Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday News Opinions

Aha, the weekend is over and now there is a lot more news

Microsoft launches new online store: Too bad the prices suck.

Xbox Live should be fixed now: Good, I got disconnected a few times last night.

Price of Persia DLC to be significant:
Well, if you are going to do DLC that's the way.

Atari not dead yet: Jeez...

New Wii update brings on the Dangeresque: I want to try that.

PETA.... Just, wow..: This is why I can never think of them as anything but screwed up.

Rare wants to shake up the genres, ends up making crap: Everyone I know has said the newer Rare games have blown.

Wii not getting Hendrix DLC: Wii to me often seems like a last gen console, not because of the graphics, but because it seems to be missing major features, such as a Harddrive.

RUMOR: Guitar Hero coming to arcades: That's not actually a terrible idea.

World of Warcraft expansions to keep coming for foreseeable future:
Not surprising.

RUMOR: Next GTA to be subscription based?: Then I would never try the game.

1Up Animal Crossing: City Folk review: Ehhh...

Halo Wars preview:

IGN Left 4 Dead review: After playing the demo it seemed pretty good.

IGN Animal Crossing: City FLinkolk review:

Quantum of Solace review: Nice.

PS3Fanboy's Valkria Chronicles review:
I really really need this game.

Metal Gear Online: MEME expasion pack coming this week, $10:
I'll need to get this at some point, but please Konami, that's too expensive.

RUMOR: Cryptic porting MMOs to PS3?: Uh, k.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe review: Yeah, meh.

Guitar Praise trailer: I am not watching this. It will make me mad.

Pikachu collector is scary: Ewwww....

Yesterday the PS3 turned 2: Happy birthday too you, happy-fine, I'll shut it.

Lucas Arts "optimistic" about Star Wars: the Old Republic: Yeah, they'd better be....

And that's the news for today!

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