Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leipzig Game Conference Post

Another video gaming show has come, and the major announcements have been made.

So, what do I think?

Nintendo - They still haven't given me a reason to even buy a Wii if it was only like $50, there's really nothing that interests me on the system other then the Strong Bad game, which also came out for PC (Which I also don't have). I also am bit a fan of motion control being the main choice for games. I like how it's been used really minorly in some PS3 games (Resistance, PAIN, LocoRoco).

Microsoft - I didn't see much here, so I can't really comment.

Sony - I was mostly looking at the news from Camp Sony, and I saw some things that interested me, and some things that didn't so much. I wish there had been some other announcements too.

In detail, here are my thoughts on announcements:

New Konami PSN Game -GTi Club: This doesn't look that great to me. It could end up good, but I doubt it.

Wireless Keypad Attachment for PS3:
Eh, I prefer a Headset, so again, doesn't really matter to me.

Heavy Rain Confirmed for 2009/Gameplay Footage Shown:
This game was never something I was going to buy, but I will say it looks damn pretty.

Playstation Eye game announced, Eyepet: Surprisingly enough, this looks pretty entertaining, I'd love to try it sometime.

160GB PS3 Model Announced: This would excite me a lot more if they kept at least software backwards compatibility, however, this just falls under a sad move for Sony, though I love the HDD size.

New Killzone Screens and Multiplater Trailer: I simply loved the multiplayer trailer, I can't wait to try this game.

New Warhawk Expansion: This looks pretty sweet, though I wish the 'Forest' was more foresty. The Jetpacks sounds awesome though.

New PSN Game, Savage Moon Announced: If it's anything like PixelJunk Monsters, which it sounds like it is, I will try it. :)

New Leipzig Valkira Chronicles trailer: As always, this game looks extremely beautiful, I really can't wait to try it.

LocoRoco 2 first trailer: Yet again, LocoRoco Manages to be cute, and just wonderful, I can't wait to play it. :)

PSP 3000 Details: The new PSP has a redesigned screen to prevent glare, the Home button is turned into a PS button, and it can output to any TV. It sounds good to me, but I still, really wish we could see another analog nub....

PSP 3000 Bundle Details: I like it starting with a 4GB Memory stick. A HDD would be nice though..

Everyday Shooter Coming to PSP:
Simply amazing news, I am really really happy to hear this.

So, where is the Team ICO Game? What about Uncharted 2/Jak 4? What about more big exclusive games at all? Oh, well..

And that's that, So, until TGS, let's keep our fingers crossed.

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