Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday news opinions

The news my friends.

Resistance: Retribution preview: Sweet!

Insomniac's Ted Price, (The smartest man in the industry) sees benefits of Multiplatform: No duh, you are blind if you don't.

Street Fighter IV coming February 17th, in NA/EUR: Very nice.

SALES: Guitar Hero: World Tour didn't crack top 10:
Well, no one I know bought it.

Mirror's Edge reviews find it to be great fun, but also having problems: Well, not surprising, it's a original concept.

Gears Of War 2 "Lived up to hype": Uh..... I heard it's pretty much like "Gears 1.5" Is that living up to hype?

Valve starts deal, all Valve games for $100: Wow..

Wii Music doesn't continue to sell well: *Laughs at the worthless game*

Battlefield Heros misses 2008, will make 2009:
This game will be awesome.

Next PixelJunk game not coming for quite some time:
Ah, that's a shame PixelJunk Monsters = One of the best games ever made.

Burnout Paradise gets monster trucks: Woot!

Black Friday deal has $30 Dualshock 3:
Sweet, I might have to get one.

PS3 is the strongest next gen console, physically: Heh.

Offical Killzone 2 boxart for UK: Wow, sweet!

First look at Prince of Persia movie: Uh, k.

Turkish man pulls a Solid Snake: hahahahahahahahahahahah

Left 4 Dead teases Team Fortress 2 class: Interesting.

Real Pirates stopping Nintendo games from getting through seas: Wait, what?

Sony attempts to attract more girls to video gaming, with G.I.R.L.:
Not the way you do it....

Classic Atari joystick goes USB:
Hahaha, I remember those.

Fable II Special Edition DLC codes finally going out: Took long enough.

Kotaku Tom Clancy's EndWar review: Meh..

Hydrophobia, a water based game coming out:

All metal music game coming: Uh, k.

Blizzard trying to get back old WoW players: *sigh*

Codemasters acquires 50 Cent game developer:

27 Hours after it launches, WoW expansion pack has it's first level 80: Wow... uh, wow...

Mother and son arrested in R4 piracy bust: Oh, okay.

50 Cent game gameplay: *sigh*

Next Xbox Original: Zapper: Ew.

Halo: The Complete Soundtrack:
I suppose it's a good deal, but a bit late.

Japan's gaming market is declining: T_T

Final Fantasy Christal Chronicles not canceled:
Uh, k.

Miyamoto a broken record: Uh, odd.

Nintendo: No price cuts on Wii or DS: It's not like they need to.

Radio Shack "Does it wrong": Omg hahahahahahahah

Brash Entertainment dies: Uh, k.

Home's open beta release date: Soon.

Companies worried about christmas shopping: Yeah...

Rock Band special edition slashed down to $130: Jeez, I'll need to get it at some point.

RUMOR: LittleBigPlanet on PSP: I wonder....

Microsoft: Xbox 360 install base to pass original Xbox this month: So, all the people that bought Halo 2, bought Halo 3, surprise?

New Bionic Commando trailer: Uh, k.

Fable II sells well in first month, Peter is pleased:

90% of World of Goo installs are pirated copies: Holy ****!

Playboy model: Guitar Hero: World Tour is a Rock Band ripoff: hah

Nintendo eyes user created content:

Astroids world record set 25 years ago:
Wow, WTF.

Valve tried to lure out hacker with fake job interview:
Uh, wow, that's interesting.

Economic crisis could kill Blu-Ray:
I dunno, I've started to hear people talk about wanting Blu-Ray that I wouldn't have expected...

And there you go!

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