Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo impressions

Here's a secret: I never expected SW: TFU to be amazing. I expected it to be a fun, yet nothing-to-write-home-about action game, with interesting physics.

So, I finally got to try the demo in this week's Playstation Store© update and took the demo for a spin. I will admit I didn't play the game all that much myself, and let my friend who was over play for most of the time, but in the little time I played, and what I saw, I think I can say my opinions on it.

The graphics are better then I thought they would be from the trailer, though still pale in comparison to Metal Gear Solid 4, or Uncharted. The textures were pretty good, but the models looked almost last generation in some ways. Also the overall graphics really don't scream next generation, and I'm not talking about them having to have lots of bloom lighting or something.

The music is standard fare for a star wars license, pretty much tunes from the movies cut to work in each scene. Nothing to see here. The voice acting was also better then I expected, though not by a large amount, and what I expected was 'bad'. Darth Vader sounds okay, and that's always a plus.

In general though, the game does little to set itself aside other 3rd person action games, or even just other star wars games. It is very by the books, listen to the person on the radio, kill a bunch of people in a room, continue on, fill up the special power bar, and use it to kill enemies easier.

This game *does* have some pretty nice physics, along with the amazing euphoria engine, but it doesn't save it from feeling pretty bland, and unoriginal. But I will say it again, the physics, and technology behind this game is great, it's a shame that it doesn't do more the ten minute "wow" because you could have a really interesting game if it was more varied.

Though it is only touched on very little in the demo, I think the story will be interesting in the full game, with it looking to have a sad ending, which is rarely seen in games. Though it will probably be very cheesy.

Overall, perhaps a 7/10, not wonderful, but not horrible either.

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