Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday, post-election News Opinions

The election is over, and it's pretty clear who won. The news,

Final Fantasy VI latest additions to Dissidia: Aye, Yup.

Viewtiful Joe joins Capcom fighting game:
Uh, k.

20 Free Rock Band songs coming out over 24 hours: Nice, I guess.

Toyota game pulled from Xbox Live Arcade:
Care-O-Meter = 0.

Guitar Hero World Tour coming to music stores in UK: That's an interesting way of marketing it.

IGN readers call WalMart most popular game retailer: Ew.

MTV has to pay an additional $150 million for Harmonix, due to Rock Band being awesome: This is only sort of a bad thing for MTV. :P

What does Obama's presidency mean for video games?: Probably good things.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts review: Eh, meh..

THQ decides to go for quality over quantity:
Respect +10. Honestly, this is the right choice.

Gamespot Gears of War review: Hmm, sounds good, I still need to try the first.

IMG: Jack Kane reivew: Hmm, I remember seeing this in a store and wondering if it was any good.

Rock Band 2 free DLC coming later this week:
Good, I guess.

Grand Theft Auto IV takes top spot in Japan: Whaaat?

14 Minutes of White Knight Chronicles: I wonder if it will have a demo...

LittleBigPlanet viedos watched more then 10,000,000 times on
Holy ****!

Media Molecule flikr account shows picture importing:
The plot thinkens.

LittleBigPlanet released in Europe, trailers ensue:

PS3 Firmware 2.52 out now, is boring:
Uh, k.

Dissidia will feature install OPTION:
At least it's an option...

John Lennon's widow 'very excited' for Beatles game: :D

UK scientists testing to see if playing Wii is good for you: Mhm.

Killzone 2 beta invites going out now: *Crosses fingers, checks E-mail* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Early demo of Left 4 Dead coming tomorrow for PC pre-orderers on Steam:
Someone leave me some impressions!

Platforming game, Super Obama World: Lowl.

Laughable iPhone grip for playing games: Haha.

Activision eyes subscription fees for Guitar Hero: World Tour user-created songs: Epic Fail.

Gamer builds really, really, fugly portable NES:

Kotaku: Guitar Hero: World Tour review: Hmm, Maybe I will give it a try...

The ECA turns 2:
That's kinda interesting.

Body discovered, feared to be that of 15 year old boy that ran away: :(

BBC: Games to outsell Music, movies: It's kind of amazing.

DSi already hacked?: Yeah.....

EA brings Need for Speed to real life: Wut!?

RUMOR: Circuit City closing deal discounts:

Dreamcast hidden in Sonic: Unleashed screenshot: Haha, how awesome.

European PS3 bundle includes 4 PSN games:
That's a really good selection.

PlayStation Home™ was original PlayStation Hub: Good thing they changed it, that sound is me gagging.

Final Fantasy cell phone game downloaded 2 million times in Japan: What are America's figures? 3 downloads, maybe 4?

DSi sells 170,000 in first 2 days: Not bad at all.

LittleBigPresident: hawhaw.

Konami has no plans for a MGS4 expansion:

Nintendo DS game to make learning about the economy fun!:

Metecritic tightening up commenting requirements after LBP/Gears2 user war: Good job.

*Yawn* I was happy about the election, how about you?

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