Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! WHEN YOU GET BACK READ THIS! (*Ahem* That is if you live in America)

Gears of War creator: Go vote: DO IT!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix finally finished, coming this month?: YAY!!!!! Finally!

Street Fighter IV Console ports: February in Japan: Sweet, just gimme a demo.

Circuit City closing 155 stores:
It does look like they are going down...

Nintendo president doesn't agree with hardware price drops:
I have to give him the fact that his reason makes sense.

Microsoft cut half of NXE experience:

A million people have signed up for Metal Gear Online:
That's surprising... Like 600 people online tops..

Red Alert 3 still in production for PS3:
Good news for PS3 owners.

1up Quantum of Solace review: Eh...

IGN Tom Clancy's: Endwar review: Meh.

BioShock PS3 DLC preview:

Bethesda: Fallout 3 PS3 will have trophies:

LittleBigWorkShop helps people make levels:
That's quite interesting.

DEFLECTED: Image importing not coming to LBP: Aww, that's quite a shame, but it makes sense.

SOCOM: Confrontation team working on next patch, includes trophies: Couldn't you have waited and released it when it was done?

Itagaki-less Team Ninja says PS3 has most potential: Yeah, now that they are not M$-funded.

Alone in the Dark: Inferno coming to UK November 14th, 18th in America:

Sony launching Shoot! Short films this November:
Uh, k.

Valkyria Chroncles out, now, DLC on the way:
I want this game... And like 9001 more.

Fable II Kotaku review: Uh, k.

Kotaku LittleBigPlanet frankenreview: Lowest score: 90. That's the best I've ever seen in a franken review.

Final Mirror's Edge story trailer:
I'll just wait till I have a copy of the game to watch anything more.

PETA praises SEGA for monkey loving:
You read that right...

Resistance 2 Launch screens: *Want*

Halo Wars gameplay: A demo plz.

PC sales charts: Hmm.

How Angelina Jolie explains game violence to her kids: This is pretty cool.

Epic president: Xbox winning online battle:
Yep, but I will take my free online over paying for XBL.

Wall Street Journal to Disney: Buy EA:
Uh, meh.

There are over 1,700 iPhone games: Jeez.

So, have you voted yet?

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