Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday news opinions

let's see how quickly I can pull this off..

IGN Dead Space review: Sounds good for those who like horror games.

Activision announces Secret Service for 360, PC, and PS2?!: Where is a PS3 version?

New Xbox Experience too big for non-HDD units: Not surprising....

Halo 3: Recon interview:
Nice news.

Noooooo!!!! 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand isn't canceled!: Why!?!??!

Interesting game tech demo: I want to see this sort of stuff in games.

IGN's top 25 Xbox 360 games: Meh..

Staying true to Diablo: I dunno, from what I hear, it doesn't sound to much like Diablo 1 or 2.

Game Analysts talk about market crisis:
Maybe people will make cheeper more original games... probably not, they will make more casual games...

Starcraft II now a trilogy: Uh, okay?

Alone in the Dark PS3 different enough to get new subtitle: I wonder how well this will do.

Someone made Sarah Palin in Rock Band 2:

Flash game I have actually played, featured on Kotaku: AH!!! THIS GAME!!!

And then Microsoft was predictably an a**hole: Yup, I thought so... And after Sony was saying they should succeed.

A virtual bill of rights?: Hmm.

What makes Fanboys tick?: One word, competition.

LittleBigPlanet developers jump the gun, answer now unsure about beta levels: Wat!?

Someone got Gears of War 2 early: Lucky person.


Infogrames now owns Atari: Only took like 8 years...

Microsoft sues over 360s that when off the rails: I see?

Slash gets and loses fame: lawl.

Resident Evil 5 has 2 control schemes: The old control scheme looks like ****.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII character named: Interesting.

Where is White Knight Chronicles?:
Strange.... It still looks amazing.

First look at Street Fighter movie poster: Impressions: Awful.

Bethesda looking into Fallout 3 leak: Git 'em.

Church of England thinks games can be used for good: Uh... Okay.. *Bible game and Guitar Praise?*

No More Heros 2 contains no gore mode:
Sounds like a way to sell more copies.

gotta run!

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