Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News opinions, catchup part 2

So, I'm finally back again. I'm again only picking the more interesting news stories until I catch up.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Gamespot review: Well, it's finally out, and I no longer care. When it was first announced it looked amazing, and I have since been spoiled by better looking games.

Mega Man 9 review: I can't say if I like this or Street Fighter II HD Remix better for classic remakes.

AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack:
I know why they are doing this, but this made me lose respect for them...

Sony to debut 14 games at TGS:
That's what I like to hear.

Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA contains preview for Duke Nukem Forever: I wonder if DNF will really come out?

Games with Achievements/trophies in them sell better:
No S***...

Katamari creator's next big thing to be shown on TGS:
Yay! I want a demo though, I want to just try it.

LittlebigPlanet Developers were working on a Portal-Like game: As cool as that is, Portal turned out fine, and LittleBigPlanet looks amazing. (And plays amazing)

PC Watch: PS4 could come as soon as 2011, with similar hardware:
It better not...

PS3 BioShock goes gold: YESS!!!!!!!

Valkyira Chronicles DLC allows for vice versa Single Player: This is what I like to see.

European Killzone 2 beta starting: I guess I shouldn't hope to get into a third beta from sony :P

RUMOR: PSP Firmware 5.0 to include PS Store, new RSS, and screen capture: As nice as this is, how come we're not getting in game XMB on PSP, along with custom soundtracks, and trophies?

Another Dissidia video: The closest thing you will get to a "Final Fantasy Smash Brothers"

Sony Online entertainment thinks about PSP for MMOs:
I Actually think this *IS* a good idea.

Some douche is directing the God of War movie: Sad, I don't care about the games, but way to make video game movies more of a joke....

Peter M-(I can't pronounce, nor remember how to spell his last name) compares 360/PS3:
Probably the least bias I've seen from a Microsoft first party employee.

RUMOR: Nintendo bringing an old franchise to Wii:
Uh, how many Nintendo franchises haven't been milked dry? And how many need to be milked dry? And in the end, shouldn't fans of the old game be worried to see a classic game be turned into a casual game?

Kotaku Silent Hill: Homecoming review:
Turns out to be not as bad as advertised... That's a first...

Another Guitar game coming to DS: ENOUGH. There, I said it.

New campaign mission, and playable characters coming to The Force Unleashed: Well they got DLC down, too bad the game isn't better...

This trailer had me hooked until gameplay was shown:
Jeez the art direction is amazing, I almost was thinking about getting a DS.... Until they showed gameplay, bleah....

Cliff B-Something, (Gears of War dude) talks on PS3: I see his point, but I don't think the 360 controller is all that much better, if at all.

Far Cry 2 looks pretty: Yes, it looks pretty, and it has a good looking level editor, so why don't I seem interested?

Gears of War 2 is more then just a game!: Ego much? Pleh, makes me want to get the game less.

Nintendo's new hardware: Pedometer: This pretty much sums up what I hate about Nintendo.

DISAPPOINTMENT: So, they take the time to make a Rock Band guitar out of a real one..: And it looks like complete crap.

Gears of War 2 not coming to PC, reasons? Because no one will buy it: No, not because it sucks, but because Piracy will strike again. Hurray for elitist pirate PC gamers.

7 Minutes of the Killzone 2 beta: *Drools* I want it.... And I know I am being greedy...

How GTA IV could save Games for Windows:
I don't think it will.

RUMOR: New DS model, will include music playback, and camera: Uh... aren't they a little late?

Team Fortress 2 demade to 8Bit: I laughed.

Who is winning the battle for the hardcore:
In my opinion it's Sony, because they have more variety in their game selection.

Why DRM isn't as bad as it's made out to be:
I dunno, I think it's kind of because if yo compare it to 10 years ago, or to consoles, it seems ridiculous.

8 Worst video game jobs in real life:
I laughed.

Former ESA head: Gaming journalists created Jack Tompson: There's actually something to be said about this.

First Studio ghibli game screens: As predicted, they are pretty.... Too bad it's a DS game.

Even Hideo Kojima doesn't like the MGO online system:
That's good to know... Now, can it be fixed?

Fable II online Co-Op not at launch:
Fail. I'm sorry, but just fail..

Ghostbusters game might do more then satisfy some 3D ghost action:
It would be interesting to see a Ghostbusters 3 someday...

FAIL: Activision trademarks Dance Hero, loses more of my respect: Activision has taken EA's place, EA is now sorta Decent, as Activision falls lower and lower.

PSN cards hitting many more stores, ones that actually sell games no less: Good good, now when will we see them at gamestop?

Halo musical composer says that eve Halo was effected by used game sales: Yup, that's how it works. If you're smart, you make a game that people don't want to sell.

GREAT Max Payne Movie trailer:
I still think they should have just casted Max Payne's voice actor as him.... Oh, well.

Force Unleashed could come to theaters: It would probably do better that way.

CD gaming is finally pretty much dead:
Now, when will Blu-Ray gaming on PC kick in... It probably wont, however, I want to have them for burning a billion files I have on my computer... (Curse my addiction of watching trailers :P )

Strong signs point to Wii harddrive in 2011: Isn't that a bit of a ways away?

DC Universe Online developers struggling, but wanting PS3-PC crossplatform play:
If they pull it off, I will be happy.

Allan Wake will be shown for the first time in quite some time soon: I just hope this game turns out okay.

Diablo 3 to use new checkpoint system: Bleah, more needless changes... Oh well, it's still Diablo.

So, for now, that's it, look forward to tomorrow, hopefully. :)

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