Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Heeeere we go.

[RPG] Square-Enix feeling positive about Xbox 360: Good job on Last Remnant, really....

[Japan] What does Japan think about Fallout 3: This is kind of surprising.

[Nintendo] Zelda mastermind intent on surpassing Zelda64:
I really don't understand why everyone likes this game... I loved Link to the Past, but I thought the jump to 3D kind of made the series more average.

[Demo] Resident Evil 5 demo coming to 360, PS3?: WTF Capcom...?

[DLC] Square-Enix announced the Last Remnant DLC plans:
Meh, no one buy the one that's not free, no supporting them.

[Violent] NIMF blames parents for kids getting their hands on violent video games: That's where the blame SHOULD lie.

[Total Win] gets Mortal Kombat announcer to say some *other* lines: Nothing, nothing at all can describe how awesome this is.

[Preview] Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS2):

[Review] The Last Remnant 1up review: Eww....

[Interview] Playstation Q&A: Nice read. :)

[Review] Sonic Unleashed IGN AU review: I'd like a demo, thanks.

[Wii] Top 10 games to accidentally hit your friends in the nuts with: Lawl.

[Movie] Transporter 3 IGN review: Meh.

[Review] Prince of Persia IGN review: Better then I would have thought.

[Article] How to fix Square-Enix: That's about right.

[Banned] F.E.A.R. 2 banned in Australia: Uh, k.

[Hint] Ubisoft teases Assassin's Creed 2: A whole bucket of meh.

[Review] Valkria Chronicles gamespot review: Want.

[Home] Another batch of Home beta invites go out: Sweet.

[Canceled] I really never gave a **** about this series, but geez THQ...:
Destroy all Humans always just seemed kinda.. meh..

[News] CNN calls PS3 best Blu-Ray player: Oh yeah!

[Deal]'s black Friday deals: Oh, why do I not have $40 for Fallout 3?

[PSN] Another meh looking PSN game: Meh..

[PSN] Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and Hancock coming: Dark Knight ftw.

[PSN] Super Stardust Portable coming next week, is $10: I'll wait for Everyday Shooter.

[Confirmed] Tenchu 4 coming to PSP: No clue what this even is, but people are excited about it..

[Insult] Woman insults EA, calls the 'pigs': *Shrugs*

[Review] Castlevania: Judgement Kotaku review: Yeah....

[Woops] Eidos sorry about Tomb Raider game killing glitch: Yeah... 'Woops'

[Movie] Max Payne movie to hit disks in January: I will get someone else to rent it and watch it, because I don't support bad movies.

[MGO] Here's what the MGo patch did: I see, I want the expansion.

[Stats] Left 4 Dead stats show that people suck at it: Uh, k.

[Screens] New Street Fighter IV screens: Pretty.

[Reviews] SEGA Wii game gets 40/40 from Famitsu: Uh, k.

[Concepts] MK creator wants to see Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter:
That sounds pretty awesome.

[Insult] DICE responds to fan image of Faith: Yeah, I agree.

[Wii] Wii sales slowing, at 7 million: Uh, that sucks. More shovelware...

[Mod] Someone makes a Dreamcast-PC with Blu-Ray: Wow, just wow.

[Follow-Up] Sony movies now available on 360 NXE: Okay, you can stop the conspiracy theories.

[Nintendo] Nintendo changes it's Logo: Whaat?

[Cameo] Look who showed up in Google's street view?: Haha, that's pretty silly. Shoulda been Snake though.

[Hardware] Another random handheld pops up: Yeah.....

[Article] What to buy, and what not to buy: That picture shouldn't exist.

[Video] Most if not all of the weapons from the Killzone 2 beta: How beautiful... Wow.

And that's thank, Happy Dead Bird Day!

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