Monday, August 25, 2008

A surprising second haul for sunday news opinions

Wow, for a weekend, there are a lot of news stories...

RUMOR: $200 Xbox 36o with motion sensing controller: I can see this happening, however I think it's a terrible idea. It will have a bunch of crappy games come out, and then become an unpopular thing, and probably be mostly ignored by gaming culture.

Final Fantasy XIII: Agito screens (PSP): Square-Enix is certainly showing some PSP love, first with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, now we will be getting Disidia: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and 3rd Birthday, and now this. If nothing else, Square has found a good platform for their games.

Runescape HD finally open: I laughed.

10 Changes Metal Gear Online needs to stay alive: I sorta agree with this list, but I think there are other things it needs...

Piracy, Piracy, Piracy... More reasons to laugh at those who try to justify it: *Sigh* It's so sad that people still try to justify piracy to others.

Gaming now more popular then Porn: This I really can't believe... Wow...

Will the name "Halo" still be popular after Gears 2, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 come out?: I dunno, I think it's sort of a legend now. No one will forget Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Fox, Final Fight, ect. Just because other games come around, I don't think people will forget about Halo.

Companies make more money off of a lot of crappy games, then a few good ones: The sad truth that you companies care more about themselves then you. :(

Sony's big week, can they deliver?: Sony has promised a lot this week, you think they can deliver? Personally, I suppose the Warhawk expansion pack will come out, and possibly Life with Playstation, though, the Home beta may be delayed yet again...

Wow, that was a lot of news for a sunday. What a day. I'm so beat. Car troubles suck.

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