Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday-Wednesday news opinions

I'm back... again, so let's get this out of our way.

Analysts expect big industry growth over October, due to loads of new releases:
Uh, yeah.

LittleBigPlanet getting MotorStorm DLC:
hahahah, that's awesome, but over priced.

Famitsu The Last Remnant review: I dunno, I kinda don't trust them after a few reviews of their's I've seen.

Famitsu Animal Crossing review: Doesn't that sum up Nintendo? "No Major Changes"

Microsoft bans a "Small number" of modded 360 users from XBL: Pfft, modded console owners modding online are such ****s.

Square-Enix teams up with Gas Power Games:

Best Buy: This is the most difficult economic climate we've ever seen:
Sadly this is no surprise...

Xbox Live arcade gets 3 new 'meh' games:
That is, unless you pre ordered Banjo.

Gears of War 2 sells 2 Million+ units: *sigh*

Square-Enix teases gamers with Bahamut countdown: Hmm.

1up Call of Duty: World at War review:
Hmmm, meh.

1up Mirror's Edge review:
Sweet, must buy.

IGN Call of Duty: World at War review:
Hmm, Not my cup of tea.

IGN Mirror's Edge review: Still must buy for me.

IGN UK Mirror's Edge review: I want it!

IGN AU Mirror's Edge review: I still want this game quite a lot.

Richard Garriott leaves NCsoft: Uh, k.

Rock Band sells 7 Million: It deserves it.

ESRB gets descriptive: I dunno if this is quite a good idea...

Gamespot Mirror's Edge review: *Still want*

Far Cry 2 ships over a million copies: Crazy.

Famitsu reveals Yakuza 3 details: I never played any of these, but considering what people say about them, I should at some point.

White Knight Chronicles TGS 08 trailer: This game will sell well.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix trailer: This is awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles anime starting next spring in Japan: Wow, now I want to play this more.

PAIN expansion coming this thursday: I see, how interesting.

Video of Insomniac's Community day: Insomniac = The next Bungie.

Gene Simmons guitar controller out now:
*Sigh* Why?

Mirror's Edge DLC coming early 2009: Sweet.

PS3Fanboy's Mirror's Edge review: *Want*

Fat Princess coming in 2009: Not surprising.

SCEE exec explains why the most risks are taken from first party games: I agree.

How many polygons make Naruto look good?:

Capcom explains Sony's approval process: Uhuh.

EGM gets Watchman game preview: Mk.

Age of Booty coming to PSN this week:
Uh, k.

Dead Space receives lots of weapon DLC: Meh, good idea, but it should be free.

Sony promises better moderation system for LBP: Good.

LittleBigPlanet has a game breaking glitch.... if you make a spinning wheel of death:

Resistance 2 easter egg gives props to MGS4:
Hah, nice.

Hovering car coming to Burnout: Paradise as DLC:

Rock Band Track Pack 2 coming December 17th:
Uh, k.

Folding at home gets 'Good design' award: Uh, cool.

EGM Rumors: Disney LBP DLC: Wouldn't be too surprising.

Burn Zombie Burn coming to PSN early next year:
Hehe. :)

Third European LBP trailer revealed: :)

One more Mirror's Edge trailer:
I'll just wait until I have the game.

Sony get AdHoc party beta started in Japan: Good idea, very very good idea.

Crisis Core sells almost 2 million: I completely understand after playing quite a bit of the game.

Only 35% of PSP owners use their PSP for music:
I'm in the minority!

Cloud finally shown off in Dissidia:

Apple VP says PSP is past, iPod is future: Nahhh...

Capcom PlayStation© storefront coming tomorrow:

Foundation founded in dead gamer's memory: I'm sorry for his family.

Epic Games catches modder/pirate: Wow, this guy isn't the smartest.

Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades trailer: Uh....

Kotaku Mirror's Edge review:

Need for Speed: Undercover iPhone pictures:
Nice graphics.

Gears of War 2 Frankenreview:

RUMOR: Take-Two considering subscription based GTA/BioShock:
Ew. Ew. Ew.

Postal III a big hit at random comic convention:
Uh, ew.

Kotaku Call of Duty: World at War review: Uh, k.

GTAIV/Chinatown Wars may be delayed:
Care-O-Meter is reading zero captain!

WOOPS: Jump scans spoil Square-Enix' countdown: Ewwwww.

Sony speaks out on LittleBigPlanet moderation: Mhm.

Halo 3: Recon 3-5 hours long, not a $60 title: They got one thing right...

Blizzard talks about NEXT MMO: Heh, expect to see it... before the turn of the century.

Sonic Unleashed delayed due to manufacturing, not quality: Ah, gotcha.

Square-Enix's Dissidia PSP boxart: Wow, nice.

A person got his car into Gran Turismo:
That must have cost a few dollars....

Team Sonic are good at listening to criticism, however, they still make dog****: *rolls eyes*

Blizzard: We are not milking you on StarCraft II: I dunno, I find this kind of hard to believe, mostly due to the fact that they merged with... *shudders* Activision......

EA officially going after Wii Sports.... With "EA Sports Active":
EA stumbles on the way out the door.....

Microsoft revamps Games for Windows Live:

2D Mirror's Edge is... Awesome?: Interesting...

Nintendo going after used games: No.... Fail..

RUMOR: Sega drops Silicon Knight's unannounced game: *shrugs*

Microsoft plans to compete with Steam: Riiiight....

Halo 3: Recon exposed in new GI: I'll wait for scans. :P

inFAMOUS may be short, but sweet:
I just hope they are right.

Uwe Boll losing money on more then just films: Haw.

And that's the news.

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