Thursday, September 4, 2008

Late Wednesday News Opinions

*Yawn* More news.

New details on straight to Blu-Ray Resident Evil movie: This is how video game movies should be, pre-rendered, and made by the original people... (I think this movie is at least...)

Play with Mercenaries dev, earn achievement: It's cool that they are communicating with fans, but the achievement sounds dumb. It will just lead to a crowd of people trying to play with them, for like a second each.

Tecmo refuses Square-Enix's offer: Bad idea, I think that would be the best merge you could have done.

Tecmo in talks with KOEI for merge: Wow, this would be a terrible idea, merge with company that's really backburner, and prepare to disappear.

The 'Final' in Final Fantasy doesn't mean 'last': Well duh, we knew this, it will go on as long as it continues to sell.

Ahh David Jaffe, you are one of my heros, being able to speak whatever it is on your mind:
How come most people try to make excuses, and such. He speaks his mind.

Playstation Network games coming to UMD: Interesting, I wonder if it's the PS3 version of Lemmings...

White Knight Chronicles hitting Japan this year: Interesting, hopefully it will be one of the first good JRPGs this console generation.

Take a visit to the Home Beta:
*checks E-Mail, cries*

LittleBigBillboard: Best. Ad. Ever.

PS3 to be new home to MMORPG gamers: Doesn't effect me really, unless they are one time fee games.

And the Spore reviews:


Right then. Off to bed soon... Soon....

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