Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday afternoon news opinions

The weekend is almost over.. Just another day. In fact, I can't wait till wednesday... Anyways, here's the news:

What could kill Mirror's Edge: A person talks about what problems could potentially kill the game, Mirror's Edge. I dunno, if it's fun to play, that's what matters, right? I was always waiting on reviews for this one, because it looks so chancy, so, I guess I'll just keep waiting.

Interview with Hideo Kojima: Like the link says, an interview with the genius behind Metal Gear. It's interesting to see him talk about other games.

Killzone 2 goes beyond any online game: Again, it sounds like the multiplayer in this game will be amazing, I just hope the single player is as good as the first two games... And *SPILT SCREEN*

Mirror's Edge not a timed exclusive after all: Yup, not really too surprising, it still looks great however.

5 Games that will own Xbox Live: I dunno, I don't see Lord of the Rings: Conquest, or Left 4 Dead making any dent or being any competition with Call of Duty 4, or Halo 3....

Soon the weekend will be over, and more gaming news will be coming your way. :)

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