Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday night news opinion wrap up

Another day passes, and another small set of news goes by.

PSN scheduled maintenance, prepping for Home?: People are guessing the next scheduled downtime for the Playstation Network, will be sony prepping it for Home, or Life with Playstation.

RUMOR: Gearbox making Halo 4 for Microsoft's next console: I would hope this isn't true, Gearbox would do a terrible job... Well, I guess I will keep my fingers crossed, hoping it's not true. I also think that the Halo series shouldn't continue... Halo 3 ended it, right?

PS3 *does* have exclusives: Proof that the "PS3 HAS GAMES"

There you have it, I'm gonna party for the rest of the night, then try to make it through the slow day that is tomorrow.

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