Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday morning news opinions

My back hurts. Anyways, your news:

SingStar director hired by Atari:
Why Atari? Even if you get some new people, you still suck.. You sold all the rights to any games that mattered, and then Alone in the Dark was a kind of meh game...

Project Origin is now F.E.A.R. 2:
Finally, *that* madness is over.

Space Invaders Get Even for Wii: Is it me, or does this look really bad?

Top 5 overlooked prequels: Is it sad that I have heard of like all of these?

New Metallica album comes to Guitar Hero 3 this week:
Surprise! More music I don't care about!

Newest Harry Potter game delayed to pair up with film date: Not very surprising.

A PSN game I've never heard about contains some neat features: Probably will be 'okay' and not much better.

Screenshots of said game: And a genre I don't like...

LEAKED: LittleBigPlanet.. Manual?: Interesting... I wonder why someone would leak that..?

What is, and isn't playable at TGS from Square-Enix: Remember, this doesn't include surprises.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift preview:
I do like how much the environment effects you.

Red Baron Arcade hands-on: Sounds simple, could be fun.

A bunch of PSP games are now going to be downloadable:
I think sony needs to make much bigger memory sticks considering how much space these things will take up.

Stupid director needs your help to make a Guitar Hero movie:
Hint: Don't help him.

Max Payne Movie producer wants to make a Duke Nukem movie:
I wonder if they will delay it release along with the game? :P

Spore doesn't run on newish MacBooks: Poor Mac, always getting shafted when it comes to games...

New info for the Sonic DS RPG: I still think this will suck, the Sonic characters are nowhere near as cool as the Mario characters, so I don't think it will pull a Super Mario RPG on us...

Tomb Raider Underworld info:
I can't believe anyone cares about Tomb Raider anymore... It was a flawed but fun game, which was then made into 5(?) games without any real changes. Instead of adding new stuff and fixing it up, they decided on making a completely different game, which ended up sucking. So another company took over and just made it into a completely generic adventure game.

Mad Cats' Rock Band bass:
That looks really sweet. :) I'd like one, but I'd need Rock Band first.

Colbert's DNA in space: Hahahahahah

Things looking more sunny on the Eidos side of the world:
Right well, wake me when they announce something interesting.

Spore reviews on hate DRM: It's become so easy to pirate things on PC, that to try to make any money, companies use crazy copy protection, then the normal buyers suffer, and it sells less, while the pirates just crack it. Which is boiling down to less games coming out for it. And that is the death of PC gaming.

Rumor smashed, No PC version of The Force Unleashed:
Not surprising.

Microsoft, Japan hates you: It seems like Japan eats and breaths Nintendo these days.

Top 8 worst video game weapons: Looks alright to me.

New iPods to be revealed?: 80Gb iPod Touch, I can dream right?

An interview with a girl who is both a gamer and a model, and who defies logic: It's kind of funny to know there is always someone who is completely against all stereo types and everything.

Next Xbox in 2011?: Does that mean we should give up hope for having the RRoD ever fixed?

New Banjo Kazooie was originally a platformer: Bleah, not a platformer = A lot less interest.

Comcast to battle FCC about internet capping:
The internet should be completely free, and uncapped for all.

What's happened to Allan Wake?:
Maybe the rumor of him showing up at TGS?

11 Prototype versions of Spore available for download: I often wish companies would do this, I would pay $60 just to play the E3 level for Halo 2. No joke.

Is CoD5 a disaster waiting to happen?: Possibly, probably, I dunno.

Worst controller design ever:
Someone should be fired, somewhere.

SOCOM beta crumbles under massive demand: Companies never realize that a lot of people join betas these days.... Well, that's what betas are for.

Top 5 Co-Op games for the rest of 2008:
I didn't know Fable had Co-Op, probably because I'm ever going to buy it, still, it's nice to know.

And there you have it!

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