Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crappy catchup post.

I know I will never be able to completely fill the gap, but I'll see what I can do.

Gears of War movie company buying Epic?: Makes sense, we'll see if it's true.

GTAIV on PS3 getting trophies: That's good.

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode coems to PS3, IGN review: Finally!

IGN Eternal Sonata review: Sweet, I'll need to pick this up someday.

New Allan Wake trailer: About time, 'Will watch later.

Top ten PC games that should go Console:
Sounds about right.

Blond haired FFXIII character named: Snow, huh?

New Final Fantasy Versus XIII details: Interesting.

New Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix screens: I want this....

SOCOM is broken at the moment:
That's too bad...

IGN Far Cry 2 Review: Sounds fun, I might buy it someday.

IGN AU review: I want it more now.

IGN Rock Revolution review: Sounds horrible.

Four more Burnout Paradise updates planned: Sweet!

E for All axed:
I saw this coming.

EA and LucasArts targeting WoW players with KOTOR MMO: Isn't any MMO?

EA sees Dead Space as model for their future: EA gets another 10 points.

Activision facing issues with Guitar Hero: World Tour drums: Yeah...

MK vs DC Universe toned down for T rating: Yeah.... It's MK..

Bigger E3 won't steal PAX's thunder:
We'll see.

November issue of Qore includes Home invites: GYAHHHHH I want, but I won't support it.

Valkyira Chonricles preview: Want.

Guitar Hero: World Tour 1up review: Hmmmm I haven't decided if I will give it a try yet.

Guitar Hero: World Tour IGN review: Sounds about what I thought it would be like...

Fallout 4 due by 2011?:
What about TES V?

Chrono Trigger DS preview:

Mac version of Call of Duty 4 reviewed: I see.

Burn Zombie Burn coming to PSN early next year: Sounds like fun for zombie lovers.

EA hints at Dead Space Sequel/Movie: Sounds good for the fans.

North America LittleBigPlanet 1.02 patch out: Uh, k.

American PlayStation© store updates for October 23rd:

October 26th PS3 releases:

Global approval process in the works for PSN: Good news!

BioShock 2 is multiplatform: Not very surprising.

New High Velocity Bowling content coming: Anyone care?

Flock preview: Hmm, Lemming creator?

Resident Evil 5 Co-Op preview: Cool for those who care.

Mercenaries 2 gets trophies!: Awesome!!!!

PixelJunk Monsters gets trophies!!!!: Single player only? *cries*


Fallout 3 on PS3 doesn't look quite as good: Why though?

Edge of Twilight preview: This looks pretty.

PixelJunk Monsters patch coming October 30th: Woot!

Valkyira Chronicles video: This is sweet.

New FFXIII and FFversusXIII images:

Phil Harrison backs Sony's delay of LBP:
We still love you Phil...

Rock Band 2's 20 free DLC songs announced: Not bad.

Bizzare Resistance 2 trailer: Uh....

Trophies for BioShock PS3 DLC revealed: Mhm.

Most Beautiful PS3 ever:

Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 rated by ERSB: The street fighter flood is happening again....

Resistance 2 ad is amazing!!!: Holy Crappppp!

Street Fighter II HD coming 'Soon': Sweet!

MotorStorm Ad is extreme: Wow.. Uh.. Wow..

Unreal Tournament III to get expansion: I still need to buy the original.

FreeRelms preview: Uh, k.

RUMOR: Sony Working on rewards system for trophies: Yes, do it.

Kid goes missing, video games shouldn't be blamed:
I agree.

Nintendo does something right:
Still, they should do that for everyone.

An elected official doesn't just bash games!:
Wow, we need more of this.

Microsoft does it right: This was the right thing to do.

What Missing Gamers want, an article: Hmm.

Activision does something right: Holy S***! CoD5 sounds okay now.

Fallout 3 ads make people unhappy: This again....

First Gears 2 and Resistance 2 reviews: Mhm.

New Final Fantasy XIII screens:

RUMOR: Street Fighter IV hits consoles February 27th in Australia:

Splatter, wow, artsy and awesome:

Fanboy dorks mess with metacritic:
*Sigh* Some people....

Kotaku Dead Space review: Sounds Horror-y.

Master Chief suit, only $629.99: Uh... I see.

Street Fighter II HD will be worth the wait: *Want*

Another pretty PS3: Nice.

Eidos exec: UK sees gaming as a step above porn: *sigh* The sad state of those who didn't grow up with it...

Madworld Boxart: Looks about right.

LittleBigPlanet gets another Sony themed Sackboy: SACKBOYS FTW!!

PlayStation Home hacked: *Sigh*

*Bland News Story* Wait, the Wii can only read 2GBs max?:
Nintendo *Accusing look*

Sony: 2009 is the year of the PSP: Okie dokie, I'm looking forward to it.

Street Fighter IV coming to PC.... someday..: Yeah.... PC gaming, you're dying.

Army of Two movie?: Why?

World of Goo Kotaku review:
It looks pretty good for a Wii game.

Far Cry 2 Frankenreview: Sounds good.

Good Old Games launches: Sweet, Mac version is needed though.

Japanese woman jailed after 'killing' virtual husband:
Wait, Jailed?

Sony issues profit forecast Shock Warning: Economy being downhill *does* effect games, see?

Logitech's $250 Guitar Hero Guitar: That's pretty nice, Rock Band compatible?

PSP sales will beat Sony's own forecasts: They deserve it.

Cute Patapon art:

Castlevainia creator "Precise movements hard when waving something around": The Wii summed up.

3D Realms now big fans of the Max Payne movie:
I just want another game.

BioShock 2 trailer: Will Watch later.

Retailers not happy with all the plastic instruments: Nor am I.

Far Cry 2's Widescreen: Fake Widescreen: *tsk* UbiSoft....

Fable II reviews making creator "all emotional": Make good games, and don't worry.

Drummer explains why Metallica went with Guitar Hero over Rock Band: Bad move.

Portal: Still Alive released, bigger then size limit: Good move.

Street Fighter IV coming to consoles "This Winter": Sweet!

Mad Catz Rock Band bass is awesome: I want one...

Midnight Club Los Angles Kotaku review: Meh..

E3 2009 return to roots:
Sound good, I wonder how it will do.

A million people have played Combat Arms: Euahh...

Penny Arcade Episode 2 coming to Computers and 360 next week, PS3 Version?: It better be on it's way.

Strong Bad makes a Telleale documentary: TROGDOR!

What we do/don't know about the KOTOR MMO:
Sounds cool for a MMO.

Gears of War 2 not being released in Japan or Germany:
Yeah..., Violence.

Resident Evil 5 looks amazing: I wont dispute this.

Dues Ex 3 to be faster: Sounds.... good?

In game Final Fantasy Versus XIII screens:

American McGee tries again:
Uh... Casual... ew.

GTA IV gets almost perfect score in Famitsu: That's.... Uh, strange?

Console KOTR MMO under consideration: DO IT.

Square-Enix president suggests Japan alliance:
These things don't really work...

Sony not going to Fix PSP-3000 display issues: What? That's bad.

PC sales charts:
Spore still leads.

Klonoa PS1 vs Wii graphics: Yes, the Wii is better then the PS1... Surprise.

Game ships without activation codes: lawl hahahaha

Kotaku Wii Music review: (Spoiler) The game is ****.

First MMO came out 30 years ago... Whaaat?:

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (Announcement):
I wonder if this will be any good?

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars wont be family friendly: Yes, Cpn. Obvious.

Fable 2 frankenreview: Better then the first then?

Web of Shadows trailer:
Moon Knight? Wow.

Tom Clancy's Endwar coming to DS/PSP: Uh, k.

Microsoft forgets to add DLC cards for some copies of Fable II on PC: "Woops"

Another fun flash game: Yup.

Fable creator talks about Fable II vs Oblivion: A positive way of saying "My game is shorter."

CoD5 developer says CoD5 "Feels better" then others: After reading the news article quite a ways back, uh, yeah.

360 Avatars arrive early via Scene it demo: They look ugly.

PSPs: Still printing money in Japan:

More White Knight Chronicles info:
Sounds like an RPG not to be missed.

Ten ways to screw up a game's launch: Yeahhhhh That's about right.

Rock Band getting ska at some point!: YAAAAAAAAAAH!

How the Max Payne movie did compared to other game movies:

YESSSSSSSSSSS: Die Sports games, you won't be missed.

3D Realms didn't like this about the Max Payne movie: Yeahhh.....

They are reshooting parts of the Dragon Ball movie:
Redoing crap doesn't make it... *not* crap.

Reviewer says Golden Axe: Beast Rider reviews "Rubbish": Isn't the game crap though?

Man arrested for Gears of War 2, and Fable II theft: Yeah.......

Dr. Phil is a failure:
Yeah outline the worst case scenario. Why don't you say plains are bad, because once in a great long time someone dies on one? Honestly....

Gears Of War 2 leaked: Unsurprising.

Eternal Sonata PS3 localization changes: That's quite interesting.

Microsoft patents real time audio censoring: I can't see this working very well.

HMV, UK based music based store is now accepting game trade ins:
Hurray used games!

Unofficial Mother 3 handbook:
And Nintendo doesn't think anyone cares enough about this game?

FAIL: His heart's in the right place, but his mind's not: Wow, wrong thing to say.

Bungie hush about new publishing deal:
Sony! :P

Why isn't GTA huge in Japan?:
Probably because Japanese are generally more into characters and story.

Max Payne movie tops box office: Maybe it will get people to make more video game movies, and perhaps some good ones...?

That took a long darn time.....

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