Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday news opinions

I didn't do the news last night, because my house was filled with people, so there's a lot today.

Mercenaries 2 reviews:

More Jonathan Coulton coming to Rock Band: This makes me really happy. ^_^

Ryan Payton on western vs Japanese development: Interesting read, I dunno how much I agree with it.

The man behind Bioshock talks about his childhood and life:
It's sad how much people that are 'not normal' are made fun of. I often feel like a idiot just because I like games.

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames released!:
Finally! I will have to try it, and soon.

Resistance 2: Collector's Edition details announced:
Not bad, but not a buy from me.

Left 4 Dead Ps3 talk: Lazy developers.... *pfft*

An article on the 'megatrends' of the gaming industry: I didn't read it, but if it's what I think it is, interesting.

Halo Wars not playable at PAX: Does anyone else think this game just doesn't really look great?

Games are getting easier, to get more sales: It's funny that the hard games of today, are easy compared to many games of yesteryear.

Bionic Commando comparisons:
Though the new one looks beautiful, it did lose some of the style the original had. Nevertheless, I would love to see more of these remakes.

USB Heated gloves: I don't know weather to find this really sad, or awesome.

Spore leaked: Doesn't this always happen these days...

PAX LittleBigPlanet gameplay footage: For those who simply cannot get enough.

Will Microsoft copy LittleBigPlanet?:
I would hope not. Do something new.

MMORPG 'Hello Kitty Online' trailer: I laughed. A lot.

Nintendo looks forward to Miyamoto's next game: If you ask me, if his next game isn't a hardcore game, he should be removed. Nintendo has done over the last few years, the most to destroy what I love about gaming, ever.

RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts III to be shown at Tokyo Gaming Show: I doubt it will be more then a trailer if it's true. After all, one man (Normura) can only do so much, and isn't he working on like 4+ games at the moment?

Final Fantasy XIII influenced by terrorism, immigration and more:
Interesting, though I suppose it might give it more real world feelings, and ideas.

Left 4 Dead to contain no cutscenes: Bleh, my interest just dropped quite a bit.

Top 10 worst fighting games:
I smiled at the title, but didn't watch it.

PC Gaming is still going downhill: Didn't read the full article, but I liked the summary.

How will Microsoft respond to Home: Hopefully by doing something completely different and original. Not making a crappy knock off.

Resistance 2: Collector's Edition preorders sell like crazy:
That's pretty awesome. :) Go Insomniac.

Hideo Kojima feels responsibility to make 'hardcore' games: I'm glad not everyone has lost their senses.

Timesplitters 4 to use new engine, not the Haze engine: Completely unsurprising.

PAX inFAMOUS live demo: inFAMOUS should really be getting more press, it looks great.

More LittleBigPlanet videos from PAX:
More for those who love the Sackboy.

Unreal Rocket-Launcher PC-Mod:
Skilled. That's all I can say.

And there you have it. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday news opinions

It's the weekend again, so get prepared to less news! :P

Devil May Cry creator not interested in other similar action games: Fail. You should at least know what the competition is doing.

Finally, a 4 foot SNES controller... Wait, what!?:
I want to use this, and badly.

No sharing movies/music in Home... yet: Well.. Of course. No one wants it to turn into a file sharing service.

Halo 3 Mythic spotted in the wild?: More Halo 3 content = Good news for me.

Red Vs Blue Anime.... Okay?: This is just a really strange idea.

Crytech to take to consoles: Crysis PS3, give me it.

Fallout 3 vs Oblivion: I haven't read it yet, but it'll be interesting comparing them.

It's nice an cool today. Woot!


I can't be the only one that misses that sounds of this game echoing through arcades, can I?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Night news opinions

More news from friday night.

Home updated: Nice, but when will WE see it?

America gets Chrono Trigger DS a few days early: I'm still annoyed they only released it on DS. Why DS? Why not make it for PS3?

Portal for PC on sale ($10): Never played it? Get it.

No Gears of War 2 for PC?: Translation: Microsoft doesn't want us to confirm it until the 360 version comes out.

Sackboy meets Sackgirl: Yay LittleBigPlanet!

The Evolution of the PSP: IGN's evolution of the PSP.

Another year of playstation growth?: I would hope so.

Famitsu reviews AFRIKA: Hmm, I wonder what it will get stateside?

Resistance 2 intro: I'm not gonna watch it for spoilers. So yeah...

New Halo 3 map runthrough: Moar Halo goodness.

How XBLA is screwing the little guy: Microsoft *still* doesn't like anyone but themselves.

LittleBigPlanet, Batman and the Joker:
Tell me it doesn't get any cooler then that.

There you have it.

Friday afternoon news opinions

There is some more news this morning.

Life with Playstation on the way: This sounds better then I thought. I'm glad that Foldding at Home works in the background.

Tidus and Ject gameplay, from Final Fantasy: Dissidia:
I certainly can't wait for this game to his stateside.

Does the Wii Balance board have a future?: Short answer: No. Long answer: I don't think it will ever be widely used, and it will probably only be used by a few first, and third party games, and never become a big thing.

New Tony Hawk game announced, for DS?:
Eh, not my type of game at all. I wonder if the next next-generation games will be any good? Ah, probably not.

New unlock codes for Metal Gear Solid 4: Sounds good for anyone that doesn't have their PS3 online.

Here are five things Sony can do to make the PSP better: It's a pretty good list, but they didn't mention that it needs more games!

Day and Night gameplay to invade Paradise, Burnout: Paradise: Sounds good. What they are doing with the downloadable content is simply amazing.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty Kotaku review:
I haven't played the game, but I can agree with this review.

What should (And will never be) the PC gaming bill of rights: It's far too hopeful to ever happen, but it's a nice read.

EA games to buy you free gas... That is, if you live in LA: Whaaat?

Will Wright says that E3 is the walking the dead: Poor E3, it used to be a huge event, now it is a joke.

More info on the portable Indiana Jones game: Ah gotcha, I will check this out when it comes out.

Funny voice actor's drawing (Xbox 360): I laughed.

Someone wants to make a Guitar Hero movie: FAIL.

Failures try to sue sony, because the failures are idiots: This is just more FAIL.

New Max Payne Movie trailer: Max Payne movie looks okay, I will probably wait for reviews.

Apparently Sony's customer service is awesome: This is a totally awesome story.

Goldeneye 64, will it show up on Wii's virtual console, or Xbox Live Arcade?:
Does it even matter anymore? I would vote for it to show up on 360, due to it possibly having upgrades, but I really don't care because I never liked the original.

This month's Electronic Gaming Mothly review scores: Doesn't look like many of these games are that great.

First Review of Mercenaries 2: I hope it better than 7/10, but it wont stop me from loving it.

Everything you need to know about the Next Xbox: Isn't it too soon to be talking about it?

Gearbox's big project is *not* Halo 4: Thank goodness.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed reviews star appearing: About what I thought.

Battlefield: Heros impressions: I love the graphics and style in this game.

Steve Jobs dead? No...: Someone made a "woops"

Comcast to put cap on cable service: asdsadgajas, This is no good.

And there you have it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yahtzee reviews Braid


Oh Yahtzee, forgive me for being a day late...

It's really good this week.

Warhawk is still great

Geez, Warhawk is one of the most fun split screen games of this generation. I swear.

More news opinions for thursday

A little more news tonight.

Classic Oddworld games being put on Steam: Oddworld getting some love, is always good news in my book.

Mercenaries 2 Launch trailer:
*That* looks more like Mercenaries!

Square-enix to by Temco (The company behind Ninja Gaiden, and Dead or Alive):
Interesting, I can't wait to see what happens to the company now.

Wii took market Sony was going for: I miss ol' Phily...

Playstation Store© Update: Warhawk Expansion, and The Last Guy, with a demo of Soul Calibur IV, overall a good update.

PSP-3000 to support Duelshock 3?: This would be awesome, Then I could play a PSP game on the TV, with a Duelshock 3.

More Metal Gear Solid 4 Downloadable content, still free: The amount of free downloadable content is amazing.

LittlebigPlanet boxart revealed: It looks cute enough. :)

Home is a "Social Layer": Yup. I know.

Halo 3 race track: I can't wait to toy around with Forge more once I've done some more stuff with Halo 3.

And there's your news for today. :)

Thursday afternoon news impressions

So, I missed yesterday, oh, well. Anyways, here's the news everyone.

Itagaki, the hardest-core Xbox 360 fanboy, says PS3 *isn't* hard to develop for: Well now, this is strange. I guess now that he's out of M$ pocket, he can say what he wants.

Infinite Undiscovery review (Xbox 360 JRPG):
Other then the Tales game, it seems like all the 360 JRPGs kinda suck..

No PS3 price cut this fall: Bah, I thought as much, though, it's like like they could do it anyways.

6 More albums for Rock Band 2: Where's my Men at Work DLC? :(

Guitar Praise, a christian guitar hero: Wow. I don't think I could say anything of how stupid this is. Guitar Hero already has some christian songs in it. Is there anyone that doesn't want their kid to hear anything but christian music or something....? Wow..

Mirror's Edge features Time Trial mode:
Interesting, though not for me.

EA doing more to make their games more replayable: Sounds good in my book.

Sony: Consumers purchasing PS3s as fast as we can make them: Yep, sounds good to me.

Ah sony, you love to give us free stuff, unlike the big MS:
Why does Mircosoft have to nickle and dime so much? Seriously, they are one of the richest companies in the world...

Getaway PS3, and Eight Days cancellation helped Eyepet: As cool as Eyepet is, I really was looking forward to both those games... :(

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for PSP/DS?:
That sounds okay, but were are the next gen versions?

Team ICO game ready "soon" but not as in Tokyo Gaming Show: Aw, i was hoping to hear about it there.... However, "soon" is better then nothing.

Man gets punched in the face over PS3: *Tsk* if you feel like punching something play a fighting game.

Lego Batman Animated Movie: Yup, Lego is making an animated movie of it..

Pirates vs Ninjas dodgeball coming to Wii: This is nice and all, but show the PSN some love.

Street Fighter IV development having lag problems?:
Aparently this is something that no fighting game has gotten down...

Full Throttle 2 interview, back from yesteryear:
Ah Full Throttle 2, we barely knew ye, but alas we'll know ye better.

Recent games 'Demade' on the original Gameboy: This is totally awesome. :)

Home hits asia fall 2008:
Good, now about the rest of the world...

Pandemic Batman game canceled:
Oh, well, I thought as much.

Lego Batman coming to iPhone: This seems likely.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows final box art: Can't say I like it, here's hoping the game is better.

Chuck Norris game, FINALLY! What!? Cell phone!? NOO: :(

Playstation Network cards coming to gamestop in 2009:
Doesn't matter to me, but as soon as they come out, PSN sales will go up.

Kojima: We need to make hardcore games:
I just read the title, but I agree, less casual games..

2 Publishers clean up latest quarter: Pretty much what I expected.

LittleBigPlanet meets naked snake: I'm guessing there was some reason they didn't call him "Naked Sack"

Bioware, Pixar of game studios?: My answer: No.

Guitar Hero IV developer mocks Rock Band drums: Wow, you are one to talk, with Guitar Hero: World Tour just being Rock Band Lite.

PS2, Why hasn't it died yet?: Probably because there are still a zillion reasons to own one?

New HD Gears of War II Screens: I hate that orangeish color. Bleah. Grand Theft Auto San Adreas did the same thing...

Ninja Gaiden II sells 1 million: Not bad, but certainly not the MGS4 killer.

Would pirates have bought Crysis anyways?:
Maybe, I'd say possibly 60% at most.

Linger in Shadows delayed to september: Oh well, I still am looking forward to it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be more like a traditional Final Fantasy game: Then what will Final Fantasy XIII be like?

New Resistance 2 weapon: Sounds cool, I read about it, though I didn't watch the movie.

PS3 Bioshock exclusives, 'Exclusives for now': Does 'exclusive' even mean anything anymore?

Has the 360 finally cracked Japan?: No, I don't think so. But perhaps I am wrong.

PS3 Bioshock developer "Blu-Ray hasn't made much of a difference": Well duh, you're only porting a game... That was on a DVD9.

Crysis Warhead to only require 2GBs of RAM: Oh yes, that's all...

Capcom dominates top 5 PSP games in Japan: No surprise here.

AFRIKA reviewed: It's not out yet, but who cares...

Was GTA IV the most overhyped game of all time?: Probably. But the reason being that the game wasn't really any good. I wasn't hyped at all, and still found it to be crap.

Will Playstation Home get overhyped?: No, I don't think so, it's rarely talked about anymore...

Microsoft confirms porn mode for Internet Explorer 8:
So what, Mac users have had this for years...

Eyepet to be Sony's '09 system seller?: Maybe to the casual crowd...

Do you want Halo 4 if Bungie didn't make it?:
*hint* The answer is no.

What Crysis Warhead could have looked like: Maybe next decade Crytech...

First 10 minutes of AFRIKA: I didn't watch, but hey, it's afrika!

Heavy Rain, Sony's most important title of next year:
I dunno, I don't quite think so....

Crysis modded map looks like it came from Oblivion or something:
THIS is what modding is all about.

Total PSP hardware sales from Japan:
Not surprising.

Ubisoft - Europe is our biggest territory: They are a European company, no?

Home not the reason for recent PSN Maintenance:
It was the Metal Gear Online servers instead.

New Star Wars: Battlefront for... Wii!?:
Seriously, WTF, where is our PS3/360 Battlefront. *Doesn't want to wiggle to aim*

Confirmed: No Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 for Japan: Yep, well, we all knew it was true.

Top 10 Games ESRB rated wrong: It's a good list, but it's Missing BLACK and DRIV3R.

Five worst ways developers don't finish games: It's okay, nothing surprising here.

Six ways that each next generation console fails: Kind of a bland list, I can think of more important things.

10 Things Nintendo should have said about E3 other then Sorry:
I laughed. :)

Okay, It's far too hot in my room, I'm going to sleep my computer, take a shower, and wait for it to cool down.

So yeah, I got a Xbox 360

Yup, too bad it's like a zillion degrees in my room during the daytime.

Oh, well, there's always nighttime... And the fall.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday night news opinions - Lot of news today...

Wow, there's been a lot of news today, at least it's keeping me busy...

Home new room?: Sounds great, I just want to try it though.

Rundown of sony hardware possible problems: Sounds okay, I dunno, I only dipped in.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus get just praise: Isn't it great when underrated games get press? :)

Top 10 game endings: I haven't played all of these, but it looks okay. Missing Kingdom Hearts 1 though..

Final Fantasy XIII HD Screenshots: HOLY SHEET!

Max Payne 3, and Rockstar PS3 Exclusive?: I just hope Max Payne 3 is good, I loved the first 2.

10 Things Sony and Microsoft need to fix: I dunno, it's okay, I think there are some more important things.

Yay or Nay to Halo 4: Nay for me, the series is done.

Metal Gear Online servers updated: Sounds good, but please, consider using the PSN at some point instead of your own servers.

Keyboard Hero possibility?: If it's by Neversoft, I will pass. Bleah.

5 Great things about Killzone 2's multiplayer: And it *still* sounds amazing.

That killed some time, I can't wait till tomorrow.

Remember how when the 360/PS3 came out... (Graphics)

Remember how when the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 came out, people kept saying "It looks no better then past hardware?"

I always wondered what games would possibly be convincing them of that... So I decided to think about it.

Final Fantasy X certainly looks good, what other games though?

BLACK also looks amazing, it's surprising it runs on the PS2.

God of War II also looks very, very pretty for a PS2 game.

Guitar Hero 2 has a lot of effects and runs at a smooth frame rate...

Ace Combat Zero Also looks pretty good.

Burnout Revenge is shiny as very, and almost next gen itself.

Devil May Cry 3, looking pretty fine.

Gran Turismo 4, looking astounding...

Jak 3 looking cartoony, yet great.

Metal Gear Solid 3, looking amazingly amazing.

Need for Speed Underground 2, looking... colorful.

Prince of Persia: the Two Thrones, looking PoPish.

Rock Band, looking more effectsy then Guitar Hero 2.

Beyond Good and Evil, looking amazing. Though, stylized.

Shadow of the Colossus, looking epic.

Soul Caliber III, looking for a fight.

True Crime: NYC, looking like it's title.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory looking like someone is shooting.

Dead or alive looking surprisingly clothed.

Halo 2, looking for a fight to finish.

So, there you have it, all the reasons people might consider this generation of consoles not a huge jump.

(Though, I think most of the people are just jealous of not owning one)

List of games everyone liked but me. Part 3

You ever had it where everyone plays a game and loves it, and you hear about how great it is, and when you finally play it, it's really not that great, and you don't see why anyone would like it? Well, then, you know how I feel, here's my list of such games. PART 3!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - PS3/360/PC - Published by Activision - Developed by Infinity Ward - 2007.

Ah, Call of Duty, a series made famous by featuring World War II first person shooters, finally taken away from the axis and allies, to a modern setting. This game won numerous game of the year awards, and lots of praise. It even kicked Halo 3 from the top spot on Xbox Live, wow.

So, one day, I decided to rent it, as the game I was looking for was not in. This game is pretty good looking, so let me get that off my chest. The game is a realistic shooter, which is based somewhere middle-east/russia if I remember correctly.

Everything in the game works, and works pretty smoothly, the sound is pretty good, and the framerate is locked at 60 Frames per second, making it really smooth.

So, this sounds like the making of a good game, right? Well, sort of. You could polish a sculpture of president into a mirror shine, but it's still a statue of a president. Thing is, there are a lot of statues of presidents. The game feels like every first person shooter I've played before, with not much new, it just feels like any WWII shooter, done in this time period.

It falls in the same category as Counter-Strike, in being okay, but completely generic, and, In my opinion, boring after a short time. To me this game was completely uninteresting, which may be a shame, but oh well..

Tekken series - PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3 - Published by Namco - Developed by Namco - 1995-2008.

Ah, Tekken, apparently king of fighting games, with smooth animations, great character balance, and amazing graphics.

I will make this short, as in general, I don't like fighting games. I did like Mutant Academy, but that's because it was something *really* special, in my opinion. I did play Street fighter II, and suck at it, but I was never super fond of it.

Now, I don't have too much to compare it to, but if this is the best fighter series, no wonder they are slowly dying off.

This game is slow, and clunky, not to mention just ridicules. The most fun I had with these games, were just laughing at how bad they were.

I know, there's going to be someone that's all mad at me for this, but I'd have you know, this is my opinion, and not fact or something.

Prince of Persia trilogy - Last generation consoles - Published by Ubisoft - Developed by Ubisoft - 2003-2007.

Prince of Persia was a Dark Castle-like 2D side scrolling platformer made in 1989, apparently someone found it 20 years later, as a sequel was made in 2003. It combined platforming, sword fighting, free running, and time altering.

When released this game was met with loads of good reviews, and good press, it won lots of game of the year awards, and most of the people I knew owned a copy.

So, not expecting much, I tried it. Surprisingly I was met with a slow paced, boring game, with horrible fighting and bleh story.

I tried to like this game, but simply was bored out of my mind. There was just nothing about it that interested me. A year or two later, I tried again, and still didn't like it. Then again, a year or so ago, I got another chance to try it, and I *Still* didn't like it.

I didn't like the stuck camera angles in some places, and not in others, I didn't like the swordplay, which I found to be repetitive, and uninclusive. And, I will say it again, this game just bored me so much, I had trouble even putting an hour into this game, which I forced myself to do, as I wanted to think it would get better.

It didn't.

So, I know I've pissed off a few people with this, but as I said before, this is my opinion, and not fact. These games are probably wonderful, but are sadly, not for me.

Is it just me, or does Halo 2 have, like really good graphics...

I've been playing Halo 2 a lot, (Which is probably the reason I want Halo 3 so much) and I've come to the conclusion that it has some of the best graphics of the last console generation.

Seriously, watch the cutscene before the level "Sacred Icon" and tell me that the close up on the Prophet talking about Halo's devine wind, doesn't look freaking pretty...


Slow day, but not for news. for me. (News Opinions)

I know it seems like News Opinions are all I'm doing right now, but I have been really busy. I have free time today, but I am tired. Tired, tired, tired. Maybe I will feel more up to it later.

Red Baron Arcade, new PSN game: Not quite my style of game, but still, it will probably be good.

Third Party exclusives a thing of the past? Sony thinks so:
Not quite the headline, but a Sony executive says that days of third party games, published by another company are over, due to the large amount of money it costs to make the game.

Play Factory accidentally announced? (Eyetoy compliation): Well, I never got an eyetoy for the PS2, as there never was anything that interested me for it, however, Eye of Judgement has almost pushed me over, so anything else will help.

Savage Moon, another tower defense game, though much different from PixelJunk Monsters: Sounds good to me, I will probably be playing more downloadable games then disc based ones this fall...

Here's how Heavy Rain controls: Sound interesting, I'd love to try it. Not a must buy for me, not yet.

Big games of this year have problems: This article is terrible, honestly, some of these look like they can be pointed at games that are already out, that are good. *tsk*

Is Sony readying a PS3 with 512MBs of RAM?: This is a mixed bag, sure it would be nice to have the extra RAM, but people who already own PS3's would be screwed.

Nintendo: We haven't ignored the Hardcore: I'm sorry Nintendo, I don't think you could ever win me back again, you've done so much to destroy hardcore gaming, I don't think there's anything that you could do to win me over.

Two new LittleBigPlanet levels revealed:
It's LittleBigPlanet, need I say more? This looks great. :)

Why pay $40 to play Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, when you can pay $15,000?: This is one hardcore fanboy.

Games rated based on time spent on them at games conventions:
Another article I can't help but to find pretty terrible.

Gearbox says that Halo 4 rumor, is, well.. A Rumor: Well, I still have my fingers crossed. Please let it just be a rumor.

Naruto Developer: Tilt sensing is useless: This is an opinion. I think that it shouldn't try to find it's way into every game, but there are times it can work, so leave it at that.

No Platform exclusive characters in Street Fighter IV: Sounds good to me, I didn't like what Soul Caliber did.

Why Mario should Retire: This is a hard one, because as much as I agree, I think it would have Nintendo make even more casual games, *Shudder*

Ten things that E3 should learn from the Leiplzig Games Convention:
Sound about right to me, especially about tickets being sold to the public.

LittleBig-Zilla, a great LittleBigPlanet trailer: I've seen this before, but I thought I'd share it with you guys. :)

Lara Croft over the years:
You, I can admit to loving the second game, but not due to the looks of the main character, but because I found it fun, it's a shame it's now a generic action series.

Games inside the Democratic National Convention?:
Wut? Seriously, this is really odd.

Lego Batman's butler revealed: Hah, this made me smile. I love the lego games, perhaps someday I will own one.

New MotorStorm: Pacific Rift screens: Did I mention they are totally amazing. Stupid Qore for holding it back from me. :(

Postal movie out on DVD: Time to get your popcorn out, and prepare to laugh again at the foul works of Uwe Boll, or Toilet Boll, as some call him.

A great look at western developers by someone how has been both eastern and western:
Great stuff. Though I'm sure many people will just call him racist or some such nonsense.

E for All, bleah: Sounds pretty much like my opinion on it. Ew.

Now this is cool concept art. HALO: I tossed Halo in the title because otherwise people would totally miss this, it's concept art from the Halo movie. Neat stuff.

Too Human only took 4 years to make: Doesn't matter to me, it still looks awful.

New Resistance 2 Screens: Yup, looking good, Insomniac. :)

This day is going so slowly. Also, I am tired as heck. *yawn*

Tuesday morning news opinions... *yawn*

I woke up this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, and therefore, am tired... *Yawnn* So, the news.

Rock Band setlist difficulty rated: Looks good. I still love this setlist.

Take 2 and EA still talking behind closed doors: Oh, I'm so over this, just finish the deal. The thing that interests me most, is what happens to the rights for Max Payne, Oni, and Myth.

Rayan Payton leaves Kojima Productions: I dunno, I never really got attached to him, though I am thankful for the MGS4 control overhaul.

MGS5 Annouced?: I dunno, it may just be an eventual... I think they are probably going to make it, but I don't know if they are making it now..

Choose Resistance 2 boxart: They are letting fans choose the Special edition of Resistance 2's box art out of 3.

Comparisons of all PS3 models: This just makes me sad that they aren't still making backwards compatible models.... *Cries*

Hideo Kojima is sick of people asking if MGS4 will come to Xbox 360: Well, who wouldn't be?

RUMOR: PS3 firmware 2.5 may allow in game screen captures: Sounds good to me. :)

*Yawwwn* I just gotta make it through today....

Girl with a Stick

It finally seems like I can kick a little butt in 'Girl with a Stick' finally. And if you don't know what that means, I suggest you google it.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday night news opinion wrap up

Another day passes, and another small set of news goes by.

PSN scheduled maintenance, prepping for Home?: People are guessing the next scheduled downtime for the Playstation Network, will be sony prepping it for Home, or Life with Playstation.

RUMOR: Gearbox making Halo 4 for Microsoft's next console: I would hope this isn't true, Gearbox would do a terrible job... Well, I guess I will keep my fingers crossed, hoping it's not true. I also think that the Halo series shouldn't continue... Halo 3 ended it, right?

PS3 *does* have exclusives: Proof that the "PS3 HAS GAMES"

There you have it, I'm gonna party for the rest of the night, then try to make it through the slow day that is tomorrow.

Well, I now have even more reasons for the days to pass slower...

I am now borrowing Halo 3, a wireless Xbox 360 controller, and I was given Perfect Dark Zero, and Beautiful Katamari.


Pfft. I'm gonna go eat something.

Monday morn.. afternoon news opinions (a lot)

Jeez, I told you there would be a lot of news after the weekend, but jeez there is a lot today..

LittleBigPlanet possibly get Home content: Sounds good to me, the more Home content, the more likely it is to become a great service.

Bionic Commando: Reamred get high first week sales: I didn't particularly like the game, though I though it was a great remake of a game I never played. Hopefully this game's success will mean more remakes like such.

Sony 100% Home with release this year: Music to my ears, bring it on Sony, we are all ready for it.

Peter Moore: Alternatives are better then suing pirates:
I will agree with this, as much as dealing with Piracy sounds like a good idea, you're never going to be able to completely get rid of it.

Linger in shadows releases on the Playstation Store© this week: Sound good to me, I really am curious on what people's reactions to it will be.

Warhawk: Operaion Falling Star available for $8 this week: The new map looks so-so, but the jetpacks have won me over.

Far Cry 2 console gameplay video: I dunno, the game is pretty and has interesting gameplay. Though I feel it will either not do well, or become of of those games that everyone but me likes.

Microsoft to have surprises at Penny Arcade Expo? (Rumor: Portable Xbox):
Please Microsoft, don't put your foot into portable gaming, I think 2 consoles are enough... Oh, well.

Sam and Max Season 1 coming to Wii in November: This is nice, and a step forward. I sadly wonder why it has not come out for Mac or PS3. I still can't play it. :(

Load Runner on XBLA: Wow, this looks sweet. I hope it comes out on the PS3 (I buy all my online games on the PS3) I love Load Runner, it's one of those games I've dumped hours into.

Debate on weather Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty is worth $15: An article on weather Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty is worth the $15 for a few hours of gameplay.

Crysis: Warhead to use 4 Gigabytes of RAM?: This just makes me laugh. Crysis, Crysis, Crysis...

RUMOR: Crysis coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in quarter 2, 2009:
This sounds like a good idea, I'd probably buy it.

Playstation Home has a lot of potential: Yup, though I think everyone knows this.

Turns out not all video games are bad for your eyes: Hah, I love it when a study like this comes out. :P

Parents, shut up and do your Job: Obvious. I seriously don't get why people like to blame others for their own family issues. Don't blame violent video games for your kid's activity, blame yourself for letting them play, and not watch what they are doing.

Wow, that was a lot of news for one Monday afternoon...

A surprising second haul for sunday news opinions

Wow, for a weekend, there are a lot of news stories...

RUMOR: $200 Xbox 36o with motion sensing controller: I can see this happening, however I think it's a terrible idea. It will have a bunch of crappy games come out, and then become an unpopular thing, and probably be mostly ignored by gaming culture.

Final Fantasy XIII: Agito screens (PSP): Square-Enix is certainly showing some PSP love, first with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, now we will be getting Disidia: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and 3rd Birthday, and now this. If nothing else, Square has found a good platform for their games.

Runescape HD finally open: I laughed.

10 Changes Metal Gear Online needs to stay alive: I sorta agree with this list, but I think there are other things it needs...

Piracy, Piracy, Piracy... More reasons to laugh at those who try to justify it: *Sigh* It's so sad that people still try to justify piracy to others.

Gaming now more popular then Porn: This I really can't believe... Wow...

Will the name "Halo" still be popular after Gears 2, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 come out?: I dunno, I think it's sort of a legend now. No one will forget Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Fox, Final Fight, ect. Just because other games come around, I don't think people will forget about Halo.

Companies make more money off of a lot of crappy games, then a few good ones: The sad truth that you companies care more about themselves then you. :(

Sony's big week, can they deliver?: Sony has promised a lot this week, you think they can deliver? Personally, I suppose the Warhawk expansion pack will come out, and possibly Life with Playstation, though, the Home beta may be delayed yet again...

Wow, that was a lot of news for a sunday. What a day. I'm so beat. Car troubles suck.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Because I felt like it.

Sunday afternoon news opinions

The weekend is almost over.. Just another day. In fact, I can't wait till wednesday... Anyways, here's the news:

What could kill Mirror's Edge: A person talks about what problems could potentially kill the game, Mirror's Edge. I dunno, if it's fun to play, that's what matters, right? I was always waiting on reviews for this one, because it looks so chancy, so, I guess I'll just keep waiting.

Interview with Hideo Kojima: Like the link says, an interview with the genius behind Metal Gear. It's interesting to see him talk about other games.

Killzone 2 goes beyond any online game: Again, it sounds like the multiplayer in this game will be amazing, I just hope the single player is as good as the first two games... And *SPILT SCREEN*

Mirror's Edge not a timed exclusive after all: Yup, not really too surprising, it still looks great however.

5 Games that will own Xbox Live: I dunno, I don't see Lord of the Rings: Conquest, or Left 4 Dead making any dent or being any competition with Call of Duty 4, or Halo 3....

Soon the weekend will be over, and more gaming news will be coming your way. :)

List of games I loved, and no one else played. Part 1

You ever have a game you played, but seemingly no one else you knew played it? Like, it seems like it should have been some huge hit, but no one's heard of it? Well, this is a list of games I've found that follow the above description.

Deadlock: Planetary Conquest - Mac/PC - Published by Accolade - Developed by Accolade - 1996

Ah the years of turn based strategy games with sprite graphics. This was a semi-popular Mac and PC turn based strategy game, in which a few species tried to conquer a planet at the same time, which leads to... Well, whatever you want, victory by military might, or victory by diplomacy.

The game is for the most part quite simple, though it has a lot of breathing room, with a bunch of interesting options, the gameplay, take over square by square, build solders, research to build better buildings and solders, ect. However, this game is just *fun* I can't really say why, other then it has a sense of it's own style, and it's just complex enough to not be generic, but not be overkill for a beginner.

I really wish a OSX version of this game was released, because I would still be playing it now, that and fix the randomly quitting glitch. :P

It's extremely addictive, easy on the eyes, and simple enough for anyone to get into. It's sadly forgotten, and or never been heard of, quite a shame.

Interesting Note: They made a PC only sequel, which I was luck enough to play the demo of once, seems more like an expansion pack. Still, maybe someday I'll try it.

Myth II: Soulblighter - Mac/PC - Published by Bungie - Developed by Bungie - 1999

Ah Myth II, how I love you so. *Ahem* Myth II is hardly a fair choice, because it was an extremely popular game, however, most everyone I talk to these days have never even *heard* of it, let alone played it.

Myth II is a Real Time Strategy game, though, it seemed to make it's own sub-genre of that, as it contained no building cities, units, or researching technologies. You got a group of units, and absolute control of them, rather then just clicking units and having them attack, there was a fair bit more you could do, with special abilities, status effects, and different units being very different from each other.

Myth II had an amazing story that you actually cared about, taking place in a mid evil time period, somewhat akin to Lor od the Rings. The story was presented through a narrator reading from his journal, animated cutscenes, and in game voice acting. The narration was wonderful, and fit the game so well, you can't imagine the game without it. The animated cutscenes were decent, but nothing to write home about. The in game voice acting was sometimes cheesy, but only slightly. Overall, I completely love the story, and have played it over and over again.

The graphics where good for it's time, but the sprites were a bit low res, and a lot of scenery is 2D, however, the game is still completely playable. It's great to look at the landscape after a huge massacre. And let me tell you this game is pretty bloody, with people bursting into pieces after explosions, and burning to death by fire arrows.

The game's music is phenomenal, it sets the mood, and goes beyond almost any music of the day in gaming. It still holds it's own against the best game scores of today. I found the soundtrack as fast as I could, and still listen to it today. Simply amazing.

The gameplay is just downright amazing, really, I can't say more then they got it as close to perfect as they could, everything works, and is satisfying. The balance is impressive, and the overall gameplay is really addictive. There are a ton of difficulties, and people still play online to this day, there are also a ton of mods for the game, probably over 1000. Tons of extra single player, and multiplayer mods, of which there are quite a few outstanding ones, ones that could be their own games. The most famous online one, was WWII: Recon, which was a World War II mod for multiplayer.

The game shipped with powerful yet easy to use modding tools, and there are still people making mods for it to this day.

This is one game which withstood the test of time.

Interesting Note: Bungie, the company that made this later became famous for the Halo Series.

Star Wars: Droid Works - Mac/PC - Published by Lucas Learning - Developed by Lucas Learning - 1998

I knew a lot of people that bought this, however, most people I know now have never even heard of this title, which is somewhat to be expected, a Star Wars game for kids, based on education.

However, this game was far more then that, with a overall dark feeling, which was probably due to the game using the same engine as Dark Forces II. The game had tense moments, puzzles, and a large customization element.

The game starts with a for it's time beautiful pre-rendered cutscene, explaining the story, and introducing R2D2, C-3PO, and the new character, Holo-Cammy. The game then lets you play around with the advanced droid editor, which lets you make both wheeled and legged droids, with your own combination of arms, hands, torso, head, and legs. You could color your droid, and save it for later, or take it on one of 27 missions.

The missions in the beginning are pretty straight forward, however, later on they become much more adventure oriented, and better. Even so, the beginning missions are pretty fun, and can sometimes take a few tries to get right.

I really had fun with this game, it looked great, albeit a bit dark for a children's game, it had a great musical score (taken from the movies), a good enough story, and just fun gameplay with the deep customization factor.

I can't ignore the somewhat stupid ending, but overall, I really enjoyed this game, shame it stopped working for me in classic mode.

Interesting Note: The music for the game is on a separate audio-CD part of the disc, and is easy to rip. :)

So, there you go, this was great fun to write, and I hope you find these games as fun as I found them.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's...... Caturday!

Hav fun, injoy youself, hav som lolz

Morning Saturday news opinions

Saturday morning.. I'm still here.. *Sigh* Anyways, here's the news for this morning, though, don't expect too much more for the rest of the weekend, because weekends are usually pretty slow.

Five good things about Killzone 2: Destructible toilets equals a win from me. It's funny, I am looking forward to the single player of this game, but it looks like this game will *also* have a good multiplayer. :)

(More) Killzone 2 hands on: Gamespot's hands-on, sounds good, I can't wait to try this game out. Really...

Mirror's Edge timed Playstation 3 exclusive?: It wouldn't surprise me too much, because of the developer's Praising the PS3, and such. However, it wouldn't surprise me if it was completely false as well.

That's all for now! :P

Friday, August 22, 2008

List of games everyone liked but me. Part 2

You ever had it where everyone plays a game and loves it, and you hear about how great it is, and when you finally play it, it's really not that great, and you don't see why anyone would like it? Well, then, you know how I feel, here's my list of such games. PART 2!

Counter-Strike - PC/Xbox - Published by Vivendi Universal/Microsoft Game Studio - Developed by Valve Software - 1999/2004.

(First off let me note: This is based off of the Xbox version, and I know many hardcore Counter-Strike players will just laugh off this whole article, and perhaps blog. However, I have played the PC version as well, and besides control, graphics and mods, it's the same game. With a game that has no single player, gameplay is what counts, and it's pretty much the same on the xbox)

Ah Counter-Strike, kick of all online First Person Shooters, and as many would have you believe, all First Person Shooters. It has addictive online play, a huge community, tons of mods, and is the most played online game that's not an MMORPG.

I have watched people play this, I have heard them rant, I have seen the reviews, and read people's comments on forums, I know what people think of this game, so one day I saw it for $8 at blockbuster (For Xbox), and bought it.

So, for all of the good hype I heard from it, what did I think? Well, I found it to be really generic, with poor graphics, really chancy gameplay, and just not enough content.

let me qualify my statements, of which I will start with generic. Yes, it's generic, normal guns shooting at normal people, in normal locations. There's no twist, there's no gimmick, you just shoot people, you throw grenades, and that's it.

The graphics, are pretty poor, and that's because the game runs on the dated Half-Life 1 engine (Though, Counter-Strike source fixed this), and because of this, the blood looks like play-dough, and everything looks blocky, and just dated. This whole part could be ignored on the PC version, because it came out when the graphics were decent. The Xbox port came out the same year as Halo 2, and it looks like late Dreamcast-early PS2 era game, really unacceptable for the year it came out.

The gameplay is addictive, I'll give it that, but I still didn't find it to be that great, decent, but no more. It felt really clunky compared to other first person shooters I've played, such as Halo, and Killzone. Jumping and ducking are kind of strange, and you can't Melee or throw a grenade without switching weapons. But down to the actual combat, often it's just who shoots first, because you die so fast, aiming is only a secondary skill, where most it is just who can sneak up on another player, or shoot them without getting shot. Often it feels really random who will win, when you shoot at someone and they shoot at you at the same time.

This game has no single player, and relies on having multiplayer. The games does have botmatches, and quite a few levels. In my opinion though, this game just doesn't have enough to it to keep me playing, I just play for maybe an hour and think to myself "Is this it?"

I know many people will just scoff at this, but this is the opinion I have of the game. Sorry for having my own opinion.

Final Fantasy X - Playstation 2 - Published by Squaresoft - Developed by Squaresoft - 2001

Ah, Final Fantasy X, one of the most popular in the series, it's grand debut on the Playstation 2. Many people consider this to be one of, if not the best Playstation 2 games, and one of the best games of all time, with it's touching story, pretty graphics, and memorable soundtrack.

I heard so much good stuff about this game, but somehow, when I got my PS2, it kind of slipped under the radar, but was pleasantly surprised when I received it for christmas one year. I remember fondly thinking of the Playstation 1 Final Fantasy titles, and curiously thinking of what magic this game would hold.

It was sad when I was greeted into the world with an extremely annoyingly voiced main character, and when I finally got to it, combat which felt worse then previous games. As I continued on, I found that the other main character, was also just as annoying.

It's funny because the voice actor who played the main character, Tidus, is the same voice actor that plays Ratchet, from the Ratchet and Clank series, (James Arnold Taylor), in that role, he did great. Maybe the vocal director was on the side yelling "Sound more annoying" the whole time or something, but he manages to become your worst enemy, because you just don't want to hear him talk, and spew out the stupidest, and most unhelpful words ever.

The combat in this game feels like a step back from the original games, with turn based combat, over the previously nigh-perfected ATB (Active Time Battle), so you can take all day using a potion, without having to worry about the monsters even sneezing. It feels really strange especially because of how much more it's leaning towards making sense, in a realism type of way.

The story is actually not bad, but it's populated with characters you really don't care about, most of the time, you really wouldn't care of some of them just kicked off, which really defeats the purpose of having the story follow them. But I did like the twists and turns, I just wish it was less linear.

The graphics, are pretty. No argument from me, they held their own against even recent PS2 games, though, it's a same you couldn't move the camera, so most of the time, a lot of the scenery was hidden. Also, the dubbing was terrible, you'd hear someone talk, and then seconds later, their mouth is still moving. It was really distracting often, and made scenes just look plain bad. The pre-rendered cutscenes though, are unmatched, with amazing graphics, and spot on dubbing. It's odd the rest of the game didn't have the same dubbing.

The music is also great, with me looking for a soundtrack after playing it, and humming tunes later, but in comparison to some of the other Final Fantasy soundtracks, it's perhaps not as good, but it does contain some great songs.

Also, it's worth mentioning that this game was a really strange difficulty curve, with bosses often being pretty easy, but having the normal monsters take down your entire party often. It gets really weird when you run low on money, and can't buy anything to heal yourselves, but can't fight to get money...

Overall, this game I never finished without cheating. I got to the end, and just gave up before fighting the boss, it was just too boring, and I really didn't care what happened to the characters. I did use an Action Replay (Cheating device for Playstation 2) to finish the game, and was surprised by a rather good ending, though, it still didn't make up for the rest of the game being so dull.

God Of War - PS2 - Published by Sony - Developed by Sony - 2005

(Note: I never beat this game, and only put a few hours into it, at different times and places, and don't really know the story, which would probably make it a bit better. Doesn't save it from gameplay though)

Ah, God of War, the ultra popular PS2 game, which many of my friends played and loved, and I read tons of praise online for. Reviews often gave this game 9-10/10, so it seemed like a sure bet to be good.

Based on greek legends, and folklore, the game follows Kratos, the God of War, I think.. who must... I don't know. (I only played bits and pieces of this game, and wasn't able to follow the story because of such.)

The gameplay of this game feel much too much like Devil May Cry, which I already talked about, and that, in my opinion, isn't a good thing. it is pretty much a button masher, with button pressing mini games thrown in, Sure, you could disagree with me because you learned all the combos, and moves, but I'm sure most people just go through the game button mashing until everything is dead, or a mini game starts.

The game seems to be following Grand Theft Auto's footsteps of "If it is controversial, it will sell" including blood, gore, and sex, probably swearing too, I don't remember off hand. But unlike some games, it doesn't seem to use them in anything other then "look at this, it's bloody" sort of way, rather then using it in a way where it would feel like it meant something.

Of course this is a short view on this, but I only put a few hours into the game total, because I don't own it, and I see no reason to buy it for myself, it's just not my style of game or something, because I just don't get it...

alright, I am stopping, because my arm hurts, perhaps it's the large amount of wood chopping I did, or the breaking of sticks, or maybe it's just all the typing I'm doing, anyways, that's it for now!

*Sigh* More news from friday

I guess I'm not going on a trip after all.. :( So, here's more news for you.

Buy Level Ups, Ingame gold, and skills, but for real Money: This is one thing I never got about online RPGs, why you would spend Real, tangible money, on fake, digital items. Items that would only last as long as you play the game. I mean some people make the obvious Downloadable Content argument, but, the point of downloadable content, is that it's *NOT* in the game already. (Except in some cases *Cough Beautiful Katamari Cough*)

DVD will fail! <- History repeats itself with Blu-Ray: I will admit that Blu-Ray being in the PS3 gave me more of a reason to support it, and having the HD-DVD in the 360 made me like it less. However, I always thought = More Space > Less Space. I mean, that should be obvious. And now that HD-DVD has failed, people are trying to smear Blu-Ray, saying it's not much better then DVD, and no one needs it.... Which is exactly what people said about DVD...

Official Xbox Magazine review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: I usually don't agree with their reviews, but that sounds about what I thought it would be.

Playstation Home coming soon: Sounds good to me, I still am very interested on getting my hands on it.

Japan forgets about the Xbox 360 after sales spike: I expected this, it seems like even if there are a few RPGs, the system is based mostly around western games. And lots of shooters ^^

A Comparison of First and Second party devs for Microsoft and Sony:
This is exactly what I tell people: I love Sony's first party, and I think they were right for focusing on a great first party over third party. Though I don't like how they have been ignoring third parties almost completely.... Still, this makes Microsoft's First Party seem even smaller....

*sigh* Hopefully I will get over feeling bad about the 'trip-that-wont-happen' and smile.

My opinion on Qore

My first thoughts on the matter, were that it was pretty cool. Then I took the time to think about it, and what exactly it was.

It's basically, a "Gold Membership" to the playstation network, getting you demos, and trailers sooner..

That pisses me off, the best part about the Playstation Network is that it is free. Putting a fee on demos is pointless beyond reason for me. I will just wait it out, so that I can get them free later. But this is really annoying.

Though I will say the content has been really tempting, because so far each episode, there have been things I wanted, (SOCOM: Confrontation Beta, Naruto demo (Hey, the graphics look great) The Resistance 2 Beta (Witch I randomly got into anyways), and now the exclusive-for-a-month MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo.

Stop making it so hard for me not to support you Qore!!

How come the best deals pop up when you have no money!?

Seriously, I just spent all my money, and then this pops up....

I swear, next I'm going to see Stubbs the Zombie, and We Love Katamari for sale...


(So I didn't leave today) Friday news opinions

First off, I will say, that my news opinions mainly focus on Sony based news, as the PS3 and PSP are my primary consoles. I'm not saying I wont do Microsoft news, or Nintendo news, but like I said, mainly Sony news.

Valve "Re-Evaluating" PS3 based on it's Success: Why is it that Micorsoft attracts the snobbiest companies? Seriously, with Ex-Tecmo lead (Who I can never remember his name) only developing on the 'Most powerful platform' then when the 360 came out, and was not superior to the competition, they had some other excuse? Anyways, back on topic, the PC elitist company Valve have finally admitted the PS3 isn't "A waste of everyone's time" so hopefully we will see more and better Valve games on the system.

Killzone 2 Co-Op to be patched in after launch, more info on Bots:
It's nice that even if it's not included in the initial release, it's making it in. :) However, I am really worried that there wont be split screen co-op, and that is a crying shame. I do really like the news on the bots. Online bots huh? How many games promised that and then gave up? Let's hope the pull it off. I repeats though.... SPILT SCREEN!!!!!

The Last Guy priced and dated:
Good news to me, though I am pretty cheep, deep down I was hoping to pay less. Not to say it's not worth it.

Closer Look at Burnout: Paradise bikes: I love criterion, they make great games, and give great downloadable content, can't beat that it's free. :)

PS3 version of Alone in the Dark to have significant upgrades: Interesting. I was kind of interested in this game, but was kind of turned off to all the negative press and reviews. It looks like I may try it after all, fingers crossed for a demo.

There you have it. A hour or something wasted on pleasing you. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Because I felt like it.

Well, it's shipped...

So, I got an E-Mail, saying that my 360 has been shipped.

I guess that's a good thing, though, I kind of wish it had been shipped yesterday. Oh, well, I suppose it's good to know, and not be kept in the dark.. I also got a tracking number, which I probably wont be able to keep an eye on, because I'll be too busy 200 miles from my computer until monday.

So, Halo 3... Soon.... soon...

The Last Guy demo impressions

The Last Guy is another one of those wacky original PSN games, which I seem to love most of.

So, where does this one stand? Is it another gem, or another PixelJunk Racers? *cough*

Well, I didn't have the highest expectations for this game, though, I knew I would have a bit of fun with it, however, it turns out, I had a lot more fun with it then I thought it was.

The game goes as such: It uses google maps-ish pictures for a top down game, in which there is a zombie apocalypse, and you 'The Last Guy' must lead civilians to a designated "Safe Zone". You collect people from houses, and other buildings, and avoid the Zombies, while keeping an eye on the crowd following you, while using a few abilities to find extra humans.

All in all the concept is smile worthy, and very fun. Everything works, and it is surprisingly addictive, I found myself laughing smiling, and having a lot of fun playing it, and look forward to the full release, whenever that may be.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo impressions

Here's a secret: I never expected SW: TFU to be amazing. I expected it to be a fun, yet nothing-to-write-home-about action game, with interesting physics.

So, I finally got to try the demo in this week's Playstation Store© update and took the demo for a spin. I will admit I didn't play the game all that much myself, and let my friend who was over play for most of the time, but in the little time I played, and what I saw, I think I can say my opinions on it.

The graphics are better then I thought they would be from the trailer, though still pale in comparison to Metal Gear Solid 4, or Uncharted. The textures were pretty good, but the models looked almost last generation in some ways. Also the overall graphics really don't scream next generation, and I'm not talking about them having to have lots of bloom lighting or something.

The music is standard fare for a star wars license, pretty much tunes from the movies cut to work in each scene. Nothing to see here. The voice acting was also better then I expected, though not by a large amount, and what I expected was 'bad'. Darth Vader sounds okay, and that's always a plus.

In general though, the game does little to set itself aside other 3rd person action games, or even just other star wars games. It is very by the books, listen to the person on the radio, kill a bunch of people in a room, continue on, fill up the special power bar, and use it to kill enemies easier.

This game *does* have some pretty nice physics, along with the amazing euphoria engine, but it doesn't save it from feeling pretty bland, and unoriginal. But I will say it again, the physics, and technology behind this game is great, it's a shame that it doesn't do more the ten minute "wow" because you could have a really interesting game if it was more varied.

Though it is only touched on very little in the demo, I think the story will be interesting in the full game, with it looking to have a sad ending, which is rarely seen in games. Though it will probably be very cheesy.

Overall, perhaps a 7/10, not wonderful, but not horrible either.

This week, in waiting.

So, today, well, technically yesterday, the weekly Zero Punctuation came out, and as always, I laughed, he seriously gets me every wednesday. He's totally one of my heros, though I don't agree with all his points.

Tomorrow is the Playstation Store© update, which includes the demo for the Force Unleashed, which I am highly excited for. So, hopefully it will turn out well..

And again, I still am waiting for the Xbox 360 I ordered to get here...

Finally, this weekend I will be out of town, so, all in all, I have a busy(ish) end of the week. :P

List of games everyone liked but me. Part 1

You ever had it where everyone plays a game and loves it, and you hear about how great it is, and when you finally play it, it's really not that great, and you don't see why anyone would like it? Well, then, you know how I feel, here's my list of such games.

Devil May Cry - Playstation 2 - Published by Capcom - Developed by Capcom - 2001

Ah Devil May Cry, reinvention of the sidescrolling brawler games of the SNES era. Best action game ever according to a lot of people. I continually heard how good this game was, and finally decided to buy it.

It has pretty good graphics, and the gameplay is fun some of the time, but the difficulty was terrible, either much too hard, or far too easy. I mean, you didn't even have to hold down lock on on easy, and on hard, the game kicked my ass so hard, I could barely remember what it had looked like.

The gameplay became very repetitive, and boring, making the game feel like a chore after not too long to play at all. Sure it's fun for the first 10 minutes, but after that, I didn't feel like playing it at all, and I have played so many games, that a game really has to not appeal to me for me to not finish it. (I did however play it for 5 hours+)

The story was almost as hard to follow and understand as BLACK, with characters not really introduced, and you doing things for seemly no reason. At least in BLACK it was fun to play, to make up for the god-awful story.

I just couldn't find anyway to like this game, though it still sits on my shelf for the day I will finally finish it, which may be never...

Gran Turismo Series - Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 - Published by Sony - Developed by Polyphony - 1997-present

Ah, Gran Tursimo, hailed as the best racing game ever, and highly realistic. So much praise is given to this game, and it has sold tens of millions of copies.

Going into this series, I never was one for realistic racers, but this was really worse then I thought. The core gameplay to me was just not that great, it was slow, boring, and who ever had the better car won.

Sure there are a lot of cars, but if you even want to think about driving a good car, get ready for hours of meaningless grinding, and pointless license tests. And even when you get to finally drive these crazy cars, they still feel like they are driving at like 40 Miles Per Hour.

I had fun playing split screen, if only to laugh at how funny it is that the cars don't get damaged.

The graphics. Of course, the one thing about the games that no one can argue, these games are pretty beyond anything. They will make you rethink what is possible in a game, let me kid you not.

However, I have never had much fun with these games more then an hour or two. Maybe.

Grand Theft Auto Series Post GTA 2 - Many Platforms - Published by Take 2 - Developed by Rockstar - 2001-Present

Ah Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular, and controversial game series ever.

You. One Entire City. Do Anything.

This premise of the game was like Driver 1 and 2, but with a lot of mechanics added, such as more focus on the on foot gameplay, and much more darker storylines.

I constantly hear about every GTA game that comes out, how they are the best games of the console generation, and are must-plays.

So, after a friend brought it over, I finally got to play GTA, and was surprised at how bad it was. Right off the bat, the graphics looked like Dreamcast quality. The controls were annoying, with the right analog not being camera, and the driving physics were quite awful, some of the worst I have seen in games.

Everyone keeps pointing to the story, and as much as I try to like it, it just is not that great I think, just chiché gangster movie stories, with people talking really negativly to each other.

And as the games went on, the problems were not solved, it took 3 games to get the camera right, and in the fourth game the driving physics are even WORSE.

I have had fun screwing around, but I seriously do not understand how this game get so much praise, it's just beyond me...

So, there you have it, 3 games that everyone but me loved.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leipzig Game Conference Post

Another video gaming show has come, and the major announcements have been made.

So, what do I think?

Nintendo - They still haven't given me a reason to even buy a Wii if it was only like $50, there's really nothing that interests me on the system other then the Strong Bad game, which also came out for PC (Which I also don't have). I also am bit a fan of motion control being the main choice for games. I like how it's been used really minorly in some PS3 games (Resistance, PAIN, LocoRoco).

Microsoft - I didn't see much here, so I can't really comment.

Sony - I was mostly looking at the news from Camp Sony, and I saw some things that interested me, and some things that didn't so much. I wish there had been some other announcements too.

In detail, here are my thoughts on announcements:

New Konami PSN Game -GTi Club: This doesn't look that great to me. It could end up good, but I doubt it.

Wireless Keypad Attachment for PS3:
Eh, I prefer a Headset, so again, doesn't really matter to me.

Heavy Rain Confirmed for 2009/Gameplay Footage Shown:
This game was never something I was going to buy, but I will say it looks damn pretty.

Playstation Eye game announced, Eyepet: Surprisingly enough, this looks pretty entertaining, I'd love to try it sometime.

160GB PS3 Model Announced: This would excite me a lot more if they kept at least software backwards compatibility, however, this just falls under a sad move for Sony, though I love the HDD size.

New Killzone Screens and Multiplater Trailer: I simply loved the multiplayer trailer, I can't wait to try this game.

New Warhawk Expansion: This looks pretty sweet, though I wish the 'Forest' was more foresty. The Jetpacks sounds awesome though.

New PSN Game, Savage Moon Announced: If it's anything like PixelJunk Monsters, which it sounds like it is, I will try it. :)

New Leipzig Valkira Chronicles trailer: As always, this game looks extremely beautiful, I really can't wait to try it.

LocoRoco 2 first trailer: Yet again, LocoRoco Manages to be cute, and just wonderful, I can't wait to play it. :)

PSP 3000 Details: The new PSP has a redesigned screen to prevent glare, the Home button is turned into a PS button, and it can output to any TV. It sounds good to me, but I still, really wish we could see another analog nub....

PSP 3000 Bundle Details: I like it starting with a 4GB Memory stick. A HDD would be nice though..

Everyday Shooter Coming to PSP:
Simply amazing news, I am really really happy to hear this.

So, where is the Team ICO Game? What about Uncharted 2/Jak 4? What about more big exclusive games at all? Oh, well..

And that's that, So, until TGS, let's keep our fingers crossed.