Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday news opinions

*sneeze* For some reason I can't stop sneezing this morning, anyways, here's your news:

Song Exporter added to Rock Band:
Sound good, though it's a shame Run to the Hills isn't included :(

Metal Gear Solid already hitting Bargain bin price in Japan?: This is probably a isolated event, but it will do nothing but help sales.

Call of Duty: World at War beta this October:
*Sigh* Another beta that avoids the PS3...

1up Facebreaker review: I was really looking forward to the game, that is, until I got to play it.

Playstation Store© update: Curse waiting a month for the MotorStorm 2 demo!!!

Study: $8 Billion in online console sales by '13: There is one thing I'm glad about the industry expanding so much, and that is not having to feel that I'm weird for liking something that makes me 'nerdy' or something.

Review for Princess Bride game: *Shakes head* Why? Who wanted this?

Grand Theft Auto IV sells 10 million:
This is just depressing, why is this piece of crap gam selling so well? *Cries*

Kotaku's franken review for Mercenaries 2: Reviews wont change my opinion, which was: It was really good.

No Trophies for PS3 version at launch for Fallout 3: *Sigh* Bethesda, I loved Oblivion, and am still waiting for the downloadable content other then shivering isles...

Traveler's Tales not to just milk LEGO license:
That's good, because they would disappear among bad games otherwise.

Lucas Arts: New Star Wars games not bad, you just have too high expectations: In other words they are bad.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed book doing well: Wait, there's a book?

Bioshock 2 confirmed for 2009, PC/PS3/360:
Same time launch for PS3 = Me happy.

"What I hate about Nintendo" an interesting article:
Didn't read it all, but the reason I don't like Nintendo, is that they brought the quality of the industry down much farther, and faster then anyone else.

Heavy Rain to launch November 3rd, 2009:
Just give me a demo first.

Crysis meets Oblivion... Again: Another one of these, and this time, it's not as good.

Halo 3 Mythic to possibly contain more Single Player content?: That would be really awesome.

Pure has better graphics then MotorStorm 2: I don't care, MotorStorm 2 will still be better.

*Sniff* And there you go.

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