Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

It's cold here, and the news....

Animal Crossing Wii vs DS comparison video: When your console prints money, you get lazy?

Dragon Quest IX = You can break pots again: Having never played the series, I just laughed at the news title.

Avatar clothes packs coming for Xbox 360 for next 6 months: You know, after trying the 'New Xbox Experience', I really don't like it, it's harder to find your way around then the dashboard, and what's with the avatars? You can't make your avatars NOT look like d*****s....

Fable II announcement pushed back due to NXE:
Uh, k.

Sony ordered to pay $18.5 million due to patent infringement case:
*Sigh* Suing and the video gamer industry....

Today's News Pick: Capcom confirms SSFIITHR for next week:

Bungie: Don't install Halo 3: Wait, whaat?

Microsoft again messes up with pre order codes: Oh, common M$....

Castlevania game for Wii = Crap:
1Up review.

Tomb Raider Underworld 1up review: Uncharted > Tomb Raider.

IGN thinks the Castlevania game for Wii isn't as s*** as it is: Just one of those times...

Naruto 360 game review: Meh, after seeing Ultimate Ninja Storm, I don't think I will be ever trying any other Naruto games.

IGN Sonic Unleashed Wii review: So, about what I expected.

Nintendo: Third Parties 'don't get it': Pfft.

Dead Rising wins copyright case: See, what did I say?

12 Free online games: I've only heard of 4? Of these.. upgrade taking a step in the right direction: This is very good to see, :)

Creat studio's 3 PSN games: "meh"

AFRIKA coming to US: Sweet!

The struggles of selling a new IP:
It's sad that people are buying Guitar Hero: World Tour over LittleBigPlanet....

Dissidia's communication mode detailed: I wish it had infrastructure, but alas....

PSP Brite no longer hacker proof: *Sigh* This is why no games are coming out on the PSP....

Ratchet & Clank PSP 3000 bundle includes black PSP 3000, and PSP Everyday Shooter:
*Want*... :(

BioShock PS3 DLC coming tomorrow: Uh, cool. The content sounds great, but the price sucks.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue running at 2160p, 240fps: Wow, that must be quite a sight....

Cop pulls over man, confiscates xbox:
They can be sued for that....

MMO coming to iPhone:
There needs to be more portable MMOs...

Until midnight Half-Life 1 for 98¢:
O Hax.

DiRT 2 announced: Good thing they didn't go with GRID 2.

Some 360 themes not as beautiful as promised: "woops"

Hardware hackers getting close to hacking DSi:
*Sigh* Hackers...

Cooking Mama responds to PETA: Just say "You guys are dorks"

Obama's Net neutrality guy plays WoW: I like that gamers are gaining power. :)

Study: PC Gaming is largest market: Not for sales... Watch as games sell like crap on PC.

Kotaku Need For Speed: Undercover review: Ew....

Wheelman out in February 2009: This looks pretty bad, I'm sorry... Also it comes out the same month as Killzone 2.

How to show off your xbox live avatars: Lawl.

World's Fastest PC runs Crysis at 60FPS: HOLY ****!!!

King of Fighters XII coming to consoles: Are these games any good? Never played any.

Frets on Fire for the blind:

Sony talks LittleBigPlanet PSP: Pretty much confirmed.

Wii turns two...: The picture pretty much sums it up.

And there you have it.

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