Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday-Saturday News Opinions

The small amount of news that's happened over the holidays.

[Violence] Video game voice actor caught by 3 bullets, recovering now: Hope he recovers soon.

[Strange] Seaman spin-off iPhone bound: Hahah, that's really strange.

[DLC] Epic releases Gears of War 2 patch:
Sweet I guess.

[GameStop] GameStop defends resale market: Uh, k.

[Soundtrack] OC ReMix offers SSF2THR soundtrack for free: Uh, sweet.

[Review] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2) 1up review: I can't wait. :)

[Interview] Persona 4 Q&A: Never played, then any good?

[Review] WoW: WotLK IGN review: Ewwww....

[Review] Fable II OST review: Uh, k.

[Rumor] Assassin's Creed 2 to take place during French revolution?: Interesting..

[Europe] For once in terms of video games, Europe doesn't get shafted, PSN website upgrade: Nice.

[DLC] Burnout Paradise DLC island detailed: Neat :P I still need to buy the game in general.

[Whaat?] Destroy all Humans PS3 version coming out in Europe: Wait, whaaat?

[Delay] SOCOM: Confrontation delayed in Europe, probably a good thing: Considering the state the game was in when it came out stateside?

[FFVII] Dissidia battle: Could vs Sephiroth: Epic.

[Cute] European PlayStation Store© update includes LocoRoco 2: Awwww!

[Rumor] Imagination technologies and Sony team up for PSP2: Intersting.

[Joke] Desert Bus marathon again to start up!: This is just so awesome.

[Sales] Japan is buying consoles for the season:

[Joke] Pulp Fiction meets Team Fortress: Uh, k.

[Wii] Excite Truck devs working on a super secret game for Wii: *Tries not to laugh at them*

[Demo] Command and Conquer demo comes to XBL: Someone try it and let me know if it's any good.

[Piracy] GTA IV for PC will have that horrible copy protection that everyone hates:

[Insult] Original Resident Evil creator doesn't like RE5: Uh, okay...

[Concept] New Midway game to look better the Gears of War 2:
Crazy, it better come to PS3.

[PC] Acclaim unveils free browser based rock game: Wow, uh alright...

[Ad] Resistance 2 Ad is crazy: Wow, this is amazing.

[PC] AMD: PC market is ok!: Uh, not really.

[Sales] Top selling PSP/DS games in america: Eh.....

[Wii] Capcom talks Wii version of games: Yup, That's the truth.

[Ninja] A game called Ninja Blade coming January: Uh, k.

[Date] Yakuza 3 dated: Uh, cool.

[Video] Fanmade Zelda movie trailer: Skipped over it and it looked so bad.

[PR] Square-Enix doesn't think that FFXIII being on 360 is a betrayal: Except to all those people who bought a PS3 for FFXIII alone....

[Print] Another gaming magazine, NRevolution goes under: Sounds like a crap magazine anyways.

[iPhone] Zombie FPS is coming to iPhone: How will *this* work...

[Kotaku] Skate It frankenreview: Yeah, ew.

[Review] The Last Remnant Kotaku review:

[GTA] What does GTA IV's amount of trade ins mean for it's DLC?:
I don't care :P

[Home] Home director still says that it will be out before 2009:

[PR] Microsoft: This gaming generation will be long: One would hope, it feels like last week I got my PS3....

[Japan] 78 Year old Japanese man loves western FPSes:
Sounds like hell is freezing over, hear that?

[Sales] Microsoft had biggest sales week ever in Europe: Uh, k.

[Nintendo] Nintendo: We've had a new logo for 2 years: Maybe the fact that it's a color swap makes it hard to tell...

[Sony] Sony to release official DualShock/Headset charger: Uh, k.

[Anime] Professor Layton gets Anime:
Heh, awesome, I will probably check it out.

[GameStop] GameStop has a week's supply of Wiis: Uh, k.

[Date] Resident Evil 5 pushed forward a week in Japan:
Good job Japan.

[GameStop] GameStop: We don't see Digital Downloads as a threat: Good for you, but it just means you are ignoring the inevitable.

[DS] Capcom cautious on DSi development:
A smart thing to be.

[SEGA] The Dreamcast turns 10 today: Ah yes, yee old Dreamcast.

[Sony] School uses PSPs to help deaf kids: Uh, cool.

And there you go.

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