Friday, August 22, 2008

*Sigh* More news from friday

I guess I'm not going on a trip after all.. :( So, here's more news for you.

Buy Level Ups, Ingame gold, and skills, but for real Money: This is one thing I never got about online RPGs, why you would spend Real, tangible money, on fake, digital items. Items that would only last as long as you play the game. I mean some people make the obvious Downloadable Content argument, but, the point of downloadable content, is that it's *NOT* in the game already. (Except in some cases *Cough Beautiful Katamari Cough*)

DVD will fail! <- History repeats itself with Blu-Ray: I will admit that Blu-Ray being in the PS3 gave me more of a reason to support it, and having the HD-DVD in the 360 made me like it less. However, I always thought = More Space > Less Space. I mean, that should be obvious. And now that HD-DVD has failed, people are trying to smear Blu-Ray, saying it's not much better then DVD, and no one needs it.... Which is exactly what people said about DVD...

Official Xbox Magazine review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: I usually don't agree with their reviews, but that sounds about what I thought it would be.

Playstation Home coming soon: Sounds good to me, I still am very interested on getting my hands on it.

Japan forgets about the Xbox 360 after sales spike: I expected this, it seems like even if there are a few RPGs, the system is based mostly around western games. And lots of shooters ^^

A Comparison of First and Second party devs for Microsoft and Sony:
This is exactly what I tell people: I love Sony's first party, and I think they were right for focusing on a great first party over third party. Though I don't like how they have been ignoring third parties almost completely.... Still, this makes Microsoft's First Party seem even smaller....

*sigh* Hopefully I will get over feeling bad about the 'trip-that-wont-happen' and smile.

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