Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday news opinions

Isn't it great to go back and play old games?

The new MMO Blizzard is working on isn't Warcraft:
Thank goodness, I have had enough of hearing about Warcraft.

Facebreaker has only sold 52,000 copies: There's a reason for this, it sucks.

Yoda and Vader officially Soul Calibur IV DLC: $5? Proof the only reason they were in there, was for money.

Slightly suspect study says that parents see benefits of kids playing games: I dunno....

New PAIN expansion coming out already: Awesome, this sounds a lot better then the second one.

Steam supporting mods for more games:
This is just so awesome.

LittleBigPlanet delayed a week due to... Quran controversy?:
Wow... I didn't expect this..

What games are coming out when little planet was/is going to come out: Jeez. That's a lot.

1up Wii Music review:
Another in the series of 'Wii Games I Hate™'

Left 4 Dead preview: Sounds like a game for zombie lovers.

IGN: Max Payne movie review:
This is such a shame...

PS3 IGN Rock Band 2 review: Sounds like the 360 review.

IGN Wii Music review: Sounds like crap.

IGN MotorStorm Pacific Rift review: After playing the demo, it's probably something I will buy later.

Rock Band getting a Nirvana DLC pack: Nice it contains the only Nirvana song I've ever liked.

Midway cancels 2 game licenses, nearly doubles their projected loss for quarter 3:

Firmware 2.50 adds hidden recovery menu: That's pretty nice of them.

New Resistance 2 trailer: Ah, gory..

Capcom rewarded with Capcom branded PlayStation Store©: They deserve it.

LittleBigPlanet developers chime in on delay:
Sounds good.

Listen to the controversial LittleBigPlanet song: Of all the things to be delayed for...

New PSN Terms of Service say some scary stuff:
Bleah, I will hope this is just one of those things you hear about, and nothing ever comes about it.

Another game coming to PSN: So, more games are coming out for PSN, but less really good ones. It's becomign more like XBLA.... That's not a good thing.

Online Co-Op in Resistance 2 can take 150-180 hours to 100%:
Holy ****

Age of Booty delayed to November, trophy patch coming: Uh, k.

PS3 sells over 230,000 in September, but 360 does better: Price cuts will do that, *psst* Sony...

What would happen if Miyamoto was trapped in his own games?:
Yay flash.

360-Zune integration to improve within the year: Does anyone care?

Microsoft executive "We will outsell the PS3 worldwide this holiday season": What do you expect him to say?

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days TGS trailer: The gameplay and graphics look good for a DS game, but the story looks too KH2ish, not in a good way.

PS3 BioShock DLC coming next month, no pricing announced: There had better be some free stuff...

Next 'No More Heros' title not out until 2010: Uh, k.

Cory Barlog talks about Mad Max project: Uk, h. :P

New Need for Speed: Undercover trailer:
I keep holding some hope that this series will go back, and be as good as some of the PS1 games... I continually am disappointed...'s interesting Far Cry 2 merchandise: WHAT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Professional free runners talk about Mirror's Edge:
I really can't wait for this game.

RUMOR: First Guitar Hero: Metallica trailer:

Is Microsoft making it hard for small developers?:
Huh, that's strange...

Smartest thing Gabe Newell ever said: Jeez, not spurting BS for once.

Here's what to blame for the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 wait:
Meh, two games I don't care about delaying one I care about.

Treyarch: 'We wont commit to no more WWII games': Bleah!!!!

PSP-2000 vs PSP-3000 pictures: I want a PSP-3000...

Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 also appearing in Home: Nice Home looks like it will be quite nice when it launches.

Max Payne movie reviewer thinks video games never make people cry:
Movies never make me cry either.

Ah, finally finished...

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