Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Slow day, but not for news. for me. (News Opinions)

I know it seems like News Opinions are all I'm doing right now, but I have been really busy. I have free time today, but I am tired. Tired, tired, tired. Maybe I will feel more up to it later.

Red Baron Arcade, new PSN game: Not quite my style of game, but still, it will probably be good.

Third Party exclusives a thing of the past? Sony thinks so:
Not quite the headline, but a Sony executive says that days of third party games, published by another company are over, due to the large amount of money it costs to make the game.

Play Factory accidentally announced? (Eyetoy compliation): Well, I never got an eyetoy for the PS2, as there never was anything that interested me for it, however, Eye of Judgement has almost pushed me over, so anything else will help.

Savage Moon, another tower defense game, though much different from PixelJunk Monsters: Sounds good to me, I will probably be playing more downloadable games then disc based ones this fall...

Here's how Heavy Rain controls: Sound interesting, I'd love to try it. Not a must buy for me, not yet.

Big games of this year have problems: This article is terrible, honestly, some of these look like they can be pointed at games that are already out, that are good. *tsk*

Is Sony readying a PS3 with 512MBs of RAM?: This is a mixed bag, sure it would be nice to have the extra RAM, but people who already own PS3's would be screwed.

Nintendo: We haven't ignored the Hardcore: I'm sorry Nintendo, I don't think you could ever win me back again, you've done so much to destroy hardcore gaming, I don't think there's anything that you could do to win me over.

Two new LittleBigPlanet levels revealed:
It's LittleBigPlanet, need I say more? This looks great. :)

Why pay $40 to play Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, when you can pay $15,000?: This is one hardcore fanboy.

Games rated based on time spent on them at games conventions:
Another article I can't help but to find pretty terrible.

Gearbox says that Halo 4 rumor, is, well.. A Rumor: Well, I still have my fingers crossed. Please let it just be a rumor.

Naruto Developer: Tilt sensing is useless: This is an opinion. I think that it shouldn't try to find it's way into every game, but there are times it can work, so leave it at that.

No Platform exclusive characters in Street Fighter IV: Sounds good to me, I didn't like what Soul Caliber did.

Why Mario should Retire: This is a hard one, because as much as I agree, I think it would have Nintendo make even more casual games, *Shudder*

Ten things that E3 should learn from the Leiplzig Games Convention:
Sound about right to me, especially about tickets being sold to the public.

LittleBig-Zilla, a great LittleBigPlanet trailer: I've seen this before, but I thought I'd share it with you guys. :)

Lara Croft over the years:
You, I can admit to loving the second game, but not due to the looks of the main character, but because I found it fun, it's a shame it's now a generic action series.

Games inside the Democratic National Convention?:
Wut? Seriously, this is really odd.

Lego Batman's butler revealed: Hah, this made me smile. I love the lego games, perhaps someday I will own one.

New MotorStorm: Pacific Rift screens: Did I mention they are totally amazing. Stupid Qore for holding it back from me. :(

Postal movie out on DVD: Time to get your popcorn out, and prepare to laugh again at the foul works of Uwe Boll, or Toilet Boll, as some call him.

A great look at western developers by someone how has been both eastern and western:
Great stuff. Though I'm sure many people will just call him racist or some such nonsense.

E for All, bleah: Sounds pretty much like my opinion on it. Ew.

Now this is cool concept art. HALO: I tossed Halo in the title because otherwise people would totally miss this, it's concept art from the Halo movie. Neat stuff.

Too Human only took 4 years to make: Doesn't matter to me, it still looks awful.

New Resistance 2 Screens: Yup, looking good, Insomniac. :)

This day is going so slowly. Also, I am tired as heck. *yawn*

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