Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween News Opinions

Happy Halloween! The news,

Used games market is defrauding the industry: Wow, this is really interesting. I never thought of it like that...

EA is laying off 600 employees due to losses: That's too bad, EA has gotten a lot better.

Next Burnout: Paradise update coming, and it's not free: After all this I would support them.

Qore subscribers getting a taste of Home:

Battlefield: Bad Company getting free maps:
Cool, I guess...

Mercenaries 2 getting Obama!:

IGN SOCOM: Confrontation review: This is a shame.

Saboteur delayed: Let it be made better then!

Mercenaries 3 unmasked: Sweet! I need the second one now.

Burnout: Paradise has been downloaded from PSN 20,000 times: That's awesome.

Creat Studios working on at least 3 PSN games: Uh, k.

PixelJunk Monsters patch out:

PSP prints lots of money this week in Japan:
HOLY ****!

EA publishing Beatles Rock Band game: Thought as much.

Kotaku Spider-Man: Web of Shadows review: Hmm, perhaps a rent?

Lord of the Rings conquest trailer:
I want this game.

PS3 Fallout 3 a little bit broken:
This is a shame.

Bond song coming to GH:WT:
Care, I Not.

Gaming is approaching uncanny valley:
I wonder what the PS4 will look like...

Gaming Jack o lanterns:

EA Speilberg game still around: Sweet.

Guitar Hero: World Tour drum tuner is a PC application:

DSi launch not as booming as DS lite:
Uh, k.

DSi out in Europe/US, no later then summer 09:
Uh, k.

Casual developers agree, Apple is great, Sony and Nintendo aren't:

The PSP screen issues explained: Ah.

Belgium ilegalizes game rentals:

Dead Rising Wii looks awful: Ew.

Beatles deal cost MTV a huge amount of money: No ****.

Why you can't own Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band: Yeaaahh.....

Is David Jaffe making Twisted Metal PS3?: Best answer ever.

GTA IV PC delayed: Don't care.

Blizzard wants Star Craft II to be mom friendly: Uh, k.

Happy Halloween yet again!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

And here you go.

Chris Hecker responsible for simplified Spore gameplay: Poor dude, he ruined something that could have been big.

Harmonix making a Beatles game:

Sony Prefers R&D over Exclusive DLC:
I agree with this. Games>DLC.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest pushed into 2009: Good thing, more development: better game.

Square-Enix first iPhone coming to Japan this fall: Wonder if it will be any good.

GameTap releases episode 2 of American McGee's Grimm:
I want to try this someday.

City of Heros coming to mac: Woot.

1up Review for Resistance 2:
How come 1up's reviews suck these days? They are short and don't go into detail.

Atari picked up Chronicles or Riddick game for '09:
Uh, k.

Home beta opening up to Qore subscribers:

GBA as best selling handheld kicked off by DS: I see.

Resistance 1 vs Resistance 2: Okay, Resistance 2 does have better graphics, but a bit too much color.

LittleBigPlanet patch 1.03 out now, severs back online: Good news!

Battlefield: Bad Company trophy patch out now: I am loving the old games being patch for trophies.

Break apart PS3 controller patient found: PS4 I think.

Mirror's Edge trailer about "Future of the PS3": Future of the PS3 is a lot of quality games.

PixelJunk Monsters update 2.00 out now in Europe: WANT!!!!

Analyst: PS3 wont break even: Analysts.....

LocoRoco 2 coming to PSP Europe in November:
US Release 2009, time to import.

PSP brite is harder to hack: Good job sony! :)

PSP mod allows PSP to be played on a SNES controller: Wow... That's... Interesting?

Atari accusing casual gamers of P2P sharing:

New Left 4 Dead trailer:

Frankenreview - Fallout 3: :) Want.

LittleBigPlanet Kotaku review: Want.

Does style beat out realism: It depends on what you are talking about.

Nintendo: "We've never neglected Core gamers": This is why I hate them... What, do they think that Wii Sports is a core game?

Radio station sells soul to Nintendo: *sigh*

LittleBigPlanet on NASCAR: Uh, K.

Activision blocking Brutal Legend release: ACTIVISION!!!!!!! >:(

Gears of War movie to be close to the game: Good, so it's not just inspired by it?

Ghostbusters game gets publisher and release window: Sweet.

Developer says that DS and DSi aren't as similar as you think: This doesn't bode well...

Miyamoto is producing Punch Out: Uh, k.

PC Saint's Row 2 delayed: Thus is PC gaming.

Awesome Mega Man 9 stop motion video:
Hahaha that's awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles IGN AU Review: Sweet, this sounds amazing!

Valkyria Chronicles IGN Review: Sweeeeet!

And that's the news!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jon God's most anticipated games

I thought I should make a list of my most anticipated games, so here it goes:

Mirror's Edge
Platform: PS3/360
Release Date: November 11th, 2008.
Hype Level: High

I am extremely excited for this game, after seeing the first screenshots of the game, I knew it looked like a game I would enjoy. It looks highly original, fun, and exciting. I like how the combat looks, and that it's not so gun-based.

Hopefully this game will live up to my expectations, I guess I'll find out when the demo hits tomorrow.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Platform: PS3
Release Date: November 4th, 2008.
Hype Level: Medium.

I know, you're looking at me, Naruto? Hear me out though. When I first heard of this game, it was in the form of pictures, and gosh they looked pretty, I thought they were going to fake, they just looked too good. It turns out the game really looks that good. But that's not it, it also is pretty fin to play, being very different from most fighting games in the demo.

I think it will probably live up to my expectations, having play the demo, and having only medium expectations for it.

Resistance 2
Platform: PS3.
Release Date: November 4th, 2008.
Hype Level: High.

I bought the original as the first game I got for my PS3. I loved it, it had Co-Op, a great single player, good mulitplayer split screen, good online, and a lot of replay value. I played through it many time, and had a blast doing such.

I have played 2 betas for Resistance 2, and although I don't quite like the direction the game is going, I still am really excited about it. I just wish it had the same type of Co-Op as the original.

Valkyria Chronicles
Platform: PS3
Release Date: November 4th, 2008.
Hype Level: Medium.

When I first saw this game, my breath was taken away, it is worlds beyond beautiful, the trailers showed it. The gameplay of a 3rd Person RPG/Shooter sounded amazing. In general it looks great.

The demo was amazing, I played it over and over again. The gameplay seems really good, I wish I could try some over levels. The dubbing was alright, and the lip syncing was really bad. In general I will probably buy this much later, but I still really want it.

Sonic Unleashed
Platforms: PS3/360/Wii
Release Date: December 12th.
Hype Level: Low

Sonic. That's all I need to say. Everyone knows what happened to this hedgehog,
he went downhill so much, he's pretty much become a joke. This however is trying to be a return to roots, with lots of 2D sections, and speed.

I am being cautiously optimistic, I can see this being fun, but I can also see it crash and burn.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Platforms: PS3/360
Release Date: January 13th, 2009
Hype Level: High.

Battlefront + Lord of the Rings. If you can't see the success waiting to happen here.... Honestly, this sounds like one of the best ideas ever.

Though, from the gameplay videos it only looks alright, I am pretty confident it will be amazing.

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Platforms: Ps3/360/PC?
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High

I impulse bought the first Beyond Good and Evil, and thought it was one the best games I had played in a long time. I love it, and probably would put in my list of top games ever.

I don't know about the setting judging by the trailer, however, judging by the first one, it wil be amazing.

Driver (PS3)
Platforms: PS3/360/PC?
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High

I have always loved the Driver games, as probably my favorite free roaming game series. The second one was amazing, and the third one, although glitchy and unfinished, I found to be amazingly fun. Parallel Lines took the series in a different direction I didn't like. I still found it to be fun though.

Driver '76 was really bad though, I am just hoping the next Driver game is good. Though I'm staying a little cautious.

Platforms: PS3
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High

Made by the same people as the PSN game, fl0w, this game looks very peaceful, and calming.

It will probably be amazing, I just hope it doesn't cost *too* much.

Platforms: PS3
Release Date: Second Quarter 2009.
Hype Level: High.

This game has looked amazing to me since it was first announced, I just love it. It sounds like an amazing idea, and I want wait for it to come out.

The game looks like it could fall into the fun idea, but gets boring after a while. We'll see.

Killzone 2
Platform: PS3
Release Date: February 2009.
Hype Level: High.

This may be the game I am the most looking forward to, after the first game, and the PSP title, I have been looking forward to revisiting the Killzone universe. This game looks absolutely amazing.

I'm worried it wont have any split screen, this really, really, worries me, because split screen is like 50% of why I play FPSes.

PlayStation Home™
Platform: PS3
Release Date: Before 2009
Hype Level: High.

Though this is not technically a game, it's close enough. A open world matchmaking service for Sony's PS3, this looks like a great way to kill time, and the best way to ever experience gaming trade shows.

Though this looks almost fool proof, it might fall into the not drawing people in, and being too boring, but I don't think it will. Seeing TGS in Home through screenshots was just amazing.

Red Faction: Guerrilla
Platforms: PS3/360/PC
Release Date: 2009
Hype Level: High.

I loved the first 2 games, though the first I thought was the best. This game's destruction looks so amazing, I could see myself playing this for hours just to screw around with the destruction.

Though, the new third person view point, free roaming, and no tunneling. It sounds like it could fail compared to say, Mercenaries 2.

Platforms: PS3/360
Release Date: Quarter 1, 2009.
Hype Level: High.

This game has the coolest art direction ever, following something along the lines of Sin City, with areas being colorful and not. I saw the first trailer and thought it was amazing, I can't wait for new info.

Having looked deeper into the game, and seen that it looks a little too much like Assassin's Creed, which I highly disliked. However, I will still give it a chance, because it looks so awesome.

Street Fighter IV
Platforms: PS3/360/PC.
Release Date:
Hype Level: Medium.

I was never good at the street fighter series, but they do bring back memories, and this new one looks like a lot of fun. I like that they are making it similar to Street Fighter II, but with lots of new stuff.

However, the new graphics are kind of ugly, I guess I will have to try it at some point.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Platforms: PS3/360
Release Date: Before 2009.
Hype Level: High.

I have been looking forward to this since it was announced, not only is it a good remake, but a good way to remake it.

It could end up costing too much, but in general, it will probably be amazing.

Team ICO PS3 Project
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High.

I loved Shadow of the Colossus, and ICO, I know this game will be amazing, no matter what it's about.

I don't think there's much of a chance that this game will be bad.

White Knight Chronicles
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: TBA 2009
Hype Level: Medium.

Take the best Japanese RPGs, mix them with the best RPGs from the west, then make it have a good story, and multiplayer. Tell me that is not a winning formula.

The only reason I am not hyped more, is because I don't know all that much about it.

Alan Wake
Platforms: 360.
Release Date: TBA 2009?
Hype Level: High

Alan Wake, the 360 exclusive I was always jealous of, now I will be able to get it at some point. A game made by the people that made Max Payne, with a great concept. You are the horror writer, Alan Wake, who falls in love with a girl and starts writing really well, until one day she disappears, and he can't write anymore, he gets insomnia, and moves out to a small town in the middle of nowhere, where everything works out.... For a while, until things start to go very wrong, all the stories he writes start to come true, but is he just imagining it?

The latest trailer looked wonderful, but the character models could use a lot of work. Also it looks scarier then I might be willing to play.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: TBA 2009
Hype Level: High.

A Kingdom Hearts prequel set to explain the series better, like were the bad guys came from and such. Sign me up. It looks amazing, and is suppose to be the next biggest Kingdom Hearts game until Kingdom Hearts 3.

The game is going with a card like system, which is the worst thing I can see about it. That and you don't play as Sora, still it looks to be quite good. I am very excited for it.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High.

The closest thing we will ever get to Final Fantasy Smash Brothers. And that's a good thing, the combat is more like Kingdom Hearts, but vs, and it has a hero and villian from Final Fantasy 1-X, and a story mode.

The game looks astounding, but the combat is where the fun will lie, and I haven't tried it yet.

Resistance Retribution
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: Quarter 2, 2009.
Hype Level: High.

This game was one I was hoping for, but never expected it to come true, it Has so many features, and just sounds so amazing overall. And it's made by Sony Bend, who made some of the best PSP games so far.

The only things I don't really like about what I've seen is the lock on, and the 3rd person view. I still am so, so, so excited for this game.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: December 2nd, 2008.
Hype Level: High.

I played the original Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, but I've wanted a way to play it on the TV since I first played it, and this will be a great excuse.

It's still a card based game, but I will find a way to have fun with it.

So, What are your most anticipated games?


It's Saint's Row 2 this week,



Wednesday News Opinions

*Yawn* And the news for today.

Guitar Hero: World Tour guitar IGN review: Hmm.

Fallout 3 IGN UK review: I still really want to try it.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC pushed back?: Care-o-meter: 0.

Truer words never spoken: I completely agree.

Banjo Kazzoie: Nuts and Bolts demo on XBL:
Hmm, I'll download later.

Poll says Capcom "won" TGS: Well, honestly, who else would have won?

Xbox 360 getting Netflix streaming November 19th: Uh, k.

Mirror's Edge demo coming out tomorrow: YES!!!!

Penny Arcade episode 2 demo out for PC: Mac&Console versions to follow?

Need for Speed: Undercover debuts new car:
Um, interesting.

Activision releases setlist for Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades:

SEGA to publish The Conduit: On of the few Wii games I'd like to try.

Miyamoto wants new Zelda&Mario games to be more fresh: Knowing him, they will have Wii-Sorts like mini games...

Penny Arcade adventures episode 2 1up review:

Chrono Trigger DS preview: *sigh*

The Beatles may be coming to Rock Band: YES!!!!

Obama put up $44,500 for in-game advertisements:
I see.

PS3 sales near 17 million: How very awesome!

Fallout 3 gamespot review: *Need*

SOCOM Confrontation out today:

Activision offering solution to drum problems:
It's what they should do.

More PS3s sold the 360 in Q2: Cool.

Sony on DLC: "Nothing is ever exclusive": That sounds good.

Nyko media hub give PS3s 2 extra USB ports: Good for 40Gb owners.

PSN game I don't care about delayed:
Uh, k.

Kefka looks scary as crap: Day one purchase.

Killzone 2 on G4TV tonight: I'll wait until later when it's online.

Kotaku Fallout 3 review: *want*

New Elder Scrolls a possibility in 2010: YES!!!!

Sega Genesis turns 20 today:

Rock Band 2 gets 360 Europe release date: Nice.

PS3 making money, PSP sales up, PS2 outselling PS3: Okay.

Bethesda nervous about Fallout 3 reviews: Just make a good game and don't worry about it.

Fallout 3 trailers are being pulled?: *Sigh*

Obama campaign: "Put down those Wii-Motes and vote": *sigh* That's not very nice.

JOKE: Rejected Guitar Hero games: Heh.

Jack Thompson now officially disbarred:

Good day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

And the news dear readers!

LittleBigPlanet servers down for the moment: That's too bad, but it will be worth it in the long run.

PlayStation Store© returns for PC: That's good for those PC users that don't have wireless.

Tomb Raider: Underworld demo out on XBL: I'll try it if it comes out on PSN... Maybe.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift 1up review: Not bad, but there are too many games coming out to buy this at $60.

Sony "madly working" on getting Home out this year, looking good: I love you too Sony.

Xbox 360 avatar store to start selling new stuff next year: It had to happen.

Call of Duty: World at War beta out for PC: Where's a PS3 beta?

World of Warcraft total players? 11 Million:
Wow... uh... Wow..

Sony: PS3's Price wont be an issue this Christmas: What do you expect them to say?

E3 to remain in LA until 2011: Sweet. Maybe I can make it.

Survey reveals that gamers leave 11% of their collection unopened: Give me the 11%!!!

PS2 now an open platform in europe: Nice, let's see what happens...

Fallout 3 1up review:
I need to play this.

Resistance 2 IGN review:
This sounds phenomenal.

Fallout 3 IGN review: Sounds good, I can't wait to see it.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 gamespot review: Uh, k.

Activision addressing Guitar Hero drum issues:

New DS Castlevania game review: Uh, k.

PS3fanboy LittleBigPlanet review: I really really want this game, perhaps when I can find a good deal.

Date/Price announced for PSN title, GTi Club+:
Eh, I'll skip it.

Sony wants to know how you want them to release future Siren games: DISK!!!!

RUMOR: Rock Band 2 in europe this side of Christmas:
That would be nice.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm hits next week, gets free DLC: Sounds good. I like how much it covers.

Guitar Hero: World Tour frankenreview: Ew.

Gamers enjoy their game packaging: I know I do.

Kotaku Portal: Still Alive review: *Sigh* the point?

Some people are to stupid to read, so they made a traffic light for game ratings: *sigh*

Oh wait, the fanatical crisis does effect the gaming market: Yeah, no ****.

AdHoc PSP party delayed:
That's too bad.

Original Price of Persia footage reference:
This is pretty fucking awesome.

Microsoft: Educational games: The end of the industry:
Uh... k.

Turn your iPhone into a iGame Boy: That's pretty interesting.

No Sonic Unleashed for PS2:

RUMOR: Nintendo sticking with infared for next Wii: Meh.

BioWare: Games these days got no consequences: It's true...

Nintendo: One Wii per person: It's sad that they are selling so much.

Saint's Row 2 coming, taking the series in a new direction: I really don't care.

Use of Rock Band instruments with Guitar Hero: World Tour "Expressly Prohibited": Uh... k.

There you go!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday News Opinions

The news, (miss me?)

WoW Meets Guitar Hero: *sigh*

Earthworm Jim visits Wii Virtual Console: That's the stuff. :) EJ FTW!

LittleBigPlanet 2 and Saint's Row 3 already in works: LBP2?!!!!

Fable 2 patch coming, LE DLC codes coming tomorrow:
Uh, k.

MMO developer refunding players that didn't like it: That's a good idea.

Man Hacks Chrono Trigger to propose:
Wow, you win some points here.

F.E.A.R 2 to be a digital download: Uh, k.

Nintendo talks about fall plans: I hate you too Nintendo.

1up LittleBigPlanet review: Sounds amazing. I knew it.

Guitar Hero: World Tour drumset review: I called this.

Guitar Hero: Metallica trailer confirmed: Failcakes.

Home in internal testing, out this year: I am looking forward to it.

PS3 fanboy review: Dead Space: Fun for horror fans I guess.

Europe gets it's own Qore: *sigh*

LittleBigPlanet servers are live:

Redeemable LittleBigPlanet cards now work: Sweet.

Guitar Hero: World Tour drums don't work with Rock Band: I thought we were over this?

Sony: PS3 browser>IE7: Uh, I dunno....

New Killzone 2 trailer: Amazing Killzone 2 trailer.

Video capture feature being worked on for PSP:
Good I guess... I'd rather have In Game XMB.

Super Stardust Portable trailer: Nice, but I'll keep the PS3 version for now, but where is PSP Everyday Shooter?

MotorStorm Pacific Rift releases tomorrow:
So many games....

Why...?: Why!??!

DoubleFine releases flash game: I see.

Wow, someone copied someone:
Wow.... I see.

Gene Simmons Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar: Wow... Just Wow...

The Future of LittleBigPlanet:
I just want to try it.

Jenga - Donkey Kong edition: Heh, that's silly.

California game law up for appeal:
*Sigh* Politicians.

Call of Duty 5: Zombie gameplay: That looks really really good.

Mirror's Edge demo coming November 6th:

Official Guitar Hero seat...?: The end of Guitar Hero.

Miyamoto on how he makes games now: You sir have saved video games as we know them, you have also done more to destroy them then anyone else in recent years.

RUMOR: First Dragon Ball movie review:
So only bad, not super bad?

And there you have it, the news for monday!

I broke a 100 posts!


Yahtzee, for those who missed him.

Hah, that's funny, but not as good as some of the past ones.


Stay after the credits, there's something extra.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crappy catchup post.

I know I will never be able to completely fill the gap, but I'll see what I can do.

Gears of War movie company buying Epic?: Makes sense, we'll see if it's true.

GTAIV on PS3 getting trophies: That's good.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode coems to PS3, IGN review: Finally!

IGN Eternal Sonata review: Sweet, I'll need to pick this up someday.

New Allan Wake trailer: About time, 'Will watch later.

Top ten PC games that should go Console:
Sounds about right.

Blond haired FFXIII character named: Snow, huh?

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII details: Interesting.

New Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix screens: I want this....

SOCOM is broken at the moment:
That's too bad...

IGN Far Cry 2 Review: Sounds fun, I might buy it someday.

IGN AU review: I want it more now.

IGN Rock Revolution review: Sounds horrible.

Four more Burnout Paradise updates planned: Sweet!

E for All axed:
I saw this coming.

EA and LucasArts targeting WoW players with KOTOR MMO: Isn't any MMO?

EA sees Dead Space as model for their future: EA gets another 10 points.

Activision facing issues with Guitar Hero: World Tour drums: Yeah...

MK vs DC Universe toned down for T rating: Yeah.... It's MK..

Bigger E3 won't steal PAX's thunder:
We'll see.

November issue of Qore includes Home invites: GYAHHHHH I want, but I won't support it.

Valkyira Chonricles preview: Want.

Guitar Hero: World Tour 1up review: Hmmmm I haven't decided if I will give it a try yet.

Guitar Hero: World Tour IGN review: Sounds about what I thought it would be like...

Fallout 4 due by 2011?:
What about TES V?

Chrono Trigger DS preview:

Mac version of Call of Duty 4 reviewed: I see.

Burn Zombie Burn coming to PSN early next year: Sounds like fun for zombie lovers.

EA hints at Dead Space Sequel/Movie: Sounds good for the fans.

North America LittleBigPlanet 1.02 patch out: Uh, k.

American PlayStation© store updates for October 23rd:

October 26th PS3 releases:

Global approval process in the works for PSN: Good news!

BioShock 2 is multiplatform: Not very surprising.

New High Velocity Bowling content coming: Anyone care?

Flock preview: Hmm, Lemming creator?

Resident Evil 5 Co-Op preview: Cool for those who care.

Mercenaries 2 gets trophies!: Awesome!!!!

PixelJunk Monsters gets trophies!!!!: Single player only? *cries*


Fallout 3 on PS3 doesn't look quite as good: Why though?

Edge of Twilight preview: This looks pretty.

PixelJunk Monsters patch coming October 30th: Woot!

Valkyira Chronicles video: This is sweet.

New FFXIII and FFversusXIII images:

Phil Harrison backs Sony's delay of LBP:
We still love you Phil...

Rock Band 2's 20 free DLC songs announced: Not bad.

Bizzare Resistance 2 trailer: Uh....

Trophies for BioShock PS3 DLC revealed: Mhm.

Most Beautiful PS3 ever:

Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 rated by ERSB: The street fighter flood is happening again....

Resistance 2 ad is amazing!!!: Holy Crappppp!

Street Fighter II HD coming 'Soon': Sweet!

MotorStorm Ad is extreme: Wow.. Uh.. Wow..

Unreal Tournament III to get expansion: I still need to buy the original.

FreeRelms preview: Uh, k.

RUMOR: Sony Working on rewards system for trophies: Yes, do it.

Kid goes missing, video games shouldn't be blamed:
I agree.

Nintendo does something right:
Still, they should do that for everyone.

An elected official doesn't just bash games!:
Wow, we need more of this.

Microsoft does it right: This was the right thing to do.

What Missing Gamers want, an article: Hmm.

Activision does something right: Holy S***! CoD5 sounds okay now.

Fallout 3 ads make people unhappy: This again....

First Gears 2 and Resistance 2 reviews: Mhm.

New Final Fantasy XIII screens:

RUMOR: Street Fighter IV hits consoles February 27th in Australia:

Splatter, wow, artsy and awesome:

Fanboy dorks mess with metacritic:
*Sigh* Some people....

Kotaku Dead Space review: Sounds Horror-y.

Master Chief suit, only $629.99: Uh... I see.

Street Fighter II HD will be worth the wait: *Want*

Another pretty PS3: Nice.

Eidos exec: UK sees gaming as a step above porn: *sigh* The sad state of those who didn't grow up with it...

Madworld Boxart: Looks about right.

LittleBigPlanet gets another Sony themed Sackboy: SACKBOYS FTW!!

PlayStation Home hacked: *Sigh*

*Bland News Story* Wait, the Wii can only read 2GBs max?:
Nintendo *Accusing look*

Sony: 2009 is the year of the PSP: Okie dokie, I'm looking forward to it.

Street Fighter IV coming to PC.... someday..: Yeah.... PC gaming, you're dying.

Army of Two movie?: Why?

World of Goo Kotaku review:
It looks pretty good for a Wii game.

Far Cry 2 Frankenreview: Sounds good.

Good Old Games launches: Sweet, Mac version is needed though.

Japanese woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband:
Wait, Jailed?

Sony issues profit forecast Shock Warning: Economy being downhill *does* effect games, see?

Logitech's $250 Guitar Hero Guitar: That's pretty nice, Rock Band compatible?

PSP sales will beat Sony's own forecasts: They deserve it.

Cute Patapon art:

Castlevainia creator "Precise movements hard when waving something around": The Wii summed up.

3D Realms now big fans of the Max Payne movie:
I just want another game.

BioShock 2 trailer: Will Watch later.

Retailers not happy with all the plastic instruments: Nor am I.

Far Cry 2's Widescreen: Fake Widescreen: *tsk* UbiSoft....

Fable II reviews making creator "all emotional": Make good games, and don't worry.

Drummer explains why Metallica went with Guitar Hero over Rock Band: Bad move.

Portal: Still Alive released, bigger then size limit: Good move.

Street Fighter IV coming to consoles "This Winter": Sweet!

Mad Catz Rock Band bass is awesome: I want one...

Midnight Club Los Angles Kotaku review: Meh..

E3 2009 return to roots:
Sound good, I wonder how it will do.

A million people have played Combat Arms: Euahh...

Penny Arcade Episode 2 coming to Computers and 360 next week, PS3 Version?: It better be on it's way.

Strong Bad makes a Telleale documentary: TROGDOR!

What we do/don't know about the KOTOR MMO:
Sounds cool for a MMO.

Gears of War 2 not being released in Japan or Germany:
Yeah..., Violence.

Resident Evil 5 looks amazing: I wont dispute this.

Dues Ex 3 to be faster: Sounds.... good?

In game Final Fantasy Versus XIII screens:

American McGee tries again:
Uh... Casual... ew.

GTA IV gets almost perfect score in Famitsu: That's.... Uh, strange?

Console KOTR MMO under consideration: DO IT.

Square-Enix president suggests Japan alliance:
These things don't really work...

Sony not going to Fix PSP-3000 display issues: What? That's bad.

PC sales charts:
Spore still leads.

Klonoa PS1 vs Wii graphics: Yes, the Wii is better then the PS1... Surprise.

Game ships without activation codes: lawl hahahaha

Kotaku Wii Music review: (Spoiler) The game is ****.

First MMO came out 30 years ago... Whaaat?:

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (Announcement):
I wonder if this will be any good?

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars wont be family friendly: Yes, Cpn. Obvious.

Fable 2 frankenreview: Better then the first then?

Web of Shadows trailer:
Moon Knight? Wow.

Tom Clancy's Endwar coming to DS/PSP: Uh, k.

Microsoft forgets to add DLC cards for some copies of Fable II on PC: "Woops"

Another fun flash game: Yup.

Fable creator talks about Fable II vs Oblivion: A positive way of saying "My game is shorter."

CoD5 developer says CoD5 "Feels better" then others: After reading the news article quite a ways back, uh, yeah.

360 Avatars arrive early via Scene it demo: They look ugly.

PSPs: Still printing money in Japan:

More White Knight Chronicles info:
Sounds like an RPG not to be missed.

Ten ways to screw up a game's launch: Yeahhhhh That's about right.

Rock Band getting ska at some point!: YAAAAAAAAAAH!

How the Max Payne movie did compared to other game movies:

YESSSSSSSSSSS: Die Sports games, you won't be missed.

3D Realms didn't like this about the Max Payne movie: Yeahhh.....

They are reshooting parts of the Dragon Ball movie:
Redoing crap doesn't make it... *not* crap.

Reviewer says Golden Axe: Beast Rider reviews "Rubbish": Isn't the game crap though?

Man arrested for Gears of War 2, and Fable II theft: Yeah.......

Dr. Phil is a failure:
Yeah outline the worst case scenario. Why don't you say plains are bad, because once in a great long time someone dies on one? Honestly....

Gears Of War 2 leaked: Unsurprising.

Eternal Sonata PS3 localization changes: That's quite interesting.

Microsoft patents real time audio censoring: I can't see this working very well.

HMV, UK based music based store is now accepting game trade ins:
Hurray used games!

Unofficial Mother 3 handbook:
And Nintendo doesn't think anyone cares enough about this game?

FAIL: His heart's in the right place, but his mind's not: Wow, wrong thing to say.

Bungie hush about new publishing deal:
Sony! :P

Why isn't GTA huge in Japan?:
Probably because Japanese are generally more into characters and story.

Max Payne movie tops box office: Maybe it will get people to make more video game movies, and perhaps some good ones...?

That took a long darn time.....

Guess who's back!

I am finally back in town, time for a crappy make up post.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday news opinions

So, I don't know what will happen to this tomorrow, I could potentially be gone a week, or not, I guess we'll see....

PS3 BioShock DLC coming November 20th: Depends on how much I like the full game, but I may buy it.

Sony promises trophy patch for SOCOM: Yeah, you'd better, that was not very nice to not tell people pre-launch.

LittleBigPlanet meets Mirror's Edge:
Creation tools FTW.

PS3 releases for this week:
And the flood of games start to pour in.

Downloadable games will ignite PSP games library:
That sounds good, now, make bigger memory sticks, I wont buy a game that takes up 80% of my memory stick.

Is LittleBigPlanet web 2.0 for games?:
<3 LBP.

Article on Guns in games: Interesting...

How to find the Obama ad in Burnout: Paradise: I need to try this at some point.

PC Gaming alliance mad at LucasArts: Not surprising.

M games that are actually mature: Heh, I don't know weather to laugh or take it seriously.

I hope to get back to you with whatever happens...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday news opinions

The weekend news, I'm not sure if I will be able to post this coming week, I will see.

UbiSoft wants to converge Tom Clancy universe of games: Uh, that's interesting.

Fan makes Kratos sackboy figure: Looks a little strange...

An article on digital downloads: I still like a box an manual...

Dissidia may launch as a downloadable title as well: That's interesting, I wonder if most PSP games will be doing this now...?

How to get the official Nintendo seal of quality: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Where video game criticism goes wrong:
Yeah.. The video game review industry is screwed up right now I'd say.

An article on dying in video games: Hmm, that's an interesting read...

Other games that should have Obama ads: Hahahahaahahahhahaahhaahha this is great. :)

That's all for today.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday news opinions

Isn't it great to go back and play old games?

The new MMO Blizzard is working on isn't Warcraft:
Thank goodness, I have had enough of hearing about Warcraft.

Facebreaker has only sold 52,000 copies: There's a reason for this, it sucks.

Yoda and Vader officially Soul Calibur IV DLC: $5? Proof the only reason they were in there, was for money.

Slightly suspect study says that parents see benefits of kids playing games: I dunno....

New PAIN expansion coming out already: Awesome, this sounds a lot better then the second one.

Steam supporting mods for more games:
This is just so awesome.

LittleBigPlanet delayed a week due to... Quran controversy?:
Wow... I didn't expect this..

What games are coming out when little planet was/is going to come out: Jeez. That's a lot.

1up Wii Music review:
Another in the series of 'Wii Games I Hate™'

Left 4 Dead preview: Sounds like a game for zombie lovers.

IGN: Max Payne movie review:
This is such a shame...

PS3 IGN Rock Band 2 review: Sounds like the 360 review.

IGN Wii Music review: Sounds like crap.

IGN MotorStorm Pacific Rift review: After playing the demo, it's probably something I will buy later.

Rock Band getting a Nirvana DLC pack: Nice it contains the only Nirvana song I've ever liked.

Midway cancels 2 game licenses, nearly doubles their projected loss for quarter 3:

Firmware 2.50 adds hidden recovery menu: That's pretty nice of them.

New Resistance 2 trailer: Ah, gory..

Capcom rewarded with Capcom branded PlayStation Store©: They deserve it.

LittleBigPlanet developers chime in on delay:
Sounds good.

Listen to the controversial LittleBigPlanet song: Of all the things to be delayed for...

New PSN Terms of Service say some scary stuff:
Bleah, I will hope this is just one of those things you hear about, and nothing ever comes about it.

Another game coming to PSN: So, more games are coming out for PSN, but less really good ones. It's becomign more like XBLA.... That's not a good thing.

Online Co-Op in Resistance 2 can take 150-180 hours to 100%:
Holy ****

Age of Booty delayed to November, trophy patch coming: Uh, k.

PS3 sells over 230,000 in September, but 360 does better: Price cuts will do that, *psst* Sony...

What would happen if Miyamoto was trapped in his own games?:
Yay flash.

360-Zune integration to improve within the year: Does anyone care?

Microsoft executive "We will outsell the PS3 worldwide this holiday season": What do you expect him to say?

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days TGS trailer: The gameplay and graphics look good for a DS game, but the story looks too KH2ish, not in a good way.

PS3 BioShock DLC coming next month, no pricing announced: There had better be some free stuff...

Next 'No More Heros' title not out until 2010: Uh, k.

Cory Barlog talks about Mad Max project: Uk, h. :P

New Need for Speed: Undercover trailer:
I keep holding some hope that this series will go back, and be as good as some of the PS1 games... I continually am disappointed...'s interesting Far Cry 2 merchandise: WHAT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Professional free runners talk about Mirror's Edge:
I really can't wait for this game.

RUMOR: First Guitar Hero: Metallica trailer:

Is Microsoft making it hard for small developers?:
Huh, that's strange...

Smartest thing Gabe Newell ever said: Jeez, not spurting BS for once.

Here's what to blame for the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 wait:
Meh, two games I don't care about delaying one I care about.

Treyarch: 'We wont commit to no more WWII games': Bleah!!!!

PSP-2000 vs PSP-3000 pictures: I want a PSP-3000...

Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 also appearing in Home: Nice Home looks like it will be quite nice when it launches.

Max Payne movie reviewer thinks video games never make people cry:
Movies never make me cry either.

Ah, finally finished...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Konami: We are not making Metal gear Solid 4 for Xbox 360


Thursday news opinions

And the news...

1up Saint's Row 2 review:
Sounds like a game I wouldn't like.

No more Team Fortress 2 updates until 2009: No surprise.

First Teaser Trailer BioShock: Sea of Dreams: I wont watch it until I've beat the first one.

EA CEO says half of DRM protesters were pirates: Or they are people that don't like 'renting' a game for full price.

Blizzard president says script is being written: *Sigh* This will be crap.

Portal: Still Alive coming out next week:
Well, it would be some time till I bought it.

Rock Band 2 to PS3, Wii, PS2 on the 19th: I hope I will get a chance to try it soon.

EA CEO says Brutal Legend is a "Significant creative risk":
So, stay with boring trash every year?

PS3, 360 Dragon Age coming?: Sounds good?

LittleBigPlanet Gamespot review: ALL HAIL SACKBOY!

Metal Gear Online TGS08 trailer: You can say they aren't trying to please people.

PlayStation Store© update: MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo it downloading!

Noby Noby Boy is a PSN game: With those graphics one would hope. :)

Same writer back for Overlord II:
Sounds good, but I didn't like the demo of the first.

New Mirror's Edge trailer: Soon...

Sign up here to get 20 free DLC songs for Rock Band 2: That's pretty awesome.

Far Cry 2 has home support, it's awesome:
That looks pretty cool.

Resistance 2 Public Beta codes are out!: I'm in woot!!!!

List of optional changes in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: Having it be an option is win.

Mirror's Edge Hands on:
I am still looking forward to the demo..

PSP2 concept is something you will never see due to it's level of coolness: *Jaw Drops* I highly doubt this is anything close to real, but still..

The Force Unleashed sold well: Not really surprising..

LucasArts refiles trademarks for Maniac Mansion: It will probably be something like a rerelease or something.

Will Wright's Opinion on LittleBigPlanet: *Facepalm*

PopStar Guitar game has 'Popular' setlist:
Popular < Good.

Will Wright's opinion on Spore's DRM: I am not going to pay to rent a game, not the full price anyways.

Backwards compatible PS3 are becoming more expensive:
*Sigh* I really wish they still sold them, I always suggest people find a 60GB on eBay.

Kojima has a real Sackboy: Ah!!!!

Microsoft says Metal Gear Solid 4 is 'possible' on Xbox 360: Well, what do you expect them to say?

Unlike Dead Rising, XBLA games have to have larger text: I dunno, that sounds like a good idea to me.

And there you go, I am waiting for the Resistance public beta to finish downloading...

Wednesday Yahtzee post

hahaha, Yahtzee, you've done it again.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

A little late today...

EA kills a game or two a year: Not surprising, most companies have to do this.

Saint's Row 2 causing controversy already: Not surprising, the game looked like it was trying to get it on purpose.

Analyst predicts next Tony Hawk to include Skateboard peripheral: Wouldn't surprise me, but I wouldn't play it though.

Microsoft sued in California over 360 hardware failures:
Sounds like Karma to me.

Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) coming to U.S. in March: Sounds good, I never played those games however.

Sam and Max Season One Wii 1up review: I'll wait and hope for a PS3 version.

BioShock PS3 IGN review:
That's what I'm going to be buying.

Activision trademarks Guitar Hero: Modern Hits: Uh......

Gears of War 2 pre-orders tops original:
Uh, yeah, no duh?

No Trophies for SOCOM at launch: No, bad idea, don't keep this up.

Not even mainstream press can escape Sackboys charms: Well, that's no surprise.

Upcoming BioShock patch to fix graphical issues: Thank you 2K. That's what I like to see.

Tashy game coming to PSN: Sounds.... Interesting.

Pre-Order Naruto at gamestop, get free DLC episode: That sounds nice.

The Stories of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII according TGS press kit:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII's story sounds amazing.

Sony's booth reality vs Home: That is amazing.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and other trailers leaked: Sweet

Tales game making it's way to the PSP: Now, where's a PSP one?

Patapon 2, Bigger, Badder, more Baddass: Wow, that sounds bigger.

PSP Firmware 5.00 out now: Sweet, PSP got a lot better.

High Velocity Bowling getting an update: Meh...

First look at Final Fantasy Agito XIII battle screen:
Looks, uh, like I can't make a judgement yet.

San Andreas becomes and Xbox Original:
You mean it wasn't already?

How did the Tecmo Koei merge start?: Ok.

Portal: Still Alive has new achievements:
I dunno, it seems like this is kind of a meh Portal spin off. I'll probably still get it someday.. I dunno

No PS3 games support screen grab feature: Kinda stupid if you ask me, make it mandatory if you want people to use it.

Uncharted PS3 boxart:
Meh, This < MGS4 PS3 Boxart.

Early Max Payne movie review "Horrid" "Dodgy" "Sub-Standard": This is a shame, I'll wait for more reviews though.

Star Ocean 4 = Star Ocean 3 + Prettier graphics:
I didn't like any of them, so....

Diablo III doesn't need DRM, it has battlenet: Sounds good!

Someone made a portable Dreamcast: You gotta love hardware mods...

Obama ups ads in-games: As much as I like Obama, that's a bit hypocritical.

So, how long is the wait until Half-Life 2: Episode 3?: Hmm...

Yes, LittleBigPlanet street date is broken:
*Sigh* what popular game hasn't had this happen?

Speed up loading on PS3 with SSD: It will be more useful years from now, when it's cheep.

Dead Space kotaku frankenreview: Sounds like people liked it.

Tom Clancy Endwar demo hits Xbox Live: Uh, K.

Far Cry 2 DRM announced: It's.... Alright...

RUMOR: Next Xbox to be 'forward compatible': Wait, what?

RuneScape: Now with PvP:

EA tried to buy Take 2 out of charity:

Gears of War 2 single player impressions: I still need to play the first one...

Mother 3 english patch hitting this week: *Tsk* *Tsk* Nintendo.

Assuie cops find 3400 ecstasy tablets inside a PS2: Wow, that's one way of hiding them...

Fable creator talks about next game: *sigh* Some things never change...

PLAYSTATION is now PlayStation:
Good news in my opinion.

Best in show TGS winners announced: Sounds about right.

Sony stresses the importance of games: You got that right...

Nintendo Wii players perfer Wii Fit to Okami:

Studio Ghibli game debut trailer: Can you say pretty?

Sony doesn't think the Games market is exactly recession proof: I kinda agree.

EA Boss: No one cares about DRM, but I hate it:
Now, what's wrong with this picture?

New White Knight Chronicles screens: Who else sees this as the best console RPG to come out in a while?

Okay, done...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday News opinions

Took me a bit longer to get to the computer to start this..

Red Faction: Guerrilla, the most destructive destruction game: I want a demo.

IGN LittleBigPlanet review: Put your worries to rest, console seller game confirmed.

IGN AU LittleBigPlanet review:
See above.

Barack Obama add appears in Burnout: Paradise: I really don't think someone will vote for someone because they saw their add in a video game...

PC Lego Batman demo available: PS3 version demo?

Halo 1's multiplayer was original to be cut: I still would have loved it, but I probably wouldn't have seen a Halo 2 of the same caliber.

Bethesda: We spend ridiculous amounts of money on pirates:
I like that PC elitist pirates can't blame anyone but themselves that PC gaming is dying.

Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe release date, November 16th:
I still think this game is just "whhaat?"

Where's the 1up LittleBigPlanet review?:
Makes sense.

New Halo Wars preview: I can't help but to think this game sounds really cheesy.

EA may eventually let players create their own Spore creature parts:
Sounds good.

Gamespot's Dead Space review: Sounds fun for Horror fans.

Microsoft offering upgrades for HDDless 360s for NXE: Seems like the decnt thing to do, but Microsoft, if you had had HDD standard....

Valve teases Half-Life 2: Episode 3:
By then I'll have lost interest...

Gamespot's Saint's Row 2 review:
Sounds meh to me.

New Mac Laptops announced: *Drools*

Download the Linger in Shadows soundtrack for free!: It's good, get it nao.

PS3 Firmware 2.50 coming tomorrow!:
Sweet I'm looking forward to it.

New PSP store walkthrough: This can only mean good things.

PSP Bright now available: I want one of these, I may just have to start saving.

MGS4 on 360? Better not be:
This would make me extremely angry.

RUMOR: Dan Ackroyd: "Ghostbusters game picked up by Atari, still a year away": I wonder if this is true?

Energy Star to release eco-specs for game consoles: I wonder what will be the best?

New inFAMOUS screenshots: I want this game.

Studio Ghibli game case is amazing: Wow....

Bionic Commando "Is not ****ing Spider Man": No, it's not, but hopefully it will be easy enough to play..

New Bond game contains Golden Gun:
This game looks like something that people other then me might enjoy.

Mirror's Edge is part of planned trilogy:
It better be successful then..

The journey of Max Payne to hollywood: I wonder if the movie will be any good still.

PC CoD: WaW beta soon to PC: PS3 version, hello?

Southpeak games buys up Gamecock:

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft talk educational games: BRING ON THE ORAGAN TRAIL!

Street Fighter IV to have 60 minute anime: Yes, but who will watch it?

Kojima to announce next game at next year's TGS?: That's a bit of a way off...

Fans create their own version of Mirror's Edge star, prettied up:
The reason I think this is stupid, is that it would be making yet another game fall into make the females wither powerless, or sexy and ass kicking.... Seriously, there are more then 2 types of women....

If Miyamoto had designed a Motorcycle: lawl.

No movie sharing for NXE at launch:
Seriously, doesn't anyone see this as becoming a copyright problem if implemented?

A proposal of marriage via LittleBigPlanet: What game hasn't had this yet?

So, what's up everyone?