Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday morning news opinions (There's quite a bit here)

Jeez, a lot of news today.

Call of Duty 4 shipping to mac on September 15th:
As always, mac gamers are shafted.

Far Cry 2 coming October 23: Yet another game coming for october, I wonder how anyone's wallets will handle this month...

Mercenaries 2 giveaway gives London traffic problems: Everyone loves free gas, take hint politicians!

Sting to show up in Guitar Hero World Tour: This is like, the only thing I've seen neversoft do right with guitar hero....

Sony admits it could do more to show the value of the Playstation 3:
This is what I said!

New LittleBigPlanet ad: We love you Sackboy!

Max Payne director unhappy with R rating slapped on the movie: I will agree the movie and game rating systems are completely screwed up right now, but that's not the way to deal with it.

Oddworld creator talks, says consoles are a problem:
I swear, if he's talking praise about casual games, I'm gonna lose a lot of respect for him.

A look at the Rock Band 2 drums: Rock Band 2 FTW! Harmonix is the king of the music game genre, because they know, the games need to be FUN, not just hard.

Sony doesn't seem concerned with Xbox 360 pricedrop:
Well, I'm sure they are, but they wouldn't say it.

PS3 SOCOM beta finally live: Nice, I can't wait to hear some feedback!

Peter Moore said "F*** you to Sonic creator":
Skillz, seriously.

PS3 additions to Alone in the Dark: I played the 360 demo, and decided it's not my type of game, but still, good news for some.

New Final Fantasy: Dissidia trailer: I can't wait for this to hit stateside.

Some 360 Downloadable Content prices slashed temporarily: No Halo 3? Fail.

RUMOR: EA to walk away from Take 2 buyout:
The only thing I cared about in this, is what will happen to the Oni/Myth/Max Payne rights, which are owned by Take 2, and have had nothing done with them in ages.

The sun review for Spore, game of the year?:
As much as I wish Metal Gear Solid 4 would get Game of the Year, and as much as I know it wont happen, Spore will probably take the award.

Jack Thompson update: Riiight, okay?

EGM features handheld Kingdom Hearts titles: I still am looking forward to Birth by Sleep.

Microsoft's 5 failed operating systems:
I laughed. <3 my mac.

Game I've never heard about possibly coming to PS3 post release:
It's nice that the PS3 doesn't get ignored as much anymore.

Grand Theft Auto mod: GTA: USA?:
It's amazing what can come out of the modding community.

First screens of MMORPG in Cry Engine 2 (Crysis engine):

MotorStorm 2 to have trophies at launch: Woot! I'm glad to see this feature being in more games.

Microsoft is too confident that it will place second: Pfft, well, if that's what they believe, that's what will come true... At least Sony is trying to go for first.

Sony shares hit all time low: Nothing PS3 related, move along.

ARTIKA details, pretty cool: Gimme a demo!

Mercenaries 2 PC already cracked and leaked: Piracy strikes again!

Killzone to feature 4 player Co-Op: That would be nice, however, GIVE US SPLIT SCREEN!!!!

Nintedo to release Wii-Fit soundtrack:

10 Critically acclaimed games this guy didn't like: That's pretty dead on, with me agreeing with a few of them, (Halo, Oblivion, Crisis Core) but a lot of them were dead on.

There you go everyone, hopefully fall brings cooler weather.

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