as good as the other 2 movies.

1up S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky review: A game I have heard the name of a load of times, yet no nothing more then the name.

Hideo Kojima is critical of massive add campaigns: Halo 3 anyone?

Gamestop CEO says that digital distribution wont exist FULLY until 2020:
Hard issue, because I don't see it happening fully for a while either, as HDDs need to get a lot bigger, and cheaper, while internet speeds have to rise a lot as well. Still, companies are already trying to push it...

LittleBigPlanet takes up 40GBs, digital download impossible: I guess this ends the debate on if there was going to be a downloadable version.

Sign up here to join the Resistance 2 beta!: Woot for those missing out on other betas.

Final Fantasy IV characters join Dissidia:

LittleBigDocumentary: More LittleBigPress!

Worst, and most offensive game idea unsurprisingly pisses people off:
This pisses me off, because I think, like art, people should be able to make whatever they want into a game. Then people make things like this, and it seems like a bad idea, *sigh*.

Company I don't really know about ditching 'lighter games' for AAA games: THIS is what I like to see. More of this please.

PaRappa in real life: I was disappointed that he didn't say "I Gotta Believe!"

Kotaku frankenreview of Spore: It scored about how I thought it would.

Good Old Games beta launches: But what is it? A way to buy older games for lower prices, without the hassle of DRM, Sounds amazing to me.

Will Wright's favorite game series:
I like that he likes Civilization. That's the kind of love I like shown to other developers.

"Western games are more advanced then Japanese game": I would slap anyone that wasn't Japanese for saying that, luckily, this person is Japanese.

This person shouldn't have been playing Grand Theft Auto in the first place: He should have been seeking professional help...

Family Guy creator makes online mario cartoon short, you laugh: I saw this early, pretty goofy.

Guilty Gear developer says that Xbox 360 development is easier: Not putting clothes on before leaving the house is also easier, your point?

Ubisoft to subtitle all their games: Good news, I always use subtitles on games, no idea why, but I hate it when I miss something said.

Gordon Freeman to save us all:
I laughed.

Resistance 2 to push PS3's online capabilities: Sounds about right, 60 players of a whole lot in one game.

Xbox 360 sales double after pricecut: Now, lets see if it *stays* that way.

Playstation 3 mandatory instals are they a problem?: Yes. Why can't games just have it as an option? Seriously, the 360 version didn't have an instal.....

Heavy Rain: You can kill off the main character, and keep playing: Very interesting.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift US boxart: Looks good, and not so....

BioShock creator got some nasty threats over the PC version's DRM:
2 Instals per copy? What bulls*** is this?

Microsoft to abandon PC gaming?: It wouldn't surprise me.

MotorStorm coming to PSP?: This could easily been a mistake, however, I welcome it, if it's not.

The future of gaming might be mind blowing: Scary.....

Gordon Freeman spotted in helping in CERN test chamber: I don't see a crowbar around, I hope he can find one.

There ye goes!

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