Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday-Monday news opinions

Have a good weekend? Anyways, the news.

Guitar Hero drum tuning app out:
*Sigh* You need to buy a cord to fix their mistake?

New details on downloadable DSi games:
Meh, I think it sounds okay, just because of pricing. (It would be worse otherwise)

Harmonix Beatles game to have 45 songs:
45 Songs isn't that much, but if you're talking about only one band, it is quite a bit.

Vending machines selling PS3 games in UK: That's awesome, but I can't see it doing well.

TIME: Spore is on top 50 inventions of '08:
Uh... I guess it wasn't a good year for inventions.

New Company of Heros expansion coming:

BioShock DLC priced, dated, and is overpriced:
$10 for 3 puzzle rooms? Whatttt? Portal costs $10 in some stores....

Unannounced EA game based on Dante's inferno movie rights picked up: Shouldn't you, you know, wait, and see if it's any good?

Updated 1up SOCOM review:
It's good it was patched, but seriously, don't release a game in that state...

1up Gears of War 2 review: Mhm.

IGN Gears of War 2 review: Mhm.

IGN UK Gears of War 2 review:
This sounds about what I think it will be like when I play it.

Mirror's Edge preview: After playing the demo of this game, it's a must buy.

Quantum of Solace movie review: I still need to see the first.... I know, I know...

Quantum of Solace game review: Ah, worse then I thought it would be.

IGN Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm review:
About what I thought.

Hellboy 2 Blu-Ray review:
Cool, I'll need to see it.

Metal Gear Solid 4 prints Konami money:

Why Sony is selling music videos on 360, but not PS3?: Wait, what?

Image importing coming to LittleBigPlanet before christmas:

New Resistance 2 trailer: :)

20 Minutes of Heavy Rain: Wow, I'll have to watch this at some point.

A good week for PS3 owners:
No longer can it be said that the PS3 doesn't have any games.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm has an install: That almost makes me not want to get it. Enough with instals.

New CG resident Evil movie coming to UMD in Japan: It's a good idea.

Kotaku Far Cry 2 review:

THQ closing 5 studios:
That's what happens when you make crap games.

Study: Violent video games make kids more aggressive: Studies, did I hear a conflicting study a few months back..?

Proof that LittleBigPlanet is just ****ing awesome: I can't imagine how this was programmed, but jeez.

Why the Beatles are with MTV, and not Activision: *rolls eyes*

Great short film, done on.... a gameboy?: Wow, just wow.

Telltale designer on Strong Bad, episodic gaming: Mk.

Peter Molyneux on Fable II: Uh, k.

The difference between 'gamer girls', and 'females gamers': Games like LittleBigPlanet attract more females then all the shooters that come out, I'd say.

Why Gordon Freeman shouldn't talk: Uh, k.

First 5 minutes of Left 4 Dead:
Not in time for Halloween.

Sony might be abandoning Circuit City: This is really interesting.

Microsoft trying to use LBP bandwagon: *Shakes head*

Achievements, Trophies, and now Triumphs, and Standings: Ah, k.

Rock band getting more non-american songs: Goodstuff

Safty Tip: Don't microwave your DS: Lowl.

EA takes a wallstreet hit, other publishers to follow:

The DSi launch: Yeah.......

Resistance 2 takes 420 hours to 100%: Well, you get your band for your buck.

Playstation Home article: I want.

No Xbox 360 price-cut in UK for many years: They don't need to though.

Skate 2 release date revealed: Uh, k.

DSi to stop flash cards, to try and kill piracy: Makes sense...

iPhone skating game is amazing: This is innovation.

Until tomorrow.

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