Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Last Guy demo impressions

The Last Guy is another one of those wacky original PSN games, which I seem to love most of.

So, where does this one stand? Is it another gem, or another PixelJunk Racers? *cough*

Well, I didn't have the highest expectations for this game, though, I knew I would have a bit of fun with it, however, it turns out, I had a lot more fun with it then I thought it was.

The game goes as such: It uses google maps-ish pictures for a top down game, in which there is a zombie apocalypse, and you 'The Last Guy' must lead civilians to a designated "Safe Zone". You collect people from houses, and other buildings, and avoid the Zombies, while keeping an eye on the crowd following you, while using a few abilities to find extra humans.

All in all the concept is smile worthy, and very fun. Everything works, and it is surprisingly addictive, I found myself laughing smiling, and having a lot of fun playing it, and look forward to the full release, whenever that may be.

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