Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday (a.k.a. no news day) news opinions

Yeah... The 'huge' amount of news:

Epic games wins technology award: Good job.

Microsoft giving away over 500,000 MS points: Uh, nice deal....ish...

Hot Shots Golf gets voice chat with update:
Didn't this come out forever ago?

New details on GTA: Chinatown Wars: For fans, sounds cool.

Play Left 4 Dead on Team Fortress 2 maps: <3 Non-Cheating mods.

Microsoft Exec: It never pays to bash Nintendo: You guys are hypocritical bastards.

RUMOR: Rare working on some games, including Battletoads: BATTLETOADS!

Wait a Moment: Blu-Ray goes from casualty, to christmas savior: Hah, I see.

Xbox Live is fixed! Not...: "Woops"

No Street Fighter IV arcade for US: Not surprising.

There we go.

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