Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday afternoon news impressions

So, I missed yesterday, oh, well. Anyways, here's the news everyone.

Itagaki, the hardest-core Xbox 360 fanboy, says PS3 *isn't* hard to develop for: Well now, this is strange. I guess now that he's out of M$ pocket, he can say what he wants.

Infinite Undiscovery review (Xbox 360 JRPG):
Other then the Tales game, it seems like all the 360 JRPGs kinda suck..

No PS3 price cut this fall: Bah, I thought as much, though, it's like like they could do it anyways.

6 More albums for Rock Band 2: Where's my Men at Work DLC? :(

Guitar Praise, a christian guitar hero: Wow. I don't think I could say anything of how stupid this is. Guitar Hero already has some christian songs in it. Is there anyone that doesn't want their kid to hear anything but christian music or something....? Wow..

Mirror's Edge features Time Trial mode:
Interesting, though not for me.

EA doing more to make their games more replayable: Sounds good in my book.

Sony: Consumers purchasing PS3s as fast as we can make them: Yep, sounds good to me.

Ah sony, you love to give us free stuff, unlike the big MS:
Why does Mircosoft have to nickle and dime so much? Seriously, they are one of the richest companies in the world...

Getaway PS3, and Eight Days cancellation helped Eyepet: As cool as Eyepet is, I really was looking forward to both those games... :(

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for PSP/DS?:
That sounds okay, but were are the next gen versions?

Team ICO game ready "soon" but not as in Tokyo Gaming Show: Aw, i was hoping to hear about it there.... However, "soon" is better then nothing.

Man gets punched in the face over PS3: *Tsk* if you feel like punching something play a fighting game.

Lego Batman Animated Movie: Yup, Lego is making an animated movie of it..

Pirates vs Ninjas dodgeball coming to Wii: This is nice and all, but show the PSN some love.

Street Fighter IV development having lag problems?:
Aparently this is something that no fighting game has gotten down...

Full Throttle 2 interview, back from yesteryear:
Ah Full Throttle 2, we barely knew ye, but alas we'll know ye better.

Recent games 'Demade' on the original Gameboy: This is totally awesome. :)

Home hits asia fall 2008:
Good, now about the rest of the world...

Pandemic Batman game canceled:
Oh, well, I thought as much.

Lego Batman coming to iPhone: This seems likely.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows final box art: Can't say I like it, here's hoping the game is better.

Chuck Norris game, FINALLY! What!? Cell phone!? NOO: :(

Playstation Network cards coming to gamestop in 2009:
Doesn't matter to me, but as soon as they come out, PSN sales will go up.

Kojima: We need to make hardcore games:
I just read the title, but I agree, less casual games..

2 Publishers clean up latest quarter: Pretty much what I expected.

LittleBigPlanet meets naked snake: I'm guessing there was some reason they didn't call him "Naked Sack"

Bioware, Pixar of game studios?: My answer: No.

Guitar Hero IV developer mocks Rock Band drums: Wow, you are one to talk, with Guitar Hero: World Tour just being Rock Band Lite.

PS2, Why hasn't it died yet?: Probably because there are still a zillion reasons to own one?

New HD Gears of War II Screens: I hate that orangeish color. Bleah. Grand Theft Auto San Adreas did the same thing...

Ninja Gaiden II sells 1 million: Not bad, but certainly not the MGS4 killer.

Would pirates have bought Crysis anyways?:
Maybe, I'd say possibly 60% at most.

Linger in Shadows delayed to september: Oh well, I still am looking forward to it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be more like a traditional Final Fantasy game: Then what will Final Fantasy XIII be like?

New Resistance 2 weapon: Sounds cool, I read about it, though I didn't watch the movie.

PS3 Bioshock exclusives, 'Exclusives for now': Does 'exclusive' even mean anything anymore?

Has the 360 finally cracked Japan?: No, I don't think so. But perhaps I am wrong.

PS3 Bioshock developer "Blu-Ray hasn't made much of a difference": Well duh, you're only porting a game... That was on a DVD9.

Crysis Warhead to only require 2GBs of RAM: Oh yes, that's all...

Capcom dominates top 5 PSP games in Japan: No surprise here.

AFRIKA reviewed: It's not out yet, but who cares...

Was GTA IV the most overhyped game of all time?: Probably. But the reason being that the game wasn't really any good. I wasn't hyped at all, and still found it to be crap.

Will Playstation Home get overhyped?: No, I don't think so, it's rarely talked about anymore...

Microsoft confirms porn mode for Internet Explorer 8:
So what, Mac users have had this for years...

Eyepet to be Sony's '09 system seller?: Maybe to the casual crowd...

Do you want Halo 4 if Bungie didn't make it?:
*hint* The answer is no.

What Crysis Warhead could have looked like: Maybe next decade Crytech...

First 10 minutes of AFRIKA: I didn't watch, but hey, it's afrika!

Heavy Rain, Sony's most important title of next year:
I dunno, I don't quite think so....

Crysis modded map looks like it came from Oblivion or something:
THIS is what modding is all about.

Total PSP hardware sales from Japan:
Not surprising.

Ubisoft - Europe is our biggest territory: They are a European company, no?

Home not the reason for recent PSN Maintenance:
It was the Metal Gear Online servers instead.

New Star Wars: Battlefront for... Wii!?:
Seriously, WTF, where is our PS3/360 Battlefront. *Doesn't want to wiggle to aim*

Confirmed: No Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 for Japan: Yep, well, we all knew it was true.

Top 10 Games ESRB rated wrong: It's a good list, but it's Missing BLACK and DRIV3R.

Five worst ways developers don't finish games: It's okay, nothing surprising here.

Six ways that each next generation console fails: Kind of a bland list, I can think of more important things.

10 Things Nintendo should have said about E3 other then Sorry:
I laughed. :)

Okay, It's far too hot in my room, I'm going to sleep my computer, take a shower, and wait for it to cool down.

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