Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday news opinions

The sunday evening news...

Spore's piracy numbers soar, (Hurray for DRM): Okay EA, you better be listening, no more consumer screwing DRM....

Duke Nukem 3D to release on Xbox Live Arcade September 24th: Wow, a Duke gaming actually COMING OUT! You know, I've never played any of those...

More remakes coming from Pac Man C.E. team:

Ted Nugent featured in Guitar Hero World Tour:
Someone else I don't care about.

EA stops trying for Take 2: Now watch Take 2 start to sell off rights to series after they run low on money.

Ferrari Challenge gets trophies:
This means they will sell a bunch more copies, I wonder how many developers realize this?

Guitar Hero World Tour hands-on:
Rock Band 2 sounds a lot better.

Mushroom Men: Spore Wars, trying to be a hardcore Wii game: With a name like that, it never will be.

Wii first person shooter, Conduit uses friend codes:
The screenshot makes the game look good until you hear the words "Friend Codes"

The Dark Knight as told be Team Fortress 2 kill alerts: I laughed.

An article on game banning: It's a really interesting, great read.

RUMOR: Diablo III's release to proceed StarCraft II:
Well, this is a surprise...

Are Rock Band 2 instruments really quieter?: Not for the crack-heads it seems.

Why the Xbox 360 will outsell the Nintendo Wii: I could make a report on why the sun will turn out to be made of poodles, but it doesn't make it true.

1up Rock Band 2 review: That's better.

More Wii shortage, should you buy a Xbox 360, or PS3?: Personal opinion: Buy a PS3.

Can the Xbox 360 beat the PS3 and Wii in the console world: Who knows, we wont know for a while.

PC Piracy Survey being undertaken: We know, PC users Pirate a lot.

Capcom: Don't worry about our "No exclusives" comment: I'm not, I just hope it's true.

Nope, Diablo III comes out after StarCraft II: Oh, well. It was a fun thought.

10+ Tips to get the most out of the PS3: *Over* Ten for once?

Will the Wii have games this year?: Eh, looking at that list, not really...

Next few months: Possibly the best months for gaming ever?:
Perhaps so...

BioShock and Eternal Sonata worth getting on the PS3?: In my opinion, yes.

Game Informer takes about PS3 Alone in the Dark's makeover: It's funny on reflection, all the 360 fanboys talking about PS3 sucks because the Xbox 360 got it first.

10 Things Parents(?) need to know about The Force Unleashed: Parents? What? Only like half have anything to do with parents.

LEAKED: The Force Unleashed has been leaked: Not surprising. Like 80%+ of games get leaked these days.

What EA should have learned for the Spore launch: I agree with the summary.

Achieve Crysis graphics beyond highest settings: You know, if you need it better.

Top 10 most painful weapons in games: This is a terrible list. Bleah.

Blu-Ray will be dead by 2012, this article is arrogant: Sure, and VHS will never die, either.

MotorStorm vs MotorStorm Pacific Rift: 4 Player Split Screen. That's all, thank you.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo from a very old build:
Then why show it? What's the point?

Is "Spore" the mother of all games?: Wut? I don't understand.


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