Friday, August 22, 2008

(So I didn't leave today) Friday news opinions

First off, I will say, that my news opinions mainly focus on Sony based news, as the PS3 and PSP are my primary consoles. I'm not saying I wont do Microsoft news, or Nintendo news, but like I said, mainly Sony news.

Valve "Re-Evaluating" PS3 based on it's Success: Why is it that Micorsoft attracts the snobbiest companies? Seriously, with Ex-Tecmo lead (Who I can never remember his name) only developing on the 'Most powerful platform' then when the 360 came out, and was not superior to the competition, they had some other excuse? Anyways, back on topic, the PC elitist company Valve have finally admitted the PS3 isn't "A waste of everyone's time" so hopefully we will see more and better Valve games on the system.

Killzone 2 Co-Op to be patched in after launch, more info on Bots:
It's nice that even if it's not included in the initial release, it's making it in. :) However, I am really worried that there wont be split screen co-op, and that is a crying shame. I do really like the news on the bots. Online bots huh? How many games promised that and then gave up? Let's hope the pull it off. I repeats though.... SPILT SCREEN!!!!!

The Last Guy priced and dated:
Good news to me, though I am pretty cheep, deep down I was hoping to pay less. Not to say it's not worth it.

Closer Look at Burnout: Paradise bikes: I love criterion, they make great games, and give great downloadable content, can't beat that it's free. :)

PS3 version of Alone in the Dark to have significant upgrades: Interesting. I was kind of interested in this game, but was kind of turned off to all the negative press and reviews. It looks like I may try it after all, fingers crossed for a demo.

There you have it. A hour or something wasted on pleasing you. :)

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