Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More news from Wednesday

Okay, 2 news posts in one day....

Tekken 6 coming to PS3/360 in fall 2009:
As I have said before, I don't like Tekken, but it's a shame that Sony has lost another exclusive.

Release date for Star Ocean: The Last Hope: Soonish...

New Xbox experience launching in November: Their NEW look looks barely better then their old one, and I hated the old one.

A bunch of crap XBLA games announced: PSN games > XBLA games, seriously, Everyday Shooter, PixelJunk Monsters, fl0w, PixelJunk Eden, The Last Guy, echocrome, ect, kicks the butt of anything on XBLA.

Halo 3: Recon announced: Sounds okay, but the Halo 2 teaser level better be playable.

Halo 3: Recon debut trailer: Looks.... Interesting.. I suppose.

More Heros on the way: No More Heros sequel coming..

A programers look at BioShock PS3:
Nice screenshot. :)

Portal: Prelude is released: OMG, I want to try it.

Vague date given for Final Fantasy XIII: They should just say "someday"

LittleBigPlanet beta, should the creations be kept?: They should be kept.

Mega Man 9 Press Kit - eBay: $750:
Jeez, anyone going to buy it?

Now I am waiting for the Sony announcements...

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