Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday news opinions

The news, ladies and gentlemen,

IGN: Rock Band 2 review: Score-wise, it's a little less then I thought it would be, content-wise, it sounds exactly how I thought it would.

Megadeath album coming to Rock Band: No Hanger 18? No buy.

EA pisses off fans with overkill DRM: This shows how much DRM helps... *cough*

IGN: Jeopardy review: I knew it was going to be bad, but this sounds pretty bad.

Sony CEO interested in getting Wii owners to buy a PS3:
Isn't this sorta like what Sony said about handhelds being a gateway drug to consoles?

Eternal Sonata hits US October 21st:
This was one of the 360 games that I always really wanted.

Eidos releases Batman: Arkham Asylum screens: It's official, this game will look awesome.

Fallout 3 Survival edition = Sold out: Does that mean there will be no survivors?

PS3 'Boomerang' controller mod: A different modding world to thank, but a modding world nonetheless.

Spore downloaded 35,000 times in 2 days. Yay DRM:
So, harsh DRM that sorely punishes the buyers, but doesn't stop pirates... what's wrong with this picture?

According to this person, the reason we continue to play games: 'Loot': Uh, right, I'll go and play some game I've 100%'d over again now.

Resident Evil activity book for kids!:
I Laughed.

iPhone games get pricecut: Wow, I may not agree with the iPhone being the best portable gaming platoform, I can't argue with those prices. $2? wow.

Casual gaming vs Hardcore gaming: What games though? Tetris vs Metal Gear Solid?

New Sonic unleashed trailer:
I dunno, I still haven't made up my mind on this game, it looks like it could be okay, or crap.

Crysis, and Crysis Warhead available on Steam this weekend:
Damn, Steam is really kicking ass in terms of selection, and when they come out.

Man steals money, kills parents then buys an Xbox. An Original Xbox: Fail, people like this need professional help.

GTAIV not meeting sales expectations?: 8.5 Million isn't meeting sales expectations? Whaat? ****ing GTA doesn't deserve sales like that.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demos invites also going out by way of E-Mail: First the home beta, now this... *Cries*

Muslim Massacre creator apologizes and pulls game: This is sad, I think he should be able to keep what he made up, even if I completely despise the game.

Exclusives are a dying breed:
First problem: Street Fighter IV was never going to be exclusive. Second, sure normal exclusives might be dead, but if there's money, influence, and companies being owned, there's going to be exclusives.

After all that, the 360 only barely outsold the PS3 in August:
Sure, 10,000 is a lot of units, but not next to nearly 200,000.

EA's going to have to work hard to clean up from Spore's DRM: Yeah, no ****.

Should the internet game, 'Muslim Massacre' be banned?: I would say no, because of freedom of speech. However I despise the game.

Crysis mod gives you the Portal gun: Schweet! I want to try that.

RACE Pro, the most realistic racing game ever?: That's not really a compliment, seriously, driving is pretty boring if you're not doing interesting things. That's why Burnout, Need for Speed and Twisted Metal are fun.

Will Insomniac have the Resistance 2 beta work out: Having played Resistance 2.... Probably.

Playstation Home Japan leak means videos: Yup, go take a look.

MotorStrom Pacific Rift preview: I want the demo... *cries*

X-Play is brining you the Tokyo Gaming Show: So, they will be bringing you TGS along with ths sewage they normally show?

New Playstation Home Screens and video: Alas Home, when will I get to play you?

Sony, and only Sony decides when the Next Generation starts: Blind-Fanboy-Bias.

New Animal Crossing game gets a horrible subtitle: Ew. Not the worst, but bad.

Is Pirating Spore the right thing to do?: I don't know. It's illegal, and as soon as you make an excuse for one thing, you can for another, and not every company deserves it. Though, EA should be slapped for the DRM.

Uwe Boll speaks on LittleBigPlanet movie: *$#*ing Uwe Boll....


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