Thursday, August 21, 2008

List of games everyone liked but me. Part 1

You ever had it where everyone plays a game and loves it, and you hear about how great it is, and when you finally play it, it's really not that great, and you don't see why anyone would like it? Well, then, you know how I feel, here's my list of such games.

Devil May Cry - Playstation 2 - Published by Capcom - Developed by Capcom - 2001

Ah Devil May Cry, reinvention of the sidescrolling brawler games of the SNES era. Best action game ever according to a lot of people. I continually heard how good this game was, and finally decided to buy it.

It has pretty good graphics, and the gameplay is fun some of the time, but the difficulty was terrible, either much too hard, or far too easy. I mean, you didn't even have to hold down lock on on easy, and on hard, the game kicked my ass so hard, I could barely remember what it had looked like.

The gameplay became very repetitive, and boring, making the game feel like a chore after not too long to play at all. Sure it's fun for the first 10 minutes, but after that, I didn't feel like playing it at all, and I have played so many games, that a game really has to not appeal to me for me to not finish it. (I did however play it for 5 hours+)

The story was almost as hard to follow and understand as BLACK, with characters not really introduced, and you doing things for seemly no reason. At least in BLACK it was fun to play, to make up for the god-awful story.

I just couldn't find anyway to like this game, though it still sits on my shelf for the day I will finally finish it, which may be never...

Gran Turismo Series - Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 - Published by Sony - Developed by Polyphony - 1997-present

Ah, Gran Tursimo, hailed as the best racing game ever, and highly realistic. So much praise is given to this game, and it has sold tens of millions of copies.

Going into this series, I never was one for realistic racers, but this was really worse then I thought. The core gameplay to me was just not that great, it was slow, boring, and who ever had the better car won.

Sure there are a lot of cars, but if you even want to think about driving a good car, get ready for hours of meaningless grinding, and pointless license tests. And even when you get to finally drive these crazy cars, they still feel like they are driving at like 40 Miles Per Hour.

I had fun playing split screen, if only to laugh at how funny it is that the cars don't get damaged.

The graphics. Of course, the one thing about the games that no one can argue, these games are pretty beyond anything. They will make you rethink what is possible in a game, let me kid you not.

However, I have never had much fun with these games more then an hour or two. Maybe.

Grand Theft Auto Series Post GTA 2 - Many Platforms - Published by Take 2 - Developed by Rockstar - 2001-Present

Ah Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular, and controversial game series ever.

You. One Entire City. Do Anything.

This premise of the game was like Driver 1 and 2, but with a lot of mechanics added, such as more focus on the on foot gameplay, and much more darker storylines.

I constantly hear about every GTA game that comes out, how they are the best games of the console generation, and are must-plays.

So, after a friend brought it over, I finally got to play GTA, and was surprised at how bad it was. Right off the bat, the graphics looked like Dreamcast quality. The controls were annoying, with the right analog not being camera, and the driving physics were quite awful, some of the worst I have seen in games.

Everyone keeps pointing to the story, and as much as I try to like it, it just is not that great I think, just chiché gangster movie stories, with people talking really negativly to each other.

And as the games went on, the problems were not solved, it took 3 games to get the camera right, and in the fourth game the driving physics are even WORSE.

I have had fun screwing around, but I seriously do not understand how this game get so much praise, it's just beyond me...

So, there you have it, 3 games that everyone but me loved.

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