Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday news opinions

I didn't do the news last night, because my house was filled with people, so there's a lot today.

Mercenaries 2 reviews:

More Jonathan Coulton coming to Rock Band: This makes me really happy. ^_^

Ryan Payton on western vs Japanese development: Interesting read, I dunno how much I agree with it.

The man behind Bioshock talks about his childhood and life:
It's sad how much people that are 'not normal' are made fun of. I often feel like a idiot just because I like games.

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames released!:
Finally! I will have to try it, and soon.

Resistance 2: Collector's Edition details announced:
Not bad, but not a buy from me.

Left 4 Dead Ps3 talk: Lazy developers.... *pfft*

An article on the 'megatrends' of the gaming industry: I didn't read it, but if it's what I think it is, interesting.

Halo Wars not playable at PAX: Does anyone else think this game just doesn't really look great?

Games are getting easier, to get more sales: It's funny that the hard games of today, are easy compared to many games of yesteryear.

Bionic Commando comparisons:
Though the new one looks beautiful, it did lose some of the style the original had. Nevertheless, I would love to see more of these remakes.

USB Heated gloves: I don't know weather to find this really sad, or awesome.

Spore leaked: Doesn't this always happen these days...

PAX LittleBigPlanet gameplay footage: For those who simply cannot get enough.

Will Microsoft copy LittleBigPlanet?:
I would hope not. Do something new.

MMORPG 'Hello Kitty Online' trailer: I laughed. A lot.

Nintendo looks forward to Miyamoto's next game: If you ask me, if his next game isn't a hardcore game, he should be removed. Nintendo has done over the last few years, the most to destroy what I love about gaming, ever.

RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts III to be shown at Tokyo Gaming Show: I doubt it will be more then a trailer if it's true. After all, one man (Normura) can only do so much, and isn't he working on like 4+ games at the moment?

Final Fantasy XIII influenced by terrorism, immigration and more:
Interesting, though I suppose it might give it more real world feelings, and ideas.

Left 4 Dead to contain no cutscenes: Bleh, my interest just dropped quite a bit.

Top 10 worst fighting games:
I smiled at the title, but didn't watch it.

PC Gaming is still going downhill: Didn't read the full article, but I liked the summary.

How will Microsoft respond to Home: Hopefully by doing something completely different and original. Not making a crappy knock off.

Resistance 2: Collector's Edition preorders sell like crazy:
That's pretty awesome. :) Go Insomniac.

Hideo Kojima feels responsibility to make 'hardcore' games: I'm glad not everyone has lost their senses.

Timesplitters 4 to use new engine, not the Haze engine: Completely unsurprising.

PAX inFAMOUS live demo: inFAMOUS should really be getting more press, it looks great.

More LittleBigPlanet videos from PAX:
More for those who love the Sackboy.

Unreal Rocket-Launcher PC-Mod:
Skilled. That's all I can say.

And there you have it. :)

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