Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday news opinions

*Yawn* The news...

IGN Fracture review: About what I thought about it.

RUMOR: Kojima making an FPS?: That sounds really shaky.

Manhunt 2 finally coming to the UK, heavily reworked: Pfft, I don't think it should have to be reworked, it's a game for adults for ****'s sake.

Return of someone I've never heard about: I don't really care, but some people might.

Sin and Punishment 2 preview: I don't know anything about this game, but some people might be interested.

Punch-Out preview: See above text.

LittleBigPlanet developer wants people to make user-created content, that will make the game unrecognizable: The fact that you could is always a plus in my book.

Demon's Soul, PS3 RPG detailed: I wasn't really interested until I read this, but it sounds pretty interesting.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue update, free cars and tweaks:
Nice for those who care...

Rock Band Downloadable content next week includes the Offspring: Where is "All I Want?"

What age/gender groups in Japan play the DS most: That's a bit surprising...

Madworld to be released in pretty much only the US:
It's not like many other countries like such over the top violence...

Retailers listing Spore Expansion: Not surprising... Get ready for 100 More.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift track details: Sounds more varied then the first game.

PS3 Keypad is ugly:
Bleah, I wouldn't buy that...

Bill Murray loves Ghostbusters, who would have thought?:
Who doesn't?

New Madworld trailer: Yup, violent.

Lucas Arts talks about dropped force powers in the Force Unleashed: If they were done, why not include them, unless they sucked.

Earthworm Jim hits Wii Virtual console: GROOVY. Seriously how come this is so underrated.

Cave Story confirmed for Wii: Why do people think any game will work on Wii? Not every game will work well on the Wii....

Stylized game coming to Wiiware:
I never heard about that game, it looks cool.

Free Day-One downloadable content for Gears of War, for preorders: There's one way of getting people to buy it new, and not used.

ABP (pretty much GTA Online) lets players arrest each other: Uh, interesting.

Screenplay to *another* Halo movie, you know, not the Peter Jackson one: Uh, okay. I just want to see one.

Nintendo Pedometer for DS... Walking game:
I could go into a long rant, but I will just say, this is why I hate Nintendo...

Peter Molyneux on PC gaming: Yeah, that's pretty true.

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 another month... In Japan: Come on White Knight Story, and Eternal Sonata for PS3...

The Last Remnant english screens: Okay, well, it looks okay.

Japanese stock market unimpressed with DSi: Sounds like I'm not the only one.

First Uncharted movie details: I am wondering if this will be *any* good...

RUMOR: Knights of the Old Republic MMO announce soon?: Eh, as cool as it is, I never play MMOs.

Sorta like the Olympics, but for games..:
I see.... I would never go to that, because there is always someone better then you at anything...

Sorry I didn't post this last night, a power failure prevented me from it.

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