Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yatzee's review we all missed this week.

I had totally forgotten about you Yahtzee, you will forgive me right?


Woops, that's EA, not Harmonix....

Sorry, I'm just making things worse...

Thursday-Saturday News Opinions

The small amount of news that's happened over the holidays.

[Violence] Video game voice actor caught by 3 bullets, recovering now: Hope he recovers soon.

[Strange] Seaman spin-off iPhone bound: Hahah, that's really strange.

[DLC] Epic releases Gears of War 2 patch:
Sweet I guess.

[GameStop] GameStop defends resale market: Uh, k.

[Soundtrack] OC ReMix offers SSF2THR soundtrack for free: Uh, sweet.

[Review] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2) 1up review: I can't wait. :)

[Interview] Persona 4 Q&A: Never played, then any good?

[Review] WoW: WotLK IGN review: Ewwww....

[Review] Fable II OST review: Uh, k.

[Rumor] Assassin's Creed 2 to take place during French revolution?: Interesting..

[Europe] For once in terms of video games, Europe doesn't get shafted, PSN website upgrade: Nice.

[DLC] Burnout Paradise DLC island detailed: Neat :P I still need to buy the game in general.

[Whaat?] Destroy all Humans PS3 version coming out in Europe: Wait, whaaat?

[Delay] SOCOM: Confrontation delayed in Europe, probably a good thing: Considering the state the game was in when it came out stateside?

[FFVII] Dissidia battle: Could vs Sephiroth: Epic.

[Cute] European PlayStation Store© update includes LocoRoco 2: Awwww!

[Rumor] Imagination technologies and Sony team up for PSP2: Intersting.

[Joke] Desert Bus marathon again to start up!: This is just so awesome.

[Sales] Japan is buying consoles for the season:

[Joke] Pulp Fiction meets Team Fortress: Uh, k.

[Wii] Excite Truck devs working on a super secret game for Wii: *Tries not to laugh at them*

[Demo] Command and Conquer demo comes to XBL: Someone try it and let me know if it's any good.

[Piracy] GTA IV for PC will have that horrible copy protection that everyone hates:

[Insult] Original Resident Evil creator doesn't like RE5: Uh, okay...

[Concept] New Midway game to look better the Gears of War 2:
Crazy, it better come to PS3.

[PC] Acclaim unveils free browser based rock game: Wow, uh alright...

[Ad] Resistance 2 Ad is crazy: Wow, this is amazing.

[PC] AMD: PC market is ok!: Uh, not really.

[Sales] Top selling PSP/DS games in america: Eh.....

[Wii] Capcom talks Wii version of games: Yup, That's the truth.

[Ninja] A game called Ninja Blade coming January: Uh, k.

[Date] Yakuza 3 dated: Uh, cool.

[Video] Fanmade Zelda movie trailer: Skipped over it and it looked so bad.

[PR] Square-Enix doesn't think that FFXIII being on 360 is a betrayal: Except to all those people who bought a PS3 for FFXIII alone....

[Print] Another gaming magazine, NRevolution goes under: Sounds like a crap magazine anyways.

[iPhone] Zombie FPS is coming to iPhone: How will *this* work...

[Kotaku] Skate It frankenreview: Yeah, ew.

[Review] The Last Remnant Kotaku review:

[GTA] What does GTA IV's amount of trade ins mean for it's DLC?:
I don't care :P

[Home] Home director still says that it will be out before 2009:

[PR] Microsoft: This gaming generation will be long: One would hope, it feels like last week I got my PS3....

[Japan] 78 Year old Japanese man loves western FPSes:
Sounds like hell is freezing over, hear that?

[Sales] Microsoft had biggest sales week ever in Europe: Uh, k.

[Nintendo] Nintendo: We've had a new logo for 2 years: Maybe the fact that it's a color swap makes it hard to tell...

[Sony] Sony to release official DualShock/Headset charger: Uh, k.

[Anime] Professor Layton gets Anime:
Heh, awesome, I will probably check it out.

[GameStop] GameStop has a week's supply of Wiis: Uh, k.

[Date] Resident Evil 5 pushed forward a week in Japan:
Good job Japan.

[GameStop] GameStop: We don't see Digital Downloads as a threat: Good for you, but it just means you are ignoring the inevitable.

[DS] Capcom cautious on DSi development:
A smart thing to be.

[SEGA] The Dreamcast turns 10 today: Ah yes, yee old Dreamcast.

[Sony] School uses PSPs to help deaf kids: Uh, cool.

And there you go.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Heeeere we go.

[RPG] Square-Enix feeling positive about Xbox 360: Good job on Last Remnant, really....

[Japan] What does Japan think about Fallout 3: This is kind of surprising.

[Nintendo] Zelda mastermind intent on surpassing Zelda64:
I really don't understand why everyone likes this game... I loved Link to the Past, but I thought the jump to 3D kind of made the series more average.

[Demo] Resident Evil 5 demo coming to 360, PS3?: WTF Capcom...?

[DLC] Square-Enix announced the Last Remnant DLC plans:
Meh, no one buy the one that's not free, no supporting them.

[Violent] NIMF blames parents for kids getting their hands on violent video games: That's where the blame SHOULD lie.

[Total Win] gets Mortal Kombat announcer to say some *other* lines: Nothing, nothing at all can describe how awesome this is.

[Preview] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2):

[Review] The Last Remnant 1up review: Eww....

[Interview] Playstation Q&A: Nice read. :)

[Review] Sonic Unleashed IGN AU review: I'd like a demo, thanks.

[Wii] Top 10 games to accidentally hit your friends in the nuts with: Lawl.

[Movie] Transporter 3 IGN review: Meh.

[Review] Prince of Persia IGN review: Better then I would have thought.

[Article] How to fix Square-Enix: That's about right.

[Banned] F.E.A.R. 2 banned in Australia: Uh, k.

[Hint] Ubisoft teases Assassin's Creed 2: A whole bucket of meh.

[Review] Valkria Chronicles gamespot review: Want.

[Home] Another batch of Home beta invites go out: Sweet.

[Canceled] I really never gave a **** about this series, but geez THQ...:
Destroy all Humans always just seemed kinda.. meh..

[News] CNN calls PS3 best Blu-Ray player: Oh yeah!

[Deal]'s black Friday deals: Oh, why do I not have $40 for Fallout 3?

[PSN] Another meh looking PSN game: Meh..

[PSN] Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and Hancock coming: Dark Knight ftw.

[PSN] Super Stardust Portable coming next week, is $10: I'll wait for Everyday Shooter.

[Confirmed] Tenchu 4 coming to PSP: No clue what this even is, but people are excited about it..

[Insult] Woman insults EA, calls the 'pigs': *Shrugs*

[Review] Castlevania: Judgement Kotaku review: Yeah....

[Woops] Eidos sorry about Tomb Raider game killing glitch: Yeah... 'Woops'

[Movie] Max Payne movie to hit disks in January: I will get someone else to rent it and watch it, because I don't support bad movies.

[MGO] Here's what the MGo patch did: I see, I want the expansion.

[Stats] Left 4 Dead stats show that people suck at it: Uh, k.

[Screens] New Street Fighter IV screens: Pretty.

[Reviews] SEGA Wii game gets 40/40 from Famitsu: Uh, k.

[Concepts] MK creator wants to see Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter:
That sounds pretty awesome.

[Insult] DICE responds to fan image of Faith: Yeah, I agree.

[Wii] Wii sales slowing, at 7 million: Uh, that sucks. More shovelware...

[Mod] Someone makes a Dreamcast-PC with Blu-Ray: Wow, just wow.

[Follow-Up] Sony movies now available on 360 NXE: Okay, you can stop the conspiracy theories.

[Nintendo] Nintendo changes it's Logo: Whaat?

[Cameo] Look who showed up in Google's street view?: Haha, that's pretty silly. Shoulda been Snake though.

[Hardware] Another random handheld pops up: Yeah.....

[Article] What to buy, and what not to buy: That picture shouldn't exist.

[Video] Most if not all of the weapons from the Killzone 2 beta: How beautiful... Wow.

And that's thank, Happy Dead Bird Day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

Since I haven't gotten any feedback, I will continue to use the tags for now..

[DLC] Fallout 3 mod kit and DLC announced:
The mod kit should have been there for launch. Where is the PS3 DLC?

[PR] Sony denys March price cut: This means nothing, they wouldn't confirm it now if it had been leaked, because they want holiday sales. However, if that leak was false they'd say the same thing...

[Article] 90% of compulsive gamers are not addicts: Uh, k.

[Delay] SSF2THR delayed in the U.K.: :( Sorry Europe...

[Date] Skate 2 gets release date:
Meh. I still think Skate 1 sucked.

[Delay] Tom Clancy's HAWX delayed further into 2009: Hmm

[GH/RB] Guitar Hero, and Rock Band is turning gamers in musicians: Heh, I'm not surprised.

[Installs] Killzone 2 does NOT require an installation: This makes me day, great news!

[Halo] Halo 3: Recon renamed Halo 3: ODST: Eh, that sounds a lot worse, I'm sorry Bungie.

[Review] Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 1up review: Must buy.

[GTA] GTA IV PC multiplayer preview:
Meh, GTA..

[Movie] Wolverine movie trailer dated: I wonder if this game will be any good... Probably not.

[Article] Has Nintendo abandoned the Hardcore: Yes.

[PSN] PlayStation Store© update: Woot! SSF2THR!

[MGO] Metal Gear Online update 1.20 out now, includes new game modes: MEME! Bah I want it.

[Trophies] Sonic Unleashed trophies:
Uh, k.

[Beta] Killzone 2 beta ends this sunday: *Cries* I didn't get in...

[Firmware] PS3 firmware 2.53 coming November 26th: Uh, I see?

[Sony] A look into PlayStation India: Uh, k.

[PSN] PSP PlayStation Store© update: PSP Everyday shooter trailer! Woot. I just want the real thing.

[Sony] Sony: 'Piracy is trending down right now': Probably because no PSP games have been coming out.

[PSN] European PSP PlayStation Store© update: It's cool that Super Stardust Portable is out, but I think Everyday shooter is better.

[Ironic] Music industry man dismisses video game industry, then later helps with GH: A: Hahah.

[Glitch] Wii version of Tomb Raider Underworld contains glitch that can make the game unplayable: "Woops"

[Review] Skate It Kotaku review: Yeah, meh.

[Kotaku] Tomb Raider Underworld Frankenreview: I dunno, meh.

[Wii] Wii-Speak will be tradable: Well, I guess Nintendo realized that would have been a terrible idea.

[OST] Too Human soundtrack on iTunes now:
Uh, nice? Didn't it suck though?

[GH] Red Octane starts Black Friday deals early: Uh, not bad, but still..

[WoW] WoW girl gives WoW dating tips: ...The F***?

[RPG] More info on White Knight Chronicles: This game sounds amazing.

[Mods] Someone was bothered by the disk tray of the 360, uses iMac slot loading drive: Heh, that's silly.

And that's that.

I got into the Home Beta!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday-Monday News Opinions

I added tags today, let me know what you think.

Anyways, Sunday had almost no news, so I didn't do one of these..

[Gran Turismo] PSP Gran Turismo still moving forwards: Really...? You think we'll see it someday? Naw.

[Demo] Red Alert 3 PC demo out now: Is this game any good?

[Demo] Deadspace demo coming to both PS3 and 360: Cool, I guess, though I don't think I'll play it.

[Suing] Harmonix responds to kickpedal lawsuit: Yeah, I agree.

[DLC] First Fable Free and Paid DLC detailed: Uh, k.

[Delay] Star Ocean: The Second Evolution delayed:
Meh, Star Ocean.. Meh..

[Obvious] 7-Eleven not breaking street dates anymore: Yeah, I saw this coming.

[Idiot] XNA developer says that downloadable games are underpriced: The problem with his logic, is that if you raise the price, less people will buy it. I am not going to pay $10 for shovelware, if they want to make money, make a game that's more then just a time killer, and actually something you will remember.

[Jaffe] David Jaffe names Gears of War 2 his GOTY, and says God of War III will be better:
Good ol' Jaffe.

[Review] Alone in the Dark: Inferno 1up review:
Sounds better then the 360 version. :P

[Video] 1up video special on Evolution Studios, creators of MotorStorm:
Uh, k.

[Review] Chrono Trigger DS 1up review: I am still saddened over this. even if it is good. Make a new one, or remake this, not port it.

[Rumor] Metal Gear Solid 4 extended ending coming: I dunno, this sounds a little suspect, but at the same time, possible?

[Review] The Last Remnant IGN review: That sounds really, really bad.

[Review] Resistance 2 IGN AU review: I do want this game, but I need some better split screen games first... I don't have enough of those.

[Feature] IGN: PS3 two years later: That sounds about right, Sony has come a long way.

[Videos] LocoRoco-like iPhone game looks amazing: That looks like a Killer App to me.

[Sales] Fable II sells 1.5 million:

[Rumor] PS3 price getting more competitive March?:
Possible, not sure right now.

[Rumor] Gearbox drops Aliens game?:
Uh, k.

[PSN] Soldner-X arrives on PlayStation© Store December 4th:
Meh, I still think the game doesn't look that great...

[Early] PS3 wireless chatpad available at early: Still fugly.

[GH/RB] GH: WT Drums now work with Rock Band 2:
Uh, sweet.

[Awesome] A recap of the Blu-Ray live event with Hellboy director: There'd better be more of these.

[Deals] Here are some Black Friday deals:
I like the $30 Dualshock IIIs, and Burnout Paradise for $20.

[Hideo] Hideo Kojima gets lifetime achievement award: He deserves it.

[Cameo] Final Fantasy XI character showing up in Dissidia?: That's awesome :)

[Award] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core gets MTV's best handheld game of the year award: It deserved it.

[Cute] Japanese Patapon 2 trailer: Haha, that's awesome.

[Joke] Homebrew PSP app makes PSP pretend to be bricked: Heh. :P

[Strange] Tales of game gets it's own Curry: Whaat?

[Celebrity] Movie director: 'GTA IV was 2008 moment that mattered': I love that games are geeting more mainstream for some reasons, like not having it be a geeky thing anymore.

[Japan] Even Japan knows it's gaming market is declining:
I still think this is sad.

[Article] What's wrong with games PR these days: I think I can just say "Halo 3" and leave it at that.

[Idiot] Pirate makes £180,000, gets caught:

[Pretty] Godfather II screens show pretty explosions: Pretty... Too bad the game will probably be 'okay'

[Mistake] EEDAR's previous report of %4 of games making a profit was off by %16: 'Woops'

[Guide] How to not get your XBL account hacked: Uh, k.

[Analysts] Analysts pick the losers of Fall 2008:
Yeah, that sounds about right.

[Hint] Homeworld 3 hinted at a possibility: Uh, k.

[Joke] World of Warcraft gets a Atari 2600 port: Haha.

[Retro] Space Invaders Get Even, coming soon: I am guessing this will suck.

[Ads] Massive gets THQ in game ad deal: Uh, k.

[Article] Here's what you need to know about being a pro gamer:
Interesting, I must say...

[PETA] Majesco launches Cake Mania: Wow...

[Flash] DOOM ported to flash:
Uh, k.

[iPhone] New iPod Touches better then iPhones for games: Uh, k.

[Review] Tomb Raider: Underworld kotaku review:
Yep, Uncharted > Tomb Raider.

[Print] Probably the last time a PS2 game will be on a magazine cover: Time sure does fly.

[DLC] Far Cry 2's DLC overpriced: Yeah, I'd say so.

[Wii] Wee update this week brings... Boogerman?:
Didn't that game have really good animation?

[Guide] How much do 360 games take up on the HDD?: Uh, k.

[TV] Microsoft picks up WoW TV show about guilds: EWWWWWWWW!!!!

[LBP] The most interesting LBP levels based on other IPs: It's sad these don't stay around...

[PC] PC web browser to work in game: Interesting.

[Reviewers] Do reviewers understand innovation?: I actually have to agree.

[Dumb] U.S. Army puts $50 million into video games: Why, because no one wants to join the army?

[Article] Here is an article on gaming press:

[Gamestop] GameStop to take up resale with industry after holidays: Why? To not make a scene now?

[Article] 2D vs 3D: Interesting.

[LAN] Rival universities host 24 hour LAN party: Holy crap!

[Article] Gamer guilt?: Uh, k.

[Politics] ECA boss says Lieberman is 'misunderstood': Meh, I still don't like him.

[WoW] World of Warcraft celebrates fourth anniversary: Has it really been that long? I guess so.

[Wii] Columnist: Nintendo also to blame for crappy Wii games: Uh, Yeah! DUH!

[Trailer] Batman: Arkham Asylum debut trailer: That looks really amazing.

[Article] Do you finish games?: Interesting...

[Article] Games industry a broken model?:
perhaps not broken, but not perfect...

Alright, done, so what do you think?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You gotta love rumors


In attendance at the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing held yesterday in London, an anonymous source going by the alias of ‘Legends’ has just tipped us off on all manner of huge PlayStation news. We must make it clear that D+PAD weren’t in attendance, but we have no reason to doubt the validity of Legends’ claims.

Price cuts coming in March, PS3 performing better in Europe than 360
Our source tells us that SCEE President David Reeves took to the stage to discuss the current economic climate and how it shouldn’t affect PlayStation business, though was quick to mention that SCEE will be getting more competitive on price from March 2009 onwards. Our guess is that we’ll be seeing price cuts to PS3 around Easter to tie in with the release of Killzone 2…

Reeves then went on to say that the PS3 has a bigger install base than the 360 in PAL territories, and that the install base gap will significantly increase in 2009. Apparently SCEE is the success story of the SCE divisions, generating more profit than SCEA and SCEJ. 2008 sees it ‘in the black’ in profit our inside man revealed. Apparently there are more technological innovations to come for both PS3 and PSP, but details weren’t disclosed.

Growth of PSN
PSN will be getting much more investment in the future, and having generated £150m in 2008, it’s considered a huge success for Sony. Sony Studio titles will also begin their life with a Blu-ray release and the franchises will be expanded with online content.

LittleBigPlanet & MotorStorm coming to PSP
Our source also confirmed that LittleBigPlanet PSP is definitely in development and that Media Molecule have been working on it for four months. Footage was shown to attendees, though Alex Evans allegedly wasn’t prepared to show it himself because it was such an early build. “It looked good, obviously not PS3 good, but missing the level of detail that you get in a final release” says Legends.

MotorStorm PSP is on the way and ‘target footage’ was shown. No more details on that one.

Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 & God of War 3 info
A 30 second clip of in-game footage of Uncharted 2 was shown displaying Drake being shot at, followed by an explosion. No full title or location was revealed though our source tells us that he did spot a wall with a line of 4 or 5 Aztec masks. Don’t expect a huge graphical leap though - “Looks the same as Uncharted 1, no bad thing”, says our source.

The intro to Killzone 2 was also shown off which “showed the character from the original trailer and a Helghan leader”. “Paints a picture of the world a bit more,” says Legends.

Finally our source revealed that God of War 3 was “masterfully shown at the end”, and that it looked so good our source wasn’t clear whether it was CGI or not!

The trailer showed Kratos wielding his swords and fighting hoards of skeletons and Cyclops’s, before catching a ride on an eagle, and killing it when he got dropped off. The final scene showed Kratos looking up to a long dark, deep cavern, presumed to be Mount Olympus.

“Some of it looked like it could be in-game action because of the camera angles, but it all looked so good that it couldn’t be. CGI or not, everyone was pumped up by this. The anticipation is growing. God of War 3 could be amazing.”

So there you have it. Technological innovations inbound, PS3 price cut early next year, LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm coming to PSP, Uncharted 2 and an “amazing” looking God of War 3. What more could you want?


Saturday News Opinions

*Yawn* News...*Yawn*

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix IGN Review:
Sounds great!

BioShock challenge rooms impressions: Hmm

Lips 360 review: Rock Band > This.

Sony Clarifies 14 million PSN subscribers: Mk.

Chrono Trigger DS Gamespot review: Yeah.... Gimme a PSP version.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts review:
But, it's so bad...?

Watchman in Home?: Home sounds really awesome, too bad my beta code... DOESN'T WORK!!!!

Three new Final Fantasy XI expansion chapters:
I am surprised people still play this...

Suck at Guitar Hero? Do what this guy did, and buy a robot: Oh, wow.

Banjo-Kazooie up on XBL early: Uh, k.

Mall level coming to Left 4 Dead: That is awesome. Like a lot.

DirectX 11 wont pull the 'exclusive' BS: Sounds good to me.

The Last Remnant Gamespot review: Looks fail.

*Yawn* There you go.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday News Opinions

Pre-weekend news, here we go:

Bike Hero clip was actually just an ad: Eh...

Hackers finally conquer the PSP 3000: Noo! More piracy...

1Up's first impressions of NXE: I still think it's completely crap.

1Up team member gets married thanks to Final Fantasy creators:
Crazy. And quite a story...

Free Altair skin for Prince of Persia: That is Awesome.

Ubisoft releasing Far Cry 2 DLC before the end of November: This would effect me more if I owned the game.

Tabula Rasa shutting down in February: Uh, k.

PS3 Holiday sales:
Those are some good deals. :)

Burnout Paradise gets realistic handling vehicle: That's awesome.

Sonic Unleashed 1up review: Hmm.

LocoRoco 2 screens:

Prince of Persia finished: Uh, k.

Rock Back kick pedal sparks lawsuit: Yeah.. Well, at least they fixed it with RB2.

Valkyria Chronicles composer talks about soundtrack:
The demo had great music, I want to hear the rest.

Yakuza 3 trailer:
I never played any of these, they any good?

100,000+ Home beta invites sent out for tonight: Are they sent out already, or are they being sent out? *wants*

Bethesda: We are working on patching Fallout 3 glitches:
Sweet, gj guys!

Jaffe's next game coming before 2011: That's good?

Sony's promising more PS1 games on PlayStation store©: Very good news for me.

Trophies will be in every game 2009 and on: This is great news, great great news.

DiRT 2 to come to PSP as well: Okie dokie.

New Playstation ads: Interesting.

iPhone game guide: Well, there are like 1,700 right?

Only 4% of games make profit - EEDAR: I find this extremely hard to believe...

Kotaku Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm review: Sounds about what I'd expect.

Call of Duty: World at War PC mod tools released: Alright, start getting us some Blood Gulch clones.

GTAIV video editor reminds me of Driver: Driver did it first.

WoW Movie still doesn't have a script writer: uh, ew.

Eidos at it again, trying to fix Metacritic scores: No, no, no, bad Eidos.

The Agency underground, more to be revealed next summer:
Will this ever even come out?

Midway takes another step towards the edge:
They haven't made a game I've been interested in since like HYDRO THUNDER!!!!

Prince of Persia, open world vs linear, voice actors:
I like their choses for voice actors.

Large Hadron Collider guys receive crobar, and get to work: This is so wonderful, you have no idea. Oh goodness.

New Company of Heros expansion pack trailer: I wish I could try this game.

Fighter dropped from UFC because he refusing game deal:
This is really stupid. And I don't give a **** about fighters.

More WoW ads: Hah.

How NXE premium themes look: That's.. okay. Not worth money though.

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry recommends Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: Uh, wow.

GameStop makes $1.69 billion, names best sellers: Sorta surprising.

So, the DSi IS selling..?: I hate how Nintendo can do anything and it will sell, it doesn't matter if it's good or not, hence why I hate them. They make crap.

7-Eleven to sell games year 'round: Cool, I guess.

Rightio, that's the news folks.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Hopefully earlier then yesterday, the news:

Killzone 2 Beta impressions: Why couldn't I get in?! T_T

Konami reveals release date for MEME expansion pack: I WANT THE END'S CAMO!!!!

Half-Life 1 now 98¢ for a time: Jeez.

Microsoft talks digital distribution with GFW:
I don't think they will take any of Steam's marketshare.

Grand Theft Auto IV DLC coming February 17th: Eh....

Activision changes boxart for BAJA after case: Seriously....

Google Lively ending this December: Yeah, I guessed this would be short lived...

WoW expansion pack sells 2.8 million in first day: O_O

ESA president on Obama's election:

Apple Pins it's hope on mobile gaming?:
It's good to see Apple start to like gaming, maybe more games will come out for Macs. :)

Gamestop sales up, profits down:
*Blink* What?

PS3 Trophies mandatory in 2009-on: This is wonderful news! Yes!

Gamespot Left 4 Dead review: Yeah..

LocoRoco LittleBigPlanet DLC out, along with free songs: Love the free content, and the LocoRoco suits, but where are the demos?

Chat with Hellboy director, via Blu-Ray:
Now, THIS is a revolution!

Home version 1.00 out for beta players now!:
I want Home so bad, so so so bad. And it's so close and yet so far...

Square-Enix looking into PSN development: Give us FF remakes, or at least PS1 Classics of them...

Meh sounding PSN game coming:
I dunno, that really just doesn't sound that great..

Sony reveals 33 titles for Japan's adhoc party: That sounds really good, I wonder what titles will support it in the US? I hope for Burnout Legends, Battlefront II, Me and My Katamari, and Gitaroo-Man Lives! Out of what I own.

European PlayStation Store update includes LocoRoco 2 demo: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMOMG!!!

Firmware 5.02 out today:
Uh, k.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix pricing announced: Right inbetween what I thought!

Italian boy is "addicted to Playstation": Whaaat?

iPhone MMO gets discount, release date: heh..

Print version of EGM may be on it's way out: Yeah....

Avatars get first paid themes:

More funny WoW ads:
Heh, nothing will beat the Mr. T one.

Latest SWG update adds Hoth battles:

Kotaku Animal Crossing Wii review: Meh.

Gamestop Black Friday deals leaked: Oh, nice, $25 4GB PSP stick, $4 for UMD movies? Want.

Vexed by Online bigots' language? Psychologists say they want you to be: Isn't that the point? *sigh*..... XBL is so terrible sometimes.

PETA beats a dead horse, and asks for veggie mama: THOU FOOLZ!

Terminator game promises to be a good movie game: It wont be.

Judge bans teen from playing games for murdering cat: Does this make sense to you?

What game should Capcom remake next?:

Jack Thompson pays up the $42,525.27 he owes:
Oh, wow.

Left 4 Dead frankenreview:

Audio only stealth game?: Wait, what?

HYPERCUBE is 3D Tetris: Wow, interesting.

If you never turn on your PS3, you will save yourself $15: Oh, okay.

SimCity coming to iPhone:
This is a really good idea.

Xbox 360 sales hit 7 million in Europe: Gj MS.

Lamest Wii controller holders yet, boxing gloves: Eww....

46% Of shoppers looking to buy consoles on black Friday: Yeah, well, it's Christmas.

Video of all Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe fatalities in the game:
Uh, k.

LittleBigPlanet getting Resistance costumes next: Very nice. Get me some PaRappa in there too.

Microsoft actively working to fix hiccups:
If they weren't people would be angry.

GTA IV buss ads are back: *Sigh*

"Exclusive" MGS4 "Limited" Edition PS3 winds up at walmart for cheaper: Exclusive hardly means anything anymore.

Black Mesa Source looks amazing: Wow, that really does look amazing.

PC version of Mirror's Edge contains better physics: That looks pretty!

There yee goes!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yahtzee post of the week

This week's Yahtzee:


hahahahaahahah yay!

Wednesday News Opinions

It's cold here, and the news....

Animal Crossing Wii vs DS comparison video: When your console prints money, you get lazy?

Dragon Quest IX = You can break pots again: Having never played the series, I just laughed at the news title.

Avatar clothes packs coming for Xbox 360 for next 6 months: You know, after trying the 'New Xbox Experience', I really don't like it, it's harder to find your way around then the dashboard, and what's with the avatars? You can't make your avatars NOT look like d*****s....

Fable II announcement pushed back due to NXE:
Uh, k.

Sony ordered to pay $18.5 million due to patent infringement case:
*Sigh* Suing and the video gamer industry....

Today's News Pick: Capcom confirms SSFIITHR for next week:

Bungie: Don't install Halo 3: Wait, whaat?

Microsoft again messes up with pre order codes: Oh, common M$....

Castlevania game for Wii = Crap:
1Up review.

Tomb Raider Underworld 1up review: Uncharted > Tomb Raider.

IGN thinks the Castlevania game for Wii isn't as s*** as it is: Just one of those times...

Naruto 360 game review: Meh, after seeing Ultimate Ninja Storm, I don't think I will be ever trying any other Naruto games.

IGN Sonic Unleashed Wii review: So, about what I expected.

Nintendo: Third Parties 'don't get it': Pfft.

Dead Rising wins copyright case: See, what did I say?

12 Free online games: I've only heard of 4? Of these.. upgrade taking a step in the right direction: This is very good to see, :)

Creat studio's 3 PSN games: "meh"

AFRIKA coming to US: Sweet!

The struggles of selling a new IP:
It's sad that people are buying Guitar Hero: World Tour over LittleBigPlanet....

Dissidia's communication mode detailed: I wish it had infrastructure, but alas....

PSP Brite no longer hacker proof: *Sigh* This is why no games are coming out on the PSP....

Ratchet & Clank PSP 3000 bundle includes black PSP 3000, and PSP Everyday Shooter:
*Want*... :(

BioShock PS3 DLC coming tomorrow: Uh, cool. The content sounds great, but the price sucks.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue running at 2160p, 240fps: Wow, that must be quite a sight....

Cop pulls over man, confiscates xbox:
They can be sued for that....

MMO coming to iPhone:
There needs to be more portable MMOs...

Until midnight Half-Life 1 for 98¢:
O Hax.

DiRT 2 announced: Good thing they didn't go with GRID 2.

Some 360 themes not as beautiful as promised: "woops"

Hardware hackers getting close to hacking DSi:
*Sigh* Hackers...

Cooking Mama responds to PETA: Just say "You guys are dorks"

Obama's Net neutrality guy plays WoW: I like that gamers are gaining power. :)

Study: PC Gaming is largest market: Not for sales... Watch as games sell like crap on PC.

Kotaku Need For Speed: Undercover review: Ew....

Wheelman out in February 2009: This looks pretty bad, I'm sorry... Also it comes out the same month as Killzone 2.

How to show off your xbox live avatars: Lawl.

World's Fastest PC runs Crysis at 60FPS: HOLY ****!!!

King of Fighters XII coming to consoles: Are these games any good? Never played any.

Frets on Fire for the blind:

Sony talks LittleBigPlanet PSP: Pretty much confirmed.

Wii turns two...: The picture pretty much sums it up.

And there you have it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Sorry I'm so late, the news:

Epic working on patch to fix matchmaking in Gears of War 2:
Uh, k.

Sonic Unleashed delayed for 360, PS3 date "December": I just want a demo.

World at War initial sales double Call of Duty 4's in UK: Eh....

Nintendo has plans to build an online community: A little late, Nintendo...

Xbox adding system to order games online:
Uh, k.

New Xbox Experience "a new dawn in home entertainment":
Uh... eh...

PSN = Same amount of players as XBL: Well, that's surprising...

Sony discusses LittleBigPlanet on PSP, as well as Guitar Hero, and Rock Band PSP:

1Up Left 4 Dead review:

1Up Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe review: Ehh...

IGN Need For Speed: Undercover review: Oh, well, the game sucks, I thought it might.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix releasing next week:

Tecmo-Koei merge to close by April: Eh.

Game market doing well: Nation Geographic charts games division: Yeah......

O M G ! LittleBigPlanet DLC is ultra cute!:

Half of PS3 owners own a PSP as well: I'm in there!

SOE: The Agency is not canceled: Uh, I didn't know people thought it was...

Analyst: Recession could effect the PS3 sales most: It wouldn't surprise me.

Firmware 5.02 for PSP out 'soon': Uh, k.

More Guitar Hero arcade info: Hmm.

GTA IV coming to steam: Yeah...

Not enough Wii-Fits to go around this holiday season:

EA kills studio you've never heard of, gives you Bloom blox sequel: Uhhhhhhhhh, okay.

Xbox 360 Netflix offerings gutted from colombia pictures movies: Uh, k.

MGS2 Bande Dessinee on DVD: Yes, but what about a release for US?

Mobile games market has flatlined:
With the PSP, DS, and iPhone, who needs other cell phone games?

Play with Jack Play and Kyle Glass on Rock Band 2:

Xbox Live channels remind of Wii:
Uh, k.

iPhone game creator got $250,000 in first 2 months: Holy moly.

Left 4 Dead kotaku review: I like that it's cheep, but still, I kind of agree with the con.

PopCap games can go to hell: *shakes head*

Frankenreview: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: Eh..

Top 7 faceless game announcers: lawl.

Good Old Games gets Unreal:
You know, I really like Good old Games, they just need mac versions....

Azure Palace restored to LBP: Good.

Ultimate Band, meh: Ah....

Cops blaming video game for crap young drivers: What about the ones that are saving the world? Why can't we say McCain is only a hero because he played Pong?

2 Developers sue the recently defunct Brash for now paying up: *sigh*

EA locked 2K out from making football games?: D*** move....

Guitar Hero: World Tour not selling as well as Guitar Hero III: After the negative response to III.....

First concept art for Dues Ex 3: Uh, k.

Killzone 2 beta footage: My computer isn't letting me watch them, so you lucky ****s, have fun. :P

Latest Wii update trying to block homebrew: Wont work.

Halo MMO original given green light: That might be a good idea.

New Xbox Experience going out to people early, but only signed up people: Uh, k.

More Halo 3: Recon details, this sounds better then initially planned: That actually sounds pretty interesting.

Square-Enix searching for US dev studio: SQUARE-ENIX+ROCKSTAR! :P J/k by the way.

SEGA planning new OutRun game?: Uh, k.

Google maps, Fallout 3 edition: Heh, nice.

And there you have it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday News Opinions

Aha, the weekend is over and now there is a lot more news

Microsoft launches new online store: Too bad the prices suck.

Xbox Live should be fixed now: Good, I got disconnected a few times last night.

Price of Persia DLC to be significant:
Well, if you are going to do DLC that's the way.

Atari not dead yet: Jeez...

New Wii update brings on the Dangeresque: I want to try that.

PETA.... Just, wow..: This is why I can never think of them as anything but screwed up.

Rare wants to shake up the genres, ends up making crap: Everyone I know has said the newer Rare games have blown.

Wii not getting Hendrix DLC: Wii to me often seems like a last gen console, not because of the graphics, but because it seems to be missing major features, such as a Harddrive.

RUMOR: Guitar Hero coming to arcades: That's not actually a terrible idea.

World of Warcraft expansions to keep coming for foreseeable future:
Not surprising.

RUMOR: Next GTA to be subscription based?: Then I would never try the game.

1Up Animal Crossing: City Folk review: Ehhh...

Halo Wars preview:

IGN Left 4 Dead review: After playing the demo it seemed pretty good.

IGN Animal Crossing: City FLinkolk review:

Quantum of Solace review: Nice.

PS3Fanboy's Valkria Chronicles review:
I really really need this game.

Metal Gear Online: MEME expasion pack coming this week, $10:
I'll need to get this at some point, but please Konami, that's too expensive.

RUMOR: Cryptic porting MMOs to PS3?: Uh, k.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe review: Yeah, meh.

Guitar Praise trailer: I am not watching this. It will make me mad.

Pikachu collector is scary: Ewwww....

Yesterday the PS3 turned 2: Happy birthday too you, happy-fine, I'll shut it.

Lucas Arts "optimistic" about Star Wars: the Old Republic: Yeah, they'd better be....

And that's the news for today!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday news opinions

The news my friends.

Resistance: Retribution preview: Sweet!

Insomniac's Ted Price, (The smartest man in the industry) sees benefits of Multiplatform: No duh, you are blind if you don't.

Street Fighter IV coming February 17th, in NA/EUR: Very nice.

SALES: Guitar Hero: World Tour didn't crack top 10:
Well, no one I know bought it.

Mirror's Edge reviews find it to be great fun, but also having problems: Well, not surprising, it's a original concept.

Gears Of War 2 "Lived up to hype": Uh..... I heard it's pretty much like "Gears 1.5" Is that living up to hype?

Valve starts deal, all Valve games for $100: Wow..

Wii Music doesn't continue to sell well: *Laughs at the worthless game*

Battlefield Heros misses 2008, will make 2009:
This game will be awesome.

Next PixelJunk game not coming for quite some time:
Ah, that's a shame PixelJunk Monsters = One of the best games ever made.

Burnout Paradise gets monster trucks: Woot!

Black Friday deal has $30 Dualshock 3:
Sweet, I might have to get one.

PS3 is the strongest next gen console, physically: Heh.

Offical Killzone 2 boxart for UK: Wow, sweet!

First look at Prince of Persia movie: Uh, k.

Turkish man pulls a Solid Snake: hahahahahahahahahahahah

Left 4 Dead teases Team Fortress 2 class: Interesting.

Real Pirates stopping Nintendo games from getting through seas: Wait, what?

Sony attempts to attract more girls to video gaming, with G.I.R.L.:
Not the way you do it....

Classic Atari joystick goes USB:
Hahaha, I remember those.

Fable II Special Edition DLC codes finally going out: Took long enough.

Kotaku Tom Clancy's EndWar review: Meh..

Hydrophobia, a water based game coming out:

All metal music game coming: Uh, k.

Blizzard trying to get back old WoW players: *sigh*

Codemasters acquires 50 Cent game developer:

27 Hours after it launches, WoW expansion pack has it's first level 80: Wow... uh, wow...

Mother and son arrested in R4 piracy bust: Oh, okay.

50 Cent game gameplay: *sigh*

Next Xbox Original: Zapper: Ew.

Halo: The Complete Soundtrack:
I suppose it's a good deal, but a bit late.

Japan's gaming market is declining: T_T

Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles not canceled:
Uh, k.

Miyamoto a broken record: Uh, odd.

Nintendo: No price cuts on Wii or DS: It's not like they need to.

Radio Shack "Does it wrong": Omg hahahahahahahah

Brash Entertainment dies: Uh, k.

Home's open beta release date: Soon.

Companies worried about christmas shopping: Yeah...

Rock Band special edition slashed down to $130: Jeez, I'll need to get it at some point.

RUMOR: LittleBigPlanet on PSP: I wonder....

Microsoft: Xbox 360 install base to pass original Xbox this month: So, all the people that bought Halo 2, bought Halo 3, surprise?

New Bionic Commando trailer: Uh, k.

Fable II sells well in first month, Peter is pleased:

90% of World of Goo installs are pirated copies: Holy ****!

Playboy model: Guitar Hero: World Tour is a Rock Band ripoff: hah

Nintendo eyes user created content:

Astroids world record set 25 years ago:
Wow, WTF.

Valve tried to lure out hacker with fake job interview:
Uh, wow, that's interesting.

Economic crisis could kill Blu-Ray:
I dunno, I've started to hear people talk about wanting Blu-Ray that I wouldn't have expected...

And there you go!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday-Wednesday news opinions

I'm back... again, so let's get this out of our way.

Analysts expect big industry growth over October, due to loads of new releases:
Uh, yeah.

LittleBigPlanet getting MotorStorm DLC:
hahahah, that's awesome, but over priced.

Famitsu The Last Remnant review: I dunno, I kinda don't trust them after a few reviews of their's I've seen.

Famitsu Animal Crossing review: Doesn't that sum up Nintendo? "No Major Changes"

Microsoft bans a "Small number" of modded 360 users from XBL: Pfft, modded console owners modding online are such ****s.

Square-Enix teams up with Gas Power Games:

Best Buy: This is the most difficult economic climate we've ever seen:
Sadly this is no surprise...

Xbox Live arcade gets 3 new 'meh' games:
That is, unless you pre ordered Banjo.

Gears of War 2 sells 2 Million+ units: *sigh*

Square-Enix teases gamers with Bahamut countdown: Hmm.

1up Call of Duty: World at War review:
Hmmm, meh.

1up Mirror's Edge review:
Sweet, must buy.

IGN Call of Duty: World at War review:
Hmm, Not my cup of tea.

IGN Mirror's Edge review: Still must buy for me.

IGN UK Mirror's Edge review: I want it!

IGN AU Mirror's Edge review: I still want this game quite a lot.

Richard Garriott leaves NCsoft: Uh, k.

Rock Band sells 7 Million: It deserves it.

ESRB gets descriptive: I dunno if this is quite a good idea...

Gamespot Mirror's Edge review: *Still want*

Far Cry 2 ships over a million copies: Crazy.

Famitsu reveals Yakuza 3 details: I never played any of these, but considering what people say about them, I should at some point.

White Knight Chronicles TGS 08 trailer: This game will sell well.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix trailer: This is awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles anime starting next spring in Japan: Wow, now I want to play this more.

PAIN expansion coming this thursday: I see, how interesting.

Video of Insomniac's Community day: Insomniac = The next Bungie.

Gene Simmons guitar controller out now:
*Sigh* Why?

Mirror's Edge DLC coming early 2009: Sweet.

PS3Fanboy's Mirror's Edge review: *Want*

Fat Princess coming in 2009: Not surprising.

SCEE exec explains why the most risks are taken from first party games: I agree.

How many polygons make Naruto look good?:

Capcom explains Sony's approval process: Uhuh.

EGM gets Watchman game preview: Mk.

Age of Booty coming to PSN this week:
Uh, k.

Dead Space receives lots of weapon DLC: Meh, good idea, but it should be free.

Sony promises better moderation system for LBP: Good.

LittleBigPlanet has a game breaking glitch.... if you make a spinning wheel of death:

Resistance 2 easter egg gives props to MGS4:
Hah, nice.

Hovering car coming to Burnout: Paradise as DLC:

Rock Band Track Pack 2 coming December 17th:
Uh, k.

Folding at home gets 'Good design' award: Uh, cool.

EGM Rumors: Disney LBP DLC: Wouldn't be too surprising.

Burn Zombie Burn coming to PSN early next year:
Hehe. :)

Third European LBP trailer revealed: :)

One more Mirror's Edge trailer:
I'll just wait until I have the game.

Sony get AdHoc party beta started in Japan: Good idea, very very good idea.

Crisis Core sells almost 2 million: I completely understand after playing quite a bit of the game.

Only 35% of PSP owners use their PSP for music:
I'm in the minority!

Cloud finally shown off in Dissidia:

Apple VP says PSP is past, iPod is future: Nahhh...

Capcom PlayStation© storefront coming tomorrow:

Foundation founded in dead gamer's memory: I'm sorry for his family.

Epic Games catches modder/pirate: Wow, this guy isn't the smartest.

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades trailer: Uh....

Kotaku Mirror's Edge review:

Need for Speed: Undercover iPhone pictures:
Nice graphics.

Gears of War 2 Frankenreview:

RUMOR: Take-Two considering subscription based GTA/BioShock:
Ew. Ew. Ew.

Postal III a big hit at random comic convention:
Uh, ew.

Kotaku Call of Duty: World at War review: Uh, k.

GTAIV/Chinatown Wars may be delayed:
Care-O-Meter is reading zero captain!

WOOPS: Jump scans spoil Square-Enix' countdown: Ewwwww.

Sony speaks out on LittleBigPlanet moderation: Mhm.

Halo 3: Recon 3-5 hours long, not a $60 title: They got one thing right...

Blizzard talks about NEXT MMO: Heh, expect to see it... before the turn of the century.

Sonic Unleashed delayed due to manufacturing, not quality: Ah, gotcha.

Square-Enix's Dissidia PSP boxart: Wow, nice.

A person got his car into Gran Turismo:
That must have cost a few dollars....

Team Sonic are good at listening to criticism, however, they still make dog****: *rolls eyes*

Blizzard: We are not milking you on StarCraft II: I dunno, I find this kind of hard to believe, mostly due to the fact that they merged with... *shudders* Activision......

EA officially going after Wii Sports.... With "EA Sports Active":
EA stumbles on the way out the door.....

Microsoft revamps Games for Windows Live:

2D Mirror's Edge is... Awesome?: Interesting...

Nintendo going after used games: No.... Fail..

RUMOR: Sega drops Silicon Knight's unannounced game: *shrugs*

Microsoft plans to compete with Steam: Riiiight....

Halo 3: Recon exposed in new GI: I'll wait for scans. :P

inFAMOUS may be short, but sweet:
I just hope they are right.

Uwe Boll losing money on more then just films: Haw.

And that's the news.