Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween News Opinions

Happy Halloween! The news,

Used games market is defrauding the industry: Wow, this is really interesting. I never thought of it like that...

EA is laying off 600 employees due to losses: That's too bad, EA has gotten a lot better.

Next Burnout: Paradise update coming, and it's not free: After all this I would support them.

Qore subscribers getting a taste of Home:

Battlefield: Bad Company getting free maps:
Cool, I guess...

Mercenaries 2 getting Obama!:

IGN SOCOM: Confrontation review: This is a shame.

Saboteur delayed: Let it be made better then!

Mercenaries 3 unmasked: Sweet! I need the second one now.

Burnout: Paradise has been downloaded from PSN 20,000 times: That's awesome.

Creat Studios working on at least 3 PSN games: Uh, k.

PixelJunk Monsters patch out:

PSP prints lots of money this week in Japan:
HOLY ****!

EA publishing Beatles Rock Band game: Thought as much.

Kotaku Spider-Man: Web of Shadows review: Hmm, perhaps a rent?

Lord of the Rings conquest trailer:
I want this game.

PS3 Fallout 3 a little bit broken:
This is a shame.

Bond song coming to GH:WT:
Care, I Not.

Gaming is approaching uncanny valley:
I wonder what the PS4 will look like...

Gaming Jack o lanterns:

EA Speilberg game still around: Sweet.

Guitar Hero: World Tour drum tuner is a PC application:

DSi launch not as booming as DS lite:
Uh, k.

DSi out in Europe/US, no later then summer 09:
Uh, k.

Casual developers agree, Apple is great, Sony and Nintendo aren't:

The PSP screen issues explained: Ah.

Belgium ilegalizes game rentals:

Dead Rising Wii looks awful: Ew.

Beatles deal cost MTV a huge amount of money: No ****.

Why you can't own Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band: Yeaaahh.....

Is David Jaffe making Twisted Metal PS3?: Best answer ever.

GTA IV PC delayed: Don't care.

Blizzard wants Star Craft II to be mom friendly: Uh, k.

Happy Halloween yet again!

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