Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday news opinions

The news everyone...

Hands on PSN title, Spelunker:
Looks old school...

The truth behind Sony's unannounced games for TGS: That's really misleading and dumb Sony...

RE5, SFIV, WKC and more to support PS3 trophies: Sounds good.

Old Snake and Sephiroth Sack-Boy plushies: *Want*

Activision announced another crappy sport-minigame compilation:
That sounds awful.

Microsoft may not be delisting XBLA titles after all:
Very nice, that was a terrible idea, and it's good to know that it's not going to be done.

Photo/Movie sharing possibly coming to new xbox experience:
Can you say file sharing?

Spore Expansion Pack appears on EA's store, looks awful:
Why would anyone buy that?

Sega discusses possible new Sonic 2D games: What do you not understand about 'People don't like any of the new Sonic games?'

AMAZING LocoRoco 2 trailer: Now, why don't I own and have beaten the first?

Flash Game: This looks funny: It's amazing what people can make with too much free time.

PaRappa creator on games today:

An interesting look into video game cameras: I hadn't even noticed that, odd.

Next-Gen audio Halo 3 vs Uncharted: Kind of a strange comparison. Oh, well..

Modders, What won't they do?: Holy Moly, Xbox lite?

New Castlevania game trailer:
Short, huh?

Hnds on with Diablo III:
Sounds good, but I wish they had stuck to more like D1 and D2.

*yawn* I'm a bit worn out.

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