Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday night news opinions

Started playing through Halo 3 again, this time with another person. Anyways, the news:

1up Spore review: The game got about the reviews I was expecting it to get.

IGN DS Spore review: I really don't care, some might though.

Wii Grand Theft Auto hinted: I don't care, screw Grand Theft Auto. Give me something better, and maybe I'll care.

Square-Enix takes no for an answer, and pulls out of merge: That's nice of them, though, I think that would have been the best merge of Tecmo.

Square-Enix' response to rejection: Eh, strange ground, not something I would be smart on.

Need for Speed: Pro Street, The Sims, and FIFA08 coming to... Sega Genesis?: Has the world gone mad?

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to release before February 09: Grand Theft Auto = I don't care.

MISTAKE: White Knight Chronicles *NOT* dated yet: Oh well, perhaps we will hear about it when TGS rolls around.

Is causal gaming killing the Hardcore?: As much as I'd like to think it's not, it seems like it is...

Price cut for 360 out of desperation?: I didn't read the article, but my take is that they saw the Wii outsell the 360, and the PS3 start to catch up, and this is their way of trying to counter it, we'll see if it works.

Xbox 360 pricecut, should sony be worried?: I think so, I think Sony should give more reasons to get a PS3, because of the high price. FREE STUFF, hear me?

Gamespot's Mercenaries 2 review: Okay, I take it back, this time add 3.0 to the score.

Has Rockstar abandoned the PSP?: More GTA bull****, seriously, I care not.

EndWar demo 360 exclusive: Come on sony, work and get some more exclusive content.

Why the 360 pricecut will save it: Didn't read it, but seriously, I don't think it will save it in the long run.

What draws you into a game?: Interesting, I don't completely agree, but still..

5 Things you will love about Resistance 2:
A very basic list, but still...

Who is the gamer's presidential candidate:
Answer: They are the same.

Top 10 crappy console add ons: Where are you Sega CD?

Pure is 'so much better' then MotorStorm 2: What must be why I winced at the trailer.

And there you have it.

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