Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Man, my house is being worked on, and it's annoying to have to move lots of stuff around, oh, well. It's for the best. The news? Here.

Sony teams up with New York school of design for a LittleBigEvent in NYC: Interesting, but I wish it were closer to me.

Steven Colbert makes his way into Rock Band: This is just so f***ing awesome.

Interview with Game Republic founder: A nice interesting read.

LittleBigPlanet developer: LittleBigPlanet would be a "Different game" on 360:
A great read for insight on why I prefer exclusive games.

Play dress up at Game Crazy's Force Unleashed launch event:
Uh, no thanks.

Game Republic's canceled 360 game: Microsoft doesn't heart Japan anymore.

Uwe Boll: "There is no money in movies": *YOUR* movies perhaps.

Jeopardy hits PSN: Uh, yay?

More Gamestop Execs talk about Digital Distribution: They seem to be justifying their business, not actually saying what they think.

David Perry talks about Digital Distribution: Uh, who is David Perry?

Devil Kings set for PSP: Uh, okay... Should I care?

MotorStorm Pacific Rift races to release October 28th:
Now, about that demo....

Microsoft: Age of Empires has 'Future Potential': Not when you get rid of the company that made it... Sure, someone else can make more, but it's not the same.

Will Apple succeed in mobile gaming?:
Perhaps, it's too early to tell, their computer side of gaming has failed.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1 Reviewed: Now, where's my PS3 version?

Diablo III details: I can't wait to start hacking and slashing again.

Playstation Store© Update: Too bad I don't have a guitar, I'd love to try the Areosmith demo.

10 More songs confirmed for Guitar Hero World Tour:
The only one there that I care about, is "Hey Man Nice Shot"

The Agency team still considering cross platform play (PS3-PC): DO IT! We need more cross platform games!

PAIN patch adds a lot of stuff to buy, a little free:
Take a hint from Warhawk, release stuff for free more.

WipEout HD is cheeper then expected: I expected this to be $30-$40, the current price translates to around $21. Still, I will wait for a demo, as I've never gotten into those games.

Quest for Booty not getting Blu-Ray release in UK after all. However, the rest of Europe gets it: What's the logic here?

PS3 Guitar Compatibility patch finally released: No one thought this would see the light of day, but here it is, you can now use the Guitar Hero 3 guitar as a bass in Rock Band, and vice versa. Also, PS3 owners can now convert all(almost) of the Rock Band 1 songs to Rock Band 2.

Field Commander now a digital Download: Same price as the UMD, I'll take the UMD thanks, still good choice.

Capcom no longer making exclusives: What about Dead Rising 1? When are we going to see it on PS3?

Madden '09 sold 2.3 Million...: *Cries*

Portal Ported to Atari 2600: Wow, what other platoforms will it hit?

Not A Surprise: Online people are racist: Play Halo online once, and you will notice this.

Blue Dragon DS comes out in Japan, Japan doesn't care:
Wasn't the original a crappy game anyways?

Anti-Spore website turns out to be huge Rickroll:
*Gasps* I fell for it.

Rare: Avatar idea predates Miis: I'm sure... Though it was probably along the lines of "The 360 needs avatar people" And then when the Miis came out, they just took that idea, and tweaked it a bit.

Video of Dragon Force world record holder (Guitar Hero 3): I feel so inept compared him.

Halo Studio working on next generation console Halo game: Sad, but no surprise....

George Lucas involved with The Force Unleashed story: Not something to brag about, that's for sure...

Why Tales of Vesperia is on 360:
Okay, so where's the PS3 version?

A lot of people downloaded the Force Unleashed demo: Shows there's interest, I wish they had done better though.

Miyamoto's speach for programming award: I find this a pretty generic speach...

More Guitar Hero action figures you didn't ask for: I wonder how many people saw Guitar Hero action figures and thought "That's a great idea!" Single digits, maybe?

Harmonix to release Rock Band: AC/DC: Nonononononononono, If you're going to do anything, make it a downloadable content pack, seriously, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was a bad idea, and so is this.

Star Ocean 4, and The Last Remnant are playable at TGS:
*Sigh* Enough with the RPGs 360, Almost all of the ones that have come out for consoles recently have sucked, and like 90% of them have come out on 360. Let some come out on PS3, and people will shut up about how 360 only gets bad RPGs, because soon the PS3 will have bad RPGs also. However, when FFXIII/FFvsXIII come out, it will be a different story.

MadWorld at home on Wii: Yup, and birds are at home on mars...

Xbox division "has seen consumer slow down": Translation: I can't truthfully talk about it.

Ensemble studios, following in Bungie's footsteps?: Microsoft must treat their first party really bad, because studios keep leaving them...

No More Heros, thought up on the john: This proves that we shine our best under pressure.

Kane and Lynch development team was hit really hard be Gamespot review:
Well, the thing here: Make the game better, and don't run into such reviews.

Red Faction: Guerilla gets most generic special edition ever: Woot, I care not.

Gizmondo 2 announced, no one gives a S***:
Seriously, didn't they learn their lesson the first time?

LittleBigPlanet Beta will possibly be announced on the official site: Forget a beta, give us a demo.

Sony's response to August sales: It's not like they are just going to say "Yeah the 360 beat us this week"

Resistance 2 is almost done NOW: Can you say polish?

Yakuza 2 review: I know very little of the game other then it originally came out 2 years ago in Japan, and they *just* decided to bring it stateside.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS2 port confirmed for US: Sweet! It only took a year or two... They should port it to PSP.

SCEA CEO: "We're looking forward to this holiday": Well what company isn't?

IGN: The way Halo 4 SHOULD be: (It shouldn't)

Alan Wake is still being worked on:
Uh, Yeah, I'd hope so...

Could Activision enter the console war?: Could ≠ Should.

Full list of MGS4 Downloadable Content: Sweet! I'll keep an eye on this.

Way of the Samurai Portable video: I never played this series, but I heard it was really good.

What does the PS3 have for winter?: Ahh yes, that is a nice line up, Also there are a ton of multiplatform games that are good.

More then 400 people are working Resident Evil 5: That's more people then it would take to start your own country...

Why the Xbox 360 should win the console war: Wow, failmuch? This screams fanboy and bias.

Is Halo Wars going to suck now?: Probably not.

Free MMO coming to PS3 in September: Free MMO? Isn't that like.. an oxymoron?

Call of Duty 4: Double EXP, half priced maps for the weekend: Good for all those people that play it.

Gears of War 2 breaks fourth wall: Well, it's another one of those games where the people wear armor that could fit an elephant.

How come the games are getting shorter, but prices are going up?: Are we getting ripped off? Sorta.

Has Microsoft killed the PR of Halo Wars: Pretty much.

Microsoft Admits there was problems with Vista, check. They fixed it, Not so check: Vista is still a piece of crap, sure they could pick the dirt out, but it's still crap.

Home closed beta videos: Yay Home, let me play you.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo out to Qore subscribers, public cries: The demo has split screen! Woot!

Diablo 3 fan color vs actual color: I still like what Diablo 1/2 looks like.


New MK vs DC characters revealed through achievements: I don't care, but to some this is probably pretty cool.

PS3 RPGs to look out for before 2009: Just give me Valkira Chronicles and Eternal Sonata.

Turnaround: Quest for Booty to be released on Blu-Ray after all?: Make up your mind!

10 Tricks about the 360 Microsoft didn't tell you: I like that there are a ton of secrets you can find with each console these days.

Sony WipEout HD - Late September:
Again, just give me a demo.

RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts Coded also coming to PSP: Yes Square-Enix, show the PSP more love! :)

Console exclusivity sometimes cheeper, easier: Not surprising, but you don't make as much.

Halo 4 and Gearbox, isn't it obvious?: No... I thought Gearbox was working on something multiplatform.

Another Killzone 2 preview: Yay KZ2, I want to play ye.

RIP Spore: Lies here, after DRM killed it: I dunno I think it's a bit overboard, but the DRM didn't help, that's for sure.

Developer: Stop making old game ports on the Wii that don't work: I've been saying this for a while.

Microsoft: We still own Age of Empires: *pfft* Like that's suppose to make things all better?

Rare fans should worry, or not?: It seems like they have made nothing but crap under Microsoft, so I wouldn't worry even if they did leave MS.

Urban Crysis modded map: Ah yes, the modding community.

The Real reason for the Xbox 360 price drop, according to some person: Uh, yeah okay.

Kotaku misses the point with 'Muslim Massacre' game: I kind of have to agree with him on this.

Third Parties take notice, Core Wii games wanted: Perhaps the Wii will actually get good games.. maybe...

Shane Kim: "We still believe in PC gaming": Yeah, okay...

Games need to work on how they represent gender: I gotta agree.

That took what, all day to finish? :P

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