Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

More TGS news...

Final Fantasy Versus XIII preview: I think I may be more excited for this then normal FFXIII... Looks darker.

White Knight Chronicles preview:
Sounds like a very good game.

SUCCESS: LittleBigPlanet beta levels will carry over to full game: Sweet. Success for the players!

Can Tecmo make a comeback?: Probably not.

Guitar Hero: World Tour get timed exclusive Xbox 360 DLC: I care! Not....

First Halo 3: Recon details emerge: Sounds like... Halo 3.

Online Co-Op to be day one download for Fable 2:
Uh... okay..?

PSP store opening next week in Japan: Finally! Now, U.S.?

New trailer for Bayonetta, for those who care:
Not me.

New Castlevania announced: Woot for the fans...

inFAMOUS eyes-on: I want this....

Trailer for Gears of War looking-PS3 shooter: Hmm

Japanese Home beta not delayed: Woot, not bring on the US beta.

New Tekken 6 trailer:
For those who care.

Old Snake, Sephiroth join LitleBigPlanet: That's totally awesome. LittleBigWin.

PSP get Duelshock 3 compatibility: This is so f***ing cool!

Dissidia final 2 characters confirmed: Cloud and Terra confirmed.

echocrome get $5 expansion today: I standby what I said, in that it doesn't need anymore content.

Dissidia preview: I want this game...

Special Edition Dissidia PSP revealed: That's pretty cool looking. Too bad I wont ever own one.

Firmware 5.00 and PSP Playstation Store© launch next week:
What other features are in Firmware 5.00?

Best PSP-PS3 connectivity ever revealed:
Resistance: Retribution = Day one purchase.

Money printing Monster Hunter coming to US: I wonder how well it will fare.

Longest titled PSN game coming out today: Demo plz?

Linger in Shadows coming out today, amazing price of $3: $3? I'm considering buying it outright...

LittleBigPlanet gets Duelshock 3 bundle: Brings that stateside, and I can guaranty some sales.

First must have iPhone game released?:
I want to try games on the iPhone really bad.

Finally, Nobi-Nobi Boy gameplay (Katamari creator's next game):
Uh, what?

How close are the Microsoft and Square booths?:
Not as close as previously said.

Bionic Commando delayed until early 2009, PC version..?: Piracy strikes again...

Last Remnant team is looking forward to Unreal Engine 4: You and the rest of the gaming world.

Some game called Uncharted Waters comes to PS3:
Uh, okay, never heard of it.

360 Sales soaring: The things that pisses me off the most about this, is that Microsoft is making a mint, they are already rich, and they STILL haven't fixed the RRoD!!!!

Ensemble Studios may soon be dead, but they aren't out yet...:
Eh, I still say goodbye.

Now, to wait for the Playstation Store© update....

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