Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

Since I haven't gotten any feedback, I will continue to use the tags for now..

[DLC] Fallout 3 mod kit and DLC announced:
The mod kit should have been there for launch. Where is the PS3 DLC?

[PR] Sony denys March price cut: This means nothing, they wouldn't confirm it now if it had been leaked, because they want holiday sales. However, if that leak was false they'd say the same thing...

[Article] 90% of compulsive gamers are not addicts: Uh, k.

[Delay] SSF2THR delayed in the U.K.: :( Sorry Europe...

[Date] Skate 2 gets release date:
Meh. I still think Skate 1 sucked.

[Delay] Tom Clancy's HAWX delayed further into 2009: Hmm

[GH/RB] Guitar Hero, and Rock Band is turning gamers in musicians: Heh, I'm not surprised.

[Installs] Killzone 2 does NOT require an installation: This makes me day, great news!

[Halo] Halo 3: Recon renamed Halo 3: ODST: Eh, that sounds a lot worse, I'm sorry Bungie.

[Review] Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix 1up review: Must buy.

[GTA] GTA IV PC multiplayer preview:
Meh, GTA..

[Movie] Wolverine movie trailer dated: I wonder if this game will be any good... Probably not.

[Article] Has Nintendo abandoned the Hardcore: Yes.

[PSN] PlayStation Store© update: Woot! SSF2THR!

[MGO] Metal Gear Online update 1.20 out now, includes new game modes: MEME! Bah I want it.

[Trophies] Sonic Unleashed trophies:
Uh, k.

[Beta] Killzone 2 beta ends this sunday: *Cries* I didn't get in...

[Firmware] PS3 firmware 2.53 coming November 26th: Uh, I see?

[Sony] A look into PlayStation India: Uh, k.

[PSN] PSP PlayStation Store© update: PSP Everyday shooter trailer! Woot. I just want the real thing.

[Sony] Sony: 'Piracy is trending down right now': Probably because no PSP games have been coming out.

[PSN] European PSP PlayStation Store© update: It's cool that Super Stardust Portable is out, but I think Everyday shooter is better.

[Ironic] Music industry man dismisses video game industry, then later helps with GH: A: Hahah.

[Glitch] Wii version of Tomb Raider Underworld contains glitch that can make the game unplayable: "Woops"

[Review] Skate It Kotaku review: Yeah, meh.

[Kotaku] Tomb Raider Underworld Frankenreview: I dunno, meh.

[Wii] Wii-Speak will be tradable: Well, I guess Nintendo realized that would have been a terrible idea.

[OST] Too Human soundtrack on iTunes now:
Uh, nice? Didn't it suck though?

[GH] Red Octane starts Black Friday deals early: Uh, not bad, but still..

[WoW] WoW girl gives WoW dating tips: ...The F***?

[RPG] More info on White Knight Chronicles: This game sounds amazing.

[Mods] Someone was bothered by the disk tray of the 360, uses iMac slot loading drive: Heh, that's silly.

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