Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday-Monday News Opinions

I added tags today, let me know what you think.

Anyways, Sunday had almost no news, so I didn't do one of these..

[Gran Turismo] PSP Gran Turismo still moving forwards: Really...? You think we'll see it someday? Naw.

[Demo] Red Alert 3 PC demo out now: Is this game any good?

[Demo] Deadspace demo coming to both PS3 and 360: Cool, I guess, though I don't think I'll play it.

[Suing] Harmonix responds to kickpedal lawsuit: Yeah, I agree.

[DLC] First Fable Free and Paid DLC detailed: Uh, k.

[Delay] Star Ocean: The Second Evolution delayed:
Meh, Star Ocean.. Meh..

[Obvious] 7-Eleven not breaking street dates anymore: Yeah, I saw this coming.

[Idiot] XNA developer says that downloadable games are underpriced: The problem with his logic, is that if you raise the price, less people will buy it. I am not going to pay $10 for shovelware, if they want to make money, make a game that's more then just a time killer, and actually something you will remember.

[Jaffe] David Jaffe names Gears of War 2 his GOTY, and says God of War III will be better:
Good ol' Jaffe.

[Review] Alone in the Dark: Inferno 1up review:
Sounds better then the 360 version. :P

[Video] 1up video special on Evolution Studios, creators of MotorStorm:
Uh, k.

[Review] Chrono Trigger DS 1up review: I am still saddened over this. even if it is good. Make a new one, or remake this, not port it.

[Rumor] Metal Gear Solid 4 extended ending coming: I dunno, this sounds a little suspect, but at the same time, possible?

[Review] The Last Remnant IGN review: That sounds really, really bad.

[Review] Resistance 2 IGN AU review: I do want this game, but I need some better split screen games first... I don't have enough of those.

[Feature] IGN: PS3 two years later: That sounds about right, Sony has come a long way.

[Videos] LocoRoco-like iPhone game looks amazing: That looks like a Killer App to me.

[Sales] Fable II sells 1.5 million:

[Rumor] PS3 price getting more competitive March?:
Possible, not sure right now.

[Rumor] Gearbox drops Aliens game?:
Uh, k.

[PSN] Soldner-X arrives on PlayStation© Store December 4th:
Meh, I still think the game doesn't look that great...

[Early] PS3 wireless chatpad available at early: Still fugly.

[GH/RB] GH: WT Drums now work with Rock Band 2:
Uh, sweet.

[Awesome] A recap of the Blu-Ray live event with Hellboy director: There'd better be more of these.

[Deals] Here are some Black Friday deals:
I like the $30 Dualshock IIIs, and Burnout Paradise for $20.

[Hideo] Hideo Kojima gets lifetime achievement award: He deserves it.

[Cameo] Final Fantasy XI character showing up in Dissidia?: That's awesome :)

[Award] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core gets MTV's best handheld game of the year award: It deserved it.

[Cute] Japanese Patapon 2 trailer: Haha, that's awesome.

[Joke] Homebrew PSP app makes PSP pretend to be bricked: Heh. :P

[Strange] Tales of game gets it's own Curry: Whaat?

[Celebrity] Movie director: 'GTA IV was 2008 moment that mattered': I love that games are geeting more mainstream for some reasons, like not having it be a geeky thing anymore.

[Japan] Even Japan knows it's gaming market is declining:
I still think this is sad.

[Article] What's wrong with games PR these days: I think I can just say "Halo 3" and leave it at that.

[Idiot] Pirate makes £180,000, gets caught:

[Pretty] Godfather II screens show pretty explosions: Pretty... Too bad the game will probably be 'okay'

[Mistake] EEDAR's previous report of %4 of games making a profit was off by %16: 'Woops'

[Guide] How to not get your XBL account hacked: Uh, k.

[Analysts] Analysts pick the losers of Fall 2008:
Yeah, that sounds about right.

[Hint] Homeworld 3 hinted at a possibility: Uh, k.

[Joke] World of Warcraft gets a Atari 2600 port: Haha.

[Retro] Space Invaders Get Even, coming soon: I am guessing this will suck.

[Ads] Massive gets THQ in game ad deal: Uh, k.

[Article] Here's what you need to know about being a pro gamer:
Interesting, I must say...

[PETA] Majesco launches Cake Mania: Wow...

[Flash] DOOM ported to flash:
Uh, k.

[iPhone] New iPod Touches better then iPhones for games: Uh, k.

[Review] Tomb Raider: Underworld kotaku review:
Yep, Uncharted > Tomb Raider.

[Print] Probably the last time a PS2 game will be on a magazine cover: Time sure does fly.

[DLC] Far Cry 2's DLC overpriced: Yeah, I'd say so.

[Wii] Wee update this week brings... Boogerman?:
Didn't that game have really good animation?

[Guide] How much do 360 games take up on the HDD?: Uh, k.

[TV] Microsoft picks up WoW TV show about guilds: EWWWWWWWW!!!!

[LBP] The most interesting LBP levels based on other IPs: It's sad these don't stay around...

[PC] PC web browser to work in game: Interesting.

[Reviewers] Do reviewers understand innovation?: I actually have to agree.

[Dumb] U.S. Army puts $50 million into video games: Why, because no one wants to join the army?

[Article] Here is an article on gaming press:

[Gamestop] GameStop to take up resale with industry after holidays: Why? To not make a scene now?

[Article] 2D vs 3D: Interesting.

[LAN] Rival universities host 24 hour LAN party: Holy crap!

[Article] Gamer guilt?: Uh, k.

[Politics] ECA boss says Lieberman is 'misunderstood': Meh, I still don't like him.

[WoW] World of Warcraft celebrates fourth anniversary: Has it really been that long? I guess so.

[Wii] Columnist: Nintendo also to blame for crappy Wii games: Uh, Yeah! DUH!

[Trailer] Batman: Arkham Asylum debut trailer: That looks really amazing.

[Article] Do you finish games?: Interesting...

[Article] Games industry a broken model?:
perhaps not broken, but not perfect...

Alright, done, so what do you think?

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